An Old Man Remembers Ch. 02


I was woken at 6:30 by an irritatingly happy Ian, who seemed amazed that I didn’t want to get up after only 2 hours sleep. Apparently, he had decided that we had to keep to some sort of fitness regime while we were on leave. His chattering about a 5 mile run/yomp before breakfast did not appeal, telling him to go fuck himself, I rolled over to go back to sleep.

Stumbling downstairs at 9.00 am, I saw that it was pouring with rain, looking at the black clouds I guessed it was going to rain for most of the day. I was surprised to see Dad sitting at the dining table on a Saturday morning as he rarely, if ever, missed Saturday overtime.

“Morning Dad, you ok, want a coffee?”

In response he held his right hand up, it was bandaged with some sort of plastic tube around his wrist.

“Severely sprained wrist and broken hand, just got back from casualty”

I was about to ask “how did you do that?” remembering the sound of him hitting the wall inches from my head, I thought I better keep quiet. Mum came into the room and gave us mugs of tea, checking that dads hand was ok, she went to the window. Seeing the worried look on her face,

“What’s up mum, have we had a thunderstorm?”

“Am getting quite worried, Ian went out at 6:45, said he was going to run to next village. I asked him to pick me up some milk, bread and a paper for your dad. It’s only 2 miles, he said he would be back by 7:30, his breakfast is ruined. Can you go out in the car and look for him? he might have had an accident.”

I would have laughed that my mum was worried about the big Geordie, seeing the genuine concern on her face I went to get dressed. Coming down the stairs I heard a knock at the front door,

“Hello Ruth, sorry I am late. Got lost on way back.”

As I came into the lounge, he was a sight to behold, dripping wet, his new combat trousers and shiny boots covered in mud. I couldn’t help but laugh as he pulled a soggy paper, loaf of bread and a pint of milk from inside his tunic.

“You useless twat, where you been?”

It turned out that he had covered the relatively short distance to the shop easily. Seeing a track, he had decided, that some rough ground would give him a better work out and a slightly longer run. Being a city boy, he had no idea that tracks could go on for miles, he had started off heading for some woods that he knew were close to my parents home. Soon after he started up the track, it had started to rain, visibility was poor and he lost sight of the woods.

After about 2 miles he had seen a road on the right hand side, trying to jump the ditch he had ended up waist deep in water and up to his knees in mud. Getting onto the road he realised he was lost, there were no signposts or landmarks. Deciding to head, what he perceived as east, he scraped the worst of the mud off his legs and boots and set off down the lane. He had been running for a couple of minutes when he heard a motorbike coming down the Lane, standing in the road he flagged the rider down.

The rider an elderly man on an even older BSA C11 combination stopped and listened as Ian tried to explain where he wanted to go. I realised he must be talking to a man I knew as George. The thought of Ian, with his broad Geordie accent trying to talk to George, with a heavy Suffolk accent in the middle of a thunderstorm caused me to burst out laughing. From Ian’s description, George had managed to figure out where he was staying. I can almost hear him saying.

“Oh right boy, you be staying with Jack an Ruth at Cow Row.”

My parents cottage was known as Cow Row, after being built in the 11th century for the monks when they built the church. It had been used as farm buildings for several hundred years, latterly as a cow shed. Sometime in the 18th century it was converted into a row of 3 cottages. Declining a lift on the elderly motorcycle and promising him a pint in the Crown later, Ian had followed George’s directions home.

Waiting for Ian to shower and change, mum gave me an old post office savings book. The account had been opened by my Granddad for me, years before. I had forgotten all about it. The balance of £590 meant I could pay mum back and insure the car, shouting Ian to hurry up I went to check the oil and water on the car.

Going to the Post Office in escort ankara a nearby town, I transferred £100 to mums account and took £100 in cash. The car cost £46 to insure and I spent another £2 on a car wash and hoover out. Deciding we were hungry and thirsty we had a ploughman’s lunch and a couple of pints in the White Hart. The pub was in the town where I had gone to school and I was soon chatting to an old class mate.

Turning to introduce Ian I saw him walking towards a woman I recognised, Martina, she was German, maybe Austrian. As I watched Ian started to chat to her and sat down on the chair adjacent to her. I had seen this before, when Ian got an idea in his head there was no stopping him. Casually watching Ian and chatting to my old school friends, my interest peeked as I saw Johnson walk into the pub. Johnson was the school bully and had made my life a misery, he was a year older and a lot bigger and stronger than me when we were at school..

As I watched him, it was obvious he hadn’t grown much in the last 3 years or so. Looking at him I guessed I was now 20 lbs heavier and maybe 3″ taller than him. Johnson had fairly long blonde hair, it irritated me the way he was always running his fingers through it and constantly combing it.

It turned out that Martina had changed her name and worked hard on her accent as she hated being called “That German or Kraut” she was now known as Rachel. Finishing our drinks Rachel asked,

“Ian, you wanna come back to my flat for coffee?”

Winking at Ian I was thinking would have a kip in the car, sober up a bit and then get a takeaway.

“No Lass, me and Mike are out on the piss, need something to eat as well.”

“Well Mike can come as well, I will cook for you or we can get a takeaway.”

“OK, that would be great, pubs closing soon and takeaway not open till 18.00”

Ian took the car keys, Rachel slid into the front passenger seat, stretching out on the back seat I was asleep in seconds. Waking up it was dark and I was cold, looking at the clock in the car it read 18:51, I had been asleep for about 4 hours!

Seeing the keys in the ignition of the car I got into the drivers seat and started the engine, hoping for some warmth from the heater, the engine was stone cold. Leaving the car to idle and warm up I turned the headlights on revealing a small parking area just off the street, with an apartment building directly in front of me.

Hungry, cold and thirsty, I had no idea where Ian had gone so decided to find a pub. With the car starting to blow some hot air I turned the interior light on to find a bottle of water to swill my face. Splashing the cold water on my face I started to feel a lot better, then I noticed the note on the dashboard.

“We did try to wake you but you were dead to the world, flat 4a, will save you some dinner.”

Walking into the building I figured out that if flats 1 to 4 were on ground floor 4a must be on the 1st floor. Running up and down the stairs a few times to get the stiffness out of my body I felt refreshed as I rang the bell of 4a. I was just about to ring the bell again when the door opened.

“We were just about to come wake you, sleepy head,” said a grinning Rachel.

As I walked into the small lounge Ian came walking in from another room, wearing nothing but a big cheesy grin. Obviously Ian and I had seen each other naked many times, it wasn’t an issue.

“Oh god, I cant stand it, put that grin away and put some clothes on, putting me off my dinner,” I said as sarcastically as I could manage.

“So what do you think of Rachel?” Ian asked.

“Very nice, assume she took you on as a charity case.”

Hearing my comment Rachel came into the lounge and sat on Ian’s knee,

“Don’t you be mean to my Nelly”

I nearly chocked on my tea, Ian’s surname was Nelson.

“Nelly! Oh fuck me, the boys are gonna fucking love that!”

Realising her mistake, Rachel went back to the kitchen to check on my dinner, Ian’s face was a picture as he thought about the stick he would get back at the base. Rachel came back in with my dinner and as I ate, I tried to ignore them kissing and cuddling on the couch. Finishing my dinner, I sat opposite them, noticing Ian had got a hard on I thought it best to leave them to it.

“I am mamak escort gonna find a pub, need a few beers, you want me to pick you up at closing time?”

“No need to go lad, she has plenty to go around and is up for a 3 some!”

Rachel stood up, pulled her sweatshirt off and slid her jeans down, she was a bit chubby for my taste, but the thought of a 3 some had my cock raging hard. Standing up I took my shirt off as Rachel undid my belt and pulled my jeans down, pulling my underpants down she started to suck my cock as I reached for her heavy tits. Ian got behind her and started to finger her, his fingers making a slurping noise as he rammed them in and out of her sopping pussy.

Turning round Rachel backed onto my cock, she was so wet I bottomed out in her tight wet pussy. I banged her as hard and fast as I could, soon she was whimpering and groaning as her orgasm approached. As she came she took Ians cock out of her mouth as she shook and groaned with pleasure. Feeling her pussy contract and ripple around my cock was too much and I shot my load deep into her body. I slumped back in the chair as my cock plopped out of her, Ian pulled her round and rammed his cock deep into her steaming pussy.

The look of sheer pleasure on her face as she came again and again as Ian pummelled her from behind was amazing. As Ian started to come she reached between her legs and scrabbled at her clit, launching herself into a massive orgasm as Ian pumped her full of come. Apparently it was the 3rd time Ian had come in a fairly short time and he slumped back in the chair exhausted. Rachel and I went to shower, as we dried each other I laid her on the bathroom floor. Ignoring her protests about how she didn’t like to be licked down there I buried my tongue in her hole as far as I could. Slowly moving up to her swollen, completely de hooded clit, she was very sensitive, maybe a little. As my tongue swept over her clit she squealed in protest and wriggled away from me. Bending over she pulled her cunt apart, I could see deep inside her as she gaped her cunt wide open. My cock was rock hard again and soon I was plunging into her silken depths, deciding to take it slow I slowly withdrew before ramming back into her.

Soon she was coming again and I revelled in the feeling as I felt her clamp onto my cock as she dumped a load of girl cum onto my bell end. Looking up I saw Ian watching us and stroking his hard cock. Noticing him Rachel asked me to lay on the floor.

“I have always wanted 2 cocks at the same time, Ian lay down so as your cock is next to Mike’s.

Eventually we got into a position she liked, facing each other with my legs over Ian’s thighs our cocks were side by side, it felt strange knowing that my bollox were against another mans. Straddling us she faced Ian and held our cocks against her entrance, leaning forward to kiss Ian she pushed down. Spreading her arse cheeks I watched as her cunt was forced open, as our cocks penetrated her she slumped onto Ian’s chest giving me an even better view.

Asking us to stay still, it seemed she was determined to take as much as she could. With about 4″ of solid cock stretching her to the max, she paused and waited for her cunt to adjust, I could see her cunt lips stretched around my cock and her arsehole was starting to open as well.

“Ok, think I got this. On the count of 3 can you both ram into me as hard as you can, Mike do the count.”

Ian put his hands on her lower back and mine were on her arse cheeks. Moving slightly and tensing my muscles I felt Ian do the same thing.

“3-2-1 push” I yelled as I thrust my hips and pulled her arse down onto me, Ian did the same thing, I watched as my cock disappeared deep into her cunt. Rachel screamed in pain and then pleasure as we penetrated her. My cock felt like it was in a vice, deciding to experiment I tried to move, it was weird knowing that my cock was rubbing against Ian’s but felt delicious.

With a bit of trial and error we started to move, the hardness of another cock and the softness of her cunt combined to give an unbelievable feeling. It seemed that Rachel was having 1 long orgasm as she moaned and shook. It wasn’t long before I felt my cock expand as I shot my load, withdrawing I watched Ian’s cock piston in and out of her until he yenimahalle escort shot his 4th load of the day.

Falling into her bed we fell asleep. Waking early the next morning I went for a shower as I had been too tired to have a wash last night. My cock, ball sac and lower stomach were coated in dried cum, it felt lovely as the hot water washed it all away. Pouring a generous amount of shower gel into my hand I soaped my whole body, paying particular attention to my arse crack and bell end, I soon had a raging hard on.

Slowly stroking my length, leaning back against the wall I was enjoying the sensations of an early morning wank. Hearing the bathroom door open I saw Rachel, obviously fascinated she asked me to continue. Laying on the floor she propped herself up against the door, spread her legs and bent her knees. As I watched she fingered her clit then pushed her fingers into her hole. Fingering her clit with her left hand she pumped her cunt with her right hand. Closing my eyes as I felt my cock expand I shot several thick ropes of spunk onto the shower floor, soon after I heard her cumming and watched as she shook and writhed in orgasmic pleasure.

Getting out of the shower to dry myself, I left it running for her. Leaving her to wash herself I went into the kitchen and put the kettle on. As I waited for the kettle to boil I heard her moan with pleasure as Ian pushed into her from behind. Going into the bedroom I watched them fuck, Rachel came twice before Ian pumped his load into her. Rolling onto the bed Ian rested waiting for his breathing to return to normal. Rachel sat on the edge of the bed she brought her knees up to her chin and spread her legs, causing her pussy to gape wide open. Looking straight at me she scooped 2 fingers of their cum onto her fingers and greedily licked them clean. The invitation was obvious, Kneeling between her legs I pushed my raging hard cock into her slippery depths.

As Rachel made the bacon sarnies, I told Ian that I was going home, mum would be worried as we hadn’t rang her to say we were not coming home. Eating our sarnies we explained to Rachel that we had to go home, she looked crestfallen as she was obviously hoping for more sex. Putting our shoes on Ian asked if I wanted to make a 4 some up with Sam tonight,

“No mate, don’t think Sam would appreciate it. Agreeing to drop Ian off at 18.30, we kissed Rachel goodbye as we got into the car.

“Fuck me lad, live wire or what, how many times did you fuck her.” I had to admit I couldn’t remember.

“She gobbled me as we were waiting for dinner, then we fucked …..Oh god my knob end feels red raw!”

Listening to Ian enthuse about how good Rachel was as I drove, my thoughts turned to Sam, amazingly my cock twitched and started to fill as I thought about her. Pulling into mums drive I saw her anxiously looking out of the window. Sorry mum, we had a bit of a heavy night, slept in the car as was too drunk to drive home. Declining breakfast Ian and I got changed and went for a run. I figured a run out to dead-mans oak and back would be about 5 miles, if we took it easy about 90 minutes, a good work out before Sunday lunch. About ½ way back the excessive alcohol and sex of the last 24 hours was taking its toll, we ended up walking most of the way.

After dinner Ian and I washed up, Ian flopped in the chair and was asleep in seconds. Mum, Dad and I played Rummy whilst he snoozed. Waking Ian up at 4 he went for a shower and returned looking refreshed. Coming down stairs after getting ready to go out, Ian was more than a little surprised to see me in full dress uniform, dismissing his amused look I explained that Sam like it.

Agreeing that Ian could take the car as Rachel didn’t drive, he dropped me outside the Anchor and roared off, tyres squealing in protest. Sam looked stunning in a black and white mini dress as she got out of her little Vauxhall Viva.

The meal was great and excellent value, more importantly to me, Sam seemed genuinely happy to see me and we chatted freely. After a nice evening of playing skittles and generally having a nice time, Sam turned to me.

“Did you remember your toothbrush” She asked with a mischievous look in her eyes, I must have looked confused as she added.

“Don’t worry I bought you one and a razor this morning, I don’t work on a Monday so hope you are well rested!”

Grinning like a Cheshire Cat I phoned mum to let her know I wouldn’t be home and left a message for Ian on his pager.

Comments welcome, part 3 will follow shortly.

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