An ex coming back for more…


An ex coming back for more…Some years ago, shortly after I’d separated from my wife, I started seeing one of the ladies in my department. She was younger than I by some years and we’d flirted on and off for a few weeks, just texts, messages at work etc. I got bolder with some of my questions and she did with her answers. We eventually met up outside of work and thus started a very kinky, horny and sexy affair.We’d meet up in lay-bys, her house, mine etc and pretty much just fuck and have lots of fun during out time together. We also had a go at swinging, went to a couple of parties, she tried out her bi-side and I joined in on a couple of occasions. We did what ever took our fancy and we very open when talking about what we wanted to try out etc. She’d come to work in stockings, heels and a skirt but no knickers, we fucked in a stairwell, in one of the toilets, we’d meet up in lifts and I’d lift her skirt and slip my tongue or fingers in for a quick taste and feel. We’d catch the same bus sometimes and I’d drop my hand to her thighs and she’d part her legs and we’d see how far we’d travel before I’d have to stop or she’d cum.Eventually, we split, changed departments etc and I had less and less to do with her.Fast forward to 2 months ago, she’s now married with two c***dren türbanlı aydın escort and we’re working back in the same team. We’ve spoken on and off but just passing conversation, nothing about our past etc. I’m then asked by my boss to work a Saturday to catch up on a backlog of work, I arrive at 9am and she’s sat at her desk. For an hour we say nothing then I ask if she wants a drink, she does and I go get two coffees. On my return I start working away and then she asks why I’m in, how am I getting on etc, I ask her the same, how’s married life, how are her c***dren. She then asks if I still play online, still use one or two websites – I tell her honestly, yes and mention the one on which we’d met other couples etc. She just replies that she knows I’m still on there, she’s got her own account but no photo etc but she’s looked at my profile and wonders why I still use our old username. She then tells me that she often thinks about what we got up to, the outdoor sex, the risky stuff at work and on public transport – her husband isn’t really into that.”What is he into then” I ask. She tells me that he likes her being dom and of late, he’s expressed a desire to be a cuckholded husband. That he wants her to go out and fuck who türbanlı aydın escort bayan she wants and then come back and tell him about it – it’s been fantasy stuff so far when they’ve been having sex, he’s questioned her and she him. He asked if she still thinks about any of her previous partners and she said yes, just one. He then wanted to know all the stuff we’d used to do and whilst riding on top of him she told him. He asked her if she’d like to fuck me again and once more, she said yes – that I once again work near her, that she’s thought about it and had to go to the toilets to masturbate at work. She’s looking at me as she’s telling me this, she leans back in her chair and crosses her legs, she’s wearing stockings – she smiles and asks me if I still think about us and with a very hard cock in my jeans, I tell her yes. We’re then interrupted and I try and concentrate on my work. She sends me a mail saying there’s a lift home for me if I want one.4pm comes, it took it’s time. She’s cleared her desk and says goodbye to everyone that’s in and then walks off to the lifts. I pack up my stuff, shut down the computer and say my good byes also. I miss her lift, I take the next one down to the car park, the lift doors open türbanlı escort aydın and she’s there. We walk to her car and get in, I can hear her breathing, she grabs my hand and places it between her legs, telling me to feel her – she’s fucking soaking – “it’ll have to be yours” she tells me – she drives, I direct, the tension in the car is incredible, I’m asking her what she wants and she’s telling me that I have to treat her like a slut, to use her anyway I see fit and then to send her home to her waiting husband. We get to mine, get through the front door, she turns round and we’re kissing, I’m pulling at her blouse, pushing up her skirt and trying to get my jeans down. my cock springs up, I turn her round and bend her over, grabbing my cock and push it between her arse cheeks, searching for her wet cunt. I feel it, it’s so hot when I push myself inside and so wet. We start fucking, she’s telling me to fuck her harder, to pull her hair and to call her names, I’ve to tell her what a dirty cunt she is, how much I like fucking her – it’s not long and I’m about to cum, she gets down in front of me and tells me to cum over her face and into her mouth, I do, big thick creamy jets over her lips, cheeks, eyes and into her hair.We’ve been fucking now for two months. She tells her husband everything, she says the sex with me is better than before, the sex with her husband is better than before and now she wants to get another woman involved – I’m not allowed to play though, this one is for her own pleasure – she thinks eventually, her husband, girlfriend and I will all meet up for a 4 some- I’ll update this when that happens.

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