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As the cane whistled through the air, only stopping when striking my innocent palm with a crack, I yelped at the pain emanating from my hand. I had promised myself I would take my punishment stoically and not cry or make a fuss but never realised that the pain would be this demanding. Despite my best effort to be brave, tears were running down my cheeks and flowing freely as the cane strokes landed, causing excruciate stinging to my palms. My name is Carol Davies, eighteen years old and in my ultimate year at school. I am an athletic built five foot seven with blue eyes and long fashionable blonde hair. Friends tell me I have a beautiful angelic face with a figure that makes me attractive to both sexes. I will complete my schooling in a couple of months and hopefully, my grades permitting, I will commence studying for a law degree at Warwick Uni in September.I am seeing David, who is Twenty two and has been my boyfriend, for the past three months. He is my first genuine fellow, as I have always seemed to have too much happening to form a permanent bond. We have an excellent relationship and I think the world of him as he does me. Although we indulged in heavy petting, which I relish, David has never attempted to pressurise me into full sex. He always tells me he wants nothing more than to feel his cock inside me but respects my decision to wait before committing. I have, with great reluctance, resisted being fucked up to now, but we both knew that he would be inside my pussy sooner rather than later as there isn’t much we don’t do to each other apart from full intercourse. The school never had any reason to punish me before that fateful day when I let my temper get the better of me. Most people accepted I was one of the teachers favourites as ever since I had attended the school, I had never been in any trouble severe enough to warrant a punishment. I was usually a well-behaved student, acting amicably to my peers and bahis şirketleri the staff. I had been a prefect for two years, well-liked and far as I knew, respected by teachers and friends alike. I was considered academically gifted and excelled at most sports representing the county at hockey since the second year.Although I never dreamed I would receive a caning with my exemplary record, I must admit I justly deserved the punishment that transpired. I had lost my temper big time with Miss Jones, my sociology teacher, after debating the role of females in society. I thrust my face into hers while wildly waving my arms about as I shouted she was a stupid fucking cow. The minute I ranted, I knew I had gone too far and regretted my outburst. As she escorted me down to the head’s office, she told me she had always liked and respected me. She said she could not believe what I had shouted at her in front of the other pupils and felt let down as well as belittled by my behaviour. She added that how I had acted would be unacceptable from an ignoramus, let alone an intelligent eighteen-year-old woman. She said I had left her with no option but to report my behaviour to the headmistress. Miss Jones added that she was afraid if I didn’t control my temper, I would find myself in serious trouble in the future. She told me that, hopefully, I would learn from this experience and ensure it never occurred again.Although I dreaded the repercussions, I could not dispute what she had told me was the truth and made sense. She told me to wait outside the study while she explained to the head why she had felt it necessary to bring me to her attention. I was aware that there could not have been many eighteen-year-old girls standing outside the headmistress office trembling with tears prickling their eyes while waiting to learn their punishment. After what seemed like an age, I was summoned into the office to discover my fate. The headmistress bahis firmaları gave me the severest rollicking imaginable and finished saying I should apologise to Miss Jones, which I did with genuine sincerity. She told me that if my record had not been exemplary, only having two months remaining of my schooling would not have saved me from being expelled. She went on to say that I had let the school and myself down with my unacceptable behaviour. She added that she was so disappointed in me that caning was the only appropriate punishment for my actions. She said the thrashing would remind me to control it or experience painful repercussions before losing my temper again. I said I was genuinely sorry and although dreading being caned, I can’t deny it is nothing less than I deserve.As I stood with my arm out straight, palm flat, waiting for the cane to strike my hand, my stomach was doing somersaults. Although my hand was shaking and tears gathered in my eyes, I could not help but notice the compassionate way Miss Jones was looking at me despite how I had behaved towards her. As the cane slashed down, striking my palm for the first stroke, a gasp of surprise escaped from my mouth as the tears cascaded down my cheeks. The stinging was so much greater than I had imagined and my face contorted with the pain. I could see the welt on my lily-white palm turning red as the second stroke bought a scream from my lips and more tears from my eyes as the pain intensified. Miss Morgan, the headmistress, then asked me to hold out my other hand and I could not believe I was to receive two further strokes. The pain was excruciating. I felt embarrassed and ashamed as I cried for the punishment to stop while sobbing my heart out. I was crying and telling them I was so sorry as the cane lashed my palm. The head was right; it was the punishment I deserved and would remember as long as I lived. As I left the study with Miss Jones, kaçak bahis siteleri she told me to go to the toilet, tidy myself up and hold my stinging palms under the cold tap. When they had caned her palms at school, she added the cold water helped relieve the stinging as she knew by her own experience the pain I would be feeling. She hugged me and said that although I had deserved my caning, she still sympathised with me as she had always respected me until my outburst. As I ran my striped palms under the cold water, I was surprised to feel my pussy throbbing, thinking about my punishment and Miss Jones getting the stick. I liked her a lot and she did seem genuinely sorry for me when witnessing my caning, confirmed by the hug she gave me afterwards.I returned to class after tidying myself up and was thankful that there were only three other girls who were taking the sociology “A” level exam. When I showed them my hands, they hugged and kissed me, saying they had never seen palms so punished before. My friend Debbie told me they all thought I was in big trouble after my outburst. On reflection, she said she was sure I would learn to accept my caning as the sack would have had far worse repercussions. The bell sounded for the end of school and as we departed, Miss Jones asked me if I would mind staying behind for a few minutes as she would like a word. She talked about my punishment, controlling my temper and how she had benefitted in the long term from the canings she had received at school. Miss Jones was only a few years older than me and I was surprised but not disappointed that I felt attracted to her. I often thought if I ever had a sensual girlfriend, she would be the person I wanted. When Wendy, that’s Miss Jones, asked me if we could see each other once I had completed my education and left school, I jumped at the chance. I told her I would like that and look forward to it despite my atrocious behaviour earlier. I added that hopefully, it would be the start of a genuine friendship despite my inappropriate outburst in class. I had always liked and respected her as a person and teacher, finding her someone with whom I could confide. 

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