Andrea , Jack Ch. 01


Andrea is a beach girl, a flip-flop-loving, uptight, cock-teasing, control-freak with very little sexual experience. One special summer, Jack prepared her for what to expect the first time..


It is equal parts adorable and irritating that you think your precious little pussy is so fragile. Every time I suggest my desire to be inside of you, you talk about how much it is going to hurt. I know you are tiny and very tight and some pain is to be expected the first time but it’s not like I’m going to just ram it in like a porn-star. You should feel confident that, as your lover, I am going to put forth every effort to make you feel good. We will work together for our mutual pleasure. Our bodies will get used to each other and any initial pain will soon fade away and after some practice, and with open communication, there will be nothing but enjoyment…

Our night together begins when I step into the doorway of your bathroom. You are standing at the sink, brushing your teeth, while wearing only a white and pink nightie. If only you knew that I am as turned on by your sexy attire as I am by your oral hygiene! You look at me through the mirror’s reflection and, with the toothbrush still in your mouth, give me a sweet and welcoming smile. As I see you lower your head and daintily spit out a long gob of toothpaste, it is impossible for my erection not to twitch a little within my pants.

And so I step into the bathroom, directly behind you, sensing you are waiting to feel me close, my arms slide under yours, my hands slide around your stomach and I hold you tight. You respond by laying your head back on my chest, you feel my heart pounding for you. You lift a hand to stroke my hair and caress my cheek, whispering “Oh Jack…”

I lean down to kiss your cheek and you question me, “Only a kiss?”

I reply by exploring your body, my fingers spread far apart and my hands slide away from your stomach, up and around the curves of your breasts, palming them, feeling the nipples growing stiff under the fabric of your nightie. I pause to enjoy the size, shape, texture and weight of your breasts. You close your tandoğan escort eyes and enjoy my enjoyment. Your own hands drift down to the sink counter which you use for balance while gently leaning forward, your backside teasing my erection. Naturally, I push it against you and you react with both a gasp and a grind. I lean over to kiss your ear and whisper to you, “I’ve wanted to fuck you all day long, Andrea…”

If you weren’t already, you are now wet for me. You egg me on with a saucy kind of flippancy…”You mean you spent all day wanting to fuck me, or you’ve been wanting to spend an entire day fucking me?”

I spin you around and we begin kissing passionately, losing a little more control with each further touch. Before we know it, your hand is frantically rubbing my bulge and trying to slip inside my pants. My hand is on your naked thigh, then squeezing your hot little ass and going for your naked pussy. Between kisses I am breathlessly whispering explanations of exactly what I’ve wanted to do with you.

Then you regain control and in, doing so, you begin taking control of me. You end the smoldering kisses and give a commanding (though lowered) gaze. You slip your thumb and index finger over the top of my erection, then join them together in the form of a circle, making a ring around my cock. One by one, your middle finger, ring finger and pinky take turns curling around the length of shaft, which you punctuate by a subtle (but overpowering) squeeze. Every single nerve ending in my penis and testicles is on sensory overload. You have my full attention.

“Jack darling,” you whisper, “If you fucked me as hard and as fast as you are thinking about right now, it would hurt me SO bad…”

Now your other hand wraps around the first, making my cock feel both secure and at your mercy. You cup this hand on the bottom of my scrotum but refrain from squeezing me at this tender moment. In this position the tip of my penis touches your wrist.

“You wouldn’t want to hurt me would you…?” you whisper, beginning to slide that hand up, so that your palm forcefully rubs the tunalı escort head, instantly inspiring pre-cum to ooze out. I groan loudly in reply to your question and touch. Then with a little pressure from your index finger knuckle and a slight bend of your wrist, you pull on me like a rein into your bedroom. Finishing your thought you say, “…so I guess I should do something to help you calm down a little.”

Moments later…

You have me laying on your bed, all of our clothes off. You are between my legs on your knees, your hands rubbing, kneading up and down my cock. The contrast of smooth, soft skin over the steel-like stiffness fascinates you. You begin gently blowing cool air through your sweet lips, assaulting me with pleasure, then leaving a few, random kisses on it.

Next, you place your hands under your large, creamy breasts and hold them up in an erotic display for me. You position my cock between them and slowly push them together, the head peeking out of your cleavage and the shaft basking in the warmth of your bosom. You giving me that look again and then whisper, “Do you like the way this feels, Jack?”

Again, I groan loudly but this time can only manage a few words, “Yes, baby…”

“I am glad, lover. I want you to feel good sliding your cock in and out. “

“Oh, Andrea….” I gasp.

“Darling, I want you to shoot your love all over my C-Cups.” You admit, causing my jaw to drop in a mix of shock, delight and eagerness. “Do you think you would like that?”

I respond by instantly going into overdrive. Before you know it, I have you on your back and I am straddling you. Our hands work together to position my cock and your breasts into perfect formation. You cup them on each side to keep them in position. Moving my hips back, then sliding in and out, lubricating your sternum with a trail of pre-cum and more easily moving within the confines of your soft but ample breasts. Each time I thrust forward, you eagerly strain to get a taste of my throbbing head. I squeeze and pinch your lovely dark pink nipples, sending jolts of pleasure straight turangüneş escort to your wet pussy, making the bottom half of your body squirm for me.

You can tell I am close and we begin being more candid in our whispers. “Come on baby,” you whimper, “Give it to me… fuck my tits…”

I am so close.

With a ragged whisper you demand, “Cum all over me Jack. Do it NOW.”

These are the magic words. No matter how much I want to hold back, no matter how long I want to build up anticipation and prolong pleasure. Once you command me to cum for you, I have no choice. My orgasm begins.

My cock is still between your breasts and my hips have stopped but you feel it move by itself. It is alive for you, aching, throbbing, twitching, jerking up and down. You sense a ripple going from the root of my cock all the way up to the head as a mighty and intense pulse emanates out.

The first blast is the largest and longest. A hot stream sprays out of the urethra, arches up into the air and falls back down, splashing on your wanting skin. It is thick but it flows easily. Some spray from the first round lands across your lips and chin, you open your mouth in excitement and without even thinking begin lapping up a few drops with your tongue. The rest makes a trail down your throat and begins rolling down your neck and shoulders. You shiver at the warm and tingling sensations.

The second blast does not have the same velocity but is nearly as large. It too splatters across the shoulders but I have pulled back a little and it is flooding the valley between the two mounds of your breasts, forming a puddle that drips both up and down. My hand grabs my cock and direct a third and fourth wave onto your nipples, which then spread out, covering your nipples then rolling down the gentle slopes in each direction. Since I’ve let go of you, you continue pinching your nipples by yourself, massaging the cum into them.

There are a number of smaller emissions after this. I could possibly shoot up to 10 more rounds on you, leaving you a hot, soaking, sticky, sweet mess. You will push your breasts together, slathered in cum, continuing to pleasure your tits while your little pussy feels tortured by a bittersweet neglect.

While you continue rubbing yourself, I move between your legs, licking my lips, guided by a fragrant and heavy aroma that is drifting out of your hot, wet pussy.

To Be Continued…

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