And So A Fetish Is Born


It started out just like every other day I had to fly on business. Early morning flight, late flight home. Story of my ambitious life in pursuit of financial success.

But when I arrived at the airport that night I was dismayed to find my late flight home was going to run even later than usual. Instead of a night owl 1210, I was looking at a 2:25 vampire flight. Why vampire?

I’d always found the idea of a life spent biting on women’s necks to be fascinating. Strangely erotic. To the point that my girlfriend had dumped me last week when I accidentally drew blood from her neck during what started out as merely hot shower sex.

I’d had her fantastic ass tight against my raging cock, her tits cupped in my hands, her nipples hard and erect. The hot steamy water had been running down her body making her skin even softer. Slick under my tongue. I hadn’t meant to break the skin. Not on a conscious level anyway.

The fact that I spontaneously emptied my balls on her ass when I saw blood running down her neck-and not in her pussy after a leisurely fuck…well, let’s just say that this additional insult didn’t help sway the situation in my direction.

How was I supposed to know that the sight of her blood oozing down her neck would be so fucking erotic that I’d come like a soldier on shore leave, grabbing her hips and humping her like a caveman?

Or that the considerate lover I’d always been would completely abandon me at that moment and I’d push her against the wall of the shower, pinning her hands above her head, her generous breasts compressed against the tile, and pound desperately into her pussy with a cock still so hard, so swollen that she’d felt like a virgin around my girth?

Hell, she’d come apart on my cock like a porn star, sobbing and begging me not to stop. But afterward…she’d withdrawn from me physically and emotionally, telling me in a haughty little voice that she was a lady and I’d crossed the line. When I mentioned that she had appeared to enjoy it like a porn star, but she’d felt as tight as a virgin around my dick, she’d slapped me.

Note to self. Never compare your girlfriend’s lovemaking to porn.

When I’d told my buddy what I’d said to her, he’d choked on his beer and fallen off his chair he’d laughed so hard. “Not smart Matt. Not at all,” he’d said.

Obviously not.

Getting back to my delayed flight. I morosely went into the airport bar and ordered a beer. And another one. Feeling the effects quicker than usual-must be the late hour-I switched to bottled water and ordered a sandwich. It definitely passed the time, because I soon heard them calling my flight overhead. I needed to use the john, but when I heard those magic words “last call” I opted to wait, pushing my almost empty water inside the side pocket of my briefcase and taking off at a run for my gate.

I definitely needed to visit the boy’s room as soon as possible.

If you ever want to have a row of seats to yourself, take the vampire flight. Hell, a section of the plane to yourself. Maybe it was because there were so few people on the flight, but it was the smallest plane I’d ever flown on. I was pleased to see they still had pillows and blankets. Nice. I was definitely in need of a nap. And a long piss.

To my surprise, we were backing out of the gate as soon as I dropped into my seat. My bladder was making its need to be emptied increasingly clear as the minutes ticked by. When the flight attendant offered me a complimentary drink, I went with whiskey straight up.

“How soon can we get up and move around?”

She crinkled her brow like I’d bahis firmaları asked a question she’d never heard before in her life. “Not sure. Why? Need the bathroom?”

I nodded my head.

“Well, the one here in the back is out of order. But on the bright side, it’s a light flight so competition shouldn’t be too bad in the front of the plane.”

She still hadn’t answered my question. “So when?” I asked, still trying to be polite. It was becoming increasingly difficult as pain joined the notification group trying to get my attention to open the flood gates. And a freaking flood it was going to be too.

“Soon,” she said brightly and moved on.

I stared at the fasten seat light waiting for the second it would turn off. When it did, I fumbled with my seat belt and stood up just in time to see an older gentleman hurriedly enter the miniature toilet. Shit.

Ten minutes later I was still watching, waiting for the damn door to open. I finally walked up and knocked.


Obviously. “How much longer buddy?”

“Don’t know. I think I’ve got food poisoning. I’m going at both ends.”

Way too much information. And bad news. Very bad news. I hobbled back to my seat, hunched over as if it would help the pain stretching my bladder. It didn’t.

I sat down, felt myself dribble in my boxers, and grabbed my cock like a drowning man grabs a life preserver. I realized I was shaking with my need to free my pee. Kind of like “Free Willy” I thought with grim humor.

My eyes fell on the bottled water container in my briefcase under the seat in front of me. Desperation adds a creativity to situations that otherwise appear impossible.

I reached down and took the bottle from the side pocket of my brief and unscrewed the cap, carefully setting the top on the seat next to me. Glancing around furtively, I slowly lowered my zipper an agonizing inch at a time. My cock was semi-erect.

Morning wood at three am. Great. I undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants so I could finally free my dick. What I didn’t expect was to start pissing as soon as I got it free of my pants. I was covering the back of the seat in front of me with a stream that would make any firefighter proud to hold that particular hose.

The damn had broken and there was no stopping my stream. I eventually got my slit lined up with the hole on the bottle, but the level of wet around me was in the red zone. Still I pissed on, glancing up to see if the sound of my pee entering the bottle could be heard by others sitting further up in the plane. It sounded to me like water hitting metal at close range. The other passengers slept on.

The bottle was about to run over and I squeezed my cock. Hard. Pain shot through my dick, but I did stop pissing. I let go slowly to make sure the flow wasn’t going to start again, then I screwed the top tightly back on the water bottle. I tucked it deep inside the pocket on the back of the seat in front of me.

I then shook my cock and put it back in my pants.

Thank God for the blanket. It came in handy as a big absorbent towel as I made my area look…unpissed.

Then I grinned. Peeing in a public place had made me horny as a teenage guy watching cheerleading tryouts.

I glanced at my watch. Still another hour to go. I boldly unzipped my pants once more and pulled my hardening shaft out, bringing my balls with it so I could squeeze them while I stroked my cock. I hadn’t come since that night with Chrissy a week ago.

When I blew, it hit the small window next to me in rapid fire squirts. I groaned as I watched my cream run down the kaçak iddaa window in rivets, shuddering from the intensity of my orgasm.

Again, I cleaned up my area, carefully tucking my softening shaft behind my zipper. My mother had taught me well to clean up after myself. The blanket would definitely need washing though after my use of it on this flight.

I felt refreshed and no longer in need of a nap.

“Did you enjoy your flight?”

I looked up at the flight attendant and smiled. “Best flight I’ve ever had,” I told her honestly.

I deplaned with my carry-on luggage and headed for the short term parking lot. The quiet of the night was soothing and I decided to take the vampire flights from now on. I didn’t see a solitary soul until I reached the row where I’d parked.

Chrissy stood next to my SUV in an office suit. She gave me a seductive smile and slipped her heels off. She has such sexy toes.

“Welcome home Matt,” she said softly.

I dropped my briefcase when I reached her, but she slipped through my fingers. Only to turn away from me, lean against the hood of my SUV and hike her skirt up to her waist. She wore a teeny tiny red lace thong between the firm cheeks of her ass. She shrugged her jacket off her shoulders and I saw she wore nothing under it. No shirt. No bra.

I reached for my zipper with shaking fingers, already anticipating the hot wet heat waiting for me. Then I remembered… and I stopped.

“What is it you want from me Chrissy? I asked her hoarsely. “I can’t promise I won’t be rough…or bite…” Not after the night I’d already embraced, I couldn’t.

“Take me hard Matt. Rough. And bite me baby. Bite me and blow inside me,” she whispered.

“Ah, Chrissy. Baby.”

I grabbed the fine lace of her thong with my hand and jerked it, dropping it carelessly on the ground. I spread her cheeks wide, nudging at her entrance impatiently as I sought to feel her slickness embrace me. Warm juice covered my head and I slipped inside, slowly at first, gritting my teeth as I fought not to go totally caveman. At least not yet.

Chrissy bucked and took all eight inches of my cock inside her. I totally lost it. I hammered into her pussy like I hadn’t been laid in months, begging her to tell me if I hurt her, praying to God I could stop if she asked me too.

“Oh God. Matt. It’s so good. So fucking good,” she cried.

I bite her neck. I couldn’t have stopped myself unless I’d been dragged off of her. She tasted so sweet on my tongue.

Her muscles began contracting rhythmically around my cock and I pinned her against the side of my SUV with the weight of my body. I took her deeper, penetrating her hot wet pussy in a place I’d never been before. Flexing my knees with each stroke, laying my back against hers, I sucked her blood from the puncture left by my teeth. I came hard, my voice hoarsely calling her name repeatedly.

Afterwords, she turned in my arms and I held her protectively as she cried. “Are you ok?” I asked softly.

“It’s just so intense Matt. It scared me the first time. And when you compared me to a porn star…”

“I’m sorry baby. Really. I meant it as a compliment, not an insult. You were-are-so fucking hot when you come like that. It blew my mind,” I admitted honestly, running my fingers through her soft hair.

“I felt a little shame at enjoying it. But I realized that was crazy. I have something to confess to you Matt.”

I smiled. “What’s that sweetheart?”

“Um, I like watching men pee,’ she said softy, her skin tinted pink across her cheek bones.”I’d love to hold yours sometime kaçak bahis when you really, really need to go.”

How I could possibly grow another boner was beyond me, but I was doing it. “Hold what honey?” I teased.

“Hold your big cock while you piss Matt,” she said boldly, and she reached for my hardening shaft.

I groaned. “Anytime Chrissy.”

She reached over and took my dick in her hand. “Now.”

I leaned my forehead against hers and just held her, willing my hard-on to diminish so I could fulfill her fantasy. She held me in her hand and I began to slowly pee on her mound. When she moaned and moved against me, I laughed under my breath. “If you want me to keep pissing Chrissy, you gotta stop moving against me.”

Her answer was to take my tongue in her mouth and suck it rhythmically. I grew harder and harder until I couldn’t pee another drop. She reached down rubbed my swollen head teasingly on her clit.

“Damn you Chrissy. I’ve got to have you again.” I picked her up and put her on the hood and she wrapped her legs around my waist.

We finally drove back to my house just as the sun was rising over the mountains. Exhausted, we took a shower, simply washing each other gently before falling into bed. I pulled Chrissy to me and licked her neck and I saw the birthmark I’d noticed for the first time while we’d showered minutes before.I was puzzled by it. But not puzzled enough stay awake.

When I woke it was to the incredible feeling every man has fantasies about.Chrissy’s mouth was sucking voraciously on my dick, taking as much as she could without choking on my girth. She’d never been gung ho on giving head, but she sure seemed to be enjoying it now. I ran my fingers gently through her hair.

“Are you Chrissy?” I asked softly, teasingly.

She lifted her head and smiled. “Do you think Chrissy would do all the fun things we’ve done?”

I hadn’t expected a question. I shook my head slowly.

“Right. I’m Chrissy’s twin. When she told me what you’d done to her, she pretended to be horrified, saying she could never enjoy those things. I, on the other hand, was so aroused from listening to her that I left a wet spot on the couch when I got up to go to the bathroom. I had to masturbate,” she explained with a wicked grin.

“Can you handle that?”she added softly, leaning down and licking my head.

She was nothing if not straight forward. Honest. And making me crazy with that tongue of hers…

I reached for her breast and thumbed her nipple. It hardened immediately.

“I can definitely handle it,” I said with a wicked grin.

“What’s your name?”

“You won’t laugh?”



I bit back a smile. “What would you like me to call you?”

“Your woman.”

“Done.” And I pulled her on top of me, sliding into her hot wetness, gently biting the jutting nipples hanging down from her big beautiful breasts.

Barbie was going to be a lot of fun. And determined to make a relationship with me work. I was looking forward to getting to know her, maybe building a long term relationship with her.

And biting her. And having her hand on my cock when I pissed…and whatever else we could do to each other or for each other.

She was my porn star. But I was never going to share that compliment with her.

“Matt, can we play masquerade games where I can play a porn star and you be the sweet innocent guy? So I can seduce you? Maybe handcuff you to the bed?”

I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t still asleep. Nope. It hurt.

A wicked grin creased my cheeks. “Barbie, you’re already my porn star. But we can play all the games you want. Starting right now.”

And I rolled her beneath me, took her with one hard thrust. “Show me what game you want to play, Barbie.”


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