Amy 7

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Amy 7Amy finally gets home from meeting with Ben!!!ENJOY!!!I woke up the next morning on the couch with the TV still on. I instantly checked to see if Amy was home and she wasn’t yet. I made coffee and tried calling Amy. It went right to voice mail and I asked her to at least call me. No calls came and I was just getting ready to go and see if she was still at Ben’s place. Then I sat back down and just watched TV for a while. About 11 that morning I got bored and logged back onto the website that had Amy’s movie on. I was watching it and didn’t hear Amy come in.Suddenly Amy asked me what I was watching and I turned to see her standing behind the couch. I was sitting there with my shorts off and my cock in my hand as I was starting to beat off to the movie of Amy getting fucked by Ben. I didn’t know what to say and I just grabbed up the TV remote and shut it off. Amy came over and sat on the couch and told me to turn it back on. She looked a mess with her hair wild and it looked like she really needed a bath. I told her it was nothing and she told me again to turn back on the TV with anger in her voice. I turned it back on and picked up my shorts and pulled them on and just stood there as Amy was moaning on the TV.Amy watched it for a few minutes and asked me where I got that from and why was I beating off to it. I could tell she was really upset and explained that Ben sent me a link to it last night and he had it one his website. Amy’s mouth dropped open and she asked me if everyone could see it. I told her I had to sign on before it took me to a link of it so I didn’t think anyone else could see it. Amy told me to shut it off right now so I closed up the movie. It took me back to the page with the link there was another link of Amy smiling big and under the picture it said coming soon Amy loses her last cherry. Amy groaned and said oh my god and stood up and took off to the bedroom. I stood there a moment and was sitting on the end of the bed staring at the dresser. I asked her if she was ok and she didn’t say anything for a second then asked me why I was jacking off while watching her getting fucked. Amy asked me what kind of man gets off watching his girlfriend getting fucked by another man. Just what kind of man was she in love with because she doesn’t even know me anymore?I stood there and didn’t know what to say and then just asked her if she got hurt last night. She shook her head no and told me to explain how I was jacking off while she was getting fucked. I looked down and softly said I just wanted to make her biggest fantasy happen. Amy blurted out that there was no way in her fantasy was me there watching it happen. I looked at her and then sat down next to her and held her for a second. Amy was silent and I told her I thought she was enjoying it because she had a couple orgasms while it happened. Amy shook her head no and said it was no way good for me to be able to watch it happen. I asked her why I couldn’t watch it happen and Amy looked down at the floor at her feet.She didn’t say anything and I got up and went to the bathroom to fix her a bath. After I had the water running I came out and said she would feel better after she soaks in the tub for a while. I pulled her up and started to take her clothes off and she just kept watching me without saying a word. I had it down to just her panties and thigh highs and Amy wouldn’t let me touch them and went into the bathroom. I followed her and asked her if she wanted a cup of coffee while she soaked and she shook her head yes. I took off to get it and when I got back with it she was just stepping into the tub. I set it where she could get it and told her to just yell if she needed anything and she looked at me and looked really pissed. Then she told me to go out and finish jacking off while she gets cleaned up in a real sarcastic way. I told her I wasn’t maltepe escort going to do that and to yell if she needs something and kissed her on her cheek. I told her I loved my Amy completely and nothing would ever change that a bit. Amy was silent and I left her alone for a while as I went and watched regular TV.It took Amy over an hour before she came out with some shorts on with a pullover top. Amy didn’t say anything and she sat down next to me without even looking at me. I reached out and grabbed her hand as she was sitting there and pulled her to me. When I was kissing her deeply she started kissing back after a few seconds and I thought she was over her anger. After the kissing she sat there and suddenly asked me to start the movie again and I told her I wasn’t recording what I was watching. Then she said to start the movie with her in it and I sat there frozen for a minute.Amy asked me to start the movie again so I turned it back to the laptop and logged into the website again. Then Amy sat back and I started the movie for her and just sat there wondering what to do. It got to the part where she was doing her strip dancing and Amy said it looked like a real porno movie. I kissed her cheek and said it had the sexiest girl in it. I could see a little smile on her face and she just sat there watching it. When Amy was having her super orgasm after getting fucked doggy on the floor she asked me how my times I had watched it so far. I told her a couple times and she went back to watching the movie. Nothing else was said as the movie went on and finished with Ben on the screen saying there would be more of Amy soon.Amy was sitting on the couch and was just staring at the screen not saying anything. I moved over and started kissing her and she was responding and her hand moved down to my crotch and fondled my cock that was standing up hard and proud. After we kissed she looked at the coffee table and saw the lotion I had sitting there for jacking off with. Amy told me to start the movie again and I did as she picked up the lotion. Then she told me to take off my shorts and I did what she said thinking she wanted to fuck around. Amy picked up the lotion and handed it to me and told me she wanted to see me jack off and tell her the part of the movie that turned me on the most.I sat there a second and then said I didn’t know if I could do it with her watching. Amy smiled and told me that now I know how she felt about getting herself fucked while I watched. Then she told me again to jack off so she can see it happen and then we would be even. I sat there and took the lotion from her and squirted some in my palm. I slowly was rubbing my cock and when the movie got to the part where she was sliding up and down Ben’s huge black cock I started cumming in my hand. Amy giggled and I just kept grunting and spurting until my orgasm ended. Amy smiled at me and said it looked like I really liked it when she was getting ready to cum on Ben’s cock. I got up and cleaned myself up and then slipped my shorts back on.I sat back down and didn’t say anything and Amy giggled again. Then she said it was kinda sexy watching me jack off. Then she asked me how many times I jacked off while watching that movie and I looked down and told her three times. Amy asked me if I was hungry and I said it wouldn’t hurt to eat something. Amy got up and went and made us sandwiches and brought them out for us to eat at the couch. Amy was quiet for a while and just ate it and I had the TV turned back to the cable. Amy softly asked me to put the movie back on so I did and she wasn’t saying much at all for a while. Then Amy giggled and said that didn’t take long and I asked her what she meant. She smiled at me and pointed at my crotch and said I was already hard again.I didn’t say anything and just took the last bite of my sandwich and set escort maltepe the plate down. Amy set the last of her sandwich on her plate and set it down on the table. She stood up and took my hand and led me into the bedroom and then took off her clothes. As she climbed on the bed I got naked also and slid in the bed with her. We were kissing and soon I had my hand down to her thighs and her legs spread for me as she moaned into my mouth. Her slit was already slick with her juice and I soon was fingering her loose and still swollen pussy. I looked down at her eyes and softly asked her if she got fucked this morning.Amy looked up at me and didn’t say anything right away. Then she softly said only Ben fucked her this morning. I asked her if Jerome fucked her last night and she shook her head yes. Then she said Larry fucked her last night and I asked her who Larry was. Amy smiled and said he was about 30 years old and in very good shape and he was about the size of Ben. I smiled and asked her if she was talking about his cock and she told me he wasn’t as big as Ben. Then she said he was longer than me and I asked her if he was thicker than me. She shook her head yes and then said but not as big as Ben.I rolled on top of Amy and slid my cock easily in her stretched out open hole and started fucking her slowly. I fucked her a couple minutes and Amy just wasn’t acting like it was doing much for her unless I ground my pelvis against her pelvis hard. Then she would let out a small moan and not much else. Amy then wanted to doggy fuck and said she could tell I really liked it in the movie. She got up on her hands and knees and I slid into her loose open pussy again and started fucking her that way.It wasn’t long and Amy told me to stick a thumb in her butt which really surprised me. She never would even let me try to do her anally before or even touch her ass hole. I started wondering what happened last night and my mind started imagining everything possible. It only took a few minutes and I started grunting and slamming into her and then shot my load inside her. Amy lay down on the bed and I cuddled up to her and held her in my arms. Amy didn’t say anything and we lay there in silence for a while. Then Amy sighed and told me I didn’t last long even though I jacked off first. I told her I was just really turned on and then she giggled and told me to work on lasting longer. I didn’t know what to say and then she rose up on her elbows and smiled at me.Then she said Tony lasts a long time, Ben lasts a long time, Jerome lasts a long time, and even Larry lasted a long time. Then she giggled and said maybe I need to see a doctor to find out if my cock has something wrong with it. I chuckled and hid that it bothered me that she was teasing me about how quick I am and she rolled up to me and cuddled. I asked her who lasts the longest and Amy quickly said Tony fucks a long time. Then I asked her how she would rate Tony as a lover and Amy instantly said he was a real stud. Then she giggled and said he would be good for pornos and kissed my cheek.I was quiet for a few minutes and then asked her to rate Tony on a scale of 1 to 10 and she instantly said he was a 15 with a giggle. Then I asked the same about Ben and she said he was close but about a 12. Then Jerome ended up being an eight with Larry being a 10. I softly asked her how I rated and she said I was special and she felt love with me and not with any of them. Then she kissed me on the cheek and said I rated 100 all the time. Then I asked her if she was only after fucking who would she pick out of all of them. Amy giggled and said it would be hard to choose between Tony and Ben. Then she told me they both fuck different and both are real studs.Amy was quiet for a while and I chuckled and said it looked like she really liked a man that was hung really well. She giggled maltepe escort bayan and said when we have sex she feels tight and it feels really good to her. Then she softly said when Tony or Ben fucks her she feels a lot tighter and the sensations seem a lot stronger. Then she giggled and said it seemed like she could feel every bump or vein on their cocks and didn’t seem to feel it on mine. I kissed her cheek and told her I loved her for being so honest with me and she grabbed me and gave me a deep kiss. Then she said she didn’t think she would ever miss it if they never fucked her again. Then she smiled at me and said she would miss making love to me after just one day and couldn’t imagine going a week without me inside her.Amy sudden got up and jumped off the bed and said she had to call Ben. I asked her why and she blurted out she wanted to know why that movie was on his website. Then she said he told her nobody would ever see it if she behaved last night like he wanted. Amy curtly said she did everything he wanted and he still put the movie on the website. I got up and stopped her and said that we should just let this all go away and live our lives as if it never happened. She agreed to see if it would just go away and nobody we know would ever see the movie. We got dressed and went and sat on the balcony with a beer in our hands.After a while I asked Amy what happened last night and she said at the club they danced quite a bit. Then she said that Larry showed up and danced with her also and she was really feeling good from the drinks. Amy said that Ben drove her to his house in her car because he wasn’t drinking much. I asked her what happened at the house and Amy giggled and said Ben had her drink another shot and beer soon as they got inside. Amy just sat there drinking her beer with me and wasn’t telling me anything else and I asked her what else happened.Amy sighed and I asked her if she sucked any cock last night and she said each of them got treated to a small blowjob. She wasn’t offering any other info and I asked her what all happened sexually and she blurted out that she did things she never did before or even thought about doing. I asked her who fucked her first and she said Larry kinda did and then she stopped. I asked her what happened and she said she didn’t want to talk about it again. I tried to get her to talk and she just shut me down every time I tried. She insisted she didn’t want to talk about it right now and to just let her have some time.I didn’t press her about it but every couple of days I would ask her if she was ready to tell me about her time with Tony or the last time with Ben. She always would tell me to give her time. We had Tony over for food and drinks with the Friday ballgame and Amy even teased him a little bit but she kept him under control. Tony told me later that soon as he tried getting his hand in her panties she stopped him and told him no touching directly. I tried calling Ben and couldn’t get an answer but he texted me to have patience and I would see what happened that night. I was ready to ask Amy if she wanted to fuck Tony again when Ben was ready to show what happened. We were sitting and watching TV a week and a half later when Amy’s phone rang and she looked at it and had a shocked look. Then she said Ben put his number in her phone just like he did to mine. Amy just held it ringing and didn’t seem to want to answer it. I said she should at least find out what he wanted and she answered it. Amy got up and walked into the kitchen and talked for just a little bit. Then she came back and sat down next to me and didn’t say anything. I asked her what he said and Amy told me to get my laptop so I did. She told me to go to Ben’s website and log in so I hooked the TV up to it and switched the laptop to it. I logged in and it had the first movie link and under it was the Amy loses her last cherry link. I clicked on it and it had a movie ready to start when I clicked on it. I clicked on it and Amy gasped and loudly screamed out OH MY GOD NO!!!!More to cum later if enough people enjoy this chapter!!!

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