Ana comes back home after a date

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Ana comes back home after a dateAna came back home very late that Tuesday evening.She did not even kiss me hello when she entered home. She went directly to the kitchen, opened the fridge and took a cold water jar.As she sipped the jwater, I reached beneath the hem of my wife’s skirt and touched her smooth fresh shaved pussy. My fingers quickly found her swollen labia. I broke the seal of her pussy and a flood of sticky liquid quickly covered my hand.”Can you feel it, honey?” Anita moaned as I sank two fingers deep inside her soaking wet cunt. “Can you feel his warm cum inside me?””Yes” I hissed as I pumped my fingers into her cum filled pussy. I could feel my achingly hard cock bouncing violently as I thrust my fingers into her.”You like it; don’t you honey?” Ana asked me playfully as I finger fucked her recently soiled cunt. She was wearing a short skirt without panties and a sheer blouse with no bra.My sexy wife had just come home from her first date with Edward, a huge black man we had met a week earlier in a bar.”You like feeling a black man’s cum in your wife’s pussy, don’t you honey?””Here…” Ana said as she pulled my fingers from her pussy and guided them to my mouth. “Taste his acid cream, honey. You know you want to…”I opened my mouth and let her slide those cum covered fingers past my lips. The taste was not unpleasant. My hot wife moaned as she watched me suck another man’s cum…”You are now my loving cuckold bitch.” She said smiling with an evil grin… “Lay back, honey. Let me give you the bingöl escort treat you have been waiting…”I lay on my back as my sexy wife straddled my face and lowered her cum filled pussy to my hungry mouth. She asked me to clean her well used cunt.”Lick my pussy. Take the two hot loads that Edward left for you” Anita moaned loudly as I sucked between her swollen pussy lips.“That black guy has a lot of stamina even for a sixty year old man”Her words cut through me. She humiliated me telling her new lover was such an old man; but he had fucked her so wild even his age…Anita came suddenly and she came hard as I licked her sweet pussy. She cried out and violently ground herself against my face. Her hands held my head tightly until the waves of her climax subsided.”Kiss me, honey” Ana panted as our lips met. “Can you taste him on my lips baby? His first load was in my mouth on the way home from the restaurant”. “I need you inside me now, please” My sexy wife panted as she got on all fours on the carpet. She had already been fucked twice, but needed more.I moved behind her nice round buttocks and rubbed the drooling head of my cock across Anita’s swollen wet pussy lips.”You first lick my ass, honey” She begged me as she purred like a cat.”Edward wanted to fuck my ass but he is too thick…”I bent behind my wife and plunged my tongue into her tight asshole.Anita moaned as I licked her puckered asshole. I eased two fingers into her soaking wet pussy and quickly found her g-spot. She moaned bitlis escort again.Her body responded to my touch as she approached another powerful climax. I plunged my tongue into her ass as I furiously pumped her g-spot.”Oh yes, yes” Ana cried out. “Oh no, nooooo.” Her body quivered and quaked as her pussy started to spasm. Warm liquid splashed against my chest as my wife’s pussy squirted a torrent of clear viscous fluid.”Fuck me now, honey… please I need it so bad” Ana said urgently…I knelt behind her and sank my hard dick into her liquid core. I fucked my hot wife hard and fast for a couple minutes before I pulled out and came over her delicious buttocks.”Clean up your own mess, you pig” Anita said playfully.I bent down and licked my own thick white cum from her buttocks.I swallowed it all and then lay down beside my exhausted but satisfied wife.We went to bed and soon Ana passed out. She was very tired after sex.I lay there looking at the ceiling, thinking about the night we met Edward.That night Ana and I had been sitting together at a bar in the west side of town,: a place which was known as a spot for white cougars and black men to hook up. Of course, that place had been recommended by Helena…Edward approached us around midnight. He was in her early sixties.But he was a huge black man, a handsome one; very confident and he liked what he saw. He hit on my sexy wife right in front of me and she responded as though I was not even there.Some minutes after he sat down beside escort bayan Ana, he asked my wife to dance. She accepted without hesitation and I watched as they ground their bodies together in a raw sexual manner in the dance floor.They were both covered in sweat when they returned. Ana grabbed her purse and informed me that they were going out to the parking lot. She added I was welcome to come and watch.My already erect dick twitched in my pants as I followed them outside.Edward and my wife held hands as they made their way to a dark corner of the parking lot. He pressed Ana against the door of his red van and thrust his tongue into her mouth. They kissed passionately as I watched them…Anita fell down to her knees and took that black dick out from his pants. She wrapped her small hand around his shaft as her lips engulfed his bulbous dark head.My loving wife noisily slurped and sucked Edward’s thick cock until he came in her mouth. She let his cum drip from her mouth onto the ground as he pulled my wife to her feet and kissed her deeply with traces of cum still on her lips.Then they exchanged numbers and made plans to go out the following week as I stood waiting with a hard dick in my pants.Anita kissed me as we walked to our car. I could taste the salty cum in her mouth and it made my cock twitch. When we arrived home my sexy wife did not let me fuck her.She said I was a jerk and just deserved a foot job treatment.Then she took off her stiletto sandals and made me the best foot job I had ever had, until she made me cum on her soft toes.I woke up as I looked her resting fully naked in our marital bed.I sat down on my favorite sofa and sipped a full glass of whiskey, hoping the next day my loving wife would ten me in delicious detail about their evening together…

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