Andrew’s Girl Goes Black…


Andrew’s Girl Goes Black…Larry and Andrew had been friends for about 9 to 12 months. Larry was black, 6 ft tall with dark skin. Andrew was white a little taller than Larry. Andrew was dating Jen, she was Asian probably 5’ 3” with long dark hair and a tight little body. Priya was Indian about the same height as Jen with brown skin, shoulder length black hair, and a very nice little body also. Jen was very much in love with Andrew but very flirty with Larry. Larry thought she was being nice and didn’t think too much about it until a conversation with Priya led him to the following conversation with Andrew.“Andrew what’s up with your girl and Priya?” Andrew answered, “What do you mean?” Larry knew Andrew was nervous and asked him again, “What’s up with your girl and Priya? Priya ask me a few days ago had you talked to me about fucking them!” Andrew was nervous but answered the question, “Both girls have been wanting to fuck a black guy but wanted to find someone who was nice, experienced sexually, and most of all could keep his mouth shut. They ask me to talk to you a month ago but the right time never came up.” Larry was surprised balçova escort but opportunity was knocking…Larry really liked Asian girls and had been wanting to experience an Indian girl for awhile now. “Well Andrew, I suggest you call the girls and tell them I am coming to dinner tonight!”Larry and Andrew walked in the door, Larry made a beeline to the girls…he grabbed Jen kissed her and did the same to the Priya. “Thought you girls were ready to fuck a black guy?” That was all they needed to hear, Jen began removing Larry’s shirt as she continued to kiss him. Priya removed his pants and dropped to her knees and began to give Larry a blowjob! Priya’s mouth felt good wrapped around Larry’s cock, she squeezed the base of his cock as she moved her head up and down. Jen was enjoying Larry’s hands as they explored her body fingering her pussy and squeezing her tits. The three of them undressed each other and continued their fun in the bedroom.As they entered the room Larry laid on the bed, Priya continued to suck his cock, and Jen sat on Larry’s face so he could eat her pussy. Larry enjoyed the taste of Jen’s pussy balçova escort bayan and Jen moved her ass just right to enjoy Larry’s tongue as it went inside her pussy. Priya continued to enjoy sucking his cock…it was dark and hard, much different from other men she had fucked in the past. The girls changed position and the pleasure continued. Larry had never tasted Indian pussy before but it was intoxicating and made him want to suck on her pussy more and taste her juices. Jen, stroked and sucked on Larry’s cock harder and faster than Jen. She even licked his balls to increase his pleasure. They were all enjoying each other’s body but now it was time to really get to business.Larry gently moved Priya…told her to bend over…moved in behind her…grabbed his cock and rubbed the head of his cock all around the outside of her pussy…put his hands on her waist and pulled her on his cock. Her pussy was not to tight but felt good, Priya began to move with the rhythm. She was enjoying the feel of his cock inside her, she liked the feel of the head of his cock when it went inside her. “C’MON…HARDER…FUCK ME HARDER!” escort balçova Her pussy felt amazing…Larry didn’t want to stop but Jen was beside her with her legs in the air playing with her pussy calmly waiting for her turn.Larry pulled his cock out of Priya…pulled Jen toward he edge of the bed…held Jen’s legs in the air and spread them. Jen grabbed Larry’s cock…guided it inside her and told Larry to, “Fuck me hard and fast…I want to feel you balls slapping my ass each time you thrust inside me.” Jen’s pussy was tighter than Priya and felt just as good. Larry stood there watching his cock go in and out of Jen’s pussy. Jen’s tits bounced as her nipples got harder and harder with each thrust. Larry was getting ready to cum…but didn’t want to cum inside Jen. Priya knew he was about to cum so she pulled his cock out of Jen’s pussy…put the head of it in her mouth. Larry began to slow fuck her mouth until he unleashed his load in her mouth. Priya drank all that came out, Jen pulled Larry’s cock out Priya’s mouth and sucked on Larry’s cock until he had no more cum to give. The girls kissed each other…Larry kissed each of the girls as they played with his cock. While they were kissing Larry noticed that Andrew was in the doorway smiling! He looked like he had been sweating and breathing heavy. “That was amazing and fucking hot! I never knew watching someone fuck your girl would be so exciting…can you do it again?”

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