And Mother Makes Three Ch. 01


All characters are over the age of 18 years old.


We were laying in her bed, basking in the afterglow of our orgasms after we got to her house after school. I trailed my fingers lovingly over her dark skin, admiring the contrast between my milk white skin against the dark chocolate color of her skin. My name is Christine, but I went by Christy. Chantel and I had been best friends since kindergarten. We had been so alike that is was only natural for us to gravitate towards each other. We were practically inseparable growing up. We were always together and if we weren’t together at my house, then we were at hers. We had spoken about every subject growing up, and we both admitted to not being interested in boys. Neither of us knew it at the time, at least I didn’t, but from a young age we had both been total lesbians. Our sexual experimentations together, from playing doctor to investigating each other’s pussies had always been incredibly fun. We had shared our first orgasms together in a night of mutual masturbation, one of the many nights of our sleepovers throughout our lives.

We had lost our virginities to each other, in a very special night of love making. I know we didn’t realize what we were doing at the time, but that night had sealed our relationship for both of us. Over the years our sex life had grown and matured, until we could barely spend a day without burying our faces in each other’s pussies for an intense orgasm. We had grown up cheer leading and were both on the high school cheer squad. Being the product of an unhappy marriage and absentee parents, I had come to view her house as my sanctuary. My parents were in the midst of a very messy divorce, so most of my time was spent with her. Her mother Brenda had literally become like a second mother, and some would say my real mother, as she had always welcomed me into their home without complaint of how much time her daughter and I spent together.

I had even come to casually calling Brenda mom, and she had been referring to both of us as her daughters for years. Over the years, Chantel had also developed an aggressive and dominant streak in her that I adored. Both of our sex drives were so intense, that we were constantly adding more and more risqué acts of sex to our love making. Chantel was definitely the more dominant of us, whereas I preferred to submit to her will. I had come to really enjoy her aggression and need to dominate me sexually. It was nothing for her to grab me and pull me into the girl’s bathroom at school and order me to go down on her. I was always so turned on by her aggression when she got horny. I loved it when she would push me to my knees on the dirty bathroom floor in a stall and hike up her skirt for me to lick her delicious dark pussy.

We were both very well proportioned, though her breasts and ass were just a little larger than mine. I was a solid D cup and she was a double D. My ass was nice and had enough weight to it for a very sexy wiggle, but hers was amazing for it’s large size. She was very vocal during our love making, and I was surprised that her mother never caught us. Her cries of pleasure and demands for me to do certain things, surely could be heard throughout the house. I loved it when she called me dirty names like “slut,” “pussy girl,” and “nympho.” But when she would call me some for of white girl or commented on my Caucasian ancestry, usually in the form of my submission to her, I felt my pussy heat up and literally drip with my juices. She loved to declare that I was her own personal sex slave, but our sensual sessions of lovemaking were never one sided. My god, could she eat a pussy!

Neither of us had ever seen the need to date, especially not guys. We had been asked out numerous times in our lives, but we always turned them down. We had come to be very territorial about each other, and one such time occurred when a varsity football player had tried to force himself on me during school. I obviously turned him down, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He ended up back handing me, causing me to suffer a split lip and swollen bruise on my cheek. Luckily for me, Chantel had heard me tell him off and had seen the smack that left me sprawled out on the floor. I had never seen her so angry. She had literally bashed his face into a locker and beat him mercilessly, before having to be physically pulled off of him by our cheer squad coach.

There had been talk of Chantel facing expulsion and criminal charges, the jock had his nose broken, several cracked ribs, and a severely bruised and sore area between his legs. Chantel had kicked and stomped him between his legs, before grabbing his dick and balls and threatening to rip them off if he ever touched me. All talk of Chantel being disciplined had ceased when Brenda had shown up at school along with a news crew. Over the shrill screams and threats of lawsuits, both on my behalf because of the physical assault on me and the way the school tried to say I was partially to blame and for Chantel’s coming to my aid, the principal had dropped all disciplinary proceedings against Chantel and expelled the jock. When Brenda saw my istanbul escort split lip and swollen cheek, she almost went after the boy herself. My parents were too busy with themselves to worry about “high school drama,” as they called it. Chantel and I had pretty much been untouchable ever since then.

We had never “officially” came out to anyone but each other, but we were known to be together. So here we were in her bed, wrapped in each other’s arms without a care in the world. Chantel then decided to amp it up a notch, as she grabbed her sets of handcuffs and proceeded to secure my wrists above my head to the headboard and my ankles to the foot of the bed. My legs were spread eagled, and I knew we were about to get really kinky. We were no stranger to restraints and light BDSM, so I was really excited with what was to come. Chantel then grabbed a ball gag, to secure me from getting too loud. She leaned forward once I was completely immobile and unable to cry out, and whispered “You know it’s mom’s birthday today. I thought you would enjoy giving her a special present.”

I was confused at what she was implying. But I felt a double feeling of excitement and a little dread, at what she might mean. I was completely naked and restrained to Chantel’s queen size bed, so what exactly was she talking about? Surely she didn’t mean what I was inferring from her actions. My inner musings were cut off, as her door opened to reveal Brenda completely naked and smirking at my current situation. I tried to mumble through the gag and pull at the restraints, but it was useless. Brenda continued to smirk at my reaction, as she stalked towards the bed. She placed her hand on Chantel’s shoulder and asked, “And what do we have here? Are you finally letting mommy join the fun, my little slut?”

I thought she was speaking to me, as “slut” was a name that I was used to and enjoyed being called my her daughter. But Chantel then answered submissively, “Yes, mistress mommy. I thought that you would like to have us both for your birthday. My slut loves being treated like a fuck doll.”

My eyes were wide, as I looked at both mother and daughter standing over me. Brenda was taller than both of us, with larger breasts and ass. I had always hoped that Chantel would fill out just like her. Brenda was incredibly sexy, but I had never expected this. Brenda continued to smirk as she began to explain to me, “Don’t worry, my sweet slave. Slut here has been servicing me for years now. How did you think she got so good at pleasing a woman? I always knew what the two of you were doing, from her loud screams and demanding personality to your quieter moans and submissive attitude. Mmm…now you get to find out what it’s like to truly submit to us. Don’t worry, slave, mistress mommy and mistress Chantel will take good care of you. I’ve already settled it so you will spend the entire weekend. And by the time the weekends over, you will be a good little submissive slave to both of us. In fact, I bet you won’t feel happy unless your face and tongue is pleasuring one of our bodies.”

I tried to scream in protest as I shook my head, but I only ended up mumbling through the gag and thrashing around a bit in the restraints. I looked at Chantel pleadingly, but she only smiled at me as she said “Don’t worry slut, mistress mommy is an amazing lover. I know you love it when I dominate you, now just imagine how sexy you will feel when you have two beautiful black mistresses to pleasure.”

Brenda then settled down on the bed on one side of me, as Chantel settled down on my other side. Brenda then said, “She’s right. I know you are a natural slave. You see, Chantel is my daughter slut. She services my every demand, and has done so for a very long time. I am her mistress mommy, as I am the head of this family. So you will address both of us as ‘mistress mommy’ and ‘mistress Chantel,’ whenever either of us refer to you as ‘slave.’ Chantel is my slut and obeys me just as you will whenever I refer to her as such. I am the head mistress, Chantel is the secondary mistress, and you me dear sweet daughter are our slave girl. You will do exactly as we command without complaint, but I know you will enjoy it. Is that understood?”

I again tried to say “no,” but was still unable. I looked at both of them with a growing fear, as they continued to smile down at my helpless body. I tried to plead with my eyes to both of them, but that only seemed to make them hornier. Mistress mommy continued, “Now obviously neither one of us want to keep you in your slave position, so you will only be required to submit to us when you are referred to as ‘slave.’ in all other occasions my sweet daughters will act normally, or as normally as a household full of horny lesbians act. Chantel and I have enjoyed a long history of mutual sexual gratification together. We have been having sex, since the two of you first took each other’s virginities. I waited until Chantel told me that the two of you had finally sealed the deal, before I made my move on her.”

“I am so happy that the two of you have each other. I truly think the two of you are meant to be. But now avrupa yakası escort we can have so much more fun, the three of us. Now I know that some of this may be a shock to you and maybe a little scary at first, but I also know you are turned on by the prospect of this. I know that you find me attractive. I’ve seen the way you have looked at me, ever since you have accepted yourself as a lesbian. So none of this should be a real labor for you, my sweet. Am I right?”

I again shook my head and tried to shout “no,” but mistress mommy and mistress Chantel only smiled down at me. Mistress Chantel was letting mistress mommy say everything, as she silently stroked her hand over my skin lovingly. Mistress mommy seemed to be gauging my reaction, as she said “No? Are you sure? Well I know an easy way to judge whether or not you are lying to your beautiful mistresses. Let’s check this sweet pussy of yours. If you are wet then that proves you like this idea. If not, well then maybe you really aren’t ready for this. Now let’s see here…”

Mistress mommy then slid her index finger up and down my very wet folds as she called my bluff. I knew that I was insanely turned on. Yes, I lusted after mistress mommy and yes the prospect of submitting to both of them had me all wet and squishy inside. Regrettably I was also amazingly turned on my the idea that mistress mommy and mistress Chantel are incestuous lovers and have chosen me to join in. But all of this was new to me. How was I supposed to respond? Mistress mommy laughed, as she held up her finger now coated in my pussy juices for all of us to see. She said, “Well, that proves it. Our little slave is definitely turned on by this. Here baby, why don’t you give mommy’s finger a taste. I believe you will recognize your girlfriend’s juices.”

Mistress mommy held up her finger to mistress Chantel, and mistress Chantel immediately wrapped her lips around mistress mommy’s finger. Mistress Chantel sucked greedily on mistress mommy’s finger and moaned loudly as she did it. I moaned at felt my pussy glisten and grow hotter at the erotic sight. I felt my shame at being so turned on by all of this, and let my eyes and face fall downwards. Mistress mommy was having none of that and lifted my face with her other hand under my chin as she said, “None of that, my sweet slave. You have nothing to be ashamed of. We’re all ladies here and we all love the taste of a delicious pussy. You never have to feel ashamed of wanting what you want with us. We are both here for you. Ok?”

I was still out of my comfort zone, but her honest and forceful declaration soothed me somewhat. So while unable to answer mistress mommy properly, I did stare up at her with my usual since of comfort. She had always been a better mother to me than my own and I had always looked to her in my times of need, so I really was falling back into our normal routine. I took a deep breath to try to calm myself, as I continued to stare up at both of my mistresses. Mistress mommy then turned to mistress Chantel and said “I think we need to give our slave some attention to break down her defenses. She’s still scared and unsure of her new role as our house slave.”

I shook my head, at my own inner submission to the both of them. I hadn’t meant to refer to either of them by their mistress titles. It just seemed to happen. What was happening to me? Mistress mommy then smiled down at me with her usual comforting smile, that always put me at ease. And this time was no different. I felt my body relax under her gaze, as she whispered conspiratorially to me “I have wanted to have a taste of your young body for so long, my sweet slave. Just lay back and let your mistresses set your mind at ease.”

Mistress mommy then turned to mistress Chantel and said, “Come give mistress mommy a kiss, my slut.”

Mistress mommy and mistress Chantel then kissed passionately right there in front of me, causing my pussy to tingle in excitement. Mistress mommy then broke the kiss and looked from me, back to mistress Chantel, and said “Oh, we are being rude. We are now in a three way relationship and we should not treat our slave so wrongly. Why don’t we include her in our kiss?”

Mistress mommy then leaned down to my pussy and pulled mistress Chantel down with her. I gasped and bucked my hips, as they both began kissing passionately around my sensitive clit. I moaned deeply at the amazing feeling of this. My mistresses continued to kiss each other and my clit, until mistress mommy said “Ok, slut. Now I am going to take care of our slave’s little clit, why don’t you see to her wet pussy. We can show her what she can expect from our new relationship.”

I then felt mistress Chantel’s tongue slide up and down my wet folds, as mistress mommy latched her lips around my clit and began to suck greedily on my sensitive nub. I moaned again around the ball gag and my hips shook from the amazing stimulation that my mistresses were giving me. Mistress Chantel then gifted my with the honor of her warm tongue sliding deep into my wet pussy, causing a deeper moan to escape from around my ball bahçelievler escort gag. My mistresses certainly knew what they were doing, as they made my young body tingle from head to toe. I tried to shy away from their mouths as I attempted to pull my lower body away from them, but they grabbed a hold of both of my thighs and kept me still. My own attempts at rebellion were feeble and lackluster at best, as the pleasure they were gifting me with and the perverse actions had me incredibly horny.

The knowledge that my mistresses had been engaging in incestuous lesbian sex for as long as mistress Chantel and I had been lovers made my head spin. I thought back and did remember several times detecting the faint smell and taste of pussy on mistress Chantel’s of mistress mommy’s lips when I had come over throughout the years, but I had never put two and two together. I knew that mistress Chantel would never cheat on me, so at the time I figured that it was just my residual juices or my own mistake. I shocked myself when I realized that I did not consider mistress mommy and mistress Chantel’s sexual escapades with each other as mistress Chantel cheating on me. I again ducked my head in both shame and my inability to truly understand my own way of thinking.

My inner dialogue was cut off, as mistress Chantel used her magical tongue to begin flicking and stabbing at my g-spot, something that I had always loved and replicated when I went down on her. Mistress mommy was also adding her flicking tongue to my sensitive clit, as she sucked it deep and hard into her mouth. I moaned deeply and ground my clit and pussy back into my mistresses faces, as my pleasure finally overtook my warring mind. I strained at the restraints in an attempt to free myself, but it was no use. Mistress Chantel had always been able to keep me cuffed whenever she restrained me. I looked down at them questioningly, as I wondered just how much mistress mommy had taught mistress Chantel. I then slammed my head back hard onto the pillow, as a sudden rush of pleasure swept through my body.

Mistress Chantel had hit my g-spot just right and mistress mommy had grazed her teeth over my clit at the exact same time, causing my already building orgasm to come faster. My whole body went rigid and my back and lower body attempted to arch up of the bad, but my mistresses held me down. I then began to shake from head to toe as my orgasm began to take hold of me. I was gasping and panting around my ball gag, as my pleasure skyrocketed. Mistress Chantel had long ago trained me on the proper breathing techniques when using a ball gag, so I was unafraid in my ability to breathe adequately even in the midst of my immense pleasure.

I let out a muffled scream, as my orgasm hit me hard. My whole body seemed to explode outwards from my pussy, as I dropped back to the bed in a tangle of twitching limbs. I panted and gasped for breath, as my mistresses continued to enjoy my pussy and clit. Once I had finally stilled for a few moments, mistress mommy raised her head from my clit with a satisfied and comforting smile as she looked down at me. I looked back up at her through half lidded eyes. I expected for them to release me now, but a sudden smirk and dark gleam in mistress mommy’s eyes gave me pause. Mistress mommy then roughly grabbed mistress Chantel by her hair and said, “Ok, slut. It’s mommy’s turn to taste slave’s yummy pussy. You have had quite enough over the years. You can lick her tight little asshole, while mommy enjoys her wet pussy.”

Mistress Chantel immediately lowered her eyes and head submissively to mistress mommy, as she quietly answered, “Yes, mistress.”

I couldn’t stop myself from lifting my hips a bit to give mistress Chantel better access to my asshole, casing both my mistress to smile down at me. Rimming and light anal play had always been fun for both me and mistress Chantel, and it seemed mistress mommy enjoyed it as well. Mistress Chantel then settled between my legs on her stomach on the bed, as I felt her spread my ass cheeks wider so she could gain better access to my puckered hole. Mistress mommy then leaned down and ran her tongue up and down between my wet folds, making me moan yet again. I gasped and jolted in my restraints, as I felt a warm tongue slide into my tight asshole and into my wet pussy at the same time. Oh, I was in heaven.

I found myself chanting “Yes, mistress,” over and over in my mind, as these two beautiful black women tongue fucked both of my holes to a wonderful level of pleasure. I began thinking of way to show both of them my gratitude once they uncuffed me and allowed me to express my thanks to them. I moaned again loudly, or as loud as I was able to around my ball gag, as my mistresses’ tongues began to pick up speed as they double tongue fucked my holes. I felt my pussy and asshole quiver around their talented tongues, as my mind again tried to comprehend what was occurring. How did I end up being cuffed to my girlfriend’s bed, informed that I was now a sex slave belonging to both her and a woman that I considered my own mother, after they had explained their own incestuous relationship? How was I now being orally pleasured by both of them? Wasn’t a slave’s duty to see to her mistress or mistresses’ pleasure before her own? Why hadn’t they ordered me to please them? Were they pleasing themselves by going down on me? My newfound submissive mindset was all over the place.

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