Andi’s Summer – Day 04 Pt. 02

Big Cock

The tape didn’t end when I left the boys, instead it continued filming. Tony and Jimmy looked really happy. They high-fived each other and Jimmy made a gesture that I had seen around school all too frequently in reference to the more popular girls.

Jimmy pointed his fuck finger and jabbed at his other hand. Those fingers formed a circle; which was the universal sign for fucking. Both boys found that hilarious and high-fived each other again as they stood up. They had planned on fucking me today. The film stopped.

“Notice anything this time, Andi?”

Livid, I spun around and faced Mr. Jacoby. “They were planning on fucking me today!”

“It appears so.”

“That is NOT going to happen!”

“Did you notice anything else?”

“No Mr. Jacoby, I didn’t.”

Mr. Jacoby seemed frustrated with my lack of perception.

“What did they do for you?”

I had to think. “They fondled my boobs and played with my nipples, sir.”

“It looked more like Jimmy mauled your breasts to me.”

“Oh that. I like my boobs pulled and tugged on.”

“Good to know Andi, but what was missing?”

“Besides fucking?”

“Besides fucking.”

I tried to think what he hadn’t seen. I had cum myself while sucking on Tony both times that first day. I had cum countless times with both boys the next day.

“I give up Mr. Jacoby, what was missing?”

“Neither of the boys returned the favor for you, Andi.”

Mr. Jacoby seemed genuinely concerned that I had been slighted.

“Oh that! I didn’t expect them to do any cunninglingus; all the popular girls at school said most boys hate muff-diving. In fact, asking a boyfriend that has become boring to go down on you is the easiest excuse to break-up with him.”

“Haven’t any boys or girls done that for you?” He refilled our drinks.

“No sir, never. But it is okay because I can get myself off real easy.” I ignored the part about girls; that was just too weird. I was convinced that men had all the good parts that a real woman could enjoy.

“A good man will always pleasure you before you pleasure him.”


“Really. Let me show you. Bring your drink.”

He walked around the counter and motioned me to follow him. He was too quick for me to get a full frontal look at him; however, I did get to see his balls, the back of his cock hanging down between his legs, and the peach fuzz all over his butt as he sprinted up the stairs and into a room at the top.

When I reached the doorway I saw a very masculine master bedroom with a bath off to the side. I also saw Mr. Jacoby’s manhood. It was larger than Tony’s, thicker and longer, even though it was not hard or standing out. What would it look like hard? What would it feel like? What would it taste like?

My mouth was watering, I had to have him — NOW!

Mr. Jacoby ignored my visual concentration on the appendage hanging from his pelvis. He made it seem like it was perfectly normal for him to be standing there completely nude. I sensed he was posing for me. He told me to sit on the side of the bed facing his leather chair and spread my legs open. He told me to entertain myself for a few moments.

He left the room and soon returned with a video camera on a high tripod and placed it inches above my knees, just off to the side and turned it on. Even though I was super wet from strutting my stuff downstairs and watching the extortion videos my fingers weren’t doing much for me before he returned.

I had mixed emotions, I didn’t want more tapes of me, but I was curious as to what my cunny looked like up close. I now thought of my kitty as my cunny; I wasn’t quite ready to call it a cunt.

Seeing Mr. Jacoby kissing and licking me would be so cool! Sure I had used a hand mirror to study myself, yet I had never seen myself like I would be able to on a tape, if Mr. Jacoby let me see it. I had to ask.

“Will you let me see this tape?”

“Of course — this is all part of your training.”

Training? What all would that entail? If training meant he was going to teach me more about sex I was all for it. That he wanted to pleasure me was an extra unexpected reward.

“Stay right there on the side of the bed, Andi. Prop yourself up on your hands so you can watch what I do for you.”

I was surprised I heard his direction as I was once more staring at his wondrous endowment before me.

He pulled my butt forward to the edge of the mattress as he fell to his knees between my legs making me snap back to reality. I had expected that he would want me to suck him first; instead he was preparing to kiss, lick and suckle me down there. Was he really going to do it?

As if he had read my thoughts, he started licking my puffy lips. His tongue parted my pubic hair like an expert. He gave my cunny an attention it had never received before. It felt so strange. I had never ever even considered having someone pleasure me in this manner. Had I read about it?

I tried to remember and was sure I had, at least girls ankara escort doing it to girls, but my own interest in sucking penises must have overshadowed my taking this wonderful act seriously.

His lips were soft, his tongue insistent and the stubs on his freshly shaven cheeks tickle my thighs as he rolled his face around. His warm wet saliva coated my lips as they expanded and opened to encourage his mouth to do its magic on my inner self.

I could feel my clitoris reaching out to him. He planted his thumbs on each side of my tender pink inside flesh and spread the threshold of my vagina fully open. His tongue traced the stretched rim of my womanhood and I gasp at the unanticipated pleasure he was giving me.

Mr. Jacoby was a master craftsman; he seemed in no hurry at all as his tongue, lips and teeth explored every exposed part of my responsive flesh. I was giddy with electric sparks shooting all over my body. I was simply delirious with all the new erotic sensations.

He began to concentrate on one part of me at a time. His tongue flitted over my nub and just as that service started me on the way to an explosive orgasm he would move to another part of me. He was deliberately delaying my reaching a peak of satisfaction.

He was teasing me; making me wiggle and squirm and be so conflicted because I wanted to cum, yet I didn’t want his marvelous service to end. When he stabbed his tongue into my sacred channel the sensations were less exciting, but the very thought that he was tongue-fucking me blew my mind.

When he got me so close to exploding, he purposely lifted his face, smiled at me and then lingered away from me as he kissed and licked each of my thighs in turn. He would trail his tongue right up to the edge of my swollen lips and then return to my thighs.

I was shocked when he deliberately chomped down on my left thigh with his teeth. That assault brought my emotional and physical high to skidding halt. I knew I would have a bruise and a teeth tattoo tomorrow.

Shaken by the pain to the awareness of my surrounds and what I was submitting to, Mr. Jacoby returned to being a passionate oral lover. He played me like an instrument; up, up, higher and higher. When he settled his lips on my right thigh I knew a second sharp bite was coming and I welcomed it. Was I some kind of pain freak?

Back to reality I heard a loud muffler backfire just outside the window. Mr. Jacoby heard it too.

“FUCK!” my lover groaned as he jumped to his feet and rushed into his bath. I watched as he washed away our combined juices off his face while muttering to himself.

“Stay here and keep the door closed. Take a nap or something. Don’t make yourself cum!”

Mr. Jacoby slipped on a pair of shorts and left the room as the buzzer from the front door rang.

I was so frustrated! My skin was coated with perspiration, my swollen nether lips were soaked, and I felt a chill and crawled up to the pillows, choosing to lay on the one still indented from Mr. Jacoby’s head this morning. I could smell his masculine scent on the linen. I kissed the pillow.

Rolling over onto my back I pulled the sheet up over me and looked up at the ceiling. There were tiny silver flecks in the stucco sparkling from the sun shining through the swaying curtains. The sparkles danced all over the ceiling.

I could hear the voices of Mr. Jacoby, Tony and Jimmy outside. I could have gone to the window to see what they were up to, but I was too comfortable just daydreaming in Mr. Jacoby’s bed. I didn’t want to replay the day so far as I just wanted it to continue.

Voices came from the foot of the stairs and I heard complaints and directions exchanged between Tony and Mr. Jacoby. Heavy footsteps coming up the stairs made me think that perhaps Mr. Jacoby was bringing the boys up to join us. He wouldn’t do that would he? I didn’t want to see either of the boys again. I was relieved when I heard the labored footsteps pass the door of my sanctuary traveling further down the hall.

Minutes later I heard Tony mumbling just outside the door that the drywall sheets were heavy as they raced back down the stairs. After Mr. Jacoby yelled out for the boys to walk — not run in the house, he startled me when he peeked through the door and told me that he would be tied up with the “little shitheads” for at least another twenty minutes before he followed the boys back outside. I thought “shitheads” was an apt description of the boys that had planned on raping me today.

A whole twenty minutes? I groaned in frustration and drew the sheet up over my head. A wave of embarrassment came over me as I stared down at my womanly tits. Tits? Mr. Jacoby called them tits; his tits, so I guessed they were tits not titties from now on. I knew what I was doing would be considered wrong by my parents and everyone in the entire world.

I shouldn’t be in Mr. Jacoby’s bed and I wouldn’t have been here if I hadn’t let Tony have his way with me in a place where prying eyes could observe us. I had felt that we were being çankaya escort watched on that very first day, but I chose to return on the second day — and the third.

Revisiting today could be considered a disaster, but somehow I felt like celebrating. Mr. Jacoby held the threat of further exposure over me and he was very demanding but all that had to be weighed against the fact that my sex education was accelerating at high speed.

After many, many trips of the boys plodding past the door I finally heard an engine roar and the muffler complain as it was back in service.

When Mr. Jacoby entered the room and left the door open I was thrilled to see my captor and savior once again.

“Where were we? I need a shower. Care to join me?”

I knew he didn’t expect me to decline; I wouldn’t have in a million years. I decided to be on my best behavior.

“Yes, Mr. Jacoby. If you’ll scrub my back I’ll scrub yours.” I felt giddy taking the initiative.

Once under the spray in the spacious stall, Mr. Jacoby insisted on soaping my front. I didn’t mind at all. His hands felt wonderful as they trailed over my flesh. He didn’t dawdle at my tits, my cunt or my ass. He treated my entire body with tender, efficient caresses.

When it was my turn I took as much time as I could to survey his muscular body, saving the best for last. He flinched when I reached around his body allowing my tits to dangle above and against his manhood as I ran my soapy fingers up and down the crease of his ass.

I dropped to my knees and gave his cock a good soapy stroking. Finally, it was in my possession. It was hefty but not cumbersome. My fist didn’t quite close around him. It was longer than Tony’s boy cock and it wasn’t fully ridged yet.

I made a confident guess that I would be able to swallow the whole of him. With my right hand gliding back and forth with ease due to the sudsy lubrication I cupped his testicles with my left. I spread my fingers forming a claw that opened and closed on the jewels within.

He began firming up and his staff stretched out to reach my lips, enter my mouth and fill my throat. If my tits, ass, and cunt belong to him, his cock was my sole property. Once I rinsed it off I fully intended to suck every last drop of his nectar out of him.

He reached down and pulled me to my feet, “Not yet, Princess.”

He called me Princess!

He pushed me (gently) out of the stall and stepping out tossed a towel at me and proceeded to dry himself off with another. Drying each other would have been more romantic.

I considered begging him to let me suck him, but something in his manner told me that wasn’t going to happen on my schedule; he would choose the time and place.

He returned to the bedroom and glared at me with impatience as I was wringing the last vestiges of water from my hair. When I joined him he just pointed at my discarded sandals and then to the center of the side of the bed. I stepped into my elevated sandals and I took my position, spread my legs and sat up as I had before.

“Lay back, close your eyes and lock your fingers behind your neck.”

His tone left no room for comment or negotiation. I heaved a sigh of frustration just so he’d known I was perturbed.

He drew my knees together, straightened my legs and lifted them up until they were pointed at the ceiling. I arched my feet so he would see my willful compliance.

His hands stayed on the back of my calves. Was he going to break my rules? Was he going to take me; fuck me right then and there? I wasn’t afraid. I wanted him to make me a full woman. I wiggled my butt to encourage him. Would he be gentle or just thrust himself into me?

I felt his weight shift and he dropped down. I felt his warm breath on his target just a moment before his stiff tongue stabbed at my butthole.

I was startled; I lurched away from the intruder but it followed me no matter if I wiggled to the right or left. The sensation was pleasant enough; in fact it was marvelous, but I couldn’t remember reading about anyone licking and tongue-fucking anuses. Surely, I would have taken note of such a … a… a dirty — but wonderful lover’s ritual.

Just when I was getting comfort, even thrilled with Mr. Jacoby’s pursuit, he stopped, planted a wet kiss on my pulsating ring, pulled my legs down and spread them.

I was tempted to raise my head and see him standing between my legs with the dagger of my undoing thrust out straight at me. I was ready; hopeful that he would just take me.

Instead I felt his teeth attack my swollen open lips; he wasn’t just nibbling he was biting me. He shook his head which pulled and extended my tender flesh by the roots of my muff. He feasted on every inch of my safe haven’s protective gateway. I felt tiny sharp agonizing rips when my pubic hair got caught in his teeth or between his pressed lips. He was being a savage!

I loved it! His soft gentle seductive efforts earlier had been teasing bliss, but this… this animalistic kızılay escort assault had only one purpose. He intended to make me lose my mind.

I was becoming frantic when he finally inserted two fingers inside me. Yes! I raised my hips off the bed to give him more room to really pound me, in fact, I screamed for him to slam his hand harder. He did, adding two more fingers. Did he have his whole coned palm inside me? His knuckles rippled the outer borders of my womanhood.

When I felt a finger enter my anus I was shocked; it hurt, but it stung in a not unpleasant way. His saliva had moistened the outer rim. I wiggled and squirmed. Was I trying to escape his dirty intrusion or was I begging for more abuse? A second finger entered my butt and I exhaled a screech.

I realized that he was using both hands to stimulate me. His hands were sawing in and out while his teeth were nipping at my clit. I was moaning and whimpering, tossing and turning, completely out of my mind with erotic sensations I never before knew existed.

The thought that if this was the way my housekeeping job was going to be then I had really hit the jackpot. I was one happy, happy, lucky, lucky girl!

I looked down at him and saw my legs now suspended on his broad shoulders, my sandals swinging precariously away from my feet. I squeezed my knees together on each side of his head and humped upward, once — twice before I lurched away from the pleasure I couldn’t take any longer. I heard my shoes crash to the floor before I lost consciousness.

When I awoke I was curled up in a fetal position in the center of the bed covered with a sheet. Mr. Jacoby was sitting in his chair again watching me with a wide grin. He was stroking that magnificent shaft of his.

“Welcome back.”

“I… I…I don’t know what to say — WOW!”

“WOW? Is that a compliment?”

“Yes sir, emphatically. I can’t believe what you did to me. I never dreamed… I am supposed to be pleasing you, not the other way around.

“OK, OK. A “thank you” Mr. JACOBY is enough.”

I ignored his correction, “No it isn’t.” I crawled off the bed; wobbled, even bare-foot and dropped to my knees in front of him. Please let me suck you”, I murmured.

“Please let me suck you, Mr. JACOBY.” Fuck, I forget my place. It was somehow comforting to know he would not let me get away with the smallest infraction.

“Please let me suck your beautiful, wonderful, hard cock, Mr. Jacoby.”

“You don’t have time for that, Andi; your parents will be arriving home in thirty minutes.” Did Mr. Jacoby know everything about me and my family?

My employer walked over to his closet and removed a blue striped linen button-down dress shirt.

“You can wear this home; return it on Friday. Surprise me with a nice summer dress then. No bra or panties will be necessary. Run along; leave your school uniform downstairs. Don’t forget to take your money. Friday at eight o’clock sharp, then?”

After donning his shirt that fit me like a mini dress I returned to my squat in front of him; staring at his manhood just inches away. My mouth was watering; I needed his cock more than I had needed anything else in my entire life. I didn’t want to leave without having him.

Mr. Jacoby gave me reprieve of sorts.

“Let’s take a minute to recap the day, okay?”

“Yes, Mr. Jacoby.” “I’m going to ask you a few questions and I want you to be entirely honest. Answer just “Yes or No”. Are you comfortable doing that?”

I would do anything he wanted to stay just a few minutes longer with him.

“Yes, Mr. Jacoby.” “Was today more interesting than you expected it to be this morning?”

That was a definite yes. “Yes, Mr. Jacoby.”

“Did you learn anything new that you would like to do again?”

I didn’t even take time to think that through. “Oh, yes Mr. Jacoby!”

“Did I hurt you or take advantage of you in any way?”

That would be debatable with so many things to consider, but I didn’t want to seem to argue with him.

“No, Mr. Jacoby.”

“Do you want to come back on Friday?”

“Yes I do!”

“Yes I do, MR. JACOBY.”

“Yes, I do Mr. Jacoby.” Damn! I fucked up again.

“Will you have time to do a little homework for me tomorrow?” I hadn’t been out of school even a week and he wanted me to do homework.

“Yes, Mr. Jacoby.”

“Good. It would help me if you would make a handwritten list of all the things you would like to learn about. Will you do that for me?”

“Yes, of course, Mr. Jacoby.”

“Are you a happy girl, Andi?”

“Yes, Mr. Jacoby. Very, very happy.”

“Good, I too am pleased that we had such a good time today. Well, off with you. You don’t want to worry your parents about where you are.”

His cock had been twitching and taunting me the whole time. Would he be offended if I just gave his cock a quick kiss so I could taste it?

I didn’t want to fuck up again today. I knew I was about to cry. I didn’t want him to see me so pathetically desperate so I stood and backed away. I stopped at the door and whined, “Yes sir, Friday at eight.”

Downstairs, I scooped up my wages and made my way out the sliding door. Mr. Jacoby was a very strange man; no hugs or good-byes. I floated home. __

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