An Evil Moment


An Evil MomentSome time back my wife and i were at a party and she felt unwell and left, taking the car. I partied on knowing i would get a taxi. A Mum and two daughters who were good friends were there too and Mum left queenbet yeni giriş with the younger girl who was 14, leaving Kym who was 18. I had known them for years and she was very trusting and queenbet giriş also very naive and gullible. She got quite drunk so I offered to get her home in my cab.She passed out in the back seat and as queenbet güvenilirmi I had always lusted after her lovely nubile and blossoming body, I slid my hand up her mini skirt and inside her knickers and felt her hairy pussy. I got a nice smell finger and dropped her at home, making sure she got inside, Mum was still up.I didn’t wash that finger for days.I still see them all and get a great hug from Kym, who is now 26 and just married, who has treated me always as a mentor/confidante.

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