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There may be some real events that inspired parts of this, but I have to tell you this is fantasy fiction.

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Chapter 19 – Explosion from Hell

“Boom” was the first sound Andrew heard. The building shook. It woke him up. His headache was really bad. He knew it wasn”t an earthquake.

He shook Ricky. “Wake up Ricky, we need to go.”

He smelled smoke. “Ricky, wake up.”

Ricky wasn”t responding. “Ricky, don”t do this!” He hit him with a fist on his chest, and he woke up.

“My head hurts and my ass hurts.”

“Ricky, I know, my head hurts too, but we gotta get out of here. Something blew up.”

Just then, “Boom, Boom, Boom” at least six times in a row. The building shook. Andrew started smelling smoke, and the boys were both coughing.

“Ricky, I”ll get help.” He ran to the stairs they used to get in, and smoke was coming up them. He slammed the door shut because they weren”t going to be a way out.

He ran back to Ricky, but the room was so smokey that he threw a chair out the window, letting the smoke out. He ran to his room and clambered up on the desk to grab his backpack from the ceiling with his money book. He put the backpack on and shoved the money from his pocket in as well. “Ricky, we need to go down the ladder.” He said as he tried to help Ricky stand.

“I can”t, Andy, I can”t. Just go.”

“No, Ricky, I can”t leave you. We will figure this out. I”ll go get help.”

Andrew ran down the hall to the emergency door that led to the ladder and opened it. He could see smoke coming out the side of the building. Flames were hopping out of the entire first floor. The building next door was now on fire, blocking their only way out. Flames were coming through the roof.

It seemed like forever, but finally a fire truck arrived. They hooked up their hoses and stood back. They were trying to stop the fire in the building next door and Andrew screamed as loud as he could. “Help! Over here!”

Luckily, a fireman saw him and shouted back. “Stay put, we will come get you.” The ladder truck had just arrived, and the men quickly put the ladder up to the front of the building. They entered through the window that Andrew threw the chair through.

It seemed like it was taking forever. The firemen had to follow protocol, which meant they had to pull out the stabilizer feet for the truck and then lift the ladder. There were now four firemen shooting water below where the boys were. Andrew was thinking that this was the worst night ever. He thought that their trick was going to kill him, and now he was facing burning alive in the building he called home.

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A loudspeaker blasted, “Can you make it to the broken window at the front of the building?” Andrew nodded and ran to the window. There was a fireman coming up the ladder. He got to the window and asked, “Are you alone?”

“No, my friend Ricky is over there and he”s hurt badly.”

“Is anyone else inside?”

“I don”t think so. I called out for others and nobody responded.”

“We will come searching after we get you two out.”

The fireman went through the window with Ricky in his arms. He needed Andrew to get to safety. “Kid, I”m going to climb out with Ricky. You climb out onto the end of the ladder, but stay put. I don”t want you to fall and I”m not supposed to let you on the ladder without a fireman, but it”s safer than being inside. These old brick buildings can collapse without warning.”

Andrew climbed out onto the ladder as the fireman and Ricky went down the ladder. The fireman ran Ricky over to an ambulance that was waiting. As he was doing that, another fireman scrambled up the ladder to get Andrew. He made fast work of getting up to the window. Flames were coming out of the windows below and on both sides.

“Kid, climb down the ladder, and scoot under me. We don”t have time to do this properly. Just hang on, we have to go. This building is going to collapse. “

The fireman crawled on top of Andrew and held him with one arm as they went down the ladder. As they descended a few rungs, there was another loud boom. The brick building was crumbling, and a large chunk was falling toward them. The large section folded over above the ladder, and Andrew looked up as it was heading toward them. He held on for dear life and the fireman had stopped moving down and was hugging the ladder sandwiching Andrew because the men on the ground were frantically trying to move the ladder away from danger, but it was too late. The ladder swung to the side as the bricks hit just below Andrew and the fireman. The ladder bent in half as it crashed to the ground, smashing a parked car. The fireman and Andrew were catapulted backwards off the ladder. Andrew landed on his back with the backpack softening his landing a bit. Somehow, as they were thrown off, the fireman had ended up face to face on top of him. Andrew was dazed. The fireman had his full weight on Andrew. Suddenly, the fireman”s eyes opened, and he looked into Andrew”s face and let out a gasp. “Thank God we”re alive. Don”t move.”

“I can”t, you”re heavy,” grunted Andrew as the fireman lifted himself off of him.

The fireman started to stand up and then he collapsed next to Andrew.

Andrew tried to move but was in a lot of pain. His leg was under a piece of the ladder and his arm was hurting really badly.

A couple of other firemen came over. “Kid don”t move.” They lifted the ladder off of his leg while another fireman pulled him out. The paramedics were looking after the fireman. The fireman that carried him looked over as they were strapping him to a gurney and said “Kid, you”re going to be ok.”

The firemen carried Andrew to the same ambulance as the fireman. They quickly pulled away since they were afraid the building would collapse further onto the street. They turned on the lights and siren and were headed to the hospital.

“Where”s Ricky?” Andrew asked.

“The other kid? He”s on his way to the hospital in another ambulance. He didn”t look too good, but they will escort ankara do everything they can. What happened back there, kid?”

“I, I don”t know. We just got back, Ricky was hurt. I was trying to help him and the building exploded.”

“What were you boys doing there?”

“Well, um, we sort of live there. We”re street kids. There are usually four more boys there, but they didn”t answer when we came back, but Ricky was hurt, so I didn”t go check.”

The paramedic tapped on the glass. “Tell them there could be four more boys inside,” he barked to the driver. “Kid, it”s OK, we just want to know what happened and get you patched up. We can sort this out at the hospital.”

“Here, breathe through this.” They handed Andrew an oxygen mask. “Your fingers and lips are blue. You must have been in there long enough to breath too much CO2.

“This is going to hurt.” The paramedic said. He lifted Andrew”s arm and put a sling on it to support it.

“Why does my arm look funny?”

“It”s probably broken, but they will fix you all up at the hospital.”

When they got to the hospital they were taken to the emergency department. This was an old hospital and there were only curtains between the beds. Ricky was already in one of the beds with a couple of medical people attending to him. The machines were beeping, and the doctors were poking and prodding him. He had an oxygen mask on, but his eyes were closed. His clothes were all cut off and blood was all over the bed. They had him on his side as they were trying to stop the bleeding. They placed Andrew and the fireman in the next two beds.

“This kid isn”t going to make it unless we stop this bleeding. Prep an OR stat!” yelled one of the doctors. Just then, the machines stopped beeping and made a solid sound.

“Crash cart, code blue!” was yelled, and the overhead speakers played out a recorded “Code Blue, ER Bed 4” over and over.

There was a lot of commotion, and you could hear the whine of the crash cart charging up. “Clear” and then a loud bang. The beeps continued. “Ready? Clear!” and another pop. Again, the machines were still making the solid beep. “BP has dropped to 80 over 40, we”re going to lose him.” was yelled out. “Clear” and another bang.

The machines started to beep. “Hang some O negative and let”s get him to surgery,” was yelled as a nurse was seen running in with a dark red bag of blood. They wheeled Ricky out and down the hall.

Andrew was crying. The thought of losing his friend, mentor, and protector was sinking in. They had fun doing their job. How could this happen? They were careful.

Andrew could see the fireman was in his boxers and tee with a young doctor or nurse looking at his hand. She was flirting with the handsome man.

The room had quieted a bit with Ricky being taken away. Andrew thought he would be lying there for a while before he got help, but there was a big bear of a man in a white coat that walked up to him and held his hand very gently.

“Son, do you know where you are?” asked the man as he slipped a clip onto one of Andrew”s fingers. He had his stethoscope on and was checking vitals.

“Yes, I”m in a hospital.”

“Good, do you know what day it is?”

“Yes, it”s Saturday night.”

“Close enough, it”s actually Sunday now, but I”m sure it”s been a rough night for you.”

The machine was beeping. “Son, your oxygen level is very low, so breathe deeply through this mask. As soon ankara escort bayan as your levels are up, we are going to take you over to get some x-rays.

A nurse came in and started cutting off Andrews” clothes. “Stop, don”t ruin my clothes.”

“We have to remove them and they”re pretty torn up anyway. I”m sorry, but we have to get you ready for x-ray. I have a gown here for you.”

She proceeded to cut away his clothes and placed them on top of his backpack that somehow made it to the hospital with them. She draped the gown over Andrew to help him feel less exposed.

“Your O2 numbers are up, so it”s time to get that x-ray.” The nurse said.

Just then the curtain opened and there was a huge rolling machine. There was a young man pushing it. He laid a very heavy blanket over Andrew. “What”s that?”

“It”s a lead blanket to protect the rest of you from the x-rays. I need to move your arm onto this tray.” He rolled the tray next to the bed and pushed it closer as the nurse lifted Andrew”s arm.

“FUCK! Oww! That hurts!” Andrew screamed as they moved his arm.

“I”m sorry, son. This will be over shortly.”

The machine made a few buzzing and clicking noises. They moved his arm off the tray, accompanied by some more foul language from Andrew. They moved the machine to his leg that was trapped under the ladder and lifted it up. Thankfully, that didn”t elicit the colorful swearing like before. A few clicks and buzzes later, the x-ray machine was moved away and Andrew was left to rest.

The fireman just had a few bruises and a sprained wrist. They wrapped his wrist up, and he got up and came over to Andrew”s bedside. “Kid, I thought I was going to lose you when the ladder fell. Thank God you had a good grip on the ladder. I”m sorry I ended up on top of you. I”m Ethan. What”s your name?”

“Andrew. Thank you for saving us. Where did they take Ricky?”

“They took him into surgery. He was hurt really badly. Do you know what happened to him?”

Andrew was scared and didn”t want to get in trouble. He didn”t know what to say and just started crying.

“Andrew, buddy, it”s ok” Ethan said as he dabbed at the boy”s tears. “I”m here to help you and your friend. We really need to know what happened so the doctors can fix him.”

Just then, a cop came over to the bed, shoving Ethan aside. “Kid, what did you do to your friend? Why did you hurt him? Why did you burn down the building?” He had a scowl on his face and was very angry looking. “Come on, kid, tell me or I”m going to take you to jail for assault and maybe even murder.”

“I, I, I didn”t do anything to Ricky. He”s my friend.” Andrew was scared, sobbing, gasping for breath. “I don”t want to go to jail. What do you mean by murder, Ricky isn”t dead, is he?”

“No, but it doesn”t look good. This is really bad, kid. If you didn”t do this, who the hell did this and what did they do? Besides, they”re still digging through the rubble to see if your other friends are in there. The entire building collapsed after you were taken away.”

“I didn”t do it.” Ethan looked at the boy and could see how terrified he was.

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