An erotic anal fantasy of mine

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An erotic anal fantasy of mineThis was actually a craigslist post I just put online looking for men to indulge me in my overpowering lust to take bareback anal from men and to lick and rim men’s assholes. I’m becoming more exotic, kinky and perverted the more I immerse myself in porn. I love who I am, and want some of you to enjoy who I am as well. I’m not your average sexual bear.************************************************************Soft, warm, feminine, sensual, exceptionally clean bi male looking to do some more-than-standard sexual things with, and mostly for, other men. I love sucking cock to completion, I swallow, and I take dildos in my ass. But I lust thinking about taking new steps toward fantasy and erotic fulfillment, for me and you. Recognize I’m real, honest, straightforward, and this was written as a straightforward view for you all into my bisexual soul, hoping I can find men to have anal sex with me. This is long, so take your time and read, and know there is a real guy behind the story, who lusts to have sex with men, with the implied desire to be the wholesomely submissive provider of body, mind, and spiritual bisexual pleasure.I am recently becoming transfixed on anal love and expression…I so want to provide bareback anal love to men, both actively by riding men while they are on their backs, and passively by submissively laying an my back and/or bending over for men to do what they want, how they want. I so want men to be able to experience pleasure and control by providing anal intercourse for them. My desires don’t end there…I want to rim men and pleasure anally too, bareback. I never thought konak escort in a million years I’d admit that, but after watching an unfathomable number of shemale, male, and emo, twink, and trap fuck videos, I’ve truly become open and honest about finding assholes luscious. Clean assholes. And not all assholes…just some I look at and stare thinking how much I’d love to touch, lick, pleasure them. Ass licking is amazingly pleasurable, and I want to provide that pleasure. If you’ve been lick, you know hoe incredible the sensation is and how wonderfully kinky the moment is. If you’ve never had your ass licked, trust me, it’s time. By a man too. An imperative for virgin licking.I fantasize about cross dressing a little (can be mostly passable but never really felt a want to do so), having you stop by my warm hotel room, you close the door and immediately I’m on my knees pleasuring you orally, using my fingertips, hands, lips, tongue, mouth and throat like few know how and take the the time to do, sucking you as long as you like, making you moan in ecstasy. We then retire to the shower……where I draw water at the perfect temperature for what is about to transpire. And yes, I will engage in passionate french kisses with you if you so desire (I am the perfect submissive for your wants…). Once in the shower, I will get on my knees with a bar of soap in my tender and soft hands, and I take your cock and balls in my hands, soaping you up, stroking, petting, touching with precision that provides you certain pleasure. You rinse, and I go back to work orally, responding to your every movement, moan, konak escort bayan slathering your pre-cum across my tongue, down my throat, making you wonder how someone could possibly know how to love and pleasure a cock and balls so perfectly. I love to nuzzle, touch, lick, stroke cock and balls, taking in the scents and flavors of male-hood. Sucking, stroking, throating your cock while I gently and sensually work your balls with the soap in my hands.You turn around, and I wash your asshole, ass crack, ass cheeks. I finger your asshole a bit with soap to get you clean, must be clean for me to lick, rim, pleasure you the way it should be done. I move closer and slowly, softly, deliberately star licking your sensitive asshole. Rimming, pushing my tongue inside you, seductively licking your ass crack, touching your legs, hips, ass cheeks, inner thighs with my feminine hands, licking and rimming more. I reach between your legs and rub your balls and sack, stroking your cock, keeping it hard for what is coming next. I read your every move, moan, whimper of pleasure and know when you are ready….I stand, turn around, bend over, and spread my soft, tender, beautiful ass cheeks, exposing my deliciously douched and cleaned, tight, deep, eager to please, furry pussy hole. You willingly insert yourself in me, bareback, slowly, gently at first so as not to hurt me TOO much (smile), and you pleasure yourself inside me. I respond with erotic movements, moving with and against yours, moving so you go deep inside my bowels, pulling away so just the head of your cock is inside me, then assuaging your concerns escort konak you might pull out of my ass by pushing back toward you, making you moan with continued warmth and pleasure as you glide back into me. Over and over. Until you cum.I sense you are about to give me seed, I’m about to control your entire existence, and respect that wondrous events by working you in and out of my pussy as you start to ejaculate. Then I strategically push my asshole against you body, thrusting your cock as deeply into me as possible, letting you experience my inner darkness, warmth…you violently finish pumping me with your sperm and semen, providing me with pleasure and anal pain which fulfills my lust, need, want to pleasure men on such an intimate level. We both stay still for a few moments, then you slowly seep out of my loosened and lubricated pussy.Then I turn around, and get back on my knees, and gingerly, gently take your swollen, sensitive cock into my mouth, and softly lick and suck your cock clean. I smell and taste some of remaining cum on your cock, as well as smell and taste the inner deepness of my body at the same time. radiating and purring over how incredible the scents and flavors of bodily fluids are. I drain your remaining testicle nectar out of your cock, make sure I don’t miss any goo, wash you again with soap, and we get out off the shower and towel off. You put your clothes back on and leave, with me wondering if you will want a kiss first, so you know why I asked you over. Smelling it and tasting our love the rest of the day like I will. I later drip you love juice out of my ass and eat it. Like a good male lover would do. Nothing could ever smell and taste as good as leftover sperm and semen that has been inside my anal cavity. I daydream all the time afterward about experiencing this again. With you. And you can’t get it out of your mind either.Which is why you call me again.

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