Andrew”s Misplaced Trust Chapter 27 – Move over Ethan?

There may be some real events that inspired parts of this, but I have to tell you this is fantasy fiction.

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Chapter 27 – Is there competition for Andrew”s love?

“Anything you want.”

“Will you fuck me?”

“No! Never!”

“What?” Ethan exclaimed. “Why not?”

“Because, I will never just fuck you. I will make love to you though. My daddy taught me the difference, only he usually just fucked me and didn”t make love to me.”

Ethan”s mind was racing. What had he done? Was this right? It felt right, but he knew others would see it as wrong. He knew, deep in his heart, he would never hurt Andrew and would give his life for the boy should it ever come down to it.

From this point on, it was clear that the two were inseparable and in love. They kept Andrew”s room up for appearances and the bed was tussled every day to make sure it looked slept in, but anyone that spent much time around them could tell there was something special, and fortunately, none of their friends cared because they saw the love between the two.

Since Ethan”s days off finally ended and he was cleared to go back to work, Grandma stayed with Andrew on the days that Ethan had to work. It was fun for Andrew to have Grandma around. She spoils him by making cookies a lot and swears Andrew to secrecy about them. It”s just her game since Ethan buys the ingredients. Andrew missed the big bed when Ethan was gone since grandma used it, but Andrew convinced grandma to let him sleep with her, but it had to be their little secret. Grandma even tussled Andrews” bed on the day Ethan would come home, so he didn”t know. Ethan knew.

On one of Ethan”s days off, Grandma joined them when they went to see Ricky. He was in a long term care hospital still trying to recover. Apparently, not all of his problems were caused by the abusers. He had previously been injured and his internal organs were just getting by before this and the injury made it worse. He finally told CPS who he really was, and they found his family. Unfortunately, it was a facility that CPS paid for and their level of care was definitely sub-standard. Andrew wanted to help, and even though he had a lot of cash, Ethan explained that they would have to move him to private care and it was way too expensive for any of them. The best they could do was to be there for him and help him recover.

Ricky had run away because his father was abusive to him. Not sexually, but physically. That”s what caused the injuries that he was suffering from. His mom divorced his father shortly after Ricky ran away. She”s been through counseling and when Ricky is better, he will go home with her. If he ever gets better. Ricky told Andrew he was not gay, that he did what he had to do because he needed to survive, but that he knew Andrew was and he was fine with that. He appreciated the visits and was surprised to see Grandma with them this time.

They had to leave when he was taken away for dialysis. They were making him do that three days a week in hopes that his kidneys would recover on their own, but otherwise the future looked bad.

Andrew gave Ricky a big kiss on the cheek before they left. “Love you buddy, hang in there,” he said.

“Love you too, Andy.” He said as they wheeled him off.

They went home and the conversation was mostly about how happy they were for Ricky that he had his mom back and that they all hoped he would recover.

“Ethan, if it wasn”t for Ricky, I”d probably be dead. I didn”t know what to do on the streets, but he taught me well and protected me.”

“Andrew, without you, he would be dead. Remember, you”re the one that got help and because of that you almost lost your life.” Ethan responded.

“And without you being there to rescue me, we wouldn”t have ever met. Ethan, I”m not sure what you see in me, but I am so happy you saved me and I love you.” Andrew said from the back seat.

Grandma was looking at them both, “Boys, you two were meant to be together.”

Neither of them knew exactly what she meant, but they were both content and smiled. Not much was said the rest of the way home. When they got home, Grandma headed back to her apartment.

Once the school year approached, there was the problem of getting Andrew back into classes. He had been on the streets for so long that he had missed a lot of school, so he had to be evaluated and tested. He was surprised when they told him that he was actually testing out three whole grade levels above where he should be. He should be in 7th grade, but was testing out at a 10th grade level in everything. Probably due to all of his punishments and being locked in his bedroom full of books. If he went into the 10th grade, he would be done in just 3 years. Since he didn”t know any kids, he thought it would be good to just go for it. It would mean going to a high school, but that was fine with him. He wondered if he could test out completely and shorten the time.

Ethan agreed, and he got enrolled in high school and was ready to get back into the routine. This was going to be a change. Andrew needed to come up with a story that he could tell new friends without disclosing his time on the streets. He wasn”t ashamed of it but knew he could get some bullying because of it. They decided it was best to say he was living with his Uncle Ethan because his mother fell ill. That was simple and not far off from the truth. Sure, there were some details they didn”t share, but this would work.

Andrew got his annoying cast off just a day before school started.

His teachers were great and loved having what they called a prodigy in their classes. The only problem was in PE class. He was so much smaller than even the least developed 9th graders that it was hard for him to fit in, but he was able to pick swimming and tennis. Although in the showers, he held his own compared to the other boys, and some of them seemed impressed that this little kid was bigger than they were.

He was quickly meeting kids. It must have been a novelty to have a kid show them up in class. They were nice, and his gaydar went off on some of them. He was sure they had figured him out, but for some reason, they avoided him. Maybe it was because he was so much younger or they thought he would out them.

Ethan and Andrew”s bond became so much stronger over the next few months. They slept together every night and had intimate time at least once a day when Ethan was home. Sometimes they had a marathon to make up for the time Ethan spent at the fire station.

Andrew knew Ethan got money from CPS to help with expenses, but he knew he spent way more than that on him. Andrew even got an allowance from him even though he kept reminding Ethan of his stash of cash, which was pretty substantial. Ethan told him to save it for college. Andrew hadn”t really thought much about that, but with only 3 years to graduation, he should probably think about what he wanted to do. He wasn”t sure yet whether he would attend trade school or college.

Andrew had a few friends at school, but it was hard since they were older than him. He was able to get into a couple of study groups where he actually ended up helping the others, and they thought it was cool that some kid was helping them. When they had a science project where they had to pick teams, Andrew was the first one picked to have a partner. ankara escort They chose to do an experiment showing flow and turbulence. Their original thought was to build a wind tunnel, so they started doing their research.

Andrew and his lab partner, Zach, decided to work on it at Andrew”s house to get away from Zach”s sisters. They were drawing out their plans when Ethan saw what they were doing. They had drawn a side section of an airplane wing and showed that they would blow smoke over it. This required them to make a laminar flow smoke screen and enclose the box in lexan so you could see what was going on. Ethan offered to help them with any construction assistance they needed.

They drew out their drawings on notebook paper. Zach was a bit sloppy, so Andrew took over as the draftsman. Ethan surprised the boys by bringing them a bunch of drafting pencils, rulers, shapes, and other things from the art supply store, along with pads of E-sized paper.

After a few afternoons and evenings working on it, they were ready to test out some of their ideas. They went out on the driveway in the evening so they could start the smoke and watch it cross the wing. Ethan helped them figure out that the black light on the white smoke made it stand out really well. They decided to paint the inside of the chamber black and the wing with fluorescent paint. It turned out great.

On Saturday, Ethan had Andrew call Zach to see if he wanted to come to the fire station with them because he had a surprise. Zach was excited, so they picked him up on the way. The firemen were doing their drills and practices, and the boys got to see them charge a building and flood it with water.

“What do you boys see when the fireman opens the hose?” Ethan asked.

Andrew was a bit confused. “Water?” Was this a trick question?

“Yes, but what is it doing?” he continued.

“Well, it sprays all over the place, then it turns into a stream.”

“Right, look close to the nozzle. Does that look like your air flow?”

“Yes!” Zach almost screamed. “I was reading that laminar flow can be done in water too, but the further out it gets, the more turbulent it is.”

“The pressure in the hose is too much at first, which is why it goes all strange.” Ethan explained. “When you open it up, it becomes strong enough to be laminar at the start, then it gets turbulent a bit further out. We can change that by altering the pressure, nozzle, or a bunch of other variables.” He looked over to the guys that were shooting the hose. “Hey guys, show the boys the bubble!” They laughed and turned the hose onto the edge of a handrail on the building they used to practice. As the water hit it, it was splashing every which way. Then they moved it and a really cool bubble formed around the end of the pipe.

“Woah, that”s cool!” chimed Zach. “We should do something with water for our project too. That would definitely get us extra points and maybe even get us into the science fair.”

They stayed at the station for a while. The firemen were happy to see Ethan on his day off, and the boys helped them make an amazing lunch. Just as they were getting ready to clean up from lunch, the alarm went off. The firefighters all got dressed in their fire suits and left on the trucks. Ethan, Zach, and Andrew cleaned up the kitchen for the guys and locked up the station as they went back home.

On the way home, Ethan stopped at a shopping center. He was acting like a giddy little girl. “Guys, come on, you have to see this.” He was a bit embarrassing to be around.

They went in between the buildings on the main walkway, and there was a really cool series of fountains that ran down the middle of the shopping center. Each pond had a different fountain. Some were just normal sprinkler types, but there was one that had about 4 bubble fountains, another that had ropes of water that fed down to the next one, and then the coolest of all, the one that shot cylinders of water between two pools. They popped as they went and made a slapping sound as they hit the pool.

Andrew was getting excited. “Ethan, can you help us do this too as part of our project?”

“Sure, but we need to find some pumps and some pools and then experiment with what to use for your nozzle.” He responded.

Zach was excited to work on this too. Over the next week, they found all of the supplies and figured out how to make it work. Ethan had some valves from a washing machine that they could use to control with a push button. They filled a cannister with pressurized air from the air compressor and put together quite an elaborate system.

Ethan was very helpful on the construction side and offered advice on how to make it look nice and orderly. In the end, they had a bubble fountain and next to it the same one with different pressure that looked just like an ordinary sprinkler to demonstrate the differences. The main feature was the two ropes of water that made an arch, and if you pushed the button, a little cylinder of water would cross between the landing points, demonstrating how they can control the flow. The water show got more attention than the airplane wing, but it was pretty cool by itself.

They made it through to the science fair and won first place. Ethan took the boys out for ice cream to celebrate. It was enjoyable for the three of them to get ice cream. Zach was really good to Andrew and was friendly even though he was 3 years older.

Zach asked Andrew if he wanted to come over to his house for a sleepover on Friday night. Andrew figured it was going to be a bunch of school friends, so he asked Ethan if he could go. Ethan was excited that Andrew was making friends and encouraged him to go. Had they both known what Zach”s motives were, they may both have felt differently.

On Friday at school, Andrew asked Zach what he needed to bring. “Just a change of clothes, a swimsuit, a towel, a toothbrush, and be ready to have fun.” he said.

Andrew asked if he needed a sleeping bag or anything, and he just said he had it covered.

Andrew was so excited. This was going to be a sleepover like the old days before a sleepover meant working all night. When he got home, he threw his things into a backpack and headed over to Zach”s house. When he got there, Zach was waiting at the door. Andrew said hi to his little sisters and his mom. When Zach”s dad came home, he started the barbecue and made burgers, but there were no more of Zach”s friends here. “Zach, is anyone else coming?” Andrew asked.

“No, I just wanted to have you over to thank you for being such a great lab partner.”

“Thanks, this is nice.”

They ate burgers and chips and had a lot of fun around their pool. Everyone changed into swimsuits and got into the pool. Zach and Andrew used his bedroom, and he didn”t think twice about undressing and changing in front of each other. After what he had been through, he didn”t have much modesty. Zach seemed to be checking Andrew out, but Andrew was used to that and didn”t mind. He”s just a kid compared to him, and he got a chance to check Zach out too. He”s packing a pretty nice set of equipment.

They were playing tag and a few other fun games in the pool, and after about an hour, they were getting tired. Everyone got out and grabbed their towels and sat around the fire pit making s”mores. Andrew was seeing what a normal family looked like and really wished he had that when he was younger, but nothing could replace Ethan. He wouldn”t trade Ethan for anything.

They all went inside and watched a movie. Andrew wasn”t really paying attention to it much, he was watching the family thinking how much he would like that too, but then thinking back to Ethan, he had a family, just no siblings. He thought it would be nice to have a little sister or brother. Maybe someday he and Ethan can have a kid or help a kid out like Ethan did for him.

Ethan probably thinks it is silly that they will be partners, but Andrew is certain of it.

Bedtime came, and they went to Zach”s room. Andrew realized there was only one bed and they would probably be sharing it. He was fine with that. In fact, he couldn”t really sleep alone since he met Ethan. Zach asked Andrew what he wore to sleep in at home. “I sleep naked or sometimes just with underwear.”

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Zach”s plan was working. “Good, I sleep naked too.” He dropped his shorts down and just sat on the bed. Andrew stripped too. “Sit,” he said. Andrew sat on the bed next to him.

“I”m really glad I got to meet you and be your lab partner. I don”t have a lot of friends at school and had a lot of fun with you on this project.” He said.

“So, I don”t know the whole story about how you got to be living with your Uncle Ethan, and you don”t have to tell me, but if you ever want to talk about it, I”m here to listen. Do you like living with Ethan?”

“Zach, it”s a long story about Ethan, and I”m not sure I”m ready to talk about it, but maybe. I really love living with him. At first I was scared because I didn”t trust him or any adult after things that happened to me before, but over time I”ve grown to love him like a brother or father.”

“That”s cool, I think he”s a really neat guy and I can see he really does care about you. You”re lucky to have him. I mean, I don”t know what happened to your parents, but he”s really a great guy.” Zach added.

“I wish I had a family like yours. I never had a brother or sister, and home life started out being okay until something happened with my dad. My mom didn”t protect me either. If someone told on me, it didn”t matter if it was true or not, I got punished.” Andrew was getting angry at himself for sharing his secrets, but he felt comfortable with Zach. Zach reached over and put his arm over Andrew”s shoulder and said, “It”s OK.”

“Andrew, I”m sorry you had a rough time, and I can”t imagine what it would be like to have to leave your family. I love my family, and they have been there for me. I see how Ethan looks at you and helps you, and I know he”s a good guy. Look, you can come hang out here anytime you want. I like you, and we can hang out and do things. Think of us as your second family.” Zach pulled Andrew tighter. I”m sure to someone walking in on two naked boys in a side embrace, that would look strange, but they felt very comfortable.

“Come on, let”s brush our teeth and hit the hay.” Zach said. They went into the bathroom and acted like brothers fighting over the sink, and finally got their teeth cleaned between laughs and giggles. Zach splashed some toothpaste onto Andrew”s tummy, and it was just below his navel. Instead of wiping it off, he just leaned over and licked it off. Andrew giggled and his cock started to grow. Zach”s did too, but the boys just carried on finishing the task of brushing teeth.

They went back into Zach”s room and crawled into bed.

“Andrew?” Zach whispered, “Can we cuddle? I really like you, and it felt good when I had my arm over your shoulder. I”d like to do that if it”s OK.”

Andrew agreed, and they snuggled close and draped their arms over each other. At some point, they ended up face to face with their legs intertwined. Andrew could feel Zach”s hard cock poking him in the groin, but it didn”t bother him at all since it wasn”t sexual yet. They slept like that until morning.

Zach woke Andrew up as he quickly jumped out of bed, hopping over Andrew and ran to the bathroom to relieve his morning wood. Andrew quickly followed. They stood at the toilet having piss stream fights and giggling. This was really fun to have someone to just be boys with. Zach was happy he could act like a 12 year old with Andrew. And Andrew wasn”t thinking there was anything sexual or strange about this play. Zach went to the sink and quickly brushed his teeth. “Morning breath,” he mumbled through the foam. Andrew figured he should follow suit, so he did the same.

They were making funny noises and talking with foamy mouths for a bit, and finally they both spit and rinsed out. Once again, Zach”s aim was off and his spit landed right above Andrew”s cock. He leaned in again and licked it off, grazing the top of Andrew”s shaft, which responded quickly to the attention. Zach grabbed Andrew”s shoulders and said, “This is fun, Andrew. Thank you,” and he gave him a light kiss on the forehead.

“I like this too.”

Zach just ran over to the bed and jumped on top, still naked. He patted the bed for Andrew to lie next to him.

“Andrew, I really like you as a friend, and I don”t want you to freak out. I”m glad when I licked you and kissed you that you didn”t have a problem with it. I”m not asking you to kiss me back, or to have sex or anything, but I just wanted to express that I really do like you. I mean, if you wanted to kiss me back, that would be fine, but it”s okay if you don”t. I just want to be your friend.”

Andrew didn”t know what came over him, but he leaned forward and kissed him right on the lips. “Zach, it”s okay. I really like you too. I”m not going to run away and I want to be your friend too. Its just…” Andrew stopped, dropped his head, and started to tear up. He felt guilty for cheating on Ethan, even though it was just a kiss.

“I knew it. I blew it. Andrew, forgive me.” Zach started to sound like he was about to cry.

“No, Zach, it”s not that. You”re a hot guy, and yes, you figured out I”m gay, but some of the shit from my past has just got me confused. It”s just that my past isn”t easy to explain, and once you hear it, you may not want to be my friend.”

“Andrew, please give me the chance. I promise I won”t overreact and I”ll listen. I know I may not understand what things were like for you or why they happened, but trust me. I like you, Andrew, I want you to be my friend and maybe more. I”ll be patient.”

Andrew grabbed Zach into a hug and they lay on his bed until his mom knocked on the door to let them know it was time for breakfast.

Andrew didn”t talk about his past, nor did he say anything about being in a relationship, especially with Ethan. But he felt like he was hiding things and didn”t like that.

Over the next few weeks, they hung out at each other”s houses. Andrew was really liking Zach”s family, and Andrew was slowly getting to the point where he felt comfortable telling him some of his story. He didn”t want the one good friend he had at school to turn on him.

Andrew asked Ethan if Zach could come spend the night at their house. Of course he agreed, so on Friday, Zach came over. They didn”t have a pool or anything fancy, but Andrew figured it would give them time to talk and get to know each other in his place, where he was more comfortable. It also meant that Ethan would be alone for the night. Andrew felt bad about that.

Ethan was off on Saturday, so he would be able to hang out with them too. When he got home from school, he was so excited. Grandma was there today since Ethan was still at work. She saw how excited Andrew was to have Zach come over and had made cookies for them.

Grandma made a fuss over him like she had the few other times she had seen him when they were working on their project.

They helped her make dinner, and after dinner they all chatted for a bit, then Andrew asked Grandma if it was OK if he and Zach went to his room to talk. She told them to go ahead but whispered to Andrew, “He”s a nice boy, but be careful. He may not understand, and you need to respect Ethan. Don”t offer up any information about Ethan that would hurt him or you. ” Grandma had figured a lot more out than anyone thought.

Andrew took Zach to his room, and they get on the bed facing each other. They were in just t-shirts and shorts.

“Zach, promise me that you won”t hate me when I tell you some of the things that happened to me and that I”ve done.”

“Andrew, I promise I won”t. I may not understand, but please trust me.” Zach just lay there staring at Andrew.

“Zach, can I ask you something first?”

“Sure, anything.”

“Why do you want to know?”

“Andrew, I think you know I like you. I mean, I more than like you. I want to know more about you because I care.” Zach whispered. Andrew didn”t know why Zach was whispering, but he felt Zach was being vulnerable. Andrew was worried that he wanted to be his boyfriend, but he was in love with Ethan. How does he not hurt Zach.

Andrew grabbed Zach”s hands. “Ok, so Ethan is not really my uncle” He began, “He”s actually the fireman that rescued me from hell. Technically he”s my foster dad, but being ankara escort bayan a single man, that”s difficult to explain to people. They might think the wrong thing, so we agreed I would just call him my uncle.”

“Uh huh,” Zach mumbled.

“I was living on the streets after I ran away from home.” Andrew stopped, still holding Zach and looking into his eyes, trying to gauge his response. Zach was quiet, a tear formed in his eyes.

“Andrew, I”m sorry, I had no idea. I figured something had happened to your parents, and I was expecting to hear that, but not this.” Andrew could see he was trying to wrap his mind around this.

“My dad”s in jail because of what he did to me, and my mom, well, she”s in a hospital but doesn”t respond because my dad beat her into a coma.” Andrew was tearing up too.

“I”m so sorry. I”m glad you”re here though. I don”t understand how a parent can hurt their kids. I”ve been so lucky.” Zach looked almost guilty over this comment.

“It”s OK. I have Ethan now, and he and Sarah have promised that I will be safe here. I”m not sure how we can do it long term, but Sarah is a good friend of Ethan at CPS and knows how to work the system.”

“I”m glad you”re going to be here and that Ethan will let you stay. He”s a cool guy. I”m here for you too, and my family will help you if we can.”

“Please don”t tell anyone, not even your family. I really like them and appreciate that you”re willing to share them. Do you want some more cookies?” Andrew was trying to change the subject.

“Sure!” They hopped up and went out to see Grandma and get some more cookies. Of course, she spoiled them and they had a few more and chatted with her for a bit before going back into the bedroom.

Andrew didn”t know why, but he wanted to have Zach naked next to him. Subconsciously he probably wanted Zach to be vulnerable as he told him the fucked up details of his street life. Of course, he didn”t want to give him all of the details. “Zach, can we cuddle naked before I tell you the next part?”

“Of course,” they both stripped off, and Andrew took more than a casual look at Zach, and he took quite a long time looking back. They lay on the bed and were basically belly to belly. Andrew hugged him close. His head was on his shoulder, which meant his dick was pressed into his belly button because of their height difference.

With his head on Zach”s shoulder, he began to tell the next part. He didn”t want him to have all the details, but he needed to know something, something important. “Zach, I was on the street for a long time. Do you know what that means?”

“Not really, where did you live? How did you get food?”

“Zach, I had to sell myself to survive on the street.”

Zach wasn”t dumb, but the thought of Andrew having to prostitute himself never crossed his mind.

“Zach, guys paid to have sex with me and make videos of me doing sexual things.” For some reason, Andrew”s body shuddered and he just started crying.

“Andrew, it”s OK. You did what you had to do. I don”t care about that.” Andrew”s tears had to be rolling into Zach”s ear. He just held on for the longest time.

“Andrew, listen to me. I like you for who you are, not for what you had to do. It”s all in the past and you”re a great guy that I want to be around and get to know.”

“But the past, I can”t change it. I was a slut, a whore, a little…” Zach pushed Andrew back and put his hand over his mouth.

“Stop! You are no such thing. You”re my friend, and what you did does not make you who you are. I”ve been trying to say this whole time that I love you, Andrew. I don”t care about those things. You”re a great guy.” He let go of Andrew”s mouth and then leaned in and kissed him, but not just a peck, a long kiss.

“Andrew, I know you may not be able to love, or to be in love, and that you”ve been through a lot, but I love you. You”re the first boy I”ve ever said that to. We may never be in love with each other, but you are my friend, the person I came out to if you haven”t figured that out yet. I”m a complete virgin, Andrew. Don”t hold on to the pain of what you went through; let it go. Besides, your experience might just come in handy and you can give me some pointers.” He started giggling, trying to lighten the mood.

“Well, I did enjoy it most of the time, and according to my wallet, I must be pretty good.” Andrew joked.

“Stop, I don”t want you to joke about doing it for money. I want to hear about the times it was fun and if you”ve ever been in love.”

“Oh, I”ve been in love and it”s amazing.” Of course he was thinking of Ethan, but he probably shouldn”t have said that much. He knew Zach would push for details.

“Who?” he said and suddenly got up on his elbows, looking down at Andrew.

“You wouldn”t know him, and I don”t kiss and tell.”

“You said Ethan rescued you? What”s the story there?” Zach asked, hoping that he could come back to the lover issue.

“Well, one night, my friend Ricky and I were at an abandoned building we lived in, and it caught fire.” He began.

“The one downtown? Where did they find the meth lab? The whole building blew up! It was in the news. They said a firefighter and some kids were hurt. Is that Ethan and you and your friend? What about the dead guys? Were they with you?”

“Yeah, well, the fire started below us, but Ricky had been hurt, so I was helping him and we couldn”t get out. The fire trucks came, and I yelled for help and threw a chair out a window. The fireman came up and took Ricky down and had me get on the end of the ladder to wait for another fireman. Ethan came up to get me and as we were climbing down with me shimmying beneath him, the building exploded and knocked the ladder so badly it broke and we fell. Ethan and the ladder landed on me and broke my arm.”

“Wow. That was you!” Zach was grinning like he had just met a rock star.

“The men they found were running the meth lab. Since I was in the hospital, I was afraid they would take me back to my dad, so I refused to tell them who I was. So Ethan refused to let the cops and CPS bully me at the hospital, so he became my friend. I didn”t know it at the time, but he really did care that I was OK. I treated him like shit for a while, but he kept telling me I could trust him and he”s definitely proven that to me over and over.” Andrew was proud of Ethan.

“Wow, now I get the bond you two have.”

“Zach, please don”t share any of this with anyone else. Please, I want to be normal.”

“Don”t worry, I won”t share if you don”t out me.” He responded.

“What, that you”re gay? That we cuddle naked? Come on, I think we need to tell everyone” Andrew started tickling him. He didn”t know why, but it seemed like the thing to do.

The tickling got Zach a bit excited. Lost in the moment, Andrew grabbed his hard cock and started stroking it. “You know, I could take care of this for you.”

“Umph, ugh, you just did.” He smirked as he shot his load all over Andrew.

“You must have been really excited,” she says, “what a hair trigger.”

“I”m sorry, I”m sorry, Andrew, forgive me. I told you I WAS a virgin.” He said.

Andrew pulled him tight, forgetting the gooey mess between them. He needed to let him know it was OK. “I”m sorry. I had no right to touch you or play with you. It”s all OK. I really enjoyed that and I think you did too. We did nothing wrong. We can do things like that for fun.” Andrew was worried about what Ethan would think, but this was just fun, like the guys he fucked. No, not like that, but it wasn”t love. Shit, why did he just do that. He felt so guilty.

Andrew held him tight for who knows how long. He fell asleep for a bit, coming down from his orgasm. A few minutes later, there was a tap on the door from Ethan. “Buddy, I”m home. Can I come in?”

“Um, we”re kind of in the middle of something.” Andrew said, as Ethan assumed he would say OK and opened the door anyway. A big grin came across his face as he saw the boys in an embrace and could smell the boy sex in the room.

End of Andrew”s Misplaced Trust – Chapter 27 – Andrew Thomas Published stories

The Gingerbread Boy Gay: Adult/Youth https://www.//gay/adult-youth/gingerbread-boy/ Splashing in the streetsGay: Young Friends https://www.//gay/young-friends/splashing-in-the-streets/ JiuJitsu BoyGay: Adult/Youthhttps://www.//gay/adult-youth/jiujitsu-boy/ The Test DriveGay: Adult/Youthhttps://www.//gay/adult-youth/the-test-drive/ Nifty Author fty//authors.htmlandrewthomas

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