Anal in the Church

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I was sitting in the pew at my church, just reading and praying and relaxing in the mid-afternoon when I heard the familiar sounds of the church janitor Betty’s key in the supply room door. Since she works in the afternoons and the pastor is on vacation, it can be pretty quiet in the church till she comes to work.

“Todd, come say good afternoon,” I heard her call from the vestry. Having a pretty decent idea of what this meant, I wasted no time going back there. Much to my delight, and as I had hoped, Betty was stretched out across the pulpit, bible and hymnal thrown off to the floor, and completely naked. I never get tired of that gorgeous site. She’s about 5’5″ with incredible pert 34-B breasts, luscious long legs, luminous blue eyes, and dark hair that flows down her shoulders. I could feel my erection already and quickly removed my clothes and joined her on the bed.

Our lips locked in a passionate embrace as she reached for my cock. Suddenly she rolled me over onto my back and started her ascent, illegal bahis kissing and licking my neck and chest. I could tell she must have had great dreams, because she was wasting no time. She quickly made her way down to my cock and gobbled it between her lips. She immediately settled into a slow pace, licking up and down on my cock and playing with my balls in one hand and my ass with the other. I could feel myself on the verge within only a couple minutes. Wanting to further my pleasure and return her favour I managed enough composure to pant out the simple phrase, “Turn around, I want to taste you.”

With that she let my cock slip out of her mouth, turned around and straddle my face. Now with her delicious pussy only inches from my face, she went back to work on cock as I began to lightly lick her lips. Gently I probed in between cunt lips, then teasingly flicked her clit mound with my tongue. She responded by pressing her body urgently against mine and bucking her hips as my pace grew more and more intense. illegal bahis siteleri As we continued our awesome oral pleasures, I began to insert a finger into her asshole. This was something new brought on by the spur and intensity of the moment.

Feeling her begin to cum, I removed my tongue from her clit and started licking her asshole while still using my finger inside her. She let out a shrill scream/moan and began cumming harder and harder. As she panted and moaned and furiously jerked my cock, she was pushing her hips down hard to my face, as if to get my tongue as far up her ass as she could. When she finally finished, she slid off and lay next to me, spooning with her back to me. She turned around and panted the phrase I’d been waiting for so many of my young years to hear. “I want you to fuck me up the ass…now.”

With that she reached behind her and pulled my cock to her entrance. She was already plenty wet from my tongue and her own pussy juices, so the head slipped in rather canlı bahis siteleri easily. She winced for a moment in pain as I inched my way in. Not sure if I should stop or not, she continued by pushing back against my cock while reaching back and grabbing my hip, guiding me into her butt. As I finally managed to slide all the way in, she let out a loud gasp. I began to pump my cock in and out of her ass, slow at first as her body began to writhe in rhythm to my motion. “Faster, fuck me, faster” she groaned as I started to fuck her ass with piston-like motion. All the while she was massaging her clit with one hand and squeezing her breast in the other. My hands were at her hips, guiding her harder and harder as I felt myself getting ready to implode. Knowing I wouldn’t last much longer, I grabbed her waist and shifted our position so she was on her hands and knees as I fucked her ass for all I was worth. Finally, there was no holding back as I shot a hot load of cum into her beautiful round ass. As I continued to come her own orgasm rocked her body as she screamed in pleasure.

When we were done, we lay lovingly next to each other. Wordless for what seemed like hours, lazing in the after-glow. Finally she kissed me and simply said, “good afternoon.”

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