An Ending, a Beginning


It was 10am, I just woke up alone in a hotel room with an angry hard-on. The night before had been spent buying dinner for and then eating out my now ex-girlfriend. She made sure to ride my face for an hour, during which time she came three times. I didn’t get to cum at all because after her third orgasm she said she wanted to breakup with me for another guy she had met someplace or other, who really cares? All I knew was I had a case of blue-balls which needed attention. So, I logged on to one of the on-line “date” websites and posted an ad.

I had a picture of my naked body and hard-on attached to the ad. I received a few messages, mostly old men and one woman. I answered the woman’s message and we chatted. We agreed to meet. I was happy I’d be getting a blow job and some pussy, besides the drive was on my way home, so what the hell.

After check-out, I drove to her house and sent her a text once I was parked. I always doubted if women really hook-up from those sites, so I was not surprised to see a guy come out to greet me. He was a hot black guy, about 30, 6 feet tall and 185 lbs, which made my white dick harden. I’m bisexual and have been with several men in the past, but never a black man, so I went inside with him.

His name was Sean, he noticed my boner canlı bahis under my sweatpants, he said he “assumed I was okay with his being a man”. I gave my consent and Sean invited me to remove my clothes so he could see my body. I kicked off my flip-flops, removed my t-shirt, boxer-briefs and sweatpants. I stood there naked, hard, and vulnerable so Sean could observe my 30 year old body which has brown hair and eyes, glasses, fair skinned, 5 feet 9 inches tall, 145 pounds, and packing a 7 inch long dick that is very thick and cut. I am also in good shape from the gym. I noticed he liked what he saw as a large bulge was now noticeable in his jeans.

Sean saw me looking at his bulging jeans and ordered me onto my knees where I was instructed to unzip his fly and remove his cock. Before doing this I said “I was under the impression I was going to get sucked”, Sean shook his head and said “not today white-boy you’re hear for my pleasure, but if I was a good white-boy bitch I’d be allowed to cum at the end” (what the hell I though, my ex-girlfriend used me for her pleasure and now it seems this stranger will as well). My pre-cum leaking cock was all the agreement Sean needed.

Sean put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me to the ground, I removed his cock from his bahis siteleri pants…I can only describe it as massive. He was cut, 11 inches long at minimum and as thick as my wrist (he made my dick look like a toy). I took Sean’s head into my mouth to get used to him, but his massive hands forced his manhood down my throat where I deep-throated him while he face-fucked me. Having this black guy dominate my mouth was one of the hottest things I had ever experienced sexually.

This face-fuck/deep-throat session was so hot I forgot to stroke my own dick, all I wanted was to pleasure my black master, my needs were secondary to his. Sean could see I was really into this so he ordered me to stop. I removed his big hot black cock from my little white mouth and I watched as he removed his clothes, which I was instructed to fold and place neatly on the table. I asked if I should pick my clothes off the floor and fold them as well, but Sean said the clothes of a white-boy bitch like me are fine in a lump on the floor. Sean stood there naked, his black muscular body and well defined six-pack abs almost made me cum and I would have had he not said for me to follow him upstairs.

Upstairs Sean had a large media room, he turned on the TV to a basketball game, sat down and told bahis şirketleri me to get back to work. I was about to get back to blowing him but he ordered me to stop. Instead I was to lick his nipples, worship his abs with licks and kisses, lick his balls, and kiss/lick his massive shaft. I was about to take his cock back into my mouth when I was told to stop, the sole of his foot was put in-front of my face he looked down at me and all he said was “lick it bitch”. I did as I was told and licked and kissed the soles of his size 13 inch black feet. I could see this was really making him hot. After some foot worship he stood up, shoved his black meat into my face and busted a huge nut.

As his cock was about to spasm in pleasure, Sean warned me that if any of his precious black seed dropped from my white-boy mouth I would be sorry…I swallowed every last bit of his cum. Sean pulled out of my mouth and said I did a good job, but I needed some more training. Sean walked away, I thought to clean up, but he returned with a large dildo. I was instructed to insert the dildo into my virgin hole and jerk off as part of my training my ass for his cock. I shot a massive load, all over my stomach, chest, and face (some going into my mouth). He wanted to see me again, but now he needed me to go.

He ushered my downstairs, I threw my clothes on and quickly left. I’m sure I’ll have more adventures with Sean in the future, my relationship with my girlfriends might have ended but Sean is a new beginning.

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