An unusual funeral


When I was in my teens, my sister Ivana Marie, (“Ivanka”,), was killed after experimenting with drugs at college. We held a private funeral at the church my family attended. My dad’s closest friends came with us to watch; an English royalty named Andrew, a rich guy who loved young girls named Jeffrey, the then current president named Bill, and Mohammed, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. She was laid out in the gown she wore to the homecoming dance; dark green medium cut, the kind that hints at her “charms”, her black hair flowing over her shoulders, in a white casket.

Father Paul intoned,” In this private funeral we are assembled to pay homage to Ivanka Trump, daughter of Donald and Ivana Trump, stepdaughter of Melania, stepsister of Barron and Tiffany, sister of Donald Jr. and Eric Trump.” Donald reviewed the life of his daughter; drill team captain, homecoming court, National Honor Society, and active in a Christian Youth group. If a man could “custom order” a daughter, Ivanka would be close to want you would what. As he continued to talk about her death and accomplishments, we stood up out of the front pew and all undressed. We then stood side by side nude. My Father Donald, 54 Black hair with a medium paunch. My Mother Melania, 30 who looked like Ivana with breast implants. My Sister, Tiffany, blonde hair; then me, Eric.

Dad and me walked over to the coffin and undressed my sister’s corpse: Donald lifted the top half of the body and slipped the dress off the shoulders to the waist, leaving a white bra. He next placed the top half of the coffin lid down and lifted the bottom half and slipped her dress completely off, showing a matching pair of white panties. Ivanka had 36D mammary. (All the blood relations of my mother seemed to have big tits before they’re 20). Donald took another round Ankara escort of photos. He then lifted again to the top half, removed the cross and placed it in a coat pocket. He paused to kiss the mammary glands. Donald discarded the panties. We then picked up her body and placed it on the floor in front of the bier.

Donald opened his briefcase and produced a camera and a CD player. He quickly snapped a few pictures of his daughter. Putting his camera aside, he of what had been his teenaged daughter.

He turned on the CD player and it played a mournful piece of music (organ and violin).

Returning to the top Donald lifted the top half of the lid again and unhooked her bra, unveiling a set of 38D breasts with aerobes the size of quarters. He founded each breast for a time, with a faraway look in his eyes. Then he resumed to the bottom half and removed the panties, leaving his daughter, Ivanka now completely in the coffin, only wearing the cross.

He leaned in; he probed her slit with has hand and discovered she hadn’t died a virgin. “It must have been Chad,” thought Donald, thinking of her boyfriend.

Father Paul continued. “By agreement, Donald will make love to Ivanka, Eric shall fuck Melania and Tiffany will mount me. Tiffany will also suck the cocks of all the men. As Father Paul removed his robes, Tiffany gave my dad head. As soon as his wang was erect, went over to Ivanka’s body.

He leaned over to kiss the lips, her breasts before mounting the body like a man mounts a woman, then worked his way down to the mammary glands and started drilling her from the front. He fondled and sucked on each breast in turn. He resumed the kissing down to Ivanka’s Mound de Venus. He turned his daughter over. He shoved his ready tool deep into her anal canal. After ten thrusts, he withdrew Ankara escort bayan his still hard rod and turned her back over. He then started stroking slowly. Meanwhile Tiffany started to wax my tool with her mouth. My dad kept increasing the tempo of his thrust to the point where Ivanka’s body was jerking hard against the carpet in reaction to my Dad’s fucks. He shot his load inside her.

“Oh Steph”, Donald croaked, “I’ll never give you away as a bride or hold any grandchildren by you.” He sobbed as he thrust in an increasing rhythm.

My Mother took me by the hand to the coffin. She bent over the side, displaying to me her ass. I took my tool and entered her anal canal.

“FUCK ME BRAIN, UP THE ASS!!!” my Mother screamed. With each thrust I fondled the glands that fed me when I was a baby. At this time Tiffany serviced Father Paul.

Fifty strokes later, his cock shot cum into his still uncaring daughter. His hot cum gushing deep into her ovaries. The womb of the now dead woman-child he sired. My stepmother’s tight poop shoot pressed hard on my rod. In less than 10 minutes, my cock exploded in jism.

After his body quieted, and his breathing resumed a semblance of normality, Donald bushed himself up and pulled out of his daughter’s body.

Father Paul now laid flat on them floor beside Ivanka, his penis at attention. Tiffany squatted astride the member of our priest. Up and down she rode his cock, her jugs bouncing despite Father Paul’s attempt to hold them. “GET OFF NOW”, Father Paul yelled. Tiffany obeyed. Just as she went off, priestly cum erupted from the Father’s wick. Tiffany drank every ounce of Paul’s semen.

My mother and sister them decided to kiss their deceased relative goodbye. My stepmother took the left side the body, Tiffany took the right side. They Escort Ankara “worked over” the body with their lips. Fondling and sucked on each breast. At the pussy mid-section, they took turns “eating out” Ivanka. After they finished with the feet, they looked lustily at each other. Melania reached for Tiffany’s jugs. Melania cupped them both them kissed each one. Tiffany spread out on the floor, Melania’s head following to Tiffany’s pussy. After a few licks, she went up to Tiffany’s Mouth and then tongue wrestled. My further part of all the shows my sisters and stepmother preformed for favorite part of the “shows” the Trump women did: Melania breast-feeding Tiffany.

Ever since I was young, Family events became incest orgies. My stepmother Melania loved the way Ivanka “ate her out”. Tiffany liked the way Ivanka sucked her tits. My Dad liked her ass. I just loved fucking Ivanka in every way.

Melania led me to one side of Ivanka. Tiffany led Father Paul to the other side. Father Paul and my stood legs spread beside Ivanka. Melania got on her knees and started to service my wang. Melania did the same to Father Paul. Our wicks got hard at the same time we them ‘Shot them off” at the same time on Ivanka’s jugs. Father Paul and me them rubbed our jism on the tit nearest to each one of us and kissed it.

To end the service Dad and me picked up Ivanka, and and carried her back to the casket. His half-spent tool waving back and forth as he walked with his daughter in his arms. For the last time, I kissed my poor sister’s body all over from her lips to her womanhood. Ivanka was both a very good friend and fuck to me. He placed the body back in the casket, kissed her lips, and breasts one last time,

I placed her sweater back on, keeping her bra as a keepsake of her. My dad slowly dressed his wonderful creation on and kept her panties with him, and then closed the coffin lid.

We closed the lid, got dressed, then waited for the hearse to come for the casket.

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