An Anal Introduction

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Thomas picked me up at eight and we decided to go for a drive. It was a hot night; Thomas was just wearing a white shirt, which he had left unbuttoned, showing off the muscles in his chest, and a pair of shorts that stopped above his knee. His clothes weren’t anything fabulous, but it never seemed to matter what he wore, he always looked fantastic to me. He had a great body; a nice hard stomach and big strong arms that he held me in every time we had sex. He could make me feel so safe and so dirty all at the same time; the sex between us was amazing.

We drove round for about an hour, checking everyone out along the way. It was something we both enjoyed to do. If either of us saw someone we thought was cute we’d point them out, then have a little discussion about what we’d do with them if we were lucky enough to ever be able to have a threesome with them. We were two very sexual people, so we worked well together. There had never been an occasion when one of us hadn’t been in the mood. The only thing we disagreed about so far was anal sex. I’d told him from the start that it was never going to happen, and though he’d tried to talk me into it a couple of times, he’d finally seemed to accept that it wasn’t for me.

I had been casually stroking him through his shorts the whole time he’d been driving, feeling myself get a little wet as he grew harder in my hand. Thomas loved when I touched him in a public place. I’d done it everywhere for him, the movies, a train, in nightclubs, and once, in the fruit and veg aisle of a supermarket. We’d managed that one by pretending we were examining the cucumbers. His favourite place for me to do it though was right here, in his car, him behind the wheel, and me in the passenger seat, reaching over and taking his limp cock in my palm and working him up to full hardness.

Thomas was now rock hard and I’d worked him up to the point where he was breathing heavily and he was finding it difficult to concentrate on the road in front of him. As soon as he saw a quiet lay-by he pulled over and turned off the ignition. He quickly pulled down his shorts and boxers, freeing his whole cock and his big, tight balls, and rested himself against the seat as I started to jerk him off furiously. It wasn’t long before he started to erupt and a sticky white load ended up all over my hand and arm.

I licked as much as I could of Thomas’ cum from my arm, savouring the sweet taste. Thomas had the best tasting cum ever and it always felt delicious on my tongue. Before I could finish it all myself, Thomas helped me out, by taking my fingers and sucking them into his mouth, greedily slurping on his own seed that he had spilled all over my hand. This turned me on so much that my pussy became even wetter and I knew that my panties were probably now soaked through.

After Thomas had calmed down from his orgasm, he looked over at me and asked me if I wanted to stretch my legs. I knew what that meant. He was in the mood for a quickie in the great outdoors. Public sex was a great turn on of mine, though I wasn’t one of those people that would do it in front of a crowd, I just loved the idea that I was having sex in a place where it was possible to get caught.

I nodded at Thomas, and we both got out of the car. We walked over to the bushes at the side of the road, and being careful not to get scratched from the thorns, we made our way to our own little patch of sexual abandon. A place we had discovered only last week, on another of our drives, it was secure and private, but still close enough to the road that we felt the rush of air over our naked bodies each time a car went past.

As soon as we knew we were completely alone, I fell to my knees in front of Thomas, unzipping him, and pulling his shorts down to his ankles. I loved making him look vulnerable like that, his soft cock hanging to the side and his eyes begging me to do something with it. I never left him waiting for long.

I reached out for his little cock, knowing how quickly I could make it big and hard again, and getting excited by the thought of that, I took his cock with both hands and started to rub it. Even in its flaccid state it could still do things to me. I loved the feeling of the veins starting to pulse under my touch, and the way his cock turned slightly purple as it grew bigger and bigger between my hands. I loved the feeling of control that came over me as I handled Thomas’ cock; it was the best aphrodisiac ever.

When I had Thomas hard to his full seven inches, I took him in my mouth. The first taste of cock always sent a shiver right through my body, setting all my nerves alight. Ever since I had first had a cock in my mouth at the age of 18, I had been like this. I was a cocksucker, I had tried to fight it, but it was true, there was nothing in the world that made me happier than giving head. Whenever I touched myself or fucked someone who I didn’t find that attractive I would fantasise about having a hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth, canlı bahis the pre-cum trickling down my throat, and I would cum hard, soaking my fingers or some random guy’s cock.

With those images running through my mind, I began to suck on Thomas’ cock. He loved it when I swallowed him whole, making his cock wet and warm from my spit. I hated sucking a dry cock, I loved lubing it up with whatever I could, my spit, the guys spit, KY jelly, but of course the best lube was always pussy juice. Sucking on a hard cock that was slick with my own taste was incredibly hot.

Thomas was really enjoying this blowjob. He had his eyes closed tight and was biting on his lip, his hands on the back of my head, running through my hair. I could tell he was going to cum pretty soon, and I wanted him to start fucking me, so I sped up my sucking, letting him start to fuck my mouth. I could feel him in the back of my throat, his full hardness on my tongue, and his pre-cum starting to fill my mouth.

Just before he began to shoot his load, he pulled his cock from my mouth and slapped it gently against my face, making my now flushed cheeks sticky, and sending a deliciously slutty feeling twirling through my body. He hit me with his cock a couple more times before finally starting to erupt. His cum shot out thick and fast, going skyward for a split second, then hurtling back down and covering my waiting face.

Thomas collapsed on to the ground beside me, completely worn out after his orgasm. As he lay there panting, I pulled my top off and cleaned my face free of cum. I would look forward to wearing that again on the drive home, feeling the cum soaking through and touching my skin.

By now, I was incredibly horny and badly needed some sexual relief. I looked over at Thomas, just recovering from his blowjob, and raised my eyebrows at him suggestively. It was my turn now. Usually after I sucked Thomas off, as soon as he caught his breath, he would tell me to lie down, then he’d spread my legs and lick and nibble on my pussy. Tonight was no different.

Thomas crawled over to me on all fours, and proceeded to push my skirt up around my waist. He pushed me down until my back was flat on the ground and then pulled my bottom half towards him, separating my legs and bringing his face to my pussy. He pushed my lacy black thong to the side, too hungry for my wetness to bother taking it off fully. He ran his tongue over my clit briefly, then continued to slide it down my pussy lips and circle my opening, darting his firm tongue inside rapidly and consistently, until I screamed out loud from pleasure. Thomas was always great at licking me out, but this time he was outdoing himself. It was the best tongue lashing I had ever received.

I was already close to cumming after about a minute of Thomas working me over with his amazingly talented mouth when he stopped, pulling his head away and looking at me with a wicked glint in his eyes.

“How turned on are you right now, baby?” It seemed like a ridiculous question to me, there I was screaming louder than a cat in heat, and there he was with my pussy juice all over his face.

“I’m gonna cum soon, honey, make me cum.” Thomas dutifully lowered his head again, but this time, after ripping off my thong, instead of running his tongue over my wet pussy, he brought his lips lower, and cupped my ass cheeks in his hands. He lifted me higher, so that now my ass was in his face, and without warning he started to lick my virgin ass hole.

“Thomas, what are you…?” I tried to protest and tell him what I’d told him a hundred times before, my ass was a no go area, but his tongue rolling over my most private of areas felt too good, and the words were quickly lost as Thomas continued to stroke my little rosebud with his hot, strong tongue.

The sensations that I was now feeling there, were unlike anything I’d ever felt before. I had been so close to cumming from Thomas licking and sucking on my pussy, but now that he had turned his attention to my ass, a new, overpowering orgasm was building momentum, and I now wanted Thomas to tongue fuck me until I came so hard the whole town would hear me.

Thomas was never one to disappoint. As I’d hoped, he slid his tongue over and over my ass until I started to open up for him, and gently, and unbelievably sensually, he inserted the tip of his tongue into an area I thought would never be explored. As Thomas’ tongue probed deeper and deeper, I wondered why the hell I hadn’t let him do this sooner. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to have a man’s face at my ass cheeks, and his tongue licking and kissing my previously untouched crevice.

It didn’t take long for me to start to lose control, the insane pleasure I was now experiencing was too much for me to handle, and I started to cum. A wave of heat came over me, starting in my toes and reaching every nerve and cell in my body, making my skin tingle and my heart hammer hard in my chest, finally reaching its peak deep, bahis siteleri deep in my pussy. I couldn’t help but jerk my whole body as I came, Thomas still fucking me with his tongue. I cried out as the orgasm shuddered through me, and then, to my complete amazement, I started to really cry, the tears seeping from my eyes, running down my cheeks.

Thomas looked up in alarm, immediately taking me in his arms and apologising. “I’m sorry baby, I know you never really wanted me to do that, I just thought you’d enjoy it.” He rocked me as he said this, believing me to have had a horrible experience because of his adventurousness.

Finally able to breathe again, I shook my head vigorously, “No, honey, no, that was amazing!” I managed to get the words out as I laughed at myself, feeling stupid now for crying, but the feelings had just been too great.

Thomas scrutinized my face, wondering whether I was telling the truth, maybe I’d really hated it but was trying to spare his feelings. To reassure him, I took his face in my hands and kissed him hard, meeting his tongue with mine, and tasting myself. This made me feel naughty all over again, my pussy starting to throb just at the thought of what I was going to ask him next.

“You want to try putting something a bit bigger than your tongue in there?” I whispered the question, nervous as to what his answer may be, a yes could prove to be a painful outcome, or an incredibly joyful one, whatever way it would turn out, I knew I was more than ready for the experience.

Thomas stared at me for a moment as if trying to make sure that the words that had just come out of my mouth had really been uttered. Then, wasting no time, or perhaps, just not wanting me to have a chance to change my mind, he gently manoeuvred my still shaky body to the position that he would need me to be to perform this slightly taboo act.

I was now in a familiar pose, on my hands and knees, legs open, underwear off, waiting for a hard cock to be slammed inside me, but this time that cock was going where no man had ever gone before, and I hoped that at least for awhile there would be no slamming. As enjoyable as I had found my first ass tongue fuck, my little tight hole might find it more difficult to accept getting fucked by a rock hard seven inch cock.

Thomas was right behind me, rubbing my ass cheeks softly with his hand, stroking himself back to full hardness. I suddenly remembered something very important about being fucked in the ass and asked, panicked slightly, “What the hell are you going to use to lube up that thing?”

I heard Thomas chuckle as he gave my ass a slap, then leaned in to me and whispered, “I’m going to use that sweet little pussy, baby.” I knew I was still wet, I could feel my moistness on the tops of my thighs but I was still worried that Thomas would not be able to get his cock wet enough to be able to enter my ass hole. Remembering how his tongue inside me felt stopped me from calling an end to the whole thing and I forced myself to relax, taking deep breaths, and rubbing my clit to keep me ready for whatever might happen next.

Thomas started by dipping his finger inside my pussy, sliding it around, gently tipping off my wet walls, then withdrawing it, and sliding it over my now shut tight rosebud. With his careful caresses making me tingle, I began to really relax, and let myself start to enjoy these brand new sensations. Thomas began to gently probe my virgin ass, using the wetness from my pussy to soften my ass hole, while spanking me and telling me how much he was going to love fucking my tight little ass. The dirty talk only helped to turn me on even more, quickly destroying any reservations I was still holding on to.

Using his other hand, Thomas worked his magic touch on my clit, skimming it with two fingers, then dipping them into my pussy and back to my clit, pressing his fingers down on it, feeling it pulse, all the while rubbing my little rosebud. I could feel it react to his touch, feel myself get wetter. I began to moan, as he finally started to insert his finger into my tight ass, gently at first, knowing he had to break me in.

With each stroke of his finger in my ass, Thomas rubbed my clit, keeping up a rhythm, keeping me aroused so that I felt no pain, just a little friction, as he probed deeper into my virgin ass. My little hole responded positively, opening up for him, allowing him to insert another finger, making me gasp, then moan, the extra thickness now exploring me was delicious.

I knew what was coming next but I was still apprehensive. This was something I had never expected I would let happen, I was always adamant that my ass would remain out of bounds, now here I was at the side of a road, my skirt thrown up around my back, and a man with a large cock behind me ready to introduce me to anal sex.

True to his word, Thomas used my pussy to lube up his cock. He slid his fat cock into my wetness, and although he was about to fuck my ass, he bahis şirketleri couldn’t help himself from giving me a few thrusts in my pussy, going right in to the hilt, while still rubbing my clit. I was as wet as I could possibly be, and Thomas removed his cock from my pussy, now dripping from my juices, and very slowly started to nudge my ass hole with the tip of his cock.

My ass hole had remained loose from his fingers, so when Thomas began to press the head of his cock inside, there was no pain, no need to tell him to get it the hell out of me. It was only when he decided to shove two inches of his thick cock into my extremely tight butt that I screeched with agony, shouting at him, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

Thomas didn’t remove his cock, instead he held me in those big arms, and caressed my back with kisses, using the tip of his tongue to lick me up and down, an action that never failed to turn me on. I quickly calmed down again, almost forgetting about the throbbing cock that was now wedged into my ass hole, the pain from the encounter subsiding. I had no desire for Thomas to continue with this experiment, wishing for him to take his cock from my tender and now sore butt, and make it up to me by fucking my needy pussy.

Thomas had no intention of doing this however. He held his cock inside my ass, continuing to rub and touch me until amazingly, my ass started to relax and open up, letting Thomas slide another couple of inches inside with no resistance. Instead of feeling the pain of a few moments before, the movement of Thomas’ cock brought a heat to me there, that I had never felt before in my pussy. It was a raw, almost animal feeling. Having a hard cock in my ass made me feel like a dirty cave woman and I liked it.

Thomas kept hold of me, and at no point did he stop his rubbing of my clit, as he began to move his cock in the most narrow of spaces. He fucked my ass slowly, so slowly at first that I could barely feel him moving, but as I grew slacker for him and my pussy juice began to run down my legs and over his balls, he started to give me longer and deeper strokes. With each stroke, my ass stretching became more and more pleasurable, the hotness I’d felt earlier, intensifying, growing to something that began to take my breath away.

It wasn’t long before I was begging Thomas to give me more of his cock. I wanted to feel every hard inch inside my tightness, I wanted him to fuck me just like he would my pussy, and I pleaded with him to do it. Thomas didn’t need to be asked twice, he grabbed my waist and brought my little ass down full force onto his cock, sliding me up and down fast and hard, butt fucking me as if he had been doing it forever.

With both of us reaching exhaustion, and turned on to an almost dangerous level, I knew that this adventure wasn’t going to last much longer. I was going to cum soon, the magnificent feelings of a cock pounding in and out of my asshole too intense to be able to last a long time, building to a crescendo that I wanted Thomas to share. I wanted him to explode inside me like he had in my pussy countless times before, but even more this time. I wanted him to completely fill my virgin passageway with his hot load, and I wanted desperately to feel it slide back out of me and down my legs.

I could hear Thomas was close to cumming, his breath was becoming very short, and his moans and groans of bliss were getting louder and louder. I reached in between my legs, soaking my arm with pussy juice, and grabbed onto his balls. I squeezed and tugged at them, trying to match the rhythm of Thomas’ cock slamming in and out of my ass.

As I started to moan louder, Thomas doubled his efforts, holding on to my hips as he drove his cock home, every thrust bringing me closer to the edge. He bent over slightly, nailing that last half inch of cock deep in my ass, and resumed his rubbing of my pussy. This was all I needed to start cumming. I lost all sense of awareness as the best orgasm of my life took over me. I’m sure I must have sound like some kind of wild animal as I screamed with unbridled pleasure. As my body began to buck and shake from the force of the convulsions thundering through me, Thomas couldn’t hold on any longer and started to spurt his spunk inside my little ass, his cock gushing huge amounts of cum deep inside me. He held on to me so tight as he came, moaning my name over and over again as the last dribbles of cum seeped from his cock, and softening, he slid out of my ass, and for the second time that night, collapsed onto the ground. Shaking from my own climax, I lay down beside him, feeling a giddy thrill as Thomas’ cum began to empty out of my now throbbing ass hole.

We lay there looking up at the stars for several minutes before either of us could work up the energy to say anything. “Fuck.” , was all I could manage. Looking over at me and laughing Thomas panted back, “Fucking hell!”

We kissed each other deeply before gathering up our clothes and making our way back to the car. Turning the keys in the ignition, Thomas patted my knee, smiled ruefully and said, “We might have to get you a dildo for that pussy of yours, I think I found a new best friend tonight.”

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