Andrea and the Secret Admirer



I really appreciate you hosting an anonymous blog for survivors of abduction to be able to share their stories. I’m extremely nervous telling my story as I’ve never been able to tell anyone. I haven’t been able to stop reliving the event since it happened. I’m hoping by sharing my experience with your readers that I may be able to find some peace with what happened to me. So much has happened that I don’t know where to begin other than the very beginning.

I’m used to feeling men looking at me. I don’t mean that to sound like I think that I’m all that but I think most women my age are used to feeling man staring at them. In August of this year I begin feeling like I was constantly being watched. It was different than the normal guy walking past me and staring at my chest. It was different then the feeling I get standing in the grocery store and seeing a man pushing his buggy behind me staring at my butt.

I really searched my brain over these past couple of months trying to figure out where it all started. I think I’ve been able to narrow it down to a warm afternoon when I was sitting in a park. I had taking advantage of the fabulous weather to spend my lunch break sitting on a park bench. I was busy looking over things I brought with me from work.

At this point I need to explain something to your readers that’s extremely embarrassing to me. Without explaining this I don’t feel that your readers will understand. I can’t believe I’m saying this in broadcasting it out over the Internet but I have abnormally sweaty feet. As one would expect with someone with overactive sweat glands in their feet, I have a big problem with foot odor. It’s always been a huge source of embarrassment for me and required careful planning on the type shoes I wore and where and when I could take them off. My single biggest fear surrounding my feet is going over to someone’s house that has a no shoes rule. I know this is getting away from sharing my story but I think it’s important for your readers to understand why I feel so ashamed and victimized.

Understanding my issues with foot odor I think your readers will understand why I took my heels off in the park that day. There was a nice breeze and I knew that no one would be able to smell them. I slipped my feet out of my heels and propped them on a small chair in front of me. I think like everyone else, I was aware that people have fetishes for feet but I had never met one and it just didn’t occur to me that my bare feet we’re really on display. I sat there reading and within about ten minutes got the burning sensation that someone was watching me. It was different than anything I’ve ever experienced before. I felt extremely uncomfortable I told myself that I was just being paranoid and that I was really invisible in this sea of people.

I eventually was able to shake the feeling. I wasn’t aware that I had done this but my abductor made a big point of telling me about it. Normally when I have my shoes off I will absentmindedly stretch my feet. I’ll point my toes and spread them to let the cool air between my sweaty toes. I can’t be held responsible Heidi for doing something that I wasn’t aware of, can I? I mean how can that be my fault? I know that I have very cute feet but how could I have known that my feet would’ve gotten into the situation? I feel like it’s my fault Heidi and I’m terrified to wear open toed shoes in public since my abduction.

After being able to shake the feeling of being watched in the park I put my heels back on and decided to go over to the Starbucks nearby. As I walked I got this feeling that someone was right behind me and I kept turning around to see who was following me. I really felt like I must be crazy because I never saw anyone. I still wanted to take advantage of the nice weather so I sat outside with my latte. Again I didn’t consciously do this but my abductor told me that I did. Apparently when I was sitting at the table I started dangling my heels off my toes. I did start getting very uncomfortable feeling of someone’s eyes burning into me. I snapped my head around several times in an effort to see if I could catch someone looking at me, but I couldn’t. I chalked it up to the fact that I hadn’t eaten much and again I was just being paranoid.

I eventually got back in my car and drove to work. I was feeling unsettled but knew that it was all in my head. When I got that feeling again walking from my car into the office I did my best to ignore it. I looked around and didn’t see anyone in the parking lot. I got the same feeling almost immediately when I walked out of the front door of the office and walk to my car. By this point I had convinced myself that it was all in my head. Even as I got that feeling parking in the driveway and walking into my house.

That’s the way my life went for the next few weeks. I really didn’t know how to articulate to anyone how I was feeling. I just figured they would think I was crazy. Every time I got that feeling I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. I got used to having the feeling anytime I was out in public. I quit going to the park and avoided being in public as much canlı bahis as I could. When I wasn’t in public I felt safe. There were a couple of instances at work when potential new clients were given a tour of our offices.

The gym was sort of a different feeling. I think as with any woman my age you want to feel sexy. I like the attention from men. It’s flattering to see that you’re able to turn heads when you’re working out. Typically I would dress sexy to the gym but not like a complete slut. I liked wearing a form fitting top that was sleeveless and showed my tummy. I would usually wear tight short shorts and running shoes with white ankle socks. As your readers can probably imagine I never used the locker facility at the gym because of my foot smell issue. I think it’s normal that my feet with sweat at the gym because I’m usually drenched in sweat but my running shoes make my feet especially stinky and sweaty. Having this problem with my feet all my life I knew that I would clear out the locker room if I took off my shoes. I was now in the habit of going home to get cleaned up after the gym.

I know you asked me to be specific and detailed as I could about the time leading up to my abduction. The gym begin to feel like a place that I got mixed feelings about being watched. I guess because I was used to guys making up a reason to be working out in my vicinity when I would work out my hamstrings. Laying face down, the machine pushes my butt up in the air and my feet are under a bar. So anytime I was working out on a machine that had me and when I guess I would describe as a compromising position I was used to feeling men lusting after my body. But they were very definite times when I would get an extremely strong feeling that someone was watching me differently than all of the others.

I apologize for delaying describing the events that happened that September afternoon. It’s just really hard for me to talk about Heidi and I know it’s part of the healing process but I’m sure the other victims can understand my reluctance to describe what happened.

It was Saturday, September 3, 2016. My roommates had decided to go on a weeklong trip. I decided to stay home and take advantage of the peace and quiet. I decided to leave for the gym at 11 o’clock in the morning. I put on my gym clothes and when I opened my sock drawer I saw that I hadn’t done laundry like I had planned. I debated not wearing socks but I knew on the occasions that I had done that that the people on the treadmill next to me could smell my feet. Nobody obviously had ever confronted me about it but I can remember people sort of looking around and trying to discreetly smell themselves to see if they were the cause of such a strong smell. I’m lucky in the fact that I am cute and in good shape because people won’t naturally associate me with offensive odors. So I dug through my dirty clothes basket and trying to find the least smelly pair of ankle socks. I knew that all of them were going to be completely gross so I just picked a pair and put them on my feet and slip them into my running shoes.

Immediately when I walked outside the front door I got the overwhelming feeling of being watched. Of course by this point I knew that it was all in my head and I went to the gym. The feeling was especially strong that day at the gym. It continued the entire time heavily.

When I was driving into my neighborhood I noticed a group of Boy Scouts going around the neighborhood soliciting donations. My next-door neighbors son is a Boy Scout and I have always contributed. I smiled and waved at the ones I saw. I pulled into my driveway and went through my purse to get some cash knowing that they would be there soon.

I was in the house for only about a minute when there was a knock at my door. I remember thinking to myself, “Wow! How did they get here so fast from all the way down the street!” I went to the door and opened it with a smile to see a single man standing at my door. He smiled and stuck out his hand and introduced himself as Stan. I told him that it was nice to meet him and then my name was Andrea. He seem extremely friendly and explained that he and his family just moved to an adjacent neighborhood and that he was soliciting donations.

I told him that I always contributed and I told him I would go get my purse. As I started to walk away he said:

“Hey I don’t mean to be forward but do you mind if I come in for a second and get something to drink? We really been hitting it hard today and stupid me forgot to bring anything to drink.”

I didn’t really think anything about it when I saw him hang the bag on my door indicating that the Scouts had been there. I said:

“Oh my god yes please Stan come on in it’s really hot outside today.”

He walked in and sat down a good-sized backpack in the living room. I made him a glass of water as I was wiping the sweat from my face with a towel. Stan had come in and sat on the sofa. “Thanks for letting me take a breather.” I told him not to think twice about it and to make himself comfortable. I handed him his water and apologized for being so gross as I just gotten back from the gym. bahis siteleri I sat in a chair in the living room facing him as we made small talk. I was happy to show generosity and really just expected him to drink the water and leave.

We both commented as we saw on the group of Scouts pass by my house about how hard they were all working and how great it was. He finished his water and asked if I wouldn’t mind getting him another. He had been there for about ten minutes and it was just starting to get to that point where I was really ready for him to leave so that I can take a shower.

I thought he had sensed that he was beginning to overstay his welcome. “I’m really sorry for taking up your time Andrea. I just feel so good to sit down and it’s nice to finally meet some of the neighbors. I’ll finish this glass of water and get back to it.” I felt bad that I was rushing this kind stranger to was just trying to make some friends in the neighborhood so we continued to talk. I just felt bad because I was constantly wiping sweat off my face and patting my chest dry as well as my arms.

Stan had started to flirt with me but very subtle. I could really see it in his eye has even as he continued very normal conversation. He seem like a nice guy and I enjoyed the feeling. I could just tell when I looked away and that he would take the opportunity to look me up and down.

“Wow you must’ve really worked out hard today Andrea!” He said is I wiped my face again with the towel. I laughed and told him that my body is just that way and that it won’t cool down until I took a cold shower. “Well I appreciate your hospitality so if you want to take your shoes off and rest a little bit I don’t mind.” It’s sort of struck me that that was an odd thing to say but I chuckled and told him that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea. That perked him up and he said, “oh yeah? Why is that?”

I told him that I had worked out really hard and how I had stupidly forgot to do laundry and had to wear an already dirty pair of socks to the gym so my feet probably wouldn’t be “super fresh” I think I described them.

“Oh come on Andrea!” He chuckled, “You are cute as a button and I can’t imagine that you would smell bad. Plus I’m sure that you’ve got super cute feet.” I didn’t really know how to take that comment so I sort of laughed nervously and said “thanks” with a hint of question and my voice and a confused look on my face.

“No I’m serious Andrea. I think you’re really cute and I’m going to have to insist that you take off your shoes and let me see your feet.”

I was now at the point that I was offended and I told him very sternly that I was not going to take off my shoes and show him my feet. I should’ve been more bold and demanded that he leave that instant but I was nervous and said something like, “well I guess you need to get back out there. Here’s my donation and I hope you have a good rest of the day.”

He didn’t move from his position on the couch and scooted forward to rest his albums on his knees and look directly at me. “So why don’t you want me to see your feet Andrea? Is it because they fucking stink so bad? Because I’ve been able to smell them the whole time I’ve been in the house. Or is it because your feet are so incredibly ticklish? I’m not gonna ask you again Andrea. Take off your shoes.”

I flew up off the chair and said, “Why are you being such a fucking creep! I’m going to report what you said to the rest of the Scouts! How dare you come over here and demand to see my feet? Get the fuck out of here right now!”

“Well Andrea that’s unfortunate. I had really hoped and that you were going to enjoy my company and that I could been able to enjoy your feet consensually. But you fucking asked for it so remember that slut.”

He brushed over and grabbed me and spun me around. He pushed me up against the wall and put one hand over my mouth and one hand around my arms. He was so incredibly strong as he quickly cuffed my hands behind my back and stuffed a cloth my mouth. He was able to grab both of his book bag and me as he forced me down the hallway to my bedroom. He was very rough with me and forced me facedown on the bed and began to tightly behind my ankles together and binding my wrists together behind my back. Once my wrists were secure he removed the handcuffs and put a very secure and gag across my mouth.

I was thrashing around on the bed and screaming into my gag. He told me to thrash around all I wanted that I wasn’t going anywhere and I was just going to waste my energy and I was going to need a lot of it for what he was going to do to me.

But he decided to sit down in a chair by the foot of the bed and start unlace my running shoes. “Keep still and shut the fuck up Andrea. You need to except that this is going to happen to you and if you make it harder for me I am going to hurt you.”

I could feel that he was smelling around the tops of my sneakers. As he did he started talking to me.

“First off dumbass, when you feel like someone’s watching you that strongly; they are. I noticed you that day in the park and I’ve been following you every single bahis şirketleri day since. I knew from that first day when I saw your sweaty feet propped up in the park and I was gonna have to have them for myself. You really have a problem keeping your shoes on in public Andrea. I guess with someone that has such stinky fucking feet it must be something you love doing letting them air out when nobody’s around to be disgusted by the smell. And another thing Andrea, I mean I give you some leeway because you have such incredible feat but God damn you’re dumb. Do you have any idea how easy you made this for me? I’ve been following you on social media the whole time and it’s not very smart to advertise on Facebook that you’re going to enjoy some alone time this weekend. Will guess what now we’re both going to be having fun all weekend, well at least I am!”

He started to pull off my running shoes and even though it was obvious that he liked my feet being stinky I couldn’t help but feeling incredibly embarrassed. My face felt hot as the blood rushed to it. He slowly and methodically removed both of my running shoes. I was horrified and didn’t want to look but I had to. I saw him rubbing his hard cock over his pants because he had his face buried inside one of my running shoes. I could hear him breathing deeply and see him shaking. I couldn’t believe that this creep was smelling the insides of both of my shoes AND getting off on it. The smell from my feet was literally burning my nostrils. Wearing the same pair of socks twice in a row had made my feet stink up the entire bedroom. He placed my shoes up on the bed next to my calves. He was sitting in only a foot or two away from the soles of my feet. His hands came down cupping the tops of my feet and raising my legs up. He lowered his face and started smelling my dirty wet socks. I could feel his nose dragging back-and-forth smelling the balls of my feet and underneath my toes. I felt so disgusting and violated.

“The one thing I’ve been dying to know Andrea is whether or not your feet are ticklish. So I’ll be nice and ask you. Are your feet ticklish Andrea?” I laid there completely fucking mortified. I absolutely hate having my feet tickled and I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want to admit to this fucking pervert but my feet are ticklish.

“How does the cat got your fucking tongue Andrea? Well let’s just see if these precious feet are ticklish as I’ve been hoping they are.” With that he dug his fingernails into my arches and started scribbling them around. And this was over my socks. I started screaming into my gag and laughing and choking. My body bucked and thrashed around on the bed. It was the most maddening feeling that I can imagine. And he wouldn’t stop. I was pulling so hard at my restraints and I thought I may break something. My hair was wet from sweat and was stuck to my face as I desperately tried to get to air through my nose. He continued to tickle my feet until I thought I was going to pee.

“I’ve held off as long as I could. I just got to get the socks off and see your beautiful bare feet Andrea.” I laid there trying to catch my breath as I found him slowly peeling off my socks. Once off I turned to see that his eyes were wide open as well as his mouth. “Oh my fucking God Andrea your feet are more incredible up close and I could’ve ever imagined.” He started massaging the soles of my feet firmly with his thumbs and commenting on how wet they were. He used his hands to make my toes point. “This is gonna be a long weekend for you and Andrea.”

Hey stood and started sliding the palms of his hands up the backs of my calves and thighs. I felt his weight get on the bed with me as a straddled my legs between his. His hands continued up to my ass. Pre-roughly squeeze my ass with both hands and then he reached over and got something out of his book bag. I felt something cold on the outside of my thigh and heard the familiar sound of fabric been cut. My heart sunk. My worst fears were true. He was about to rape me. Hey cut until he was able to pull my shorts and panties off. His hands continue to massage and roughly squeeze my butt. They cut off my top and my bra and now I was laying there facedown, completely naked. My wrists were bound behind my back and my ankles were tied extremely tight together. Hey straddled my butt and begin rubbing the palms of his hands up and down my back. He was pressing his hard cock against my hands they were bound behind my back.

I fought as best I could but he rolled me on my side and started to roughly massage my breasts and squeeze them. Pinching my nipples hard and watching my face wince in pain. He slid his hands down my stomach and rolled me back face down. He climbed off the bed and made me watch as he took all of his clothes off. His cock was very hard and pointing up. As he climbed back on the bed I knew that I was getting ready to be raped. But instead he sat on my butt facing towards my feet. He started lowering his body down and slid his cock between my sweaty thighs. His hands reach up to grab my feet and force them to point. He went back smelling my feet and slowly fucking my thighs. I felt him start to lick the soles of my feet. He was mumbling under his breath about how sweaty they were, how much he loves how they smell, how sexy my feet are, how high my arches are, how he loves the wrinkles in the soles of my feet.

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