Andrew and James


Andrew and JamesAndrew helps me put my stuff in my car, then he climbs in the drivers seat, to take me back to his house. Or so I thought. The man drove to the cute little boutique in town. “A Dream for Him” , Andrew lead me through the door with him holding my hand. An older woman built like a brick house stepped out from the back room. “Hi, Louise” Andrew said. Louise came over and kissed Andrew on the cheek and gave him a hug. Andrew introduced me to her and told me to go look around, as the two who had spoke. Louise came over to me as I had a handful of items to try on and to purchase. She told me that Andrew and her were business partners at one time. She worked in his office, then he helped her open this shop.I asked her if she used to fuck him? She said only a few times, because she was happily married. I asked why she fucked him, then. Louise said they made love a couple of times before she got married, then fucked him on last time after she opened this shop. Mike, her husband knows that they have had sex, but doesn’t really approve. I asked her if it was part of an arrangement?She laughed at first, then said no. She really likes Andrew, but loves her husband more. She said she was the one laying on the pool table when his wife caught them. All I could do is giggle and said that I wanted to be fucked like that by him. Louise, then told me, that the man can be very kinky at times, but it’s all fun.Andrew came over to see if I was ok and if I had everything I wanted. I finished putting my dress on again, then stepped out. Louise was at the desk, ringing all the lacey undies, bras, nighties, lubes, toys and a box of condoms. I looked at him as he handed the box over. He said it’s a surprise if I was up to it. Then he said he will tell me about it in the car.I said thanks to Louise as she handed me the bag. Andrew gave her a quick hug and said to her, he will have her come over for lunch sometime soon. In the car, Andrew asked me if I was into having multiple sex partners at once. I raised an eyebrow and asked “A gangbang?”. “In a way, but not necessarily with a lot of men or women.” He replied, then said “More like having sex with me and two or three others.” I shrugged my shoulders and said I’ve only had a three-some once. But it was with a girlfriend and her guy friend. I told him it was ok, but I didn’t get enough of his dick, but plenty of his tongue.”I like to have a nice dick or two, if possible, as you could tell with the dildo in my ass and you in my pussy.” Andrew smiled and said he will arrange for us to have a couple of partners later this week. I asked who they were. Andrew replied that his business partner has a big dick and that he’s always fun to play with, then asked me if I had a problem with two guys fucking. I was shocked when Andrew said he likes to be fucked by his friend.What kızılay escort could I say, but ok. I was thrilled and asked how soon this could happen. Andrew pulled his cell phone from his pocket and called James. He wxplained that I’m eager to have both of thm inside he wetness and if he could come over tonight. The laughter from Andrew was a fun laugh as he hung up. When we pulled in the driveway, Andrew grabbed just the bag of new things, then opened the door for me.He said for me to get in the shower and he will bring up the rest of my belongings. As I just stood in the shower, I grabbed his shampoo and lathered my hair and body. The aroma of a man’s wash turns me on. Andrew handed me my shampoo and conditioner. I asked for my toothbrush. He handed me it already with paste on it, then he stood in front of me watching from the outside.My nipples were hard from him staring at me. I rinsed my hair, then made sure the rest of the soap was rinsed from my body. I stepped out into the towel Andrew had held open for me. With my hair wrapped in a towel, Andrew handed me the white corset and crotchless panties. He asked if I would wear the thigh high hose and my black heels. I didn’t argue with him, I felt very sexy once I had these items on.I fixed my hair with big curls, put a small amount of makeup on and some cologne. The doorbell rang, Andrew disappeared to answer it. My phone rang shortly after the door opened and he greeted his friend James. Andrew had called to tell me to go to the room across the hall from his bedroom and to make myself a glass of wine. He and James would be up shortly.Sitting in the window seat, I watched the groundsmen finish with trimming the yard. I didn’t hear the door open, but felt eyes staring at me, when I turned there were the two men looking at me with very hungry eyes. Andrew introduced James and reached over to hold my waist. James didn’t reach out to shake my hand, but he reached over to inspect my tits. He brushed his thumbs over my hard nipples, then cupped my breasts.I could feel the juices produce in between my legs. All the while Andrew was massaging my hips and ass. Then he would work his hands to the front of my crotch. James leaned in to kiss me, not just a peck, but open mouth passionate kisses. James held my tits while Andrew worked his fingers into my moist slit. I began to unbutton James’ shirt, then ran my fingers down his chest to his pants.To my surprise, Andrew already had James’ pants undone and his too. The men were ready for each other, but they both wanted me, too. I touched James’s dick as it grew to full attention. James kissed me more, then said he can’t wait to feel my lips on his cock. Andrew told him that I give a damn good blowjob. I bent over to suck James cock, as Andrew bent down to lick my mamak escort pussy. Andrew spread my ass cheeks and licked my puckered hole then on down to my sweet pussy.The moans fromt he three of us filled the room. I hadn’t sucked James for long, when he began to fill my mouth with his cum. I sucked him until he was dry, then he pulled away. Andrew had me get on all fours, then he slid underneath me, with his dick under my face. I sucked his dick, while he ate at my pussy some more. A few fingers in my pussy as he sucked and licked me to cum. When I let out a loud moan from my first orgasm, I felt some fingers go into my ass. Andrew and James both had their fingers in me. I thought at one time I heard the two kiss, but wasn’t for sure. Andrew lifted from me. He then laid on his back and had me sit on his dick. James came over to me, kissed me then told me I did a great job of sucking and he wants more. He gave me his semi limp dick and let me suck him again to full attention. Once he was hard again, he slipped a condom on, lubed it up then slid his dick in my tight puckered hole. Slow pusshes, then a quick thrust.His dick is about the same size as Andrew’s. Two big hard cocks are buried deep in my holes. I’m just missing one more dick in my mouth. I bent over to kiss Andrew and tell him I’m having fun. He held my breasts, pinched and pulled my nipples. Andrew pulled my breasts to his mouth so he could give me a bit more pain. He nibbled my hard nipples and sucked harder to get me to cum.James pulled his dick from my ass, then slid into my pussy along with Andrew’s. The feeling of having both huge dicks was awesome. I was enjoying myself, when James pulled away. Andrew held onto my waist and pounded himself into me. James came over towards me, looked at me and said it was Andrew’s turn for some dick. James pulled me off of Andrew, then lifted Andrew’s legs.James had a different condom and lubed himself and Andrew’s ass. Small thrusts as first, then a quick thrust and James was in Andrew’s ass. I sat on Andrew’s face for more licking of the pussy. James massaged my tits and kissed me as he fucked Andrew. Andrew was jerking his dick and licking my pussy, James kissing me and plunging deep into Andrew’s ass. James was ready to get off again, he pulled from Andrew, jerked his condom off then let me suck him off again. I sucked and swallowed every drop of his cum as Andrew had me at another orgasm. MY cum was all over Andrew’s face when I lifted up. James wanted to taste my cum, then began to lick and kiss Andrew’s lips. I began to suck Andrew again to his stiffness.Then as I went to sit on Andrew’s dick again, He said for me to lay on him backwards. I slid my pussy over his dick. Andrew pulled me to kiss my neck and to pull and tug my nipples, before James leaned into yenimahalle escort suck my nipples again. The man’s dick was hard once again, when he had another condom on and was sliding in alongside Andrew’s dick. Here again, both men were in my wet pussy.I just love this feeling of the two men fucking me, like no ending. James pulled out, then back in with hard thrusts. The men moaned with each thrust. James fucked me harder as Andrew said he was about ready to cum. James pulled out, jerked his condom off then stroked his cum into my mouth as Andrew filled my pussy of his hot cum. James stroked most of his cum in my mouth, then bent down to lick Andrew’s cum from his limp dick that fell from my used pussy.James then worked his tongue into my dripping cum filled pussy. He licked every bit of Andrew’s cum from me, then came up to kiss me. His lips had Andrew’s cum all over them. I kissed the man with great passion, making sure I got all of the excess cum. Andrew had my legs spread wide, to examine my swollen pussy. He watched as my lips were trying to stay closed as James kissed me.Andrew was tracing my pussy with his fingers, just barely touching me and just barely inside my pussy opening. James lay next to me trying to relax from three cummings. He said that I’m going to be his favorite female fuck along with fucking Andrew. I looked at him with a huge question mark on my face.James replied, “I’m more for the gay fucking, but I really enjoyed fucking your sweet pussy.” I smiled and leaned over to kiss him again. Andrew came to lay on the other side of me. He turned my head to kiss me passionately. Slow kisses at first, then his tongue rubbing my lips then we were tongue dancing in my mouth. James held my left breast, while Andrew had my right.We must have dozed off after our great fuck session, for when I woke up James was gone. Andrew had his leg over mine. I wiggled myself from under him and went to the bathroom. James was in the shower jerking his cock. I watched through the glass. As he was calling Andrew’s name,I opened the door and asked if he needed some help. A huge smile came across his face and a big nod of his head. I asked if he wanted to fuck aor for me to suck. He said he’d rather fuck my ass first. I stepped out to get a condom. I came back in with the condom in my mouth. I squatted in front of him and slid the condom on with my lips and tongue. The man moaned as I sucked him for a short bit. I then stood and turned wround. I put my ass in his hands as he slid himself in slowly.I moaned loudly as his thickness was buried deep in me. James held onto my breasts as he fucked my ass. I fingered my pussy faster as he did the same to my ass. When I cried out with an orgasm, James filled his condom with a full load of his cum. When he pulled away, I could see he filled the tip of his condom. I gave him a kiss and stepped out. I put a robe on, then laid next to Andrew again. James got himself dressed and left. I pulled the blankets over Andrew and I before going to sleep. We had a fun filled day of sex and we are both wore out. That is until Andrew woke up the next morning.

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