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AN EASTER STORYOn my travels this Easter Weekend, I followed this guy into a bathroom I needed to use. My mouth dropped when I glanced out the side of my eye his monster cock. I voiced as much about the enormousness of his cock.When his cock was peeing the force was like a high pressure hose. The stream seemed to go on for ages. I asked him about life and one thing led to another and we washed our hands and sat at the table outside.Next thing his lady came and joined us at the table, I introduced myself, she excused herself to go get some supplies and left Darren and I to chat. Darren said he doesn’t have problems pulling guys or gals but it changes when he exposes his cock [or should I say log], this scares most people of but Darleen was willing and as a result they are a couple. Darren says when his cock is in her pussy his cock head luvs the velvety feel of her womb canal, but due to the length he pushes thru into her open womb space and as the build up starts she has so many mini orgazms. due to his size her canal is constantly contracting causing his cock to hammer into her with his cock head touching illegal bahis her ovaries tickling his sensitive cock head sending him shooting into her. He says his semen supply is just as powerful as his peeing. Soon Darleen was back and invited me to come back to their accommodation. We creaked open a couple of drinks, Darleen left the room and came back with a robe on to gage my reaction then sat down next to Darren rubbing his crutch and asked if I minded, I just nodded, soon Darren’s cock was getting uncomfortable and he removed his trousers, Darleen bent over to lick Darren’s cockhead, his girth was to much for her to swallow. I leant over to remove Darren’s shirt and proceeded to suck on his nipples, this started his precum running. Darleen used Darren’s precum over my my boi pussy, Darren used several fingers in my pussy and gave me some poppers to sniff, his cock head felt so good rubbing around my pussy hole as the poppers started to work my hole allowed his head to move in to my pussy canal oh man Darleen carried on licking Darren’s cock and my pussy entrance, then I dropped down further illegal bahis siteleri onto Darren’s cock. His cock head proceeded past my prostate causing my cock to erupt, I have never cum that hard before. My body took over as did Darren’s body, my pussy dropped further down Darren’s log. Every time our bodies got into rhythm Darleen’s licking of my pussy entrance and Darren’s log allowed me to slip further down. When I bottomed Darleen straddled Darren’s face allowing him to eat her pussy. While Darren was eating Darleen she started sucking on my nipples, this sent me over the edge cumming again twice in ½ hour and Darren wasn’t ready to cum yet, his cum storage tank deep down in his balls was filling up, Darleen started shaking, Darren’s tongue and fingers were doing their magic making Darleen to cum, her orgazms were happening every few seconds it felt. An hour after Darren’s cockhead entered my boi pussy he shot so much cum into my canal. Darleen orgazmed and we collapsed onto Darren totally spent. I woke to feel Darren’s cock still in my boi pussy, even soft it was still too big to canlı bahis siteleri fall out, I started to wiggle and felt his cock starting to harden in me again. I started to suck on Darleen’s nipples. With Darren’s cock hardening in me my prostate was working over time and my cock went super hard while I was sucking on Darleen’s tits. Darleen wriggled on Darren’s face waking him, he sensed Darleen and starting licking & eating her pussy. It wasn’t long before Darleen & I were cumming again. Darren hammered my pussy for an hour then Darleen & I swapped places her pussy lips allowed Darren’s cock to enter and bottom she was having so many orgazms, Darren was sucking on my cock with 3 of his fingers up my pussy playing with my prostate. I came 1/2hr later collapsing on Darrren & Darleen, I could feel Darleen ‘s orgasm cumming and Darren was now fucking her like a wild a****l and shot his cum deep into her and they both collapsed, we slept for a while. I had cum 6 times in 4hrs and walked with cum leaking out of my gapping pussy, Darleen lost count of the number of orgazms she had and Darren planted a load of cum in me & one in Darleen. When we woke I cleaned Darren and Darleen up enjoying the mixed cum juices. Darleen & Darren both sucked out my boi pussy, we showered, and I carried on my way south.This will be one Easter I wont forget in a hurry

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