Anal Week


Anal WeekAnal WeekKathryn could feel her period was approaching. She tingled with excitement because she knew what that meant. It meant her man would have no choice in the matter he would have to fuck her arse. She cheekily rang Brad and declared her “friend” had arrived and with feigned sadness said her cunt was out of action for a few days. Brad’s sadness was equally insincere. “You know what that means? You can only fuck me me up my arse!” she intoned. Brad grinned as he said “well you know I can’t stop fucking you because you want cock no matter what, so it will just have to be in your arse then. Have it lubed and ready when I get home honey!”. Kathryn retorted “you know I will! I want to keep coming back for more!” They both maintained this fiction that Kathryn was a reluctant anal slut. The reality was during “anal week” they had more sex than usual. It went for longer, it was more intense and it was more often. They both loved anal week. It really kept their sex life charged up and revving along. Kathryn had been positioning the relationship to get to this point for a while. If she were honest, since its beginning. She’d been an anal slut for her ex-husband for nearly the whole of their relationship. She’d always had issues with her vagina and her cycles and anal was a practical solution. She had wanted Brad to fuck her anally forever before he actually plucked up the courage to do it properly and forcefully. He’d fantasized with her about it as they had sex during some of the dirty talk they engaged in. She pretended to be a rookie without much experience wondering if a cock could actually fit in her arse. She knew full well it could. It was a Catholic thing, she didn’t want him to think of her as a filthy slut, but that is exactly what she wanted to be. When they first met, Brad had actually fingered her arsehole while fucking her hard in her cunt, but it was just anal play. It didn’t happen again until she helped things along in her coy way. She said she was going to give Brad a treat one day and said she’s ride him in reverse cowgirl position so he could watch her arse. She meant arsehole. She would lean forward and pull her buttocks apart so he could see it while her fucked her. It was “winking” at him şişli escort the whole time. Crazy with lust he started to pull her cheeks further apart and when she did nothing he started to use his thumbs to massage her arsehole. Kathryn secretly loved it but never let on just how much. Slowly, each time Brad would push his thumbs, both of them a little bit further up her arse. He alternated them at first and then it was just both of them as deep as possible. That is how she got Brad’s anal lust started.From there it grew and Brad would talk dirty about fucking her in the arse and say things to her like as soon as he came she should get read to get fucked in the arse. She always agreed to do it, but after he came, he never did. Kathryn was going to have to up her ante. Even when they weren’t having sex or even getting romantic she would just say out of the blue how she knew a cock should fit in her arse. Just to get him thinking about before they next had sex. They had afternoon sex pretty soon after she said that. During that fuck in his study she said Brad should stick it in her arse, she wanted to see if it would fit. He obliged but then he put it back in her cunt and finished off. She’d cum so close! She did cum a bit more intensely nevertheless because her arse had finally been more deeply penetrated than it had been for a while and it stretched her because she’d tightened up a bit. Her arse was hungry for cum and cock but then so was her cunt and her mouth and it was all good so she just kept leading her stallion to the water, eventually he would drink!Of course Brad reflected on the moment afterwards too and fantasized about cumming in her arse after giving it a good and proper pounding. His Catholic upbringing was preventing him from abonding all control to his lust to fuck her arse. Just the guilty feelings he had for having so much good sex with Kathryn shut him down everytime he’d cum. He actually felt ashamed after he’d cum for being so wicked in thought, let alone, deed. In spite of this there was a lustful willingness building along with many filthy fanatsies. Fantasies which Kathryn seemed only too happy to make real, like the time she gave him a blowjob in the car mecidiyeköy escort right outside an upmarket restaurant in the city one Saturday night. Plenty of people passed by and could see quite planely what she was doing. She hoped this would push him over the edge. She even said when they got home he could do anything to her he wanted to. Brad even said he was going to fuck her right up the arse and she just smiled and said in a hushed tone “anything!”When they got home Brad’s cock was pretty hard, it had been since Kathryn whispered that promise of anything to him. He told her her was going to fuck her in the arse. Her response, as she’s already thrown off all her clothes was to get onto all fours on the longeroom floor with her arse stuck out and her legs spread apart puting her arsehole on centre stage. She’d had no pants since the Sydney Harbour Bridge where she’s removed her jeans and her panties. She’s been rubbing Brad’s cock with her cunt juices while she masturbated. Brad’s pants stayed on but his cock was standing tall with a big hard erection out of his inzipped fly. The 30 minutes or so to get to Dee Why had them both salivating with unspeakable lust. Kathryn bent her arse open in this position as much as she could and ached to feel the cock going in and then being driven up her hard.Brad was such a clutz and couldn’t quite work out how to get his cock into her from a kneeling position behind her. He tried to fuck kathryn’s arsehole from the doggy position but it just wasn’t going to work, he was a bit too tall. So he turned her over and went in from the standard missionary position. Everything was a bit dry so he stuck his cock into her cunt which was wet and hot providing some much needed lubrication. He stuck his cock in her arse and she writhed around. Now he used the double thumb massage on her cunt and she approved with a few grunts and came. Brad could smell her arse, God he thought this is so dirty and pulled his cock out and jerked off over her cunt which was wet and spread open like a budding flower. He’d noticed every time her pumped her arsehole her cunt would gape slightly as her lips parted further. It was hot. As usual Brad felt guilt and shame şişli escort bayan afterwards and didn’t say much about it after much to Kathry’s disappointment as she longed to be abused like this every day. Brad could not forget it though and fanatsized he was fucking her arse for quite a while after that even when she was sucking or fucking him. Meanwhile Kathryn kept showing her arsehole to him every chance she got. Then on her birthday she had her period and after a really enjoyable dinner with friends when things became romantic she said she had her period but that Brad could fuck her arse if her wanted. He wanted more than ever. This time Brad realised they really needed some lube and so he used cap full of crisco cooking oil, what a difference that made. Kathryn was drunk and happily pulled her dress up over her beautfil arse and peeled her panties down just enough to expose her wanton cock craving arsehole for Brad to admire and fuck. Brad finally worked out the doggy position and fucked her arsehole silly. He pounded her arse while he rubbed her clitoris and her lips, she was wet and moaning with each thrust. Brad had really finally fucked her arse properly and came right up there leaving Kathryn in a drunken ecstasy. He wondered if she’d even remember. When she woke up she actually thanked him. Brad said they would do it again tonight and she smiled.For the rest of the week her fucked her in the arse. She told him she would use tampons so she could take her panties off and show off her arse and her cunt. The only giveaway was the little string. She also told Brad she preferred vaseline instead of KY gel when he showed up with a tube that night. This is how “anal week” got started. Since then, Brad who was a serious cyclist who got up to train early every morning and never had time for sex until the evening was now fucking her arse in the mornings and evenings during anal week. He coordinated “anal weeks” into his training program and made them a low volume week. Kathryn looked at the clock in anticipation it was 5 pm and Brad would be home soon, so she prepared herself. She applied plenty of lube to her big anal toy and slid it in and out of her arse until it was completely buried in her arse up to the hilt. She twisted it around making sure her rectum was liberally spread with lube internally, that way Brad could plunge straight into her without needing to lube his cock. The only thing left was to masturbate and fantasize about Brad fucking her arse harder than ever. Every couple should have an anal week.

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