An Indian Captive


In 18- I decided it was time to head west. I was a young man who had spent the last year working in one of the “gentlemen’s clubs”, basically a whorehouse where men went to fuck other men, in New York City.

I had been raised in rural Ohio as a member of an ultra-conservative/separatist religious sect and had no other plans in life than living out my life as part of that community. Until, that is, the evening that my father found me in the barn with the neighbor’s cock firmly lodged up my ass. I was thrown out that night and told never to return which sounded like a good idea to me, too, actually. I had acquired enough skills that I could feed and shelter myself from the resources of the wilds around me until I slowly made my way to the cities where I learned that I had other skills useful in supporting myself. This is how I wound up as a prostitute in a male bordello. Thanks to my strict upbringing I didn’t share the failings of my co-workers that always left them broke and desperate…I had saved up quite a nest egg and I was really sick and tired of New York and the house where I worked so I hatched a plan to move to wild and wooly San Francisco which I had heard many stories about. The only problem was there was an entire country between here and there and at that time there was no easy way to make the journey.

I finally made contact through a discreet newspaper ad with a small group who was making the journey by wagon. They turned out to be part of another religious sect who was somewhat aware of the sect I came from so they were welcoming to me. I kept all mention of my current situation from them and concentrated on playing up my past and my woodsman skills to the effect that 2 weeks later I found myself astride a horse and following along behind the wagon containing that grim group.

The journey together was uneventful and maddeningly slow and I made sure to keep myself to myself but eventually we found ourselves on the northern prairies miles from cities and men. We were running low on supplies and what we had were going bad and we hadn’t had much luck with hunting in those vast empty spaces with the result that we were all suffering from stomach complaints of varying severity. Mine seemed the least serious but still I found myself a couple of times a day running as fast as possible into the sheltering bushes to relieve a violent call of nature. That was what happened the day that changed my life.

I had had to travel a fair piece from our camp, perhaps half a mile, to find sufficient coverage to do my business and I was squatted in the foliage thinking that my digestion was finally returned to normal when I heard gunshots and then screams. I hitched up my drawers and made my way on hands and knees, sheltering in the undergrowth, until I was close enough to see what was happening. A large group of men, the rebel deserters from the last war who had taken to marauding in the vastness of the prairies, had stumbled upon our little encampment. By the time I was in viewing distance, my traveling companions were already dead and the robbers were loading up what was left of our supplies, our weapons and horses.

That put paid to my current travel plans and after the villains rode off I found myself utterly alone and weaponless on a vast empty prairie land. I tried to find some useful items at our plundered camp but the robbers had taken everything of any practical value and I really didn’t want to be around so much death anyway so I struck out on foot thinking that if I kept walking I’d eventually wind up somewhere that there were other people.

The first week or so wasn’t bad, I was able to forage edible plants and snare some small game. The worst part was a lack of water. I rationed myself as best I could but even so, I eventually found myself without. I hadn’t seen anything resembling a pond or stream and had been reliant on rainwater gathered in shallow depressions up till then, now even they had dried up. I walked on, for a few days sucking a pebble to keep some moisture in my mouth but eventually even that trick failed. I was getting weaker, crazed by thirst and only walking by sheer willpower when I came over a small rise and saw the most glorious sight I could ever remember. About a mile in the distance was a small stream, almost a river, meandering through a copse of trees. I used my last strength to break into a shambling run and soon threw myself down on the muddy bank and drank my fill. I had never felt so relieved.

I must have passed out or fallen asleep because when I came to consciousness, I opened my eyes to see a moccasin clad foot inches from my head. I turned my head enough to scan up the bare legs of the foot’s owner and when I came to the suede loincloth at the crotch I paused. I’d been doing without dick for the last few weeks and what I saw in the loincloth looked pretty good, the outlines of two large balls and a snake of fat cock tucked over them. Scanning up further, I took in a flat canlı bahis şirketleri belly, a sinewy, muscular chest and finally the handsome face of an Indian staring down at me.

No word was spoken but suddenly I was grabbed by my arms and hauled upright by two more Indian men that I’d been unaware of behind me. I looked at all three as they stood holding me and I was aware of a resemblance and wondered if they were brothers. They were all very handsome and well built and even though I was probably moments from death it didn’t stop me from checking out their bodies and fully packed loincloths, too. The largest, who I had seen first, I designated Brother 1. He had a magnificent hairless body, his muscles long and lean under the copper skin and large dark nipples on his firm chest. Brother 2 was younger, not so muscular but again slim and taut. Brother 3 was the youngest, he seemed to be just leaving adolescence and he was not only thinner but also slightly shorter than the others.

Brother 1 said something in their language and the other two dragged me over to a nearby tree and propped me against it.

He said something else and my two captors began ripping my clothes off and eventually I stood there nude before them. One of the men tied a cord around my wrist, then pulled my arms backward around the tree and fastened the cord to the other so that I was tied facing them.

They spoke among themselves for a moment and I saw one of them pointing at my dick. I should mention here that as part of the religious obligations of the sect I came from, all of the men were circumcised, which was not a common practice in that time. I’m sure it was the first time that my captors had seen a circumcised cock and that was the subject of discussion.

One of the men came over and stood in front of me and grabbed my dick and tried to slide a nonexistent foreskin over my cock head with several strokes. There being none, he was unsuccessful but my cock started to harden from his attention and he laughed. He pulled his loincloth to the side and flopped out a large uncircumcised cock and pulled his foreskin out from his cock head, then pointed at my dick. I just made the classic universal shrugging motion and he laughed again because by now, after being handled and getting a look at that delicious Indian cock, my dick was standing straight up and arching out from my groin.

The other two Indians came over and exposed their own uncut cocks and put them close to mine to compare the different looks, skinning back their foreskins and handling my hard dick with no embarrassment whatsoever. I noticed that the larger Indian, my original vision, had a larger cock than the other two with a longer foreskin. I also noticed that he was starting to thicken and lengthen while playing with my dick.

“I know you can’t understand me,” I said, “but I’d love to get a chance to drain all 3 of you before you kill me.” No one even acknowledged that I could speak.

They all 3 were laughing, batting at my erection and making it sway and grabbing my ball sack and stretching it while talking among themselves in their own patois.

Eventually they grew tired of their sport and walked to the stream bank where they shucked down their only piece of clothing in preparation of entering the water. Here I was, three gloriously nude handsome men before my eyes and tied to a tree so that I couldn’t do anything to enjoy them.

I also noticed that the largest and I presumed the oldest of the trio had watched me while he undressed and preened on the beach and that now he was slowly stroking his own cock while I watched him hungrily. Brother 2 was almost as well hung, his cock as long but thinner. Brother 3 was the smallest but he made up for it by having one of the most beautiful asses I’d ever seen. All three of them had no body hair and I wondered if it was natural to them or if they shaved. I would have loved to have joined their nude frolicking; instead I could only watch from my tree with a hard and aching dick.

They entered the water and splashed about and my tumescent cock only grew harder seeing how the water ran over their limbs which shone in the sunlight. Brothers 2 and 3 climbed out and stretched out on the bank to dry while Brother 1 came over to where I stood. He looked at my upright cock, which was a pretty good match in size and thickness for his own, and then grasped it and gave it a stroke or two. With his other hand, he stroked his cock until it was also standing upright. He came up in front of me and pressed his cock and my own against each other, standing straight up in his fist as though comparing them. Then, he used one hand to hold my cock out straight and placed his cock head, piss slit to piss slit, against mine while he skinned back his foreskin and then skin it back so that it covered the head of my dick, too.

“Goddamn!” I said, knowing he didn’t comprehend, “I’d love to get my lips around that beauty and suck canlı kaçak iddaa on it until it squirted.”

He continued jacking our joined dicks and I could feel the precum leaking out and coating our cock heads inside his skin, making it hot and slippery inside. He looked back to where his brothers were lying motionless on the bank, and then walked around the tree behind me. When he loosened my binding I fell forward onto my hands and knees but I was aware of him walking over to a nearby fallen tree and sitting down on the trunk. When I looked up at him, he was sitting with his legs spread and his beautiful cock upright and arched in front of him.

“Just hold that pose, red man,” I said, “and I’ll make us both happy.”

I crawled over to where he sat and crouched in front of him. Slowly and carefully, frightened the whole time of how he’d react, I reached out and wrapped my fist around the base of his cock. When he didn’t resist, I skinned back his meaty foreskin to expose his shiny cock head and I lowered my mouth and stuck out my tongue to lick up some of the precum bubbling out of his piss slit. I looked up at him but his face was impassive, watching me. I lowered my head again and opened my mouth, engulfing his delicious meat inside. He muttered something in his own language which I took as encouragement so I started to slide my lips down his meaty shaft.

His cock, so similar to my own, was at least 8 inches long and fat, too. From benefit of much practice, I soon had the entire length lodged in my throat and my nose resting against his hairless pubis, and he again uttered something, more urgent this time. That was all the encouragement I needed and I proceeded to give him a top dollar blowjob. I slid my lips up and down his hard shaft while using my tongue to caress his cock and lick his piss hole, varying my technique to build up a good load in his balls. I backed off and licked his ball sack and sucked on his balls, making him squirm on his seat and I showed him how I could furl his meaty foreskin over my outstretched tongue. When I had his balls good and primed, I went to work in earnest pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. I could feel his body tensing and finally his cock swelled even bigger and harder and he flooded my throat with his ball juice. I sucked his cock head, making sure to swallow every drop of his delicious fluid.

I looked up to his face and saw that he was no longer watching me but staring behind me. I freed his cock from my mouth and looked over my shoulder. Brothers 2 and 3 were standing a few feet off; hard cocks standing out in front of them from watching their brother get serviced. Brother 1 said something to them and they came closer and I motioned for Brother 2 to come to me and pointed at his cock and then my mouth. He stepped up to where I crouched on my knees and when he was in range I grasped the base of his cock and guided it into my mouth. His erect dick was as long as his older brother’s but slimmer and I had no trouble taking it to the root down my already stretched throat. He made an exclamation, too, similar to what his brother had said and then began to slowly fuck my mouth. I used my tongue on his cock head as he slid it in and out and used one hand to play with his nuts in their meaty sack. It didn’t take any time at all and I was swallowing Brother 2’s cum load as a chaser to his older brother’s


Brother 3, the youngest, had hung back and after I had wrung every drop out of his brother’s balls, I motioned him forward. He just stood there at first but first the oldest brother and then the second said something to him and he stepped forward.

He tried to act the ruffian, grabbing my head by the ears and thrusting his cock deep into my mouth in one stroke. I grabbed his wrists and pulled his hands away from my ears and his brother again said something so he didn’t resist. I stared up at him while servicing his cock and he watched my busy mouth with a look of utter fascination. His cock being the smallest of the 3 by a good 2 inches or so, I had no trouble at all keeping it fully engulfed in my throat the whole time and fucking it deep into my gullet. It excited me to think that I was probably going to taste his virgin load soon and I let my hands wander over his body, caressing his hips and playing with his balls. His body tensed over and over while my mouth pleasured his hard meat.

I knew that he was probably feeling reluctant and a little frightened to blow his load in me so I resorted to the old whore trick of fingering his ass hole. When I felt his body tensing again, I plunged my fingertip through his ring and into his virgin pucker. Sure enough, that was all it took and I was rewarded with a huge load of ball cream shooting out of his piss hole and down my gulping throat.

He made some remark with a sound of wonderment and his two brothers laughed. I sucked his cock until it went soft in my mouth, and then slowly released it, giving it canlı kaçak bahis a final lick on the head. The three brothers talked and laughed, I assume comparing the merits of their individual blowjobs while I crouched on my knees in front of the three of them.

I was still hard as a crowbar, my cock curling up over my abdomen and Brother 3 noticed and said something to his eldest brother. He looked at me and then made the universal pumping motion with his fist that denotes jacking off, so I spread my legs wide, spit into my palm and grasped my erect cock. I had given this same show at least a hundred times for paying customers during my tenure at the whorehouse so I didn’t even have to think twice.

Making sure that they could all see my show, I leant back and supported myself with my left hand while slathering my spit over my cock. With my legs spread, my cock not only stood up in the air from my crotch but they were also treated to a view of my bouncing balls and my puckered ass hole. I jerked my cock, enjoying being the subject of their engrossed stares. I sat back up straight and used my left hand to play with my nut sack, stretching it and pulling my balls down so that the skin was taut and showing them to my audience of three. Then, I laid all of the way down on my back and spread my legs wide and high so that they had a clear view as I finger fucked my ass hole, all the while pounding my hard dick. It had been a long time since I had last cum so it didn’t take long. I rammed 2 fingers fully into my ass and stood my cock up straight from my body as my hot juice blasted out of my piss slot and over my head. I laid on my back and bent my legs and spread them so that they could watch my cock soften, my balls drop and my ass hole pucker.

“I hope you enjoyed the show, fellas.” I said. “Usually I get paid for that.”

They talked softly among themselves and when I looked at them after recovering my breath, Brother 1 had a full fledged hard on once again.

They got up and slipped back into their garment, then retrieved provisions for a meal from one of their horses. It was cold and unusual food but to me it was a feast after so long without. After eating they tied me back to my tree and as dusk fell, the three of them lay down together and snuggled close to take advantage of each other’s body heat and fell to sleep, while I spent a cold nude night with my back against rough bark and nothing to warm me.

The next morning, they awoke with the sun and untied me and led me down to the stream bed. Brother 1 motioned to his cock and then to my own, then lifted his heavy meat in one hand and began to release a strong stream of piss into the water. I did the same but while I pissed, I reached over and grabbed his cock so that I could direct his flow. He laughed, making a show of my manipulating him and soon the other brothers were beside me, wanting me to do the same with them. They seemed highly amused that I wanted to play with their cocks while they pissed but not at all reluctant to let me do so.

They led me back up the bank and again shared their rations with me which I took as a good sign-why feed someone if you intended to kill him?

After eating, they led me back down to the creek and dropped their skimpy garments. Brother 1 made motions for me to enter the water, followed by swimming motions indicating that today I was to bathe with them. We all entered the water and I luxuriated in the feeling of being immersed in cool, clear water after so much time. I used sand from the creek bed to wash my skin and sank into the flow to wet and wash my hair. Brother 1 kept close to me the entire time, I suppose to keep an eye on me and prevent me from trying to escape. While his brothers played and splashed, I got busy with my hands and played with his big cock under the surface until he once more had a raging hard on. He grasped my hand and led me up onto the bank and into a clearing in the bushes where he laid down on his back and spread his legs for me to climb between and service his throbbing prong. I had another idea, though.

I had noticed patches of spiderwort growing along the bank, a plant that I was well familiar with from my Ohio days. When crushed, the stems exude a slick, clear sap that is ideal for use as a sexual lubricant. I held my hand up, indicating that he was to stay in place and motioned that I would go and then return. He nodded and I stepped off to the bank where I tore out a clump of the plants and carried them back to my waiting swain. He watched as I crushed the stalks between my hands and then spread the slick sap up and down his upright member.

When he was well greased, I straddled his hips with my own and positioned my fuck hole over the head of his cock. I used my hand to guide him and I felt the big head pressing against my pucker. I slowly eased down on him and felt his cock head first spread my hole and then enter into my ass ring. He lay back, supporting his head to watch his cock slowly disappear into my tight ass. When his entire length was lodged in my hole and I was riding his pubic bone I looked down at his smiling face and said, “Now, that’s what I’ve been wanting since the first minute I saw your beautiful cock.”

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