Subject: Jockboys Adventures, Andy Chapters 4 and 5 Jock Boy Adventures – Andy chapter 4 all that naked time at Nick’s had removed any anxiety from guys seeing my body. I pulled on the still wet trunks. “Well Andy, I think they look pretty good,” John said. Ryan gave a mock wolf whistle. “Look at this little stud! What are you, a sophomore? “I’ll be a junior in the fall,” I answered as I checked myself out in the mirror. It was still small on me, but it did fit pretty well. As I thought about how this had just been wrapped around the senior guy’s dick and nuts I started to chub up. “See, I was hoping that was what it would look like on me,” John said as they stared at me. “Nice and tight, showing off the ass, maybe a peek of crack. And a little bit of pubes showing in front, but enough room for the equipment too.” “Yeah buddy, I think you found your new bathing suit,” Ryan said. “Says the guy in fuckin’ board shorts!” John guffawed. “Excuse me if I don’t wanna show off my ass and cock and balls and pubes ALL the time,” Ryan retorted. “Bro…why not?” John laughed, and I laughed along. I got a little braver and said, “Yeah man, I mean…what’s the point of having them?” “Little man knows whats up!” John said as he clapped a hand on my shoulders. “Looks like you got yourself a new bathing suit buddy. We’ll have to invite you to the next pool party, you can take all the attention away from Ryan.” “Until we get naked, and then you know who’s getting all the attention,” Ryan said as he unlaced his board shorts. He took them off to reveal a python of a dong, hanging heavy and thick. “Yeah, yeah, we all know you got a donkey dick. Don’t worry lil bro, he’s a freak, and it’s more about what you do with it, anyway,” John said. “Yeah right…that’s not what the girls say,” Ryan said as he shook his hips from side to side, making his meat thwap against his outer thighs. It was beautiful, I was staring, and I didn’t care. “Well mine works just fine, and at least girls aren’t scared of it. Honestly, I feel bad for you dude,” John said, turning to me, “he’s gotta carry around all that cockmeat and then girls can barely get the head in their mouths.” “Maybe you just haven’t found the right girls yet?” I offered lamely. I’d seen the women in porn take big cocks like that…but honestly, Ryan’s might have been even bigger. “I don’t know man, we’ve found some pretty slutty girls,” Ryan said, and he and John had a bout of very conspiratorial laughter. “Speaking of, we got plans tonight?” John asked after they recovered. “Nope, everybody’s busy,” Ryan answered, depressed. “Damn. You wanna rub one out then? şişli travesti We still got about ten minutes before the Masters guys show up. Not that they’d care anyway,” John said. “Sure man, let’s hit it, I could bang one out,” Ryan said as they started to head towards the bathroom area. “You coming dude? You wanna blow a load?” John looked back over his shoulder to ask. My dick was almost fully hard in my new trunks so I responded immediately: “Sure!” “Attaboy,” John said. “Now those trunks are nice, but drop em.” They had each taken a urinal, so I stepped up to the furthest one buck naked, leaving my trunks on the floor. Ryan was in the middle, and John was closest to the change room. We all grabbed our dicks and started stroking. Ryan used two hands, and I was mesmerized by watching them stroke up and down his long shaft. He didn’t get a lot bigger as he got hard, but it did still get bigger. It was definitely the biggest dick I’d ever seen in real life, way bigger than anybody on the swim team. John must have caught me staring, because he said, “Beautiful, right?The lucky bastard…wish I had that to play with. Sometimes if we’re both fucking, I get distracted watching girls try to take his monster dong. It’s like live porn, right?” “Yeah… definitely. Biggest dick I’ve ever seen, I think,” I said. “Bigger than anybody on the swim team.” “Oh of course it is – you can’t fit meat like this into a speedo,” Ryan said with a smirk. “You gotta come to the wrestling team if you want the grade A meat.” He started holding his hands still and humping into them using his hips. It looked like he was fucking his fists, and it was sexy as hell. Meanwhile, my fist was a blur on my comparatively small cock, and I was getting close. John was stroking hard too, with his free hand roaming all over his body. Playing with his nuts, squeezing a nipple, kneading his ass. “Damn dudes, I’m getting close already,” he said. “Me too,” I quickly replied, short of breath and trying to hold off my impending orgasm. Ryan looked over and said “Yeah? Go for it dude.” That kind of attention from a total stud like him was all I needed. I exploded – most of it went into the urinal but some went over and past it to hit the wall. The other guys erupted with a loud, impressed “WHOA!” and I felt like the absolute shit. “Nice load man,” Ryan nodded at me. “My…turn…ahhhh!” John gasped, and he started shooting. His load was thick and rope-y, too heavy with sperm to shoot as far as mine, and we could hear it plunk down into the water in the urinal. He let out a low moan of “fuuuuuuuck” as he slowly stroked out the beylikdüzü travesti last few drops. John and I were both staring at Ryan now, waiting for him to get his nut. “You close bro?” John asked. Ryan just kind of cocked his head and shrugged a little. John wound up and gave him a huge, loud, smack on the ass. “That help?” John asked, and Ryan responded with a smile and a nod. “Don’t ask,” John said to me. “We gotta help our buddy get his nut though, before everybody gets here. Play with his nips a little.” I stepped closer and started touching his nipples, and Ryan let out a soft moan. I started pinching lightly and he moaned louder. Meanwhile John was kneading one of Ryan’s ass cheeks and talking softly into his ear. “Yeah buddy…feels good doesn’t it, stroking that big, fat, dong, getting your nips played with. This ass looks sexy as hell, thrusting. Reminds me of when we double teamed Linda…right buddy? Remember that? Taking turns watching each other in action? How good it felt sinking that anaconda into her pussy when it was all lubed up with my load? Yeah? Fuck yeah. Yeah buddy, blow that load.” And Ryan let loose seven jets of jizz that hit the back wall of the urinal and sprayed back towards all of us. It was like a rapid fire machine gun of sperm. I stopped tweaking his nipple to watch. “Ahhhh,” Ryan let out a soft sigh as he came down. “Thanks buddy,” he said as he patted John’s ass. “You too man, thanks,” he said to me with a pat on the shoulder. “That was chill as fuck.” He grabbed his dick at the base and gave it a hard shake, flinging the cum that had stuck to it into the urinal. John was fully soft now and pissing. Ryan let his stream loose too. Even though I’d just taken a leak, somehow I needed to again as well. Peer pressure, I guess. We headed back into the main room and they both started to get dressed. I debated whether to wear my new trunks, jammers, or speedos for my first practice with the Masters Swim. I would be comfortable in any of them, I just wasn’t sure what they tended to wear, and I didn’t want to stick out too bad on my first day. I pulled out my speedo and my jammers and set them on the bench. “Most of the guys wear speedos, if that’s what you’re wondering,” John volunteered. “But those trunks really do look great on you, too.” “Thanks man,” I replied. “I think I’m gonna stick with a typical speedo though, at least for my first practice.” I tugged down the trunks, and stood there naked for a second while I grabbed my speedo. “Now there’s an ass I haven’t see in a while! Woo!” I heard Ray shout from behind me as he entered the changing room. istanbul travesti I laughed and turned around, still naked, to see Ryan and Jim. Jim gave a wolf whistle and said, “looking good, buddy.” “Thanks guys. And thanks for the invite. I was just trying to decide what to wear – most guys wear speedos?” I asked. “Yeah, although you could say there’s a pretty…relaxed…dress code,” Ray said. “But yeah, a speedo is a good place to start.” “Show them the trunks though,” John interjected. Then he explained, “Andy here lucked out and inherited a sweet pair of left behind trunks.” “Oh nice,” Jim said. “Let’s see.” “All right,” I said with a sigh. Not because I didn’t like the trunks, but because I was just sick of taking them on and off. “Oh those are sweet,” Ray said. “They definitely show off the goods, too,” Jim said as he cupped one of my ass cheeks. “For sure,” Ray agreed, grabbing the other. The trunks had a seam between my ass cheeks, and that’s where their fingers met. “Speedos are good too, though,” Jim said. “Yeah, but if you wanna make a memorable first impression, these are the ticket,” Ray said. “You think?” I asked. They still had their hands on my ass, giving it little rubs and pats, and I could feel my dick coming back to life. “Yeah. For most of the guys, it’s basically a competition to see who can have the most unusual or revealing suit. So I think you’ll fit right in. Shows you’re ready for it,” Ray answered. “What are you wearing?” I asked. “A speedo, but…” Ray said as he rummaged in his duffle bag for a second before pulling it out, “…white.” “Oh damn, nice!” John said. “Maybe you swimmers do have some balls after all,” Ryan said. “Stick around and you’ll see them,” Ray said with a laugh. “We gotta get you in a speedo someday, Ry. That would be amazing.” “Yeah yeah, maybe…we’ll see,” Ryan replied. “Dude if I had your meat, a speedo would be the maximum I would wear. I’d wanna show it off all the time,” Jim said. I guess all the senior guys, or at least the jocks, knew what Ryan was packing. “You swimmer boys wouldn’t be able to control yourself. Hell, the wrestlers barely can!” Ryan said with a laugh. “All rght guys, I’m out, catch you later,” he said as he left. “Well all right man, let’s get suited up,” Ray said as he stripped off his tank top. “Gotta introduce Andy boy here to the guys, and make sure he has a great first practice.” “Oh, I think he’s gonna do just fine,” Jim said, with a couple more rubs and pats to my butt. “Yeah, I mean, I just met him today and I could see he’s got a solid stroke,” John said with a smirk and an eyebrow raise. I didn’t know if Ray and Jim caught the double entendre, but I did. I wasn’t really embarassed by it, though. If anything, I was excited by the implication that jerking off was a skill that I would need with the guys of Masters Swim! To be continued…..

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