Andrea, John and me.

Big Dicks

Andrea, John and me.My buddy called up and wanted to see if Andrea and I wanted to go to the club tonight. I told him sure, and we would meet him there around 1000pm or so. Andrea loves to go to this particular club, as it has a large dance floor that is kind of dark, and they always play alternative music. I told Andrea to dress in something that will turn heads, and of course, she complied. She wore a tight black dress that clung to her C cup boobs nicely, and accentuated her ass to perfection. Andrea has a rather voluptuous ass, a true bubble butt, one that always grabs the eyes of guys. Fishnet stockings with the crotch ripped out, and black velvet heels. She gave me a hand job before we left, and made me wear her favorite pair of panties for me under my jeans. Even after the hand job, my dick was still straining in the satiny cocoon of my panties. When we got to the club, we ran into a few old friends, and hit the bar. Andrea convinced me to dance a couple of songs, which is something I rarely do. Luckily, she just lets me stand there and grinds on my crotch. I noticed quite a few guys checking her out, and knowing she wanted to flirt with some guys, excused myself and went to the bar. When I got back, I found she had made a friend in a younger guy, skinny, kaçak iddaa long brown hair, and he was extremely into her. She noticed me out of the corner of her eye, and winked. I sipped my drink at a table while watching her get down on the dance floor with this guy. She was grinding so hard against his crotch, I could see the bulge from my table some 20 feet away. His hands were all over her ass, and then I saw him find her wet, completely shaven smooth pussy with his fingers. He pulled his hand back, and brought his fingers to his nose. I could tell he loved her smell. Andrea grabbed his hand, and put it back in her pussy. They danced for two more songs before Andrea brought him over to meet me. His name was John, and I could tell he was unsure of what to say to me. I broke the ice by asking how he liked the smell of Andrea’s pussy. Nervously he told me it was the best he ever had smelled in his life. I bought a few rounds of drinks, and we hung out the rest of the night at the club until closing time.In the parking lot, I could tell he was sad the night was over. I asked him if he wanted to smoke a joint at our place, and have a few more drinks. He was extremely happy and followed us home. When we got to our place, I went into the bedroom to get into something illegal bahis more comfortable. Andrea was sitting next to John on our couch, and had her hand in his pants. I brought out the jay, and we smoked it while Andrea snuggled with John and played with his cock in his pants. I went into the kitchen to make everyone drinks, and when I came back, Andrea had John’s cock in her mouth. He was grabbing her hair as her head bobbed up and down on his good sized circumcised cock. I sat in the recliner, and watched the show while pulling out my own cock. Andrea took off her dress and bra, and John immediately started sucking on her big nipples. Andrea took off John’s clothes, and started back on sucking his cock. I took off my own clothes at this point, and noticed that John smiled at my cock. I sat back in the recliner, took out some lube, and slowly started stroking my meat while watching Andrea and John maneuver into a 69 position. I had a perfect point of view of Andrea’s sweet ass and pussy being devoured by John. He was licking her clit while shoving two fingers in her pussy. After a few minutes of this, Andrea was some dick in her pussy. She had John lay on the couch while she mounted him on top. Andrea gasped when the big head of John’s dick entered bahis siteleri her pussy. I watched the cream run down from her pussy onto John’s shaved balls. After watching them fuck for a few, I figured it was my turn to jump into the action. I got along side of John on the couch, and Andrea leaned over to kiss me deep. I could taste John’s cock on her breath. Man, that turned me on so much. She started to stroke my cock while grinding away on John’s cock. I then felt John put his hand on my cock as well. He looked at me, and I just smiled. He moaned that he was about to come, and Andrea got off of his cock. I figured what the hell, leaned over, and took his cock to his balls in my mouth. He bucked his hips, and blasted his big load down my throat. I sucked all of his tangy man cream until he was empty. Andrea loves to watch me suck dick, and was fingering her clit until she came. I started to finger John’s ass, and he got up to get on all fours. I pulled out the lube, and worked my way up to four fingers in his smooth shaved ass. He had such a tight ass I had a hard time getting my cock in. Andrea positioned her pussy in front of John’s face, and he dove right in. I was pumping away to my heart’s content, simply in lust with this hot tight ass. I was not able to last very long, and pulled out, blowing my load all over John’s tight little ass. I got down and cleaned him off, and we all laid back on my couch. Andrea and I still get together with John now and again.

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