An Alien Love Bk. 02 Ch. 05


In my writing cave, I play restful dog music for my pet. I oddly think the music I was listening to when I worked on this chapter fit the scene. That sometimes happens with my Ice Era Chronicle, but not often.

Weeeellll, here is another chapter. I must warn you that this has some reluctance to it. I am not a fan of taking advantage of someone when they are drunk or high, but Octnavin doesn’t seem to think of that as wrong. I guess aliens have different views. Read at your own risk…


~M. From C.M. Moore


*Chapter 5*

One kiss couldn’t hurt.

“I am sooooo fucked up.” Sloan slurred as he tried to make out the interior of the limo.

For a minute there, he wasn’t sure if he’d passed out. He smiled. Everything felt so soft and happy. Could things feel happy? He ran his hand over the leather seat. Yes. Happy. Things were great. Life was super.

“This word fuck is very confusing.” Octnavin sat on the back seat with his eyes raking Sloan. Man, that dude was sexy-as-hell. “The meanings do not fit.” His pink lips were turned into a cute pout. “You use the word like punctuation.”

“Fuck is a great word. It goes with everything.” Sloan shook off his leather jacket and ran his hand over his t-shirt. He traced the band name ‘Forever Tuesday’ that was the main design across his chest. “You know I waited in line for hours to get this t-shirt and meet this band. Their drummer is awesome. I never saw them though, but I got the shirt. Last one.” That seemed like forever ago. His fingers caught his nipples. That touch felt so good. Everything was great and Octnavin was sexy-as-sin. Did he take ecstasy or was he high on another drug? Vaguely, he recalled the sparkling gem. That was out of this world.

“Just relax. This will pass.”

“Am I high?” Sloan looked out the window, but he couldn’t tell if they were moving. The glass was dark.

“You are on the ground.”

Sloan laughed.

“The rock makes you drunk?” Sloan rubbed his hands through his hair and over the whiskers on his face. He caressed his shirt again. His nipples perked up and he shivered. They had never been sensitive, but now his whole body was alive and awake. His cock nudged his zipper in agreement.

“It is different for every species. The gem does nothing to me.”

“Species?” Sloan was trying to have a serious conversation drunk or high or whatever he was on. His jeans were too tight. Groaning, he freed the button and zipper. “What are you?”

“I am Dagerstanteen. Ruler and warrior. You may call me king or queen. I have come to Earth to seek out someone like you.”

That sentence should’ve had Sloan running for the door. His feet started to itch but not to bolt. He untied his boots, removed them, and took off his socks. He ran his toes back and forth across the leather seat. He leaned back and stared at the mirror with the little lights on the roof of the limo. They blinked and twinkled.

“Someone like me, huh?” Sloan giggled. “I’m nothing special. Try again.”

“I want to fuck you.” Octnavin’s voice was calm like they could be talking about the weather. “I use the word properly.”

That should’ve been scary too. Sloan yawned and then rolled to the floor. The carpet of the limo was rough, and he liked the texture. He rubbed his back and grinned. He should get naked.

“Alien sex?” He laughed. He was so high right now. This had to be a trip. “Are you a giant bug?” That was a sobering thought but at the last minute, it all seemed hilarious. He laughed again.

“I will stay in this form. Humans do not accept things that are different. You cannot even accept different human skin pigmentations. I will stay like this and that way you illegal bahis will not get scared.”

“I’m not fucking scared of any of this weak-ass shit.” Sloan rolled over on the carpet and set his cheek on the floor. “I’ve been tripping balls before.”

“I will accommodate this request because I am uncomfortable in this… suit.” The door to the limo opened and Octnavin stepped out. Guess they were not moving. Sloan swiped a hand over his face. What request? What was he doing? He was with an alien? Or his parent’s old drug dealer died? Or Elijah was in the trunk? His brain was fuzzy. A million questions zipped in and out. He glanced over at the limo’s bar. Maybe he should have some water.

He found a craft and filled a glass. He drank and then coughed. Not water. Vodka. He stared at the glass and sipped. He was too high to be drinking. He set the glass aside as the door opened.

A creature stepped inside. Sloan sat straight up. Hell yeah. He was way too high.

“Holy fuck.”

The man-creature who got into the car was tall, muscular, and blue, both hair and skin. Instead of arms, the alien had three tentacles on both sides of his body. His hair, thick and long, fell to his waist. The hair wasn’t even hair but blue tubes that shimmered in the light.

Green emerald eyes drilled into Sloan. “I am Dagerstanteen.”

“Is this real?”

“I am real.”

Sloan must have dropped acid, but he didn’t know why. He’d been clean of drugs for a long time. Also, he didn’t have the money for this kind of trip. Inhaling, he closed his eyes. That feeling like everything was great and wonderful washed through him again. He opened his eyes and stared at the alien. He wasn’t scared, more curious, and a little tired. Yawning, he got up on his knees.

“Are you going to eat me? Or take me apart to see my insides?” Sloan figured he should run. Aliens did anal probes, right? His brain laughed at the idea of leaving. A wave of relaxation flowed through him. He expected a fight or flight response, but he felt more like he wanted to roll on the carpet. He could nap.

“I want you to drink from me,” Octnavin said politely.

“Octnavin?” Sloan rubbed his eyes. The voice was right. “You were a big fat man? JP called you the ruler, right?”

“The fat man was more spacious. Like a larger sweater so I choose it as a shell. The other man was very tight and itchy. I choose that for you.” The blue alien leaned back on the bench seat and though he spoke, his lips never moved. His mouth looked glued shut. “Yes. I am the ruler of my species. Always the leader no matter my outward appearance. I am not male or female or man or woman. I simply am. The cat calls me king.” His perfect pink lips tipped up into a smile. “You are bright for being a human. I like your blue hair.” Suddenly, Octnavin seemed like the least threatening thing in the world. The alien was odd-looking, but his green eyes were just as pretty and serene as Sloan remembered. His lips were cocked in a slight smile. The black eyelashes batted like a woman with tons of mascara.

“Why did you help me in the alley? Because you want me to suck you off?” Sloan crawled across the carpet and put his hands on Octnavin’s knees. Chances were good that this was still the man he met in the bar. The alien thing was all an illusion and for some reason, Sloan couldn’t seem to care. “That’s going a bit above and beyond for a blow-job.”

“What do you have here on Earth that can stand up to anything? Something strong and unshakable?”

“Like a mountain?” The skin of Octnavin knees was warm and smooth. The shininess wasn’t wetness but part of him like permanent glitter. Sloan pushed Octnavin’s knees apart and stared at his torso. Smooth illegal bahis siteleri pectorals, six-pack abs, no belly button, and no dick. He eyed the six tentacles and Octnavin made no move.

“Yes, Human. I helped you because I am like a mountain and you are like a pebble.”

“Fucking-A. I’m not a pebble.” Sloan laughed. “You’re such a dick.”

“Come closer.” Octnavin’s lips didn’t move as he inclined his head. “You can touch me, little pebble.” When the alien tipped his head to the side, his tiny tube hair brushed Sloan’s hands. Slowly, Sloan touched the skin of Octnavin’s tentacles. He traced the soft tubes of his blue hair. “Do I scare you?”

“No.” Sloan ran his hands up Octnavin’s torso to his neck. He circled his ear and then moved back down again. A rumble, like a purring cat, came from the alien’s chest. “You’re fucking weird.”

Tracing his heavy muscles, Sloan decided that this was the strangest drug trip he’d ever been on. No one had ever called him a pebble before. This was probably the hot guy from the bar who didn’t know English well. That was the only thing that made sense.

One time, Sloan did a bad mix of drugs and thought he’d fought a raccoon who was trying to kill him. In the morning he discovered that the raccoon was a black hoodie.

A single middle tentacle wrapped around Sloan’s waist. With ease, the alien pulled Sloan into Octnavin’s lap. Sloan straddled Octnavin’s rock hard thighs. This guy was built. Where Sloan’s skin met the skin of the alien there was a hum of electric current. Octnavin rubbed up and down his back slipping under Sloan’s shirt.

“Kiss me.” Octnavin purred louder. He said the words, but his lips never moved. That was the height of fucked up.

“You want to make out?” Sloan was still wearing his pants and shirt. They were simply going to kiss. That wouldn’t hurt anything. He would stop this crazy thing if it got out of hand. Plus, this image wasn’t real. His brain was so relaxed right now that he couldn’t come up with one good reason not to kiss Octnavin. So what? He just thought Octnavin was an alien. It was only the drugs he didn’t remember taking.

Sloan angled his head and his lips met Octnavin’s. Before he could deepen the light kiss, all the tentacles wrapped around him and he was pinned to the floor of the limo. As he gasped in surprise, Octnavin’s tongue slid past his teeth. Who the hell had a tongue that big? The flesh filled his whole mouth.

Sucking, Sloan closed his eyes and covered his teeth with his lips. It was like sucking a large wet cock with no mushroom head. He stuck his tongue in the hole at the tip. Octnavin made a sound like a little scream. Just as he began exploring, his mouth began to fill with liquid. Octnavin’s purring hit a deep thunderous rumble that rolled through this body. The alien trembled like a leaf in the wind.

Sloan gulped. He tried to pinpoint the taste. That wasn’t jizz and it wasn’t saliva. Raspberries? Yeah. That was it. Sloan licked and tried to place the fluid. Raspberries and cool refreshing water. He drank and drank. He needed the water. The flavor was like life and light. He could have a gallon of it.

Octnavin pulled his mouth away as Sloan’s cock hardened even more. Lust crawled through his brain and clung to him like a wet shirt. Need pumped through him like slow moving lava.

“What was that taste?”

“Me.” Octnavin smile was a sexy satisfied grin. “I can see why Keltrix got addicted to his cat.”

It was official. Sloan was fucking high as a kite. “He does that with his cat?”

Octnavin laughed a deep husky sound. He pulled away from Sloan and then tugged him back into his lap. Sloan straddled the alien’s thighs again canlı bahis siteleri and rocked against Octnavin’s muscular body. His cock was ready to explode. Need rode him like a rabid money on his back. More than that even. Need was too tepid a description. This was life or death.

Sloan caught a thought in his brain. The idea was a whisper of information about Octnavin’s body. He gripped the bottom right tentacle. That was the one that the alien used to pick up sensations around him.

“You can feel this.” Sloan shoved his jeans and underwear down far enough for his cock to spring free. He groaned when the fabric was no longer rubbing his sensitive head. His shaft tumbled forward and pointed at the alien’s chin.

Octnavin didn’t fight Sloan’s hold on his tentacle. The appendage twitched in Sloan’s hand. The alien stared with dark-lashed green eyes as Sloan guided the tentacle to his erection. Hell, he had to come right now.

“You want to kiss again?” Sloan wanted to taste the water once more. He licked his lips. “If you want to do it again, then jerk me off.”

“You like my taste?” Octnavin curled his tentacle around Sloan’s shaft and squeezed. Fuck that was good.

“Yes,” Sloan moaned as Octnavin began to rub his cock up and down. His blue face and green eyes took up all of Sloan’s view. The alien’s eyes widened, and his eyelashes fluttered. The hair, like little blue hoses, fell on Sloan’s hands when he gripped Octnavin’s shoulders and stroked up to the alien’s ears. Sloan began to grind against the grip on his swollen shaft. He traced the alien’s jaw and straight nose with his tongue.

Sloan licked his lips. Octnavin tracked the movement.

“You are excellent.”

Before Sloan could process what the hell he was doing, his mouth was filled again with hot firm flesh. Octnavin kissed him and pumped his tongue in and out of Sloan’s mouth. Again, he sucked and licked. So delicious. Sloan worked the tongue like he would a dick in his mouth. The purring from Octnavin became a song. He’d never made out with anyone like this. The caressing on his cock became firmer and sped up, gliding and tantalizing.

When Sloan’s mouth filled a second time, he enjoyed the flavor and traced his tongue over the hard pole. Octnavin’s tongue was great. He imagined being rimmed by his tongue. That idea shot more blood to his cock. He thrust his hips against Octnavin’s groin. ~I can do that.~ Sloan heard the words clearly in his head.

“Again?” Octnavin whispered in his ear. His lips didn’t move, but his eyes were wide and pleading.

“I’ll kiss you as long as you keep jacking me off.” Sloan rocked his hips toward Octnavin. “Faster.”

The alien did as he was told. Once more, Octnavin glided over his cock as Sloan’s mouth was filled with a wet thick tongue. The unruly need, the climax built and grew. The storm was closing in around them. Sloan was going to come so hard.

Just as Sloan thought he couldn’t take more, his mouth was filled with raspberries and life. Without a thought, he sucked and drank and licked. Purring, Octnavin gripped him tighter and Sloan came with a growl. His cock pulsed with satisfaction as he drew on the raspberry juice. Octnavin kept sliding over the sensitive crown of his softening shaft.

Sloan pulled his mouth away from the alien’s tongue as he shuddered. His brain was a foggy mist.

~Perhaps I underestimated a pebble…~

There it was again. The words in his head. That was so screwed up.

“I think I need to sleep.” He should sleep off the drugs. His brain was mush. He thought he heard Octnavin’s voice in his head. “I gotta crash.” Sloan closed his eyes. He would figure all this out in the morning. He set his head on Octnavin’s chest. The muscles were warm under his whiskered jaw.

“Once more?” came the coaxing whisper. Warm skin slid against Sloan’s back and moved up his shirt. A brush to his nipples had Sloan’s eyes popping open.

“One more time.”

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