Subject: And it happened chapter 2 This is my first attempt at writing a story here, hope you all enjoy and give me lots of feedback because that way I feel more motivated to put up the content regularly, and makes me happy to know someone out there is enjoying it. Cheers!! This story is fiction and all characters are a figment of my imagination. English is not my native tongue so pardon the grammatical errors if you find any. Also this involves some love making between an adult and youth so if you are not into it, you should stop reading further. Also important— Please support Nifty to keep these stories fty/donate.html What…? What was I doing? For heaven’s sake, he is a kid and that too a boy, why did I just do that? I asked this to myself over and over. I took a deep breath and calmed myself, I hadn’t had any time for such thoughts for long, maybe I just wanted to vent out that sexual urge in me that had become dormant for past few years. No, no, no… this can’t be, however way you look at it, it just doesn’t seem right and that too with a kid 15 years younger than me. I gasped for air and went out of room. The feeling of kissing his cheeks was still looming over me, it felt so good, it was as if I had achieved something I was craving for these fast pew years. However, my inner guilt was consuming me, I looked dreadful and guilt ridden. Somehow or the other, I just couldn’t get Sam off my mind, he was too lovable, too adorable. I couldn’t help and found myself going back to his room, I came to the side of bed and took a deep breath and then knelt. His closed eyelids, his blonde hair, his white skin, his pink lips, his hands forming fist, that calm on his face, I couldn’t help but kept staring at him. As if everything in the world had come to a standstill but for time that kept moving just for two of us. I don’t even know how long I had been looking him that I saw him open his eyes. “Mr. Peter, I am sorry. I just kind of .. (yawns)”. “It is okay”, I said calmly, you may go wash your face and when you are ready, you can come have snacks. “Mr. Peter, have you been here with me all this time?” he asked politely. What do I do now?, I had to tell him something and fast otherwise I don’t know what he would start thinking. “Nope, I just came over to see if you are awake, now go and wash that sleep off your face”. I went outside giving him access to my main shower. I thought that I would keep myself busy preparing snacks and it would help take my mind off things. I looked at the time, it was already 5 in the evening. As I was busy preparing sandwiches, I saw Sam coming out of the room with his zip down. “Sam, what happened?”, I asked. “Mr. peter, when I woke, I had to go pee, but it won’t flush the way we flush. It won’t drain”, then I remembered that I had a different flush system and the knob to drain was located on different side. I came with him and told him where it was so next time he could get things done without my help. Next time?, I don’t escort izmit think he will be here again, but still I thought about next time, as if I wanted him to come again. He came quickly and I bought out snacks, it was ham and cheese sandwich again, I had just reheated the ones I made this noon. I switched on the TV and asked if he had any personal favourites. “I like to watch cartoon shows”, he said, I went for CN and he liked it. He was eating the sandwiches and orange juice along with it. “Do you like it?” I asked. “Yes Mr. Peter, they are even better than when my mom makes them. Can I have some with me please..”, I couldn’t say no, I packed a few in a lunch box and wrapped them all nice and hot. “Mr. Peter, can I come here again tomorrow?”, he asked. I was not sure, him being here was tough today itself when he was here for just a few hours, I don’t know what I would do tomorrow, but also I wanted him to come so badly as if he read my mind. I said, “I am not so sure Sam, I have a few businesses here and there that I need to take care of, and why do you want to come tomorrow?”, obviously it was just a lie, I was free the entire day as it was Sunday. “It is just that I wanted to show you my collection, you said that you would like to see that”, I couldn’t bear to say no, it felt like a chance that I shouldn’t let slip. “I guess, it can’t be helped, you can come in anytime tomorrow, I will take care of it”. “Really? Thanks Mr. Peter” and he hugged me. It was instantaneous, and in a flash that he was in his seat and now wrapping his arms around me. I could smell him, the morning shower, the noon sweat, his boy heat, all of it. It just felt natural as I too wrapped my arms around him. We just stood there for a minute or so, but I wouldn’t complain if we were to be like that for even an hour. This is bad, I was getting hard, quickly. I pulled him away and took the lunch case I packed and as much as I hated it, I waved him off, he quickly darted away with a smile and disappeared into the dark. “Good bye Mr. Peter” he said as I heard his voice going away and away into thin air. It was just me again sitting at the couch and going over things. This was draining for me, not just mentally but emotionally too. I didn’t wish to have dinner, as I felt so empty now. I felt as if I needed someone. I called in my friend Gray and told him if he could come over for tonight. He asked what had happened, but I didn’t say anything about Sam and just asked him if he could come as I was feeling down today. He was on his way and when he came I just flung the door and hugged him and he hugged me back. “Bro, relax, what’s the matter? It is clear as day something happened with you”. Now, Gray and I met when I was still in college and ended up working as teachers in the same area. He became one of my close friends in which I could confide anything. I told him about Sam, and how I had this feeling of emptiness when he left the house. I kept from him that I had kissed him, but izmit escort told him away everything else. “Pete, I am not sure how to say this, but it can be that you really like him. Seeing as you really miss him, I guess you were feeling lonely and it happens sometimes to each one of us who are still single” said Gray. I was embarrassed. “What you need right now is to take mind off things and here is our tonight’s pass time”, he took out 3 porn DVDs out of his inner coat pocket. I laughed at him and thought that he may be right. He helped prepare dinner and we ate it by 9. We talked about school, work and some kid groups that were getting notoriously bad in the society. He then talked about Sam and I told him he was a cheerful boy and had seen him quite a few times around my place, not more than that. I don’t wish to be seen as a perv who have his eyes fixated on some other guy who is 15 years younger than him, specially by the ones close to me and Gray shouldn’t know about this, No never…, he is really close to me and I don’t want to lose him. He then turned off the lights and inserted DVD into the player and I closed curtains. It started out quite obviously that it was porn, the girl first took out one of the dicks out of its restraints, stroked it and sucked it while another man fingered and ate her ass. Later, she took two cocks inside her while the men fucked her hard as if their life depended on it. It was definitely something new as I didn’t know Gray was into two on one action. After a while I saw Gray taking out his cock and stroking it, it was hard and leaking. I didn’t have one. As we reached the finish of the first DVD, I saw Gray climaxing and moaning. Strange as it may seem, I was still not hard. “Strange mate, I thought we would be climaxing together like old times” said Gray. “I think I need to go bathroom” I said, “What? You don’t want to jerk off here? Haven’t we already done this a thousand times before?” he demanded. I went up to the bathroom and was conflicted. Why cannot I get a hard on with this?. I thought that probably it was what happened today that I couldn’t. I was drained emotionally and thought that a good night sleep would work out best. I decided to call it a day as I and Gray hit beds. He was sleeping with me as I had a King size bed and it always felt awkward to lie there alone and send him to other room. I slept like a child and realized that it was 9 already, Gray had left a message on my phone that he needed to attend to some business so he was off, he had prepared omelette and toast and didn’t want to wake me up as it was only Sunday. I was still dizzy from sleep when I heard a knock from door. I thought that maybe, just maybe it is him. I wanted to see him badly. I opened the door and in came Sam with a backpack. “Good Morning Mr. Peter”, he said in a bright tone. “It seems that you just woke up, here, my mom prepared a breakfast for both of us”, he handed me the same lunch box that I had given izmit kendi evi olan escort him sandwiches in. His mom had prepared pancakes and they were still piping hot. I excused myself as I needed to use loo and take a shower. This is too soon, I said to myself, I wasn’t expecting him this early. I just went to take shower when I heard the bathroom door slam open, it was Sam!, “Sam?..” I exclaimed and before I could finish my sentence, he started to pee in my toilet. “I am sorry Mr. Peter, but I couldn’t hold it”, unintentionally and completely obliviously, I watched his dick as it belched out the yellow stream for a full minute. It was beautiful, uncut, 3 inches perhaps when normal. He had some hair in his groin, but there was still room. He got out quickly. On the contrary I thought to myself, that he had seen me naked too, although I was facing opposite side and he just saw my butt, but he still saw me naked. I was hard as hell and leaking precum already with the thoughts of what happened mere moments ago. I calmed myself down. We then had the breakfast that Gray and Sam’s mom prepared, it was more like brunch for me. As I was having breakfast, I saw Sam have his, he seemed excited. I asked him about his school and his friends. His best friend was Max, or so he told, and after finishing breakfast, he helped me clean out the dishes. His mere presence was enough to turn me on at this point. It was now obvious that I had a raging hard on and Sam too quickly took a glance and faced away. Did he saw? I can’t say for sure, I needed to get this load out fast, but with him here it was difficult to do. He told me that he wanted to show me his collection. I told okay and sat on the couch. He took out a scrapbook from his backpack and sat near me. He opened his scrapbook in my lap and said- “I don’t know when it started Mr. Peter, but I remember collecting newspaper clips of whatever I found interesting, and then the habit grew. This one is for WW1, it took me months to collect these photos and you know Mr. Peter, I really worked hard on this one as it wasn’t as easy as others to find….”, he told me as he sat right next to me. I could feel his thighs as they touched mine and to make matters worse he had put his scrapbook right near my dick. As he turned pages, I could feel his hand pressing my dick. I saw the scrapbook moving left due to my erection. I was thinking that it was all done, that I was out in the open and that kids near Sam’s age already have boners all the time so he knew what was happening as the book nearly went up in next few minutes. His touch was driving me crazy. I couldn’t control myself. It was in a flash that I flung the book on the table and started hugging and kissing him and took him in my lap. I have to do it now, this is my only chance, I thought as I started hugging and kissing him passionately everywhere. To be continued… Please don’t forget to give your feedback at – , you don’t know how much your feedback is important to the progress of this story. Criticisms are also welcome ;D Next chapter: Yes, I apologise for this cliffhanger, but I felt that I needed more time to write in detail and that I would include it in next chapter, so yes more action on its way.

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