Anal Exploration – Violet 02

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A week had passed since her first exploration into the intricate pleasures of anal sex.

Since that seminal introductory evening, they had enjoyed the sensations on two more occasions.

The first took place a mere few hours after her initial penetration.

On rousing from her slumber, her body still warmly nestled into his, she rose to a seated position on the bed. As the pressure of her body weight shifted to her behind, she felt a lingering tenderness. Firstly from his powerful strikes to her behind. She had bruised ever so slightly and the weight of her body down onto her cheeks brought a residual feeling of soreness to her backside. Like the unstoppable and insistent urge to poke a bruise anywhere else on the body, she reached a hand down beneath her and cupped her rounded form in her palm, exacerbating the swollen flesh. It felt nice to the touch and gave her a little rush of enjoyment as she recalled the circumstances through which she acquired the affliction.

The second breeze of lingering pleasure came from her freshly penetrated hole. Her seated position pressed her body weight downwards and she felt tenderness around her ring which was far from unpleasant. She could only describe it as a humming sensation and knew her body had been wantonly violated. It felt incredible. Her first real foray into anal penetration had left her with a physical reminder of just how much she had enjoyed it. She basked in the sensation for a few moments before rising out of bed, being careful not to wake him, and moving to the bathroom.

Enveloping herself in a short, crimson silk robe, she moved stealthily towards the en suite bathroom. She reached the door and glanced backwards over her shoulder at him lying on the bed. He appeared sound asleep. She smiled to herself contently as she stared at his naked, prone body, internally thanking him for the pleasure she had enjoyed.

She entered the bathroom and quietly closed the door behind her. Standing before the full-length mirror she inspected her reflection. It required a double-take on her behalf to fully recognise it, but she was positively glowing. Her body felt warm and satisfied in a way that she had only sampled in the past. The emotional embrace was one of fulfilment as she stood there staring at her reflection. She opened the silk robe and discarded it to the floor. Standing there completely naked in front of her reflection she twisted and turned her body trying to view her rear in the mirror.

Her skin was flush with a pink aura that shone against her naturally pale complexion.

His strikes had left an indelible mark on her body. A large, reddened area coloured her right cheek, lightly speckled with darker spots where bruises were beginning to form. As she turned and swivelled her body to inspect further, she felt a twinge between her thighs and a subtle rush of pleasure as she continued the inspection.

Seeing the remnants of his assault on her backside, coupled with the still lingering feeling of penetration caused her body to involuntarily react and increase her heart rate. She felt a wetness between her legs as she poured over her reflection in admiration, thoroughly enjoying looking at his impact on her body and the residual pleasures it brought as she reminisced.

Preparing a towel and laying it over the chrome rail, she opened the floor to ceiling door of the walk-in shower and turned on the water. The cubicle was a fairly large space, big enough for two bodies with room to spare. Onyx tiles covered two walls and frosted glass made up the rest of the structure. The dark granite floor was slightly convex and housed a large chrome floor grate for drainage. The shower unit was affixed to the tile and a large chrome head hovered above.

Within minutes, the bathroom had steamed to a level of reduced visibility due to the hot cascade of the shower.

She ran a brush through her hair to free the knots and stepped into the shower and under the water.

The hot water cleansed her body and ran down over every delicate inch. It flowed down her breasts and across her stomach, catching momentarily in the light patch of hair that mounted her pubis before disappearing down into her creases and over her thighs.

She threw her head back and ran the flow of water through her violet hair, soaking it entirely. She breathed deeply and outwardly in sheer satisfaction. Her body still felt somewhat overwhelmed by the events of a few hours ago.

Soaping up her white meshed pouf, she began to clean her body. The sweat and exertion had left her requiring ablution. She slowly and steadily massaged the pouf over her soft skin, foaming the soap into a lather she moved her hand down between her legs and somewhat unwillingly cleansed herself of his residual ejections. If personal hygiene would allow, she would have loved to keep his essence inside her for as long as possible. Reluctantly she manoeuvred her hand between her thighs and backwards around her newly pleasured behind, removing any trace of his presence.

She canlı bahis heard a noise behind her and turned to look, though the steam of the hot shower was impenetrable.

Turning back to the shower she continued to wash herself, dismissing the sound entirely.

A few seconds later, she heard the door close behind her and felt his warm right hand on her hip. His left palm lightly grasped her side.

She felt the familiar warmth of his body pressing up against her back, his hand snaked up her left side, caressing the skin and cupped her full breast. His right hand lightly pulled backwards on her hip and she once more felt the familiar hardness of his cock pushing flat against her behind.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured, leaning her head back and resting it on his chest.

His digits swirled and lightly played with her now hardening nipple as he took half a step forward with her so the pulsing water of the shower covered the both of them.

She pushed her behind backwards into him; forcing his rigid cock to point upward she ensnared it flat between the cheeks of her ass. The soapiness of her lather still filled her crevice, providing a slick channel for him to snugly fit inside. She began to bend her knees slightly and moved her body downwards before rising again to her original position.

The cheeks of her ass had a fullness he loved. He gripped her hip tighter as he savoured the feeling of being masturbated in the crease of this gorgeous behind.

Grinding herself backwards into him she reached upwards to meet his hand that was still cupping her breast. She gripped it in loving tenderness and encouraged him to continue his playful grope.

Moving his right hand around her hip, he directed teasingly it across the sensuous line of her groin, over the small strip of moist hair and between her legs. Her pussy was wet from the shower, though easily distinguishable was the slightly more viscous moisture from her arousal.

Circling a finger over her opening, he parted her moist folds and began to massage her engorging clitoris.

“Ahhhhhhhh,” she moaned as a surge of pleasure coursed through her intimacy.

She pressed her behind into him harder, sandwiching it between his stomach and her cheeks. Her recently penetrated ring began to flare and tingle, almost in hopeful anticipation.

He massaged her moistened clit and took her nipple between the knuckles of his fingers, pinching and slightly pulling at it, accentuating her enjoyment.

The steaming water of the shower poured down over them in the relatively enclosed space of the shower cubicle, creating a deeply passionate environment.

Her right hand still held the foamy pouf. She brought it down between her legs to meet his marauding hand. She soaped and applied pressure to the back of his hand, further lubricating her pussy.

He responded as she had hoped and applied greater force to her clit, rubbing and circling her nub sending wave upon wave of pleasure through her.

The palm of her hand pressed downwards into the top of his, applying greater pressure between her legs. She wanted to feel an intensity of pleasure and forced him to deliver it to her.

Within a few moments her pending orgasm had built to its crescendo. She drove her backside into him, almost suffocating his cock between her soaking cheeks and forcefully palmed at his fingers to work furiously harder at her clit.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” she shrieked as the waves of sensation coursed through her groin.

Pinching her nipples and grabbing at her breast with great intent, he flicked and caressed her pearl between his digits, rubbing with venom to achieve her peak.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!” she screamed as the grip of orgasm shot through her clitoris and throughout her entire body.

He held her tight as she shivered and convulsed under the intensity of her climax. Her soaking cheeks slid slowly and teasingly down the length of his engorged cock as she came to a resting state. The steaming water from the shower head continued its relentless precipitation onto their conjoined naked bodies.

“My god!” she exclaimed, exhaling deeply, returning to a cognisant state.

“That was incredible.” she said thankfully to him.

“My pleasure.” came his reply.

She exhaled deeply once more to regain her composure. The water of the shower still beat down on their bodies. She turned her head round to look at him.

“My love?” she said questioningly.

“Yes goddess…” he replied.

“I hate to ruin the moment but I’ve really got to go.” she said with a hint of embarrassment.

“Go where?” he responded.

“No, no, I’m mean ‘go’. Sounds disgusting but I usually pee in the shower but you interrupted me. Though not in a bad way, that was amazing! But seriously, I really, really need to go!” she rambled uncontrollably. It was a nervous trait of hers whenever she felt like she had put her foot in her mouth or was put on the spot.

He grinned with a mischievous yet sultry look that she found bahis siteleri both intriguing and erotic.

Without saying a word, he gripped her hips and pushed his still hardened member into her cheeks. It was a not-so-subtle indication that he wasn’t going anywhere and hadn’t finished enjoying their shower.

“Turn off the shower.” he said to her in a velvety, dominant tone.

She duly obliged and twisted the chrome dial round until the pulsating waterfall ceased.

Moving towards her ear he whispered to her softly, yet firmly.

“Stand with your feet apart.”

“But I…”

“Ssshhhhhh.” He quietly uttered, stopping her mid-sentence.

The grip of his hands on her hips became firm. She knew he was morphing into his much more dominant persona. The wetness between her legs increased substantially.

“I want you to fulfil a fetish for me.”He continued.

His words were alluring with an undertone of seriousness. She knew that voice and revelled in its dulcet delivery whenever he spoke to her in this manner. Her body tensed with pure excitement as she knew and more importantly, felt, that he was taking control and having her deliver him a rare pleasure.

“Yes sir.” she humbly replied, immediately slipping into the comforting role of his submissive.

She shuffled her feet towards the edges of the shower cubicle and parted her legs.

Removing his right hand from her hip, he took his throbbing cock in hand and gave himself a few complimentary strokes.

Dipping his body downwards he pointed the tip of his cock through her open legs and released his grasp. The blood rushing through it caused it to spring upwards and lightly tap her still slightly orgasmic pussy.

“Ooohhh.” she chimed excitedly.

He wrapped an arm around her waist, rested his hand on her stomach, just over her navel and pulled her body closely into his. She felt the skin contact of his chest against her back and his hips against her backside.

Looking down, she saw his stiff cock protruding out from between her thighs. She reached a hand down to greet him and danced her fingers over the pinkish tip like she was playing a piano.

His cock squirmed upwards and again lightly tapped her delicate folds and still inflamed clit. She manoeuvred her palm to the underside of his shaft and sandwiched it into her pussy, gently moving her hips to slide her intimacy across his length.

He murmured with pleasure and moved his head round to her ear once more.

In the same husky, domineering tone he delivered his instruction.

“You’re going to pee on my cock until you are completely empty. Then you’re going to turn the shower back on, soap up your behind, place both hands up against the wall and have your ass fucked.”

“Ahh,” she gasped inwardly and sharply at the instruction. An overwhelming sensation of nervous excitement and fetishitic carnality surged through her body.

She was aware of his fetish for urination through previous exploratory conversations, though the concept was still somewhat alien to her. She had never even considered it as an erotic act until the topic came up, let alone be moments away from performing it.

In the days following his admission she pondered on it. She self-educated by visiting various pornographic websites and explored the fetish. While she didn’t fully understand the eroticism behind it she was intrigued enough to try it. Ultimately she decided that unless she explored it with him, she would never know whether she would enjoy it or not. The act didn’t repulse her at all and the knowledge that she would be fulfilling his desires was all the motivation she required.

Taking a deep breath she stroked his cock one final time and adjusted her feet into position. Her hands and arms rose just above shoulder height and she pressed her palms onto the shimmering black tiles in front of her.

Closing her eyes, she turned her attention to the feeling of fullness in her bladder.

She stood for a moment waiting to release but nothing happened. Her heart pounded in her chest.

“Come on girl!” she said in her mind, willing herself on internally.

She had never considered that stage fright might be a factor as she tried to calm her excitement.

She squeezed her eyes tightly and willed her body to release onto his waiting member, knowing the unadulterated pleasure it would bring him. She could hear the residual dripping of the water from the shower head and made an attempt to synchronise her own bodily function with it.

He stood behind her stock still in patient longing. His cock thronged and ached for what was to come.

His hands restlessly gripped at her hips. His fingertips pressing downwards into her skin to reassuringly will her along.

Her body relaxed and the first few small drops escaped from between her delicate folds. He felt them drip onto his enlarged member which caused him to involuntarily twitch. His cock sprang upwards and slapped against her pussy causing a small burst of water to bahis şirketleri escape from her.

“Ahhh.” she exuded.

That was the release she had needed. The small burst of escaping fluid broke her proverbial seal and her body relieved itself of the tension.

A gush of water erupted from between her legs with force as she released her shower onto his waiting cock. The stream was direct and landed just underneath the hood of his erection, dousing it down to the tip. A faint hiss came from her nether region as she expelled.

Her water lashed at him vigorously. He felt a warming sensation envelope his length and he threw his head backwards as a pleasure akin to euphoria overcame him. His cock tensed and twitched uncontrollably between her thighs as she cascaded.

“God!” he exclaimed.

His moans of pure pleasure echoed against the confines of the cubicle.

Hearing his enjoyment she slightly arched the small of her back downwards and pushed her behind backwards into him. She removed a hand from the tiled wall and moved it between her legs.

Her palm reached the underside of his shaft as her fingers curled round its length. She slowly stroked and pleasured him as her shower continued to exit her body. The warm liquid drowned his cock and now her hand in unison. She felt wonderfully dirty masturbating him as the water trickled through her fingers and down onto the cubicle floor.

“Fuck!” came his instinctive response.

She controlled her body and ejected the final gush onto his cock while continuing to pleasure him. Her water splashed upwards from his member and trickled slowly down the inside of her thighs. The sensation was far from unpleasant and she was somewhat taken aback by how much she was enjoying this new act and the feelings it brought.

Her pussy excreted her arousal as the combination of fetishist act, the cubicle setting, her still simmering orgasm and his enraged cock all collided to create an experience which was far more erotic than she could ever have imagined.

“Wow!” she muttered to herself under her breath.

Her stream slowed to a trickle as the last remnants of her shower escaped her pussy. His cock pulsed and jolted with pleasure, completely soaked in her water. The final drops were met by an almost exhausted moan of ecstatic joy from him as he stood behind her.

Lowering her body, she once more pressed her sodden pussy down onto his length and gyrated her hips backwards and forwards across his length. Her palm pressed upwards, enclosing his dripping cock against her divinity. She rubbed her drenched clit against the solidity of his member, savouring the sensations.

“Mmmmmmmmmm!” he moaned as he exhaled deeply.

She smiled to herself, basking in the moment, and then turned her head to look at him. His face was flushed and she could very evidently see that she had given him an immensely pleasurable experience.

“How did I do?” she mischievously asked, shooting him a wry, playful grin.

“Fuck! That was perfect goddess. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

“Mmhmm!” she responded eagerly, still smiling. She almost sounded surprised with herself and was taken aback by how much pleasure it had given her too.

“I’m soaking and not just from the showers. We’ve definitely got to explore this more!”She continued.

“Good girl.” he said to her thankfully.

“Turn the shower back on.” he softly commanded.

Dutifully she obliged and reached for the chrome dial. She twisted it to the ‘on’ position and the large shower head above them resumed its flow.

The warm water poured down onto the both of them, she rinsed her hand and cupped between her legs to clean up any remaining trace of her release.

He removed a hand from her waist and stepped backwards, removing his penis from between her thighs. His hand travelled down her backside, over her luscious cheek and reached underneath. He slid two fingers across her vaginal opening and revelled in her extensive state of arousal.

“Mmmm, you’re soaked goddess.” he commented.

With that he slid the same two fingers inside her pussy and began to pleasure her.

“Oohh god that’s good. I need you inside me.” she proclaimed.

Leaning into her ear he delivered his next instruction.

“Soap up your pouf and stroke my cock. Clean off your filth.” he delivered, emphasising the word ‘filth’ in such a way that made her feel unbelievable naughty.

Without response she began in earnest. Taking the white pouf in hand she applied generous amounts of gelatinous soap. Reaching around her side she fumbled briefly to find his cock. It was still incredibly hard from her shower.

She took him in hand and messaged up and down his shaft, ensuring the slick suds reached every inch. He was so stiff and so aroused that she became overwhelmed with desire to have him inside her.

While she stroked he removed his fingers from her sodden pussy and traced them upwards to where her tightest of holes was waiting. He pressed both fingers against her ring and fought the natural resistance of her body.

Since it had only been a matter of hours since her ass had been fucked, she was still relatively pliant and mostly welcoming to the intrusion.

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