Amy Chooses a College

Anal Plug

This story is purely fantasy, not a real life experience. All characters are of legal age. If incest is not your thing, do not read.


Jim closed the window on his desktop as he heard the front door open, then bang shut.

“Daddy, I’m home!” called the familiar voice of his precious daughter, Amy. For the past six years, it had been just the two of them.

His wife, Susan, had walked out on them to be with her lover. He couldn’t really blame her for leaving. His work schedule was hectic, and he seemed to be needed everywhere, always. Most importantly, at home, which he had sloughed off to get one more contract, one more bid in. She was lonely, and needy. Something he couldn’t give was his time, in those early days of starting his contracting business.

It had been hell at first. He was angry that she left their daughter, then just 12 years old, alone with no one to watch her, while she went carousing, and hooking up with men in motels, while he’d been out of town on a job. Now he was strictly local- out of necessity, but also because he took his parenting duties seriously.

He looked up, as his daughter, recently turned 18, came into the den. “Hey pretty girl. How was school?” he asked.

She tossed her backpack on the floor, and plopped down in a chair. “So-so. It was a good day I guess. I aced the history exam. Three more days, and it is summer vacation!” She looked forward to summer vacations, and the time they got to spend with one another.

“Have you given any thought to which college you’re going to attend? There are a few letters from some on the desk here.” He watched as her face lit up, and she jumped off the chair and scrambled to get them. He hated the thought of her leaving, going to a far away college. But that’s how it was done. Kids couldn’t wait to grow up and fly the coop.

He watched as she opened first one, then another, then finally the last one. “Well? Did any of them accept you?” he asked.

Dazed, she nodded. “All of them. I’m still waiting on one though. The one I really want.” She had kept the colleges she’d applied for secret from him.

“Well, I hope the one you want accepts you. But I’ll support your decision on anywhere you want to go.” He saw her smile, and his heart şişli bayan escort warmed.

“Honey, I have to go to the site for a couple of hours. Order a pizza or something at six, and I should be back in time for dinner.” he got up, and kissed her on the top of the head as he walked by.

“Ok, I have to study for tomorrows final. I’ll order the usual pizza. See you soon.” She waited til her father left the room, and hopped on the computer. She brought up the last page he’d been on and smiled. Her Daddy had been surfing the porn sites again. Going thru the history, she watched some of the videos he’d been watching. Almost all of them were of teenaged girls, who looked eerily like herself. Her pussy began to tingle, and she felt her panties dampen slightly.

Curious, she started browsing through the files on the desktop, to see what he saved. There were a lot of files, mostly having to do with work. Then she clicked on one, labeled “Taxes” and hit the mother lode. Her father wouldn’t expect her to be interested in a file about taxes! She clicked on a couple, and saw that they were just porn clips, of young girls with older men. Then she noticed some from the webcam, and clicked on one.

She sat back in surprise, as her fathers face appeared. He was chatting with someone online, but the webcam was recording as well as being shared. It showed him laughing, typing, and smiling. A look of surprise came across his face, and he leaned back in the chair, just watching. Then he typed something, and after a few moments, he stood up.

Slowly, he unbuttoned his Levi’s, and even slower, revealed his boxers. They were tenting up, and he caressed his bulge. Amy leaned back in the chair, and caressed her panty clad pussy. Quickly, she stood and removed them, then sat back down, as her fathers cock came into view.

It was huge! Long and super thick, it hung like a thick snake, almost to mid thigh! Amy leaned back in the chair, and propped her legs up on the desk, spread eagle, as her fingers dipped into her sopping hole to scoop out some juices. She spread them up her slit, and over her throbbing little clit, her eyes never leaving her fathers cock.

His hand was stroking his cock, in long, slow tugs. He paused, to reposition the camera, then sat down. It was trained on şişli escort his cock, a close up view.

Amy made sure the speakers were turned up, and lightly stroked her slit.

“Damn your pussy looks good!” he said, and Amy pretended that he was talking to her.

“Thank you Daddy. Your cock is so huge!” She wished he’d rub the head on her aching pussy, then said those words aloud.

“I’d love to be licking that sweet cunt, sticking my tongue deep up inside of you.” He said in a breathless voice. “Do you want Daddy’s cock in you baby?”

“Oh God, yes!” Amy moaned, vaguely aware that he wasn’t really talking to her. ‘I want it bad.”

“Will you let Daddy cum in your sweet, young pussy?” He stroked it hard, pinching the head of his monster. Pre-cum came oozing out, clear and shiny. Lots of it! It dripped off the head of his cock, and down the shaft. He gathered it up, and smeared it around the head of his cock.

“Look how Daddy drips for you baby. I’ve wanted your sweet pussy since you were sixteen, and just starting to bud. I watch you all the time, so sexy in your little swimsuit, with the red stripes. I want to peel it off you, and swim naked in the pool with you. Oh Amy, touch Daddy’s cock.”

That brought Amy to attention. He was role-playing about HER!?

“Yes, Daddy, touch me! I want to feel your hard cock, throbbing in my hands, in my pussy, in my mouth!” She panted, her pussy now dripping as furiously as her fathers cock was. “Fuck me Daddy!”

“I’m going to make love to you Amy. Put my big cock in your tiny pussy, make you mine. Do you want Daddy’s cock baby?” He thrust his hips up, and began stroking faster. “Take Daddy’s cock Amy- Take it all!”

She rubbed her clit faster, begging him to fuck her, to make her cum. “I’m so close, Daddy. Make your little girl cum!”

Her eyes glued to her fathers cock on screen, she failed to hear the door open, and her fathers return. “Daddy, I’m going to cum for you! Cum with me!”

Her father on screen shot his load, rope after rope of cum jettisoning up onto his dark chest, matting the hair. So much of it! she thought. Her fingers flying over her clit, she watched as her father relaxed, but continued to stroke his cock, cum still erupting in mini spurts.

All of a sudden, the chair mecidiyeköy escort was swiveled around, and there stood her father, pants around his ankles, his stiff cock throbbing, and pointing right at her. “So you want Daddy’s cock do you?”

Amy nodded, spreading her creamy thighs apart widely. He knelt between her legs, and positioned his cock at the entrance of her vagina. “I’ve been dreaming of this pussy for years sweetie. I want you so bad.” He gave a single thrust then looked up in panic.

“A virgin?” he asked. She nodded. He smiled then withdrew, only to thrust back into her again. Over and over he pounded his cock into her.

Her pussy clamped around his cock, and exploded. Her juices came squirting out around his cock then dribbling down her ass. Her fingernails dug into his shoulder, spurring him on. He doubled his efforts, banging in and out, harder and harder.

“Oh baby, your pussy feels so good. Better than I ever dreamed it would. So tight around my cock,” he moaned, as his hips thrust into hers. “I’m close baby. So close!”

His hands came up to cup her breasts. Her shirt was in the way, so he ripped it open, exposing her braless tits. “So beautiful!” he breathed. He then lowered his head to taste them briefly, her nipples hardened and puffy.

“Oh God, honey, I’m there. Here I cum!” He groaned, and called her name as he filled her pussy with jet after jet of hot, sticky cum.

She was right behind him, cumming again as well. “Daddy!” she screamed as her orgasm overtook her. “Oh- oh! Jesus, Daddy! I’m cumming!”

Once they had caught their breath, she asked her dad why he was back so soon. Had he forgotten something?

“No, I found this in the truck, thought you might like to have it. I guess it fell on the floor when I grabbed the other mail.”

It was from WSU. The college she truly wanted to attend. If she were accepted, she wouldn’t have to leave her daddy! She tore it open, and began to laugh. Waving it around, she jumped into her fathers lap. “Oh Daddy, this is perfect! I don’t have to leave you now, I got in!”

All of her wiggling around in excitement had him hard for her again, and he lifted her up, and setting her on top of his hard on, he slide into her warm, wet pussy again. “I hope you’ll never want to leave me baby. Ever.” he said as she took his full length deep inside.

“Oh, never dad- never!” and began riding up and down on his monster cock. He filled her so completely, stretching her pussy so wide. No, she never wanted to give this up!

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