An Unspoken Arrangement

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My roommate and I have been living together for about a month now. Based on our arrangement though it’s ironic that I’m bi but I lean more towards being straight and he’s bi but leans more towards being gay.

Let’s back up though. Jason and I met about a year ago on Grindr. He reached out to me first responding to my description which basically said that I was looking for a cock to suck.

When we talked more I found out that he was bi but certainly more attracted to guys in general than I am and for whatever reason I liked that about a potential dick sucking arrangement. There were a few guys who responded to me who were really big and muscular, and while I could appreciate it, I didn’t necessarily want to suck some alpha male’s dick. I’m not sure why. It seemed like part of the reason why Jason responded to me was because he thought I was “alpha” because I’m big and muscular too. I guess I was just on the other side of that attraction paradigm though. After all I suppose someone has to be.

Jason also told me that he was turned on by my being “straighter” than him and this being a discreet arrangement. To be honest I was into that too. It turned me on to have a secret arrangement with another guy to suck each other’s dicks.

Jason also told me that he said he wanted to rim my ass. I’d never really had that done before but it sounded like it might be fun especially if it’s done by someone who’s really into it.

So that was that, everything seemed to fit. Jason was less “manly” than me, which for whatever reason was important to me. It was probably just insecurity on my part but whatever. I think it definitely could have been just an inexplainable attraction thing that’s personal to me too though.

So off we went, I started meeting up with Jason a few times a week to suck his cock. Even though I was relatively new to it I was really good at it because I stuck to techniques that worked on me in the past and more importantly I avoided things that could ruin a good blowjob

The first thing in that maltepe escort list is maybe just ignore if the guy seems like they’re enjoying it or not. It’s entirely possible that if he’s really enjoying it he might get quiet and get into his head so he can cum and if he’s only kind of enjoying it then he might make noise or moan just to flatter your ego. And along with ignoring the guy, also stick with a technique that you think might work. That sounds overly simple but a lot of the blowjobs I’ve gotten took a long time just because the cocksucker didn’t keep doing something for as long as they needed to.

The second thing is soft tongue. You’re not actually trying to suck anything out of the dick you’re trying to coax it out so keeping your tongue soft is really important. All sorts of good techniques can be ruined by keeping your tongue stiff.

The third thing is worship. The amount of worship I’m happy to do is somewhat relative to the amount of grooming that’s done. But at the very least worship means you have to suck and lick the balls and you have to take your time. Those two things will communicate that you’re happy to be sucking cock and if you’re not happy to be sucking cock then don’t do it. I’ll also basically lick anywhere there’s not hair as well though, it can feel amazing just to have the entire area tongue bathed.

The fourth thing is really simple and it actually goes largely ignored in the majority of blowjobs I’ve ever gotten and it’s a shame because it’s really easy. You have to actually pull on the dick. Pulling on the dick will activate the prostate and make it want to cum so you have to actually grab it low enough down that you can pull on it even if your hand is covered in spit.

And that’s about it, if you stick to those four things then you will start out very good at sucking cock just like I did.

So I met up with Jason about three times a week and gave him a great cum swallowing blowjob and he did the same for me. He also licked my ass usually too which ended up being great. escort maltepe It also fit into our paradigm nicely that I was the manly one and he was my bitch. Ironically even when I was sucking his dick it was like he was my bitch. And then obviously when he was sucking my cock or licking my ass he was definitely my bitch.

And we didn’t necessarily say it out loud but we didn’t have to. It was a beautifully unspoken arrangement that he was my bitch who sucked my cock and ate my ass and I treated him to blowjobs as well. Blowjobs were a treat for him and an understood service for me, plus on top of that he was also eating my ass which is definitely more of a bitch task.

That all changed a little bit eventually though. He started fingering my ass especially when he was sucking my cock and it felt amazing. I’m not sure if I ever even got close to having a prostate orgasm but it definitely added something to the blowjob.

And then one time I was bent over and he had been eating my ass for about half an hour and without saying anything he got up on his knees and started teasing my ass with the tip of his cock. I made no objection because it still felt great and actually felt surprisingly similar to his tongue. So he kept going and before long the head of his cock was in my ass and not long after he was fucking me.

Just like with fingering me during blowjobs, I don’t think I got even close to having a prostate orgasm. I’m not sure why because when he really got into it he was definitely railing my ass. If I was destined to have prostate orgasms then it seemed like Jason going to town in my ass should definitely do the trick, but it didn’t.

That’s okay though it still felt incredible. It was such an intense experience especially once we got going and he was driving his entire cock in and out of my ass really fast. It was definitely intense enough that it was entirely blissful. Not like an orgasm but different. It was very serine. My brain didn’t even have the ability to formulate thoughts and that was a very maltepe escort bayan peaceful reality.

So we added that to our repertoire of things we did. Somehow though it still kind of felt like he was my bitch and not the other way around. He was still my reliable cocksucker and ass eater and cum swallower. I still sucked his cock pretty regularly too since that’s how we got into this arrangement in the first place. But it remained something that I treated him to and something that I outright received.

And somehow that applied to being fucked up the ass really hard too. He was my cocksucker and my bitch but I treated him to blowjobs and a tight butthole to fuck because he deserved it for being such a good bitch. As backwards as that sounds that was our arrangement and that was what we both liked.

It was definitely funny though. On most days he would fuck my ass at least once and on days that it was after I’d already sucked his cock he would go nuts fucking my ass. This was especially true once we’d been doing this for a while and also once we became roommates and had access to each other all the time because I got a lot better at taking it in the butt.

So our routine basically became he would suck and worship my cock first thing in the morning because I was always horny in the morning. Then later on once I was horny again I’d suck him off. I’d also get ready for the day and part of that became sticking a small hunk of coconut oil up my ass so that I was ready to be fucked. And since I was so good at taking it in the butt he would usually come over to wherever I was working and I’d already know what he wanted so I’d bend over and he’d fuck me.

He’d still eat my ass pretty regularly too but he didn’t have to do it to warm up my butthole anymore which was nice. It was definitely a turn on to be able to go from not being fucked at all to being comfortably fucked hard in such a short amount of time.

But since he’d already cum that morning he’d fuck my ass almost laughable hard and then bottom out and cum all the way up my ass. And then afterward we’d both laugh and we’d have some kind of back and forth that would ironically reestablish that he was my bitch and not the other way around.

And that’s what our arrangement has evolved into.

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