Amy’s Accident Ch. 2


When Jess heard the soft “shhhhh” sound, she smiled. She got down on her knees with me, one hand going to my breast and the other cupping my pussy through the now pee-soaked tablecloth/diaper. I arched my back, pushing my ass high into the air and grinding back against her hand.

“Baby needs changing again? So soon?” she asked, with just a little laugh. She moved to the bed, sat down and patted the spot next to her. I crawled over to her, still more turned on than I had ever been before. I climbed up onto the bed and looked at her expectantly. With a smile, she pushed my back to the bed. I lifted my legs high for her as she began unpinning the wet diaper. Laying on the bed, I was unsure what to expect but incredibly turned on, my sex leaking all over the place, mixing with my pee. I felt her hot breath on my crotch.

“We need to get Baby cleaned up again,” I heard as Jess took the first long lap at my slit. Her tongue tip slipped between my lips and teased my clit. I let out a sigh of ultimate enjoyment and canlı bahis şirketleri began writhing my hips. Jess sat back just a little and stared at my pussy, waiting until I was squirming enough for her, then dove back in, licking with wild abandon. My hips bucked into her face for what seemed like forever. She focused on my very erect clit, sucking it gently into her mouth and playing with it with her tongue and lips. Suddenly, the biggest orgasm I have ever had in my life began rushing through me. My whole body felt like fire as I screamed out, holding Jess’s beautiful face to my pussy as I came. I ground into her face, soaking her with my wetness.

Jess sat back on her heels with the most mischievous grin on her face I have ever seen. “Is Baby nice and clean now?” she asked me. I nodded to her, my eyelids still twitching and my hips still rocking. “Mommy will be right back.”

As she left the room, I caught my breath. I thought about what had just happened. I had never had a lesbian experience before canlı kaçak iddaa in my life, though I had thought about it a few times. Now, I was playing Baby to my best friend’s Mommy. I had just let her eat my pussy. Let her, Hell. I might have forced her to if she hadn’t. And here I was, wondering what she tasted like.

Jess returned with a fresh tablecloth to diaper me with. She stopped by the camera to get the rest of her clothes off. Holding the diaper with her teeth, she slowly slid off her jeans, kicking them into the corner. Her navy blue panties were dripping wet, I could see, as she came over to me. She lifted my ass so she could diaper me, her fingers lingering in my crack, teasing me. She again patted my pussy through the fabric as she got the diaper closed and pinned. I bucked my hips playfully at her while sucking on one finger and smiling.

“Does Baby still need something to eat?” Jess said to me as she walked around the bed. She climbed up on and straddled my face. She smelled so good. I was canlı kaçak bahis incredibly hot, waiting to taste my first pussy. As I raised my head to kiss the crotch of her panties I heard it. CLICK! She had the camera remote! She was going to get pictures of everything. I almost came again just from thinking about it. My tongue was doing everything to her pussy through her panties that it could. With one hand, I pulled the crotch aside and pushed my nose inside her.

CLICK! My other hand went right back down my diaper to take care of my own pussy. My tongue was striving after every bit of her wetness, and doing a pretty good job too, except she kept getting wetter and wetter. She leaned forward, giving me easier access to her clit. CLICK! I licked her faster and faster, pushing two fingers into her and rotating them. She was really humping my face and fingers now. I can only imagine the look on her face. CLICK! My other fingers must have been a blur over my own clit. I was about to cum, but I wanted her to cum with me.

“YES, Baby, eat Mommy just like that!” she cried out, grinding her pussy on my nose and tongue. “Oh God, I’m cumming!!” CLICK! I was too, even harder than before. She was so sexy, my neighbor/Mommy.

And we have the pictures to prove it!

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