An old friend visiting home

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Double Penetration

An old friend visiting homeI had a former colleague from my company, living in another city. He had visited us a couple years ago and my sweet wife Ana had commented that he was a very attractive man.She was right; my old friend Joseph was a tall man, well built and handsome according to several ladies opinion…We were due to work together for a small business in his town. He invited me to travel at his town, as we developed some plans.Some days before going there, I called him, informing that I would stay at a nice hotel; asking him if I could bring Ana along as well. He seemed to have no issue with that. I knew that my sensual wife had been horny and a bit frustrated with my lack of sex with her during the last weeks.The first day in Joseph’s town we knocked out the project together while Anita was out shopping. That same after dinner outside, my sweet wife showed me the sexy lingerie outfit she had purchased during her shopping.After a late shower, she was expecting sex; but again, I showed her I had not much interest; because I was a bit stressed…Two days later Ana went on shopping again; while Joseph and I finished up the work. We agreed to meet at the hotel restaurant for dinner. Late that evening, I could see that my wife and my former friend had a particular attraction between them. During dinner, I could catch Joseph’s eyes in my sexy wife ass, while she was going to the ladies room. And I could see Anita staring at his crotch, when Joseph came from the bathroom…I still had some doubts, but I wanted to know if my sweet wife was able to cheat on me with my former mate…As the evening went on; I made it a point for it to appear that I was drinking heavily. I had ordered many drinks but when no one was looking at me; I had poured them in a pendik escort plant close to our table…I purposely slurred my words later in the evening. I could see that Ana and Joseph seemed to really be enjoying their conversation.As the night came to a close, I invited my friend to stay with us, telling him he had also had too many drinks to drive home. We had a comfortable couch in our suite and Joseph could spend the night there. He agreed with no hesitation…When we arrived at our room, I opened a last bottle of red wine and invited him a glass. Then I lay on the main bed; closed my eyes and pretended to pass out. I heard Ana and Joseph continued to talk a bit; until my sexy wife said she was tired. She gave him a pillow and he made his way to the couch. My adorable wife went to the bathroom and came out wearing only in a sexy nighty. It was a partially see through piece and I knew Joseph had seen her dressed like that…Anita got into bed with me and she touched my back with her nice round buttocks. I felt just a bit relieved, but disappointed at same time. I thought about them making something dirty and naughty. I turned round and looked at the ceiling. There was a night light in the bathroom and the window allowed some light in from outside.I was tired and closed my eyes. But one hour later, I felt some very light noise and movement: it was Anita going to the bathroom.She left the door open but the night light in there clearly showed through her sheer black transparent nighty. I could see her standing at the sink, looking her reflection on the mirror…Right then, I heard Joseph getting up and going to the bathroom.He was only wearing a pair of boxer briefs. He stood behind Ana and whispered something in her ear. She shook her head no; but she escort pendik just stood there with my old mate behind her. Then Joseph put his hands on her shoulders and bent over to kiss her neck. As he kissed her; he ran his hands over her back.My sexy wife just stood frozen there. But then she started moving her neck around, allowing Joseph a better access to her ears. She looked like she loved what he was doing to her.But then again she nodded a no. Joseph moved closer to her; until the hard bulge in his boxers brushed up against Ana’s bare ass cheeks. This was the real test. I knew my sexy wife loved to grind her round buttocks against my dick…I was thinking now if she would succumb…or stop this while she still could. Then I watched Joseph’s hands running his hands on Ana’s waist. Then it happened. I could see Anita slightly pushing her ass backward. It was a very slight movement and then she relaxed. But seconds later, I saw her lifting her ass cheeks again…Joseph noted it and responded with a very slight move forward, brushing his very hard bulge against my wife’s round buttocks. I could hear Anita’s breath start to tense up. My former mate then reached around and cupped my wife’s soft boobs. She took in a deep breath as that man pinched and rolled her hardening nipples. Joseph thrust forward, grinding hard against Anita’s ass. She pushed back equally as hard. I saw clearly my sensual wife was enjoying the attention after such a long time without sex. Suddenly I saw her sliding her hand behind and stroking Joseph through his boxer.After two minutes, suddenly Ana said “stop”. Joseph then understood and made his way back to the couch.Anita came back to bed. I felt relieved she had stopped, although she seemed to be extremely horny. But after pendik escort bayan ten minutes, Ana got up again. She did it very quietly.I opened my eyes briefly, to see Anita walking over to Joseph.I could clearly see her nice silhouette through that sexy nighty. Ana knelt down and pulled at his boxers; she lowered them and took out an incredibly large hardened cock. She began to stroke the shaft. It was very thick and hard. She moved closer and kissed the cock head. Then she ran her velvet tongue around the entire shaft. Joseph lifted his head when he felt her tongue licking him.He stopped her. He sat up and guided her to stand in front of him. Then Joseph ran his hands up the inside of her thighs and rubbed her bare pussy lips. I could hear Anita let out a slight whimper. As she was wet enough, Joseph grabbed her waist and guided Ana to climb over him. She lowered her soaking wet vagina down onto that very hard and thick cock head.I could see Anita moving up and down; very slowly and quietly. Her body went up and down as Joseph lifted his hips to her. As I watched them fucking; one side of me wanted to wake up and beat the man. The other side was so horny I could hardly stand it. They fucked for at least ten minutes when I could hear Anita’s breath tighten. I knew that her orgasm was imminent. Her pace quickened and suddenly; in one long sigh, my sweet wife dropped down on Joseph’s chest. She was having an intense orgasm.Joseph also grunted and thrust harder; then he also came.All movement stopped as they both looked to be exhausted. My wife had allowed that man to fill her vagina with his thick cum… Soon Anita made her way to the bathroom, then to bed. She quickly seemed to pass out close to me. I could smell sex in her body.The next morning neither showed any signs of the activity from the night before. After lunch Joseph left; I knew he was satisfied…That same night Anita and I fucked like rabbits…I never said a word of what I had seen the night before…

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