Amy’s Vacation Ch. 02


I’ve never been to Jamaica!!

I’ve never been ANYWHERE!!

Well, that isn’t true. I’ve been around the US, mainly for cheerleading contests when I was little, but this… this is Jamaica!! Tropical paradise! Land of Bob Marley, rum and stuff I’m not allowed to smoke!

“Yo, Jamaica, mon!!” (And that concludes all I know about speaking Jamacianese…)

Our plane winged it’s way down over the blue Caribbean waters and into Jamaica.

We got off the plane and were hit with a heavenly high heat that just felt amazing. The sun on my skin was much better that the same sun that I got in Michigan. I guess that it just feels better down here.

Daddy and I walked over to the customs agent who stamped our passports and then we went inside the airport’s small terminal. I expected us to go to the rental car place, but instead, Daddy waved down a man who had a sign that read “Mr and Miss Strekal”.

He was a very tall, very black man, in a dark suit and hat. We approached him and Daddy showed his passport. A large, white toothed smile erupted on his face as he looked first at Daddy, and then at me. “Welcome to Jamaica!” he exclaimed. “We are so glad you could join us!”

He took my bags and led us to a car. Well, a limo, really, with a huge back area that could hold several people. But, we were all alone. I grabbed a bottle of water and sat back to enjoy our drive.

Our driver introduced himself as Delroy, of the ‘Oasis Resort & Spa’. If we needed any transportation around the island, he would be happy to provide it. Delroy warned us that traveling Jamaica alone could be a dangerous proposition, especially with someone as lovely as myself. That DEFINITELY made me blush.

He pointed out some beautiful areas and some popular resorts. Jamaica has a thriving tourist industry, according to Delroy. Millions of people come here every year to enjoy their crystal blue waters, white sand beaches, and very lax laws. I didn’t know what he meant by that, but I guess he meant pot.

Pulling up to the resort… well, it was kinda scary. The place was surrounded by ivy-covered walls that must have been 10 feet high, with barbed wire around the top. Men with guns stood guard out front and there were barriers and a guard booth. Beyond that was a concrete barrier that would be lowered into the ground once we were cleared.

Delroy said rolled down his window and said hello to the guard in the booth. The guard stepped out and came to our door, opened it, and looked into the car, noting Dad and me. He looked at his data pad. He looked at us again. He looked down again, then looked me over… and smiled.

“Welcome, Mr. and Miss Streakal!” he stated. “Standard security procedure. Please, do not be alarmed. Go on ahead and have a wonderful stay!” Again, a large smile from the guard.

Daddy said thank you as the security man closed the limo door and we zoomed off towards the main house for check-in.

The grounds of the winding drive should have set the expectation, but as we rode up to the main house, I was staggered by it’s beauty! A large, Victorian-style plantation house, decked to the nines. A wide veranda porch. Huge bushes and trees full of flowers. An intricate wind chime sending tinkles of metal music into the air. Out in front, dark black men stood waiting for arriving guests and their luggage… but they were only wearing loin cloths! I was a little surprised, and noticed Daddy looking at me. I blushed and acted like I hadn’t noticed, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t trying to peek.

Delroy opened the limo door for me and I stepped out with Daddy close behind. He motioned to the front portico and told us to go on in; our bags would be taken to our room.

The woman behind the front desk was gorgeous and welcomed us with a large smile. She was Vietnamese, I believe, with pert breasts and her hair up in a towering braided ponytail that seemed to defy gravity. She wore a semi-see-through blue and green marbled top and her protruding long nipples were semi-visible under the sheer fabric.

“Welcome to the ‘Oasis Resort & Spa’, Mr. and Miss Strekal. I’m Janine, one of your hostesses. I hope your flight was a pleasant one?”

I nodded and clutched Mr. Jinxies a bit closer to me. Daddy agreed that it was a good flight, but we were ready to get in a little rest before beginning our vacation.

“Excellent. We have you set up in Bungalow 3812. It’s in a lovely area of the property. Your bags are already on their way there. We just need you to sign in with us here.” She slid an iPad over to Daddy, who signed with the provided stylo.

Janine continued, “There is one other matter that must be discussed with all of our guests: our Privacy Policy. To begin, we do require that you hand over your personal phones. You will be issued with temporary ones for the duration of your stay, encrypted to our exclusive social media platform. Any resort amenities you need are listed in the phone’s menu.”

Our hostess turned to me. “Your father istanbul escort has had the other social media apps blocked at his request.”

I looked at Daddy and he patted my head. “I felt you could do without using Facebook and InstaGram for a while down here. It will do you good to get away from social media for a while.”

“Hmmm, well, okay…,” I said. Not like I had much of a choice. I felt like a kid again. Live without social media for 10 days? Yikes! But, he’s probably right, and if time flies when you’re having fun, maybe a break from social media would be good for me.

“The phones we are issuing you do have cameras, of course. You are free to take and share as many photos as you wish here. All pictures by default are our property, though you will always have access to them for your own personal use and enjoyment exclusively through our website. They are encrypted so that they cannot be saved or shared, as a matter of precaution. Naturally, we can’t have pictures getting out onto social media that some of our guests would not want to be seen. That said, by staying here, you do give your permission for anyone else to photograph you, either as the main focus of the photo or even in the background. But, again, the outside world will never see these photos; only the guests who are staying here for the specific duration of your stay. Also, you do also grant permission for us to use any of your photos in our advertising. Is this acceptable to both of you? I will need a verbal “Yes”, as well as your signatures here.” She slid us the iPad once more, this time with a Photographic & Social Media Release Form.

Daddy piped up with a “Yes”, and I followed suit. We both signed the form as well.

Janine smiled, “Very good. Should you need anything, just feel free to tap the FRONT DESK app button at any time on your resort cell phones.” She handed over two smartphones. We placed our thumbs on the “HOME” button, it registered our fingerprints and they became ours for our stay.

Next, our hostess slid over some rubber bracelets. “Here are your wrist bands, which will also act as your key card and of course can be used for all activities and payments on the grounds. It can be paired to the WRISTBAND app on the phone, so if you meet anyone and want them to know where you are staying, you can scan their wristband and it will populate your location and theirs on the MAPS app.”

“Sounds like you’ve thought of everything,” Daddy said.

“We do our best for our guests, Mr. Strekal,” Janine cheerfully replied.

I pulled on the rubber bracelet- it had a small metal circle that touched the skin of my wrist on the underside of the wristband. It was a red rubber bracelet with “OASIS” in white.

Janine pointed out the ACTIVITIES app, which displayed an interactive list of every day’s activities, highlighting some of the most exciting and even showing some video of some events.

With a smile, Janine dismissed us, “You’re all checked in! Hector will give you a ride over to your bungalow.” With that she rang a bell. “Enjoy your stay, Mr. and Miss Strekal…”

Hector appeared, introduced himself and led us to a golf cart. He was a short man, with a wide mustache and, like everyone else here, apparently, a huge smile.

I sat up front in the golf cart, Daddy sat in back.

With a whirr of the electric motor, Hector took off down the tropical plant-lined path towards our bungalow, and pointed out many of the amenities on the grounds:

-a “lazy river” that runs all over the property

-a casino

-several bars and tiki huts

-a sports department, with jet skis, kayaks, snorkeling gear, volleyball, and the like

-a couple of nightclubs

-the spa

-a few restaurants and assorted huts for snacks

-administration buildings

-bungalows all over the property

-assorted pools, hot tubs, natural-looking waterfall-pond pools and grottos.

As he drove and pointed out all of the amenities, Hector also informed us of the Oasis Resort & Spa’s history: founded in 1978, over 8,000 acres of private property (about 12 square miles), walled off by 10-foot security wall and barbwire all around. Motion cameras to keep trespassers out. Armed guards patrol the grounds near the walls on both sides to keep trespassers away. Even a steel gate, hidden from our view by a rock barrier that’s much more natural, that extends a mile out into the ocean, that keeps people from “swimming over” onto our beach.

“It’s very safe here, Mr. Strekal,” Hector concluded, “you and your daughter will be very safe while on our property. It is our utmost concern. We pride ourselves on both our security and our guest’s privacy, and we DO recommend you stay on our property until you are ready to fly home.”

“Don’t worry, Hector. Amy and I will have a hard time fitting in all that we’ll want to do while we’re here.”

Hector rolled us up to the bungalow. It was a 2 stories tall with several windows on all sides, providing halkalı escort great views of the grounds and the sea in the distance. The doors opened when we made contact with the knob, as we had on our wrist bracelets acting as the key.

Daddy tipped Hector with thanks, and we shut the door behind us as we entered the bungalow.

It was furnished in a slightly rustic beach style: big, cushy couches, wicker everything. A small kitchen, fully stocked was off to one side and the living room area led to a back porch that was walled in for privacy and featured various chairs and loungers for private sunning as well as a hot tub made of stones. There was a mini bar near the kitchen, and a gaming cupboard that held lots of board games. The flat screen tv even had a PlayStation 4 hooked up.

I set Mr. Jinxies onto the large sofa before proceeding upstairs with Daddy following.

Upstairs were two bedrooms- one standard bedroom and one larger Master bedroom. Our bags were all in the Master bedroom. The bathroom was enormous, complete with double vanity and a shower that looked like it could hold half a dozen people.

Our baggage was neatly stacked along one wall of the Master bedroom.

I picked up my bags to take into the other room. “Daddy, I guess I’ll go unpack…”

But Daddy stopped me. “Actually, angel… I was hoping that for this 10-day vacation, you’d want to stay in my room… it can be…OUR room.” He stepped to me and put his hands on my shoulder. His big belly pressed against my chest, my breasts…

I looked up. “Really?”

“Uh-huh. And also… you won’t need much in the way of clothing during our stay, especially in our bungalow. This is an adults-only resort, and a very open one.” Daddy’s fingers started to undo my school uniform’s neck tie… “I’m going to want you very, very, VERY au natural this vacation.”

I am a little shocked and yet at the same time, an ease comes over me. It’s weird and difficult to explain. Ever since Mom died, so many years ago, Daddy and I have grown closer and closer. As I’ve gotten older, we’ve spent more time together doing things. He tried dating for a while, but it never seemed to take. He just kept saying, “No one is as good as your Mother.” And then he’d usually tell me how much I resembled her. Over the years, I’ve done my best to fill in that missing gap, from doing chores around the house, cooking his favorite meals, and cuddling with him on the couch. In recent years, we’ve even begun to fall asleep together while watching late-night tv, or take a nap together on the weekend. We even sometimes give each other massages when one of us needs them (cheerleading is hard work and tough on the body, you know), and even sometimes kiss each other in a way that’s not completely innocent to casual observers.

I truly love my Daddy. He’s the most important person in my whole world. I’ve felt that way a long time.

And that’s why, although I was a little nervous at him wanting me to apparently go naked on this trip, I was also a little excited.

To be honest, I wasn’t a virgin anymore. I’d had some boyfriends and I had found that I both loved sex and loved being naked around my boyfriends.

How could being naked around Daddy, a man I truly loved and cared for like no other, be any different?

I blushed as his fingers begin to work my buttons on my blouse. and soon my white lace bra was unveiled. A slight audible gasp escapes his lips as my full bosom rises from the soft fabric of my shirt. His hands slide down the shirt off my shoulders. His touch is very gentle for such a large man.

“Take off your skirt for me… slowly.”

I obey. My hand goes to the side buckle that fastens the waist and unclasps it. I let it shimmy down my thick legs to the floor, revealing black lace boy shorts.

With a twirl of his finger, Daddy motions me to do a slow turn and I do, letting him take me in from head to toe: my dark eyes, the soft pink lip gloss that I adore wearing, the elegant curves of my white lace bra, the flirty sexiness of the boy shorts panties that cover so much yet allow a peek of the bottom of my buttocks and standard issue thigh high stockings and saddle shoes of the Savannah Academy for Girls.

“Oh baby…” he stammers.

I blush again. “Oh, Daddy…”

“Get on the bed, angel,” is his command, and I follow.

I lay back and Daddy comes over to me, “Slide over to the edge here…”

I do and Daddy reaches down towards me. His hands slide into the waistband of my panties and quickly slides them off of my muscled legs.

With a careless toss into the air behind him and a smile, my panties vanish. He looks down, seeing his daughter’s thick legs meet at a a freshly waxed pubic area… a completely bare slit with darker skinned protruding inner labia peeking out between them, a faint hint of a tan line that betrays my occasional nude tanning booth session, and a pierced bellybutton.

I can see a lust in mecidiyeköy escort my Father’s eyes.

“Undo your bra”. In a trance, I reach behind my back, with a little effort, and unclasp the 3 hooks. I watch him watch me as I pull my bra off of my chest, revealing my 38DDD (and sometimes E!) cup breasts, dark areolae, and pert nipples.

I smile sweetly up at my Father. Although my heart is pounding in my chest, I can recognize the look that I am being given.

It is a mix of love and lust and fascination.

And it makes me smile back at him.

I watch as Daddy unbuttons and tugs off his Tommy Bahama short sleeve shirt, revealing a wide belly (I LOVE his “Daddy Belly”!!) and the tattoo on his right arm that says “Devoted Husband, Loving Father” with three hearts, symbolizing my Mother, me and himself.

The belt buckle is slowly undone and his shorts drop free, exposing the navy blue bikini brief underwear that I got him for Christmas. My Father’s erection is poking out of the top, and as he pulls down the briefs, it flops free, like a saber, pointing right at my body.

I gasp in awe of how thick my Father’s penis is. It’s hard to tell at this angle, but it looks like it’s about an average length, but oh my God, I’ve never seen one so THICK! I can see some veins popping up, and a good bit of foreskin covering the head, with a teeny bit of the pink head showing out from under.

A glimmer of precum is on the tip, and once the penis is free, it starts a slow, leaky drip.

Daddy reaches down and gives his cock a few good, slow strokes. I watch in utter fascination as the foreskin glides back and forth, revealing, then hiding, revealing and then hiding again his cockhead, now glistening with precum. I’ve never been with an uncut guy before… the few boyfriends I’ve been with have been circumcised.

Daddy lifts my legs and takes off each of my shoes in turn, leaving on my stockings. I feel myself slide, and giggle at his strength as he slides my body closer to the bed’s edge. I open my legs a little, but rest my ankles on his shoulders. Large hands grasp my strong legs and his cock tip rests itself on my outer labia. I feel the warmth of Daddy’s precum, coating my bare outer labia.

I watch as he reaches down and rub this cockhead up and down my “Entrance to Paradise”. I coo in response.

“Happy Vacation, angel…” Daddy says.

Then I feel a push against my womanly opening. My lips part as his cock plunges slowly into my body… pushing past my outer labia and into my tunnel of love. I feel the cock immediately stretching my tight little muscles to encompass my Father’s manhood.

I grunt in response and my mind sees stars. “God, Daddy!” is all I can manage as it begins a relentless assault of lust and love on my body. Only a part way in, he pulls back and then proceeds again. A few more of these strokes, making sure his cock is coated by my quickly forming wetness and his pace picks up.

Thick, full testicles slap like weights against my ass cheeks, which are off the bed. He plunges deeper and deeper with each thrust, until he hits my cervix and can go no further. I yelp in response to so deep a penetration…

My wetness covers his beautiful engorgement.

I accept Daddy into me and it feels amazing.

It feels RIGHT.

As he continues, a thought goes through my head: this is lovemaking. This is what sex between a man and a woman is supposed to be. Everything I’ve had before was just silly playtime.

This was the REAL THING.

My body tingles, my toes curl, and my nipples helplessly erect skyward in ecstasy. The bed barely moves, as if it’s been reinforced or something, which is amazing, because Daddy is a big man, and I’m not quite the smallest of girls for my age either…

My Father keeps up his relentless thrusting and I see him bite his lip. A feeling inside me wells up. A Pavlovian response perhaps? I can feel his cock growing ever larger inside of me. It stretches me, slightly painfully, slightly pleasurably. It’s hard to put into words.

As he begins to grunt with every powerful thrust, I suspect Daddy is about to unleash his seed and suddenly some primal, womanly response deep down kicks into overdrive. My juices start to flow more and my cunny gets much, much tighter, encouraging his body to complete it’s mission.

The stars in my brain dazzle throughout my body: Emotions of love, excitement and happiness consume me and radiate out of me.

My body begin to tingle and dance and shout with joy, my clit on high alert for pleasure as his penis deftly strokes it with every plunge of his manhood into my body.

Wave after wave after wave of orgasm rock my body.

“Oh Daddy! OH DADDY! OH my fugginGOD, DADDY!! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK MEEE!” I scream!

Daddy’s face turns and fills with determination. His eyes half close, his mouth agape and as the man who created me turns his head to the sky, he howls like a madman… “I’m CUMMINNNNNNG!!” and with that, unleashes seed deep into my body, thrusting again and again and again, getting every last drop to it’s intended target.

We both enjoy our moment of perfect ecstacy, and nothing between us will ever be the same again.

His pace slows and finally stops.

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