An American Indian Western


This story is an assemblage of bits and pieces of information gathered from Hopi, Cherokee, and Comanche Indians that I have known, along with some historical writings. Indians are very individualistic, so one shoe does not fit all, and this presentation of attitude is only demonstrating fictional opinions and practices without prejudice on my part, of a very small sample size.

[I personally believe that the early slavery minded invaders of America never accepted the fact the Indians were more sociologically advanced then they, and that nomadic societies are much more capable to handle survival against nature better, but can be easily destroyed by politics! I believe America would be much stronger today if the inflowing European was integrated into Indian tribal life, then to later have built their more technical world via the enticements of the old world – thus advancing all Americans!]

Indian Summer in the West

The year is 1910; the town is a whistle stop in Kansas, racing to become a ghost town! The villagers permit a small band of Indians to camp along a small river (big stream) three miles away, and they try to help civilize the “heathens” by exposing them to book lar’nen, and church! Five tepees compose of the tribe, thus they believe some of the education is taking root; however, the old Indian ways are still paramount (that the White folk find troubling).

Most of the intermingling of culture is occurring with the children that seem to integrate quite well, until puberty. Then all hell breaks loose encouraging separatism on the part of the older White residents.

* * * * *

Running Fawn was down by the river washing clothes when Red Dog came by and became interested in her sensuous posterior, sort of waggling while she was unloading her basket.

Using his Indian education, he silently snuck up on her only to reach out for the hem of her skirt to grasp and throw over her back, exposing her feminine delicacy to his view.

Without looking back Running Fawn yelled out, “now cut that out asshole!”

Since the prize was still available Red Dog pressed his face between her thighs and plunged his tongue into her cunt. Still no intense resistance, so he started running the tip up and down her seam while occasionally tapping the tip against her magic clitoris – that is now becoming erect, triggering her noticeable trembling.

She then looked back and said, “Red Dog, stop it now, can’t you see I am busy?”

“Your not that busy, see, your body is preparing itself for pleasure. When you are ripe, I will be ready to share pleasure with you.”

As he continued his assault, her trembling increased along with her breathing starting to become ragged, and in short pants.

“Red Dog, we Oh Uh, shouldn’t be doing this now, I am probably fertile! Shit you are making me feel real good you idiot! Please stop this, oh, oh, you will get me into trouble by [pant] not having the laundry done fast enough!”

She feels him straighten up and replace his tongue with his erect cock. She widens her stance when she feels his hands upon her hips, though still in denial. He slides his member up and down her slit that is depositing feminine goo upon it. The tip stops at her entrance, while enjoying the kissing of her bloated cuntal lips, he then slowly presses his member into her inviting warmth. She moans softly and pushes back to feel his cock glide effortlessly into her hot pudding of lust, to feel the tip now stretching the entrance to her womb, with her ass pressing against his male body – his hands pulling her tight against him, feeling an erect clitoris being titillated by dangling testicles.

“Aiiee, Red Dog, [pant] your long cock is skewering me, [pant pant] now stop fooling around and fuck me you asshole!”

“This is how I like you, nice and juicy, that’s it baby, ungh, like when I’m sliding on another braves cum, after you’ve dilated to please many warriors.”

“Shut up and remember there are two of us now that need pleasuring. [pant] Now give it to me Ahhhh, just don’t cum into my womb! Shit, feel my pussy twitching skunkface? Ohh, I’m loosing it.”

“Oh shit, I feel your trembling cunt trying to suck the sperm right out of me. Aiee, I am pulling back now, here I cum! Shiiiiit!”

“That’s it, empty yourself into me, uhhh, I need to feel it hot and forceful – even though it’s a bit dangerous! Ohhh that’s good, keep it cumming, I want it all!”

After his cock leaves her body, he steps back and admires a scarlet cunt framing her decorative crème pie – that is oozing with his white sperm slowly discharging onto her thigh. “It is a beautiful thing we just did, thank you.”

Pulling her dress istanbul escort back into place, she turns, moves in close and rubs her nose against his, and then kisses him White man’s style and says, “isn’t nature grand? I have got to run now because I’m late. I will have to stand for the rest of the day to make sure your sperm runs out of me ‘shit-for-brains’. The next time, when we have time, and I am safe, lets do it the White man’s way – so I can see your happy face when we cum together!”

“Your on, see you later, and thanks again, I really needed you Running Fawn.”

She starts vigorously scrubbing the clothes to finish her chore. “Yeh, sure, I bet you won’t pass up the next bitch in heat Red Dog, and you’ll tell her the same thing.”

* * * * *

Red Dog greets his sister Rainy Face telling her to get ready to smoke his fresh catch, one small-mouth bass, and two rather large crappies that were in the Indian fish trap at the river bank. She takes the fish and hangs them to the top of a little teepee that has a well-used fire pit in its floor.

“Red Dog, you gather some fire wood, while I gather some green shrubs and twigs, to make smoke flavoring for your fish.”

After the smoker is underway, Red Dog and his sister sit in front of their teepee to discuss the day’s events.

“You do know I saw what you did to Running Fawn, you idiot! And Chief Thundercloud and Red Wing his wife, was right along side me. Red Wing blurted out, “Look at our daughter. If she keeps that up we will have to change her name to Fucking Deer,” only to hear Thundercloud break out laughing.”

“Don’t worry dear, they are only impetuous kids now, soon they will be grown up and our daughter will select a brave to be her life’s companion. For now, just don’t say anything about it.”

Red Dog smiles looking at his sister, “you know me, I am always hard for an opportunity that just can’t be passed up. She looked so delicious, I couldn’t help taking a taste.”

“Taste? It looked like you fucked the crap out of Running Fawn. I couldn’t believe she was still capable of standing afterward.”

“She believes she must stand for the rest of the day to prevent conception.”

“I know, I had to do the same thing many times my brother. Us squaws have to be more cautious than you bucks by trying to hold back nature until we find a mate that will properly bond with us. Being male, all you do is dangle your dong like bait, and a hungry squaw, married or not, is always there to suck your sperm into her body, any which way she can.”

“You are so right sister, your being older has made you quite wise, and I love you for that.”

“Watching the two of you this morning made me quite hot, so don’t be surprised to find me slipping onto your blanket tonight – that is, if you are comfortable with it.”

“Don’t worry, I should be totally refreshed by then.”

* * * * *

The small fire to keep the evening chill down is now almost at embers, yielding a dim reddish light searching the dark recesses of the teepee, with four naked Indians attempting to fall asleep atop their blankets. It is a full moon, and the air is filled with small cries of passion from the adjoining teepees.

“Damn it Morning Star, can’t those jokers ever let up? All they do is fuck, night and day. No wonder White men call us worthless. Can we ever get a good nights sleep?”

“Shut up dear, you’re just showing your age. Instead of aggravation, just come onto my blanket with me, and let’s join them – I happen to need you my husband.”

“A warrior’s work is never done,” grumbles Black Cloud as he crawls over to Morning Star – while enjoying the scent of an aroused female.”

They roll together rubbing noses, the licking ears while breathing into them, after playfully nibbling on her neck he then moves downward and sucks a tit into his hungry mouth. One after the other he tweaks and suckles them until they match the erection between his legs. Getting to her navel he licks it, and now Morning Star is softly moaning. He moves his head between her thighs that she parts wantonly, and feels his lips now plastered about her unsheathed clitoris; his lips now moving in a nibbling, sucking manner. When the tip of his tongue contacts her erection, she shivers, and moans out loudly – awakening Rainy Face.

“Mom, can’t you keep it down?” Only to realize she is talking to deaf ears.

Rainy Face then crawls to her brother’s blanket, and luckily he is sleeping on his back. She drapes a leg over his to pressure her cunt against his thigh and slowly fuels her excitement by dry fucking him. She then reaches down and grasps his cock enjoying his involuntary reaction to her. Fondling bahçeşehir escort his testicles she looks into his eyes that are now wide open. She then releases her prize and pulls his head closer, and places her lips upon his – to show her pleasure White man style. She presses her tongue into his mouth to his pleasant surprise, and he responds by entering into a tongue duel. His hands are now playing with her tits creating a chorus of moaning between daughter and mother – along with grunts from Black Cloud that is now pounding Morning Star, who is now on her knees responding enthusiastically to this energetic fucking, doggy style.

Rainy Face slides down and grabs Red Dog’s cock pulling the foreskin down to expose its bulbous tip. After tasting her brother’s precum, her tongue swirls around his cock while he grunts his pleasure. After a couple of minutes sucking and licking, she is satisfied the cock is rigid enough to give her pleasure. She then moves back up bringing her cunt close to his energized prick, to put pressure on it as he masturbates a rock hard prick against her swollen pussy lips.

She looks upon him as a lioness would her prey and giving him a coquettish smile, she sharply intakes a breath, while holding the base of his cock for guidance, she impales herself with a scream of pleasure.

“You should have let me prepare you Rainy Face, ooh ooof, you are so wise, my juicy sister, ugh, my very juicy sister.”

“Shut up brother, and fuck me.” She wailed. “All this goings on made me so horny and wet, I thought I would loose my mind. You be my victim since I am on top, and I will try to fuck your brains out – only to cast you aside when I am sated, just like you do to the other squaws.”

If anything, these remarks were likes spurs digging in to excite him to respond back with a driving intensity of his own matching every two undulations of hers, with one long stroke of his.

“The head of your cock is now punching inside my womb my brother. Oh shit my brother, don’t stop! Ugh, I want to feel you cum deep inside me – fill me. [pant pant] I love you, I love what you are doing with me.”

Morning Star starts screaming “Oh Oh Oh Aiee”, is now mixed with Black Clouds bellowing as they come together. He pulls out his cock, and rolls away from his wife gasping for air. She coils herself into a fetal position, and start to softly sing an Indian song of gratitude.

Oblivious to their parent’s completion the siblings are writhing together, intensely fucking.

“I am totally ready to cum brother dear. Ooh, I feel you pulsing, That’s it, hold me tight while I contract on your cock. YES. Empty your balls into my pussy, Ahh, keep squirting until there is nothing left, that’s it, mix your seeds with my juices up inside me. Thank you my warrior. Now it’s my turn to say – I needed you.”

They separate breathing rapidly, and then return to their own blankets to fall asleep contentedly. About 2:00 AM Red Dog is awakened by soft sobbing. He looks around and sees it is his mother. He crawls over to her blanket and asks what is troubling her so.

“My Son, its your Father, he is getting old and cannot satisfy me. I am wise enough to lie with other braves to make up for his shortcomings, but tonight was so intense with the four of us, I really thought he would be inspired, and not leave me hanging.”

“I’m sorry Mom, is there anything I can do to make you feel better?”

“It isn’t your fault my dear, but you are young and if you have any stamina left, could you help me through this by fucking me?”

Red Dog’s cock stiffened as if queued in to his mom’s request.

“Of course Mother, you know I love to return to the source of my life. I will be here for you whenever you need me.”

With that Red Dog quickly moves between her legs to start licking her pussy.

“My Son, that’s unnecessary. I am so hot and wet all you have to do is enter me and use me to your heart’s desire. I need to feel your cock moving inside me, here move a little closer while I put my leg over you, that’s it, your almost there, let me guide you, ooooh, now that it’s started, press it all the way in, now press it into the ring of my womb, aiee. Wonderful my Son, oh oh oh, now fuck me good with your long cock.”

“Oh Mother it feels so special doing this with you, I love you so much. Thank you for tantalizing me with your [gasp] feminine wiles. You’re so hot and you need me so. Thanks to your daughter for draining me so I have the control you need – since you are doing your best to milk my cock with your pussy.”

“Son, you concentrate on your pleasure and I will concentrate on mine! That’s it! YES! bakırköy escort Put your finger into our junction to feel our togetherness and rub my clitoris – Oh thank you! Uuugh.

The two are writhing together, Morning Star is tweaking her nipples while her son is thrusting into her. Her first orgasm hits hard, and she babbles some thing. When her shaking subsides she tells her son to keep on fucking her for two more quick spasms of orgasmic delight, to finally beg him to empty himself deep within her, wanting to feel his sexual intensity and satisfaction. After his orgasm, he is hugs his mother telling her to come into his arms.

Once the carnal connection is broken, Morning Star rolls to her side and Red Dog moves close enough for her to capture his deflating prick between her thighs while dowsing it with the mixture of shared juices dribbling out of her pussy. Both are hugging each other, covering their faces with many kisses of gratitude.

Red Dog returns to his blanket, only to have Rainy Face spoon up against him capturing his cock between her thighs.

“That was a wonderful thing you did for Mom, my brother. You know, the White folk do enjoy everything that we do, but they think of us as savages, and so they lie to make themselves believe they are superior and “pure” by their definition. Oh well, I love you my brother, now lets get some sleep.”

Red Dog makes a feeble attempt at thrusting into his sister to realize that one cannot ‘awaken the dead’; so holding her drowsy body next to his, they both fall asleep.

* * * * *

After a breakfast of smoked fish, bannock (fried bread), deer jerky, and blackberries plucked from the bushes at the riverbank, the little Indian family sits in front of their wigwam planning the day’s adventures. Red Dog looks at Rainy Face with a somewhat confused expression.

“Rainy Face, last night you said the Whites and Indians are alike and that puzzles me, but may have some answers. When playing with the White girls, they too like to fuck – but it must be done in strict secrecy, and their way only. We go into a hiding place, they wear stupid barriers to their cunts that they pull aside for me to enter them. They keep their clothes on! Never gaining the full pleasure of intercourse! After they orgasm they push me away, actually grateful that I didn’t ejaculate into them – proving they are not women yet. They run out of hiding, and treat the fucking as if it never happened. In fact I find our friendship now alienated – until they are in heat again. I find them very frustrating.”

“Well my brother, let me tell you about White boys. When they gather into a small group, they become very brave. If I am alone with them, and we are safe from prying eyes, they will expose their hardons to me, and expect me to shed my dress. If I am in the mood, and know I am safe, I will grant them pleasure, even though they refuse to lick my pussy to prepare me for intercourse – no matter how much I sucked their cocks. Afterward they look down, on me and call me a slut, and brag to their friends that I am “easy”!? If I am not in the mood, they may attempt to rape me, and if successful, will spill their sperm into my pussy without any concern of knocking me up! They then expect me to keep my mouth shut to other Whites, and will kill me if I tell!”

“They are the stupid savages Rainy Face. They invite us to their church and school in the hope to train us that treachery is normality, and they become proud of their accomplishments if we mimic them and their insanity. They now claim “we are saved!” – while we immediately go back to our ways of direct honesty – but if they find out, they claim we are lying, thieving renegades?? No wonder our forefathers tried to kill as many of them as they could!”

An Indian approaches the family that is now steeped in laughter.

“Hi there Red Dog. I see you guys are having fun. I would like to join in but we have four ponies waiting, and want to go on a hunting trip for a week in the wooded area. Do you want to grab your things and help out?”

“That sounds like a great idea Fat Fox, I will gather a few things and join you.”

As Red Dog ducks into the teepee Rainy Face asks, ” a whole week? Are you going to take any squaws with you? I for one will volunteer, and I am sure Girl-With-Spirit would be willing to help keep you guys comfortable.”

“No, this is a Brave thing only. The pace will be too fast for girls to keep up, and we need everyone to be at full strength. Thank you for asking Rainy Face, and I am hoping to spend some time with you at the dance after the hunt, though.”

“Yes, I will be there for you, and I will be safe to go all the way with the mighty hunters that need me.”

Red Dog pops out of the wigwam with bow and arrow, water bag, hunting knife, a bag with a lightweight rope, matches, and a small hatchet. He hugs and rubs noses with his mother and sister, then takes off running after Fat Fox.”

* * * * *

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