An unwilling CFNM journey Ch. 01


“Son, come here. I need to talk to you about something,” said Richard’s mother.

Richard had just turn 18 a week ago and was waiting for his academic results. He was a young and ambitious man with an athletic body. He had just returned home after a football match with his peers. Slowly, Richard approached his mother who was a beautiful 42 year old housewife. She was the very dominant and believed that women are superior to men in every way. She stayed at home while her husband worked long hours to earn enough money to fuel her extravagant lifestyle. Richard and his father were accustomed to this lifestyle and they were the ones who did all the housework.

“Sit down son,” she further added.

Richard took a seat beside his mother and soon became tensed.

“You are now a young adult and from now on you need to follow some rules. I talked about the rules with your father and both of you need to abide by them. The first rule is that both of you should remain naked around the house. Second rule is that any male in the house, even guests, must kiss the feet of all female in the house before each meal,” she continued.

Richard was familiar with female domination but he never thought this istanbul escort would come to this.

“But mom this is unfair. Sarah and Liza will see me naked while they will be clothed,” protested Richard. He saw the anger in his mother’s eyes and knew his protests were in vain.

“Come on undress now. Liza and Sarah, please come downstairs!” she shouted.

Sarah was a 20 year old blond beauty while Liza was 22 years old and was sort of a nerd. She spent all her in the room reading and studying. Soon loud footsteps were heard coming down the staircase into the living room.

“Girls, from now on your dad and your bother will be our servants and will do whatever we wish. Not only should they obey but they should be naked too,” said the mother while smirking.

Both girls giggled while the mother’s eyes turn to Richard. He knew what was coming. He refused to undress and his mother ordered his sisters to undress him themselves. They were able to talk off his shirt after much difficulty as Richard was struggling a lot. Tired of Richard’s attitude, his mother went to her bedroom and came back with a handcuff. She managed to handcuff Richard’s both hands and he was now totally vulnerable. yenibosna escort Slowly, both his sisters pulled down his shorts revealing his childish boxers. Both of them laughed and then the mother ordered them to pull down his underwear. Richard was sweating profusely but his shaking body betrayed him when he tried to appear calm.

Still laughing, Liza and Sarah started to pull down his boxers and by that time Richard knew struggling will get him nowhere so he stopped protesting. They both laughed even louder when they saw his pubic hair and proceeded to pull his boxers to the floor exposing his little white uncircumcised penis. The laughter intensified and even the mother started giggling but soon stopped and regain his serious attitude. Richard was beyond embarrassed.

“So now girls I am going to teach you a few things about penises. This is known as the foreskin. Some men don’t have it as it is removed at birth. Come on touch it,” said the mother with a firm tone.

Both girls eagerly touched the foreskin and started pulling down with their fingers. Richard moaned as his little penis got an erection.

“He is having an erection. This is what happens sefaköy escort when a male is aroused. Now feel his testicles. This is where his sperm is produced,” ordered the mother further adding to Richard’s embarrassment.

Soon both girls were rubbing and playing with his balls while Richard was having a solid erection.

She further inquired, “Now girls, have you ever seen someone ejaculate before?”

They disapproved. Slowly, Richard’s mother began stroking his cock while precum leaked profusely from it. He was very embarrassed being naked in front of his sisters let alone getting jerked off by his mother. Then she increased the speed and Richard’s ball sack was moving up and down as the girls stared at their brother’s small cock. It was about 4 inches. He had never dated any girl before let alone having sex. He knew he had a very small penis and this feeling was further intensified when he discovered huge cocks while watching porn.

As the minutes passed by he felt his cum rising and his balls contracting. He moaned loudly when he exploded his cum all over her mother’s face. The girls watched with their mouths wide open as their brother shot 3 loads of warm cum. Curious, Liza tasted the cum and commented that it was sour. Sarah cleaned all the cum on the floor while her mother was complaining that her dress was going to be stained with cum.

“Go get a shower and remember, no clothes from now on!” exclaimed his mother as his two sisters giggled.

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