An offer I couldn’t refuse…. part 1


An offer I couldn’t refuse…. part 1It was midweek and I was sitting in a bar alone. There wasn’t many people around. I was away on business and didn’t know any pick up places, so I just decided to have a few drinks and turn in for the night. I walked a short distance form my hotel and popped into the first well lit bar I found, sat and ordered a drink, a jack and cola. I was checking my emails when she walked in. Tall good body, what I could see of it, I guessed she was in her mid thirties. A very good looking woman, the type that turned a few heads as I would say.My interest was peeked so I watched her as she sat on the far side of the bar from me, still pretending to be busy on my laptop. She had slipped off her coat and let it fall over the back of the high stool. She wore a white plunge neck blouse, from what I see and my horny mind imagined she was braless, her ample breasts seem to move freely as she settled herself on the stool.Her long dark blonde hair framed her face in very appealing way. She sipped her drink slowly, also a jack and cola. She seemed like she was waiting for someone, she was turning to the door now and then as if watching out for someone. So I thought no point in making a move on her.I when back to my laptop paying full attention to my emails, answering one or two. I looked over and she was gone. I thought to myself I must be loosing it, I never noticed her leave, shook my head and back to my emails. I was typing away when I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned to find her standing there, drink in one hand and her coat slung over her shoulder.She pointed to the stool next to me and asked ” Is this seat taken”.”No, you’re more than welcome to it”.She slid up on to the stool and crossed her long nylon covered legs, offer her hand saying, ”Hi I’m June”.”Pleased to meet you June, I’m Peter”. ”So Peter are you a stranger in town”.”Yes just passing thru on business. I know that sounds corny but it’s true”” You’re lucky I have to live in this god forsaken place”.”Oh it doesn’t seem that bad from what I’ve seen so far”. ”You should try spending a wet autumn followed by a cold winter here then”.” I’m sure it can’t be that bad, maybe you’re just bored at the moment, grass is always greener and all that”.”Oh we have plenty of grass and the cows to go with it”.”I see, so June tell me something about you’re self”.” I’m not here to pick up some man for a quicky, if that’s what you’re thinking”.”The thought never entered my head”.”Liar!!!”. ”Ok you caught me out, A beautiful sexily dress woman like you alone in a bar, coming over to a stranger, how would any red blooded man think”.”I lied too. I am out looking for someone, but with something special in mind”.”Ok June you have my interest tell me what your something special is”.”Are you easily shocked Peter???”.” Can’t say that I am June, there’s not much I haven’t seen or done in my life”.” I was watching pınarbaşı escort you from the other side of the bar and I know you were watching me too”.” It’s that red blooded thing June,that beautiful women make me do”. ”Ok Peter here’s the deal. Do you want to fuck me??”.” Yes June I want to fuck you”. ” I suppose you’ll be wanting me to suck your cock and take as much of it in my mouth as I can too”.”That would be quite pleasing”.” And of course you’ll want to stick it in my ass”. ” Well if your offering that would be good too”.”Ok Peter I’ll anything you want and I mean anything!!!, but you also have to return the favour, no questions asked, ok, do we have a deal??”.” Yes June, if it’s not against the law and doesn’t involve u******e minors or a****ls, then we have a deal”.”It’s none of those things and not i*****l”.”Ok so where do we go from here June??”.”Why don’t you buy me a drink and we’ll chat a bit. I need a drink after what I’ve just said, I never thought I’d have the nerve to say all that to a stranger, fuck look at me I’m shaking like a leaf”.She was too. I hadn’t noticed the little beads of sweat on her forehead and her loss of colour.I ordered two move jack and cola’s and we sat in silence for a few minutes. She seemed to be trying to compose something in her head. I let her be knowing that after what she’d told me so far the rest would come when she was ready. We chatted a bit about this and that, she trying to relax me trying to figure out what she might ask me to do.She said no u******e.. What if she was older than she looked and had a daughter who she wanted to share with a man, some sort of kinky mummy daughter thing. I could handle that. Then a weird thought popped into my head, what if she’s the daughter!!!! Fuck!!!. I tried to put that thought out of my head….We had two more drinks and she seemed to fully relax, whiskey can have that effect on you. She sat still looked into my eyes and asked.”Peter you are going to keep your word and do what I ask, after words I’ll fuck your brains out and you do whatever you like to me with me, ok”.”Yes June I’m a man of my word and I’ll do whatever you ask me”.”Ok then lets go, I’m getting so fucking horny thinking about it, if we don’t leave soon I might just jump on you here in the bar and beg you to fuck me on the counter”.I took her hand and placed it on my now throbbing rock hard cock. She gripped it firmly and smiled saying, ”Yes Peter we will have fun a bit later”. We finished our drinks and left the bar. June hailed a taxi and gave him the address and we were on our way. In the back of the taxi June spread her legs and pulled my hand between them. Not only was she braless, pantyless too.My fingers played in a soaking wet matted pussy hair. I pushed a finger into her wet swollen pussy and she purred in pleasure. I’m sure the taxi driver knew what we were doing but I didn’t care, a stranger in a strange town why should I give a fuck. I pulled my finger from June’s pussy and lifted my hand to her face, pressing my finger to her lips, her lips parted and she licked and sucked her pussy juice from my finger. Our sexy moment was broken as the taxi slowed and pulled up out side a fine town house on a shaded road. I paid the driver and we got out. June took my hand and let me up the path to the house, fumbling in her bag she pulled out the key and let us in. The snapped shut and June jumped on me pulling off her blouse to reveal large breasts adorned with rock hard dark nipples,,, oh god my favourite kind. I bent over and took one of her beautiful nipples in my mouth and sucked it, then gently biting down on it made June yelp and her hand flew between my legs where she latched onto my still very hard cock. Her fingers found the zip and she yanked in down driving her fingers in she pulled down my under pants and her warm hand wrapped round my cock. She held it firm saying, ” First you have to keep your end of the deal, please don’t back out Peter I want your cock so bad, my pussy is on fire. Oh and by the way my ass is virgin, but when you do what I ask then it’s yours too”.I thought I was going to cum on the spot. I pushed June back away from me saying, ”If you keep that up I’m going to shoot into your hand right now”. Let my cock go with a little moan of regret and led me into the sitting room. She turned on a soft light and moved to the home bar, her blouse hanging in her skirt June topless as she made us two drinks. I sat on the couch and lay back and watched her. She brought the drinks over and placed then on the coffee table and then removed her skirt and sat beside me dressed only in high heels and hold ups.”Would you like to get naked too June??”.”No not just yet Peter. First you have to learn what I want you to do for me”.” Ok so what do I have to do for you June, to earn your wonderful sexy body”.June picked up a little bell that sat on the coffee table and rang it. The door opened and in walked a man dressed as a woman,,, well a French maid.June introduced the man as her sissy husband.He stood still with his hands behind his back while June explained the her husband was a useless sissy good for nothing but cleaning the house and doing her bidding.She then ordered him to lift up his short shirt and show us his puny excuse for a cock.Sissy did as he was told and lifted his skirt to show us his cock locked in a cage. He hung his head as June explained to me how she wouldn’t let him near her with that tiny excuse for a cock. She needed a real mans cock in her pussy not some sissy clit. He blushed bright red, but I also noticed his little cock twitch the cage, He was getting turned on by her belittlement of him. June lay over on the couch and pulled out my cock she took it in her mouth and sucked it, purring and moaning in pleasure as she did so. I was watching sissy his cock was straining to break free from the cage as he watched his wife gobble on my cock. June broke off from sucking me and lay back on the couch, spreading her legs she placed a hand on her pussy and slipped two fingers between her swollen lips and played with herself, removing her fingers she held up her hand and said, ” Look sissy boy, that’s how a real man makes a woman feel, unlike you, you only make me feel disgusted looking at your mini cock”.Sissy boy hung his even more,, but his cock twitched all the same. June called him over. He came and stood before her.She asked. ” Do you want me to release your little clit cock??”.” Yes please Mistress June”.”Ok then bring me the key”. He waked over to a dresser pulled open a drawer and removed a key and walked back and placed it in her hand.It was only then I realised the power she had over him. The key was there at hand. He could just go and get it and set his cock free, but he didn’t because his Mistress had to allow it and when she didn’t his cock remained caged. June undid the little lock and yanked the cage from his cock making him yelp in pain. His little cock hung still a moment and then began to grow and become hard.”Look at that fucking excuse for a cock Peter, how could any woman gain pleasure from such a tiny clit cock like that”. Sissy’s cock grew to full size, it must have made a good three inches and I could see June’s point. There was no way she was going to feel anything with that in her, and it was also thin. Fat and short might have done something for her, put sissy’s cock was like a tampon.June said ” Do you know why I’ve brought Peter here tonight??”. ” To fuck you like a real man Mistress”.” Well yes that too,, but first he’s going to fuck you in your sissy pussy”. I sat bolt upright on the couch. What the fuck was going on.”Peter we made a deal. You said you would agree to do what I asked and in return I would agree to do anything you wanted me to do,, I mean anything Peter, and remember I also pledged you my virgin ass for your pleasure. Think about it Peter popping my ass for the first time, my tight little ass been claimed by your cock, the first ever cock in my ass will be yours. Have we a deal Peter??”I gulped looking at June’s beautiful sexy body her breasts huge hard nipples that soft hair covered pussy. As I thought about it she stood and bent over in front on me letting me see her virgin ass, oh fuck it looked so tight and so inviting.”Well Peter, like what you see, it’s yours if you fuck sissy boy”.My cock was rock hard the whole scene was strangely erotic. I agreed to Junes’ terms.”Peter my sissy has been training his pussy for this day for weeks so you’ll find him loose enough when you get into him. I don’t want you hurting your beautiful cock on him, but with me you’re going to have to grin and bare it,, ok?”.”Now sissy boy off you go and get ready for Peter, don’t come back till you hear your bell. I want to make him feel good before and give him a little taste of his reward”.

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