Subject: Jockboy adventures – Andy Chapter 6 Andy Chapter 6 – Masters swim Ray tugged on his mesh shorts and they dropped in one quick motion, showing he’d been freeballing underneath. As he walked over towards the urinals, Jim did the same. “Damn, you guys were freeballing? Aren’t you worried about popping wood?” John asked, back behind the counter, fully clothed in shorts and a t-shirt. “Not really. What’s the big deal? Someone sees my cock? Good!” Ray exclaimed with a laugh. “I always go commando in the summer, gotta feel that breeze on my sweaty balls,” Jim said. “Yeah with fur like that I bet they get pretty hot,” John laughed. “Yup. And I like to feel them all nice and loose, flopping back and forth,” Jim replied, taking a wide legged stance and swinging his sack side to side. Soon more guys were coming in and stripping down. They all greeted Ray and Jim, who introduced me as a new guy from their school team. Most of the older guys went right to a spot, dropped their bag, and then dropped their shorts, often in the middle of our introduction. I shook a lot of hands while trying not to stare at the guys’ swinging dongs. I don’t think I remembered a single name. Everyone seemed to want to get naked as quick as possible, and stay naked as long as possible – no one was really in a hurry to get their trunks back on. Guys went to the urinals, toilets, sinks, water fountain, to go talk to their buddies…all buck naked. I was enjoying seeing the wide variety of bodies and dicks on shameless display. I saw an awesome hairy chest get revealed as a guy peeled off his t-shirt, and then realized my swim teammate Brian was with him. As I walked over to say hi, Brain was also stripping off his shirt. “Andy! What’s up?” Brian said, noticeably more confident than I remembered him being in the school locker room. “Hey Bri! Ray and Jim recruited me for this, did they get to you too?” I replied. “No man, my Dad did,” Brian answered, gesturing to the guy with the hairy chest next to him. “Dad, you remember Andy from the swim team, right?” Brian’s Dad had just dropped his shorts. He stood up, stark naked, and reached out to shake my hand. “Of course son. Glad you’re here Andy, and great trunks,” he said as he used our handshake to partially turn me and see my butt in this tiny new speedo. “Thank you Sir,” I mumbled, trying not to let my eyes glance down at his hairy swinging dick. “Call me Brent,” Brian’s Dad said as he gave me a pat on the back. Brian had dropped his shorts as well, exposing his furry ass. “Damn Bri, guess Jim was right – your ass hair did grow back even thicker!” I said with a laugh. “Haha, yup,” Brian agreed. “Yeah, afraid Bri gets all that fur from me,” Brent said as he ran his hands up and down, from his hairy pecs into his pubes. “I’m getting a little chest patch too,” Brian said, turning to show me the hair that had sprouted up between his pecs. “Nice man!” I cheered him on. “Yeah son! I thought I noticed that,” Brent said as he put one arm around Brian’s shoulders, and reached his other hand around to feel his new chest hair. I couldn’t help but notice how their naked bodies pressed together, Brent’s big soft dick mashing into Brian’s side as they both smiled and laughed. “Glad we don’t have to shave for Masters swim!” Brian said with a laugh. “Ha! Yeah, glad we’re into the natural male body here…or else we’d have a lot of work to do, haha,” Brent said. “All right, I gotta take a leak before we hit the pool,” he added as he walked past me with a pat on my shoulder. “Dude your dad is cool,” I said. “Yeah, he’s not bad. Glad he started bringing me here this year. He’s been a swimmer since he was our age, and coming here ever since I can remember. I always wanted to come with him but you’ve got to have a year of varsity, so I couldn’t til now,” Brian said. He was just standing there naked, in no hurry to get his suit on. “It’s a really cool group of guys. They can get wild…it’s the most fun group of adults I’ve ever been around, haha. And really welcoming, you’ll see. Those the trunks you’re wearing?” “Yeah, I think so…are they all right?” I asked self consciously. “Yeah they’re awesome, where did you get them?” Brian asked. “Uh….right here actually,” I said with an embarrassed laugh. Brian gave me a puzzled look so I continued. “When I got here, the attendant guy was cleaning up and said they were left behind. He said I should try them on, and then Ray and Jim came in and told me I should wear them.” “Wow that’s cool, nice to have a suit that’s already broken in, right? They fit you great,” Brian said. “You think so?” I asked. “They’re pretty tiny,” I said as I turned around to show how much of my ass was on display, the seam running between my ass cheeks making them pop. “Nah man, they’re great. A lot of the guys here are basically in a competition to see who can find the tiniest, most ridiculous suit. Nobody’s self-conscious here, it’s awesome,” Brian said. “Yeah, I see you’re in no hurry to get dressed haha,” I said, making a nod to his continued nakedness. “Haha yeah. All guys love to be naked, younger guys are just afraid to admit it for whatever reason. These guys don’t give a shit,” Brian said confidentially. “It’s awesome, right?” “Definitely- ” I began to agree as I felt a hand on my ass. “Great trunks Andy!” Brent said as he patted my ass on his way back to the bench. “Oh, uh, thank you,” I mumbled, flustered. “I was just telling him that too,” Brian agreed. “He was nervous they were too skimpy.” “Haha no such thing here,” Brent said. “Which trunks are you wearing today bud?” he asked his son. “Hadn’t really decided yet,” Brian said, “you?” “I’m thinking the zebras,” Brent said as he pulled a zebra-print speedo out of his bag. “Oh nice, then maybe I’ll wear my black and white one too,” Brian said. “Eh…that one’s kinda lame, though. We gotta get you some more fun choices,” Brent said. “You should wear that one you’ve got like Andy’s.” “Oh, yeah! All right,” Brian said as he started rummaging through his bag. With them both occupied, I finally had a chance to really check them out. Brian had definitely gotten hairier since swim season, with it growing back thicker and more widespread. But the thing I really couldn’t get over was the difference in his attitude. He was always quiet, almost shy, at school and in the swim team locker room. But here, he seemed totally confident, chatty, and comfortable as hell in his skin. That made me really happy to see. I wondered if it was just the atmosphere with everyone in this Masters Swim program, or if Brian was more confident with his Dad there. Speaking of Brent – I had seen him fully dressed after swim meets and stuff, but I had no idea what a stud he was. He was in pretty great shape, well muscled, and with a layer of hair over his entire front side. And a really furry ass. As he bent to put on his speedo, his crack opened a little bit, but all I could see was more dark curly hair. He pulled his trunks up and turned around, and his thick heavy dad dong was still pretty visible under the thin fabric. His zebra print suit wasn’t tight at all, but the fabric clung to his meat and potatoes perfectly. I don’t know how long I was staring at Brent’s package, but the next thing I knew, another older guy had walked up next to me to say hi to Brent. As they exchanged greetings, I scoped out the new guy’s incredible fur – he was hairier than even Big Nick, with thick chest fur that spread up over his shoulders. All that fur was on top of solid muscle, too – this guy was obviously in great shape, although he wasn’t as cut as Brent. And of course he was naked, with the biggest dong I’d ever seen in real life curving down over a set of big hairy nuts. Jim stepped up on my other side, still naked, and said, “Andy, you ever met my Dad? Dad, this is Andy.” “Oh, uh…hi,” I stammered, taking the hand this neanderthal of a man extended. “Jerry, nice to meet you,” he said as an introduction. “So you can see where I get the hair from,” Jim said, running his hands over his own furry chest and stomach with a chuckle. “Not bad son, but I don’t know if you’ll ever catch me,” Jerry laughed. “But then again, I didn’t think I’d ever be as hairy as your grandfather so…who knows?” He turned back to me. “This your first time here Andy?” “Yeah, your son and Ray told me I should start coming,’ I answered. “Well I’m glad they did, welcome! And great suit,” he added with a pat on my ass. “Thanks, I just got it, and I wasn’t sure about it,” I said. “I told him it was great,” Jim said with a wink. “Oh, it definitely is. Fits you great. Everybody here works their bodies hard and likes to show them off. I think you’ll fit right in. All right, let me go take a leak before we hit the pool,” he said, with another pat on my ass, as he walked away. I got a great view of his muscular back and ass, which were also covered in fur. More sparse on his back, but a thick forest of hair spreading from his ass crack in all directions. Damn… Jim’s dad was the personification of manliness. “Your Dad is cool,” I said to Jim. “Yeah, he’s awesome. And such a stud, right?” Jim said with a laugh and a quick tug of his johnson. “He’s so hairy,” I said. “Yeah, I thought my dad was hairy, but yours wins,” Brian added. “Yup, he’s definitely got me beat,” Brent said, “I’ve only got fur on the front side, but Jerry’s got it everywhere.” “Haha, I know, right?” Jim said, running his hands through his own chest hair. Before today, I would have said that Jim himself was furry as fuck, and he was for a younger guy, but he paled in comparison to Brent and Jerry. “Hope I get that hairy too,” Jim continued, lowering his voice making us all lean in, “and I hope I end up with a big fat dong like him, too!” We all cracked up with laughter, shrugging in agreement. “Can’t argue with that,” I said. “He’s got me beat there too!” Brent said. “You’ll probably catch up though, especially if you keep stroking it like that,” he said with a head nod to Jim, who had been idly fondling his package while he was talking. “Hey I gotta make sure he’s looking his best!” Jim said as we all laughed more. “Yo, we gonna get in the pool or what?” Ray yelled as he walked over to us in his tiny speedo. “Save that boner for later and let’s go.” “It’s not a bone- ah!” Jim winced as Ray reached over and gave Jim’s chubbed dick a playful swat. “All right all right, let me grab my suit. See you out there boys!” As we all headed out to the pool, I was feeling great. This was a very cool group of guys, where even though I was the youngest, they made me feel welcome. And they were all kinds of guys, but all manly and confident as hell. They seemed to go for tight and small suits, or light colored baggier suits like Brent. Ray had opted for both with his tight white speedo. So there were a lot of butts and man-sized dongs swinging back and forth as we walked out to the pool. Not all the guys were in perfect shape, but they all had a swagger and cockiness that I wanted. Well, hopefully I’d learn a lot from these older guys. And how cool for Brian and Jim that their own Dads were here. Although, I guess they just had cool Dads, no matter where they were. I couldn’t imagine my own Dad doing this, or being caught dead in a speedo, so it was awesome seeing and meeting Brent and Jerry. I wanted to hang with them as much as I could…why didn’t I ever hang out at Brian’s house? I don’t know if Jim would ever be real friends with a younger guy like me, but me and Brian were the same age. I thought maybe things were awkward since our swim team initiation, but he seemed chill as fuck just now, so I guess I shouldn’t have worried about it. We hit the water and everything was pretty standard. Some of the older guys took the lead, telling us what the workout was. I kept up well – better than most of the older guys at shorter distance stuff, but I was in the lower middle of the pack for longer distances. I was definitely feeling the workout by the end. I hadn’t swam this hard since the end of swim season months ago. Ray and I were sharing a lane. I had been happy to share a lane with him, since his tight white speedo was see through now that it was wet. Finally, we were nearing the end of the work out and doing our last 200. When I breathed on his side and looked over, I saw Ray had tucked his speedo under his nuts so his dicks and balls were floating free. I almost drowned trying to choke back izmit sınırsız escort bayan my laughter. When we finished, it was obvious that Brent, swimming in the next lane, had seen as well. “Hey, Ray, save that for later,” he mock scolded. “Haha ok ok,” Ray said. “Andy, you staying for bonus practice?” Brent asked. My muscles ached at the thought. But before I could reply, Ray answered for me. “Yeah he’s staying for bonus practice,” he said to Brent, and then turning to me, “it’s fun. If you thought me swimming with my dick out was funny, you’ll love it.” Sounded like a good time to me. “Yeah, I’m gonna stay,” I said to Brent. “I’m beat though.” “Ah, that’s alright, bonus practice is pretty relaxed,” Brent replied. “Basically a long cool down, with some shenanigans. But yeah, I think you’ll like it.” About half of the guys were getting out of the pool now, heading for the locker room. Brent, Brian, Jerry, Jim, Ray, and four other guys stayed in the water. “All right guys, loosen those drawstrings,” Jerry said. All the guys untied their drawstrings. This was getting pretty interesting pretty quick. I followed and untied mine. “Jim, Ray- did you explain bonus practice to Andy?” `Not yet,” Jim said. “I’m on it,” Ray said. “So we swim normal 50s, but you’re not allowed to pull your trunks back up if (or when) they come down. Kind of a contest to see who ends up naked the fastest.” “It’s usually Chet,” one of the older guys I didn’t know said. Another older guy who must have been Chet shrugged and said, “Hey, it’s not my fault I’ve got the best push off the wall.” “Yeah right, it’s just cause you wear a fuckin drag suit!” the first guy bantered back. Ray was not only untying his suit, but also running his hands around the inside of the waist, getting it as loose and open as possible. He gave me a look that meant I should do the same, so I did. The suit was pretty tiny though, so it didn’t loosen up much. “We just go one length at a time, so stop at that end. Push off hard and see how far you can get it to drop,” he coached me. “Okay,” I said with a grin and a laugh. “And everybody’s cool with this? Even the lifeguard?” “Oh yeah. He doesn’t give a fuck. He’ll probably strip down too,” Ray answered. Before I could even fully process all of this, Jerry was shouting: “On your mark, get set, go!” I took a deep breath and pushed off the wall as hard as I could. I felt the waist of my trunks scooch down a little. It was tough to fight the instinct to pull them back up. But as I swam, I glanced from side to side, seeing almost everyone else’s swim trunks down at least under their ass, if not lower. I was in the middle of the pack as we reached the wall. “Hands up! No touching your trunks!” Jerry hollered. I hung on the wall and looked down to see Ray’s trunks about mid-thigh, with his cock and balls floating free. “Anybody lose em?” “Yeah!” two guys shouted, almost in unison, at the first two lanes closest to the lifeguard side. Jerry push back away from the wall and dropped underwater to verify. I could see a brighter spot from his pale ass, and a dark spot in front from his thick pubes. “Yup, looks like Chet has some competition this week. Chad, who lost `em first, Chet or Darryl?” Jerry asked the lifeguard. “It was pretty close…” Chad said, milking the moment. “But…this week…the first suit…to come off…was…Darryl!” Everyone started cheering Darryl and jeering Chet. From what they were saying I guessed Chet had been winning for several weeks straight. “And Chad,” Jerry asked again, “any funny business? Anybody cheat? Pull their suit down themselves?” “Nope, not that I saw,” Chad answered. “Anybody pull their suit back up? I see a couple that look like they barely moved,” Jerry said, smirking in my direction. “Nope, didn’t see that either,” Chad said. “All right then, another length it is,” Jerry said. “Remember, we keep doing sprints until we’re all naked, so don’t hold back…On your mark, get set, go!” I pushed off hard again, and felt my waistband bulge out from the drag this time, but the suit still only moved another inch or so. This time when we got to the other end, I looked back to see several suits floating in the water, including Ray’s. “Damn Andy, yours barely moved,” Ray said to me. “Yeah, this suit is tight as fuck!” I said, a little panicked that I was so far behind my first time here. “There we go boys, look at all these skinnydippers. Ray, Jim, Brent, Fred, nice,” Jerry said, now naked himself. “Chad, any cheating?” “Nope, all good,” Chad answered. “You gonna join us today?” Jerry asked him. “Or just stare at our naked asses?” “Haha, all right, all right,” Chad answered. He stood up and stripped off his tank top, showing a classic smooth swimmer’s body. When he dropped his trunks, I noticed his nice thick cock, low hanging balls, and well trimmed pubes. I also noticed he was tan all over. He sat his bareass back down on his chair, and let his cock and balls hang off the edge, swinging in the breeze. Everyone in the pool was whistling and catcalling him, and I joined in. He just laughed. “You’re right, you’re right, that’s better.” Everyone cheered. “Now Andy,” Jerry was swimming toward me. “How the hell has that suit not moved yet?” “It did move…a little…” I offered. “I don’t know, cause it’s tight as hell, I guess?” “Well I guess it is,” Jerry said, coming up behind me as I hung onto the wall. “And it looks great, don’t get me wrong. But it’s making our little game kinda tough. Here, let me give you a little jump start,” he said as he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of my trunks and roughly tugged them down under my ass. “Here, see if that helps you make any progress.” I could feel his big muscly furry pecs against my back, and I could feel his hand give my ass a pat before he swam back to his lane. Only it’s hard to give a pat underwater, so it was actually more like a rub…before I could think anymore about it, he was getting us started on another lap. This time when I pushed off, I felt the water catch in my bunched up suit and pull it down quite a bit further. As I swam, I felt my dick pop out of the front, and then my nuts. It felt naughty, but also manly and awesome. When we got to the end though, I realized everyone else had fully lost their trunks, and I was the odd man out. “Oh man, looks like we gotta do one more, guys,” Jerry said. “Although at least now Andy’s making some progress! All right, on your mark, get set, go!” I pushed harder than ever, not wanting to make everyone do another additional sprint just for me. I felt my trunks balloon full of water, and drag down to my knees. Then I discovered if I kept my legs a little bit apart while I swam, the speedo would act like a parachute. Soon it was around my shins, then my ankles, and then I pointed my toes and it slipped all the way off! Instantly I felt awesome – I was suddenly swimming way faster, and the water felt great on my naked body. When we reached the shallow end wall, everyone saw my trunks floating and started cheering. Ray gave me a celebratory combination dunk/bear hug/headlock, our naked wet bodies in full contact. When I recovered and stood up, I saw all the other guys standing up. Dicks and asses were on full display, not a shred of self consciousness from anyone. Depending on height and dick length, some guys were fully exposed, while some of the longer heavier dong heads dipped back down into the water. I looked down and saw Ray and I were both sporting a bit of a chub, fully above the water line. “Always feels better to swim naked, right buddy?” Brent asked me with a pat on the back. “I guess so,” I shrugged. “Wait, don’t tell me this is your first time skinnydipping?” Brent asked with disbelief. “Yeah it is,” I admitted. My parents had super strict rules about no one swimming when they weren’t home, and it wasn’t like I was gonna go skinnydipping when they were home. “Well damn, boys don’t skinnydip in the creek anymore?” Chet asked. “I don’t know, I never have,” I shrugged, a little embarrassed at my lack of experience. “No, they do,” Brian said. “Don’t worry, bro, I’ll bring you next time I go.” “Sweet, thanks,” I said. “Well, in the meantime, enjoy this, Andy!” Brent said. “Guys were meant to swim naked, sucks that this is about the only chance we have to do it.” Everyone agreed, and started to swim around a bit on their own. One guy was doing handstands, his cock and balls hanging upside down. Ray and Jim were using their now mostly hard dicks to slap the water and splash each other. I just started to do a leisurely back float, trying to arch my back and keep my pubes, dick, and balls up out of the water the whole time. The cool water felt great on my naked ass, and the breeze on my dick, and blowing through my pubes had me all tingly. I closed my eyes and imagined how I must look to Chad the lifeguard, also naked, who had a bird’s eye view of my naked body in the water. I was broken out of my reverie by Jerry, suddenly standing next to me. “Damn, looks like it’s high noon on this sundial!” He guffawed and everyone else did too. I folded in half, embarrassed, but then as I looked around, all of the guys seemed to be at least at half mast. So I stood up, revealing my boner above the water line and laughed along with everyone else. “I think it’s time to hit the showers,” Jerry said. I watched as Brian, Ray, Jim, Chet, and Brent pulled themselves out of the water. Each of them had a moment where their asses were on perfect display, with their balls and cocks hanging. You could even catch a glimpse of the Chet and the younger guys’ holes, as their ass cheeks opened up climbing out. Brent’s crack was too furry to see anything but hair. I wanted to see what Jerry’s ass crack looked like with so much hair, but that wasn’t meant to be. “Go ahead, buddy, after you,” Jerry said. I suddenly got the crazy idea that maybe Jerry wanted to watch me climb out of the pool for the same reason. So I took my time and made sure to give him a nice view of my ass and balls, though my dick was too hard to hang down. “Nice…” I heard him say under his breath. We all gathered up our suits and headed for the locker rooms. Four teenage boners bobbing, and 5 men’s dongs swinging a little lower. And Chad the lifeguard, somewhere in between. No one seemed embarrassed, or tried to cover up their wood. “Damn I gotta piss,” Jim said, and most of us agreed. Swimming always gets my metabolism going so fast I always have to piss when I get done. I sometimes piss in the pool, but I didn’t today. I think most guys do, but I’m not really sure, and sharing a lane with Ray, I didn’t want him to feel the warm spot in the water and give me shit for it. “You didn’t go in the pool?” lifeguard Chad asked. “That’s usually what I do…there’s enough little kids pissing in it all day, I figure a little more from me isn’t gonna matter, haha.” “Nah, not today, gotta save it for our weekly pissing contest!” Jim answered. “Oh that’s right, how could I forget,” Chad said. “Cause usually you go in and take a shit instead, haha,” Ray retorted. “You gonna join us this time?” “Yeah, I took a shit during my break earlier, so I’ll give it a shot, see what I got in the tank,” Chad answered. By then we were all back in the locker room, and the younger guys were all circling around one of the urinals. They were those really old ones that weren’t built into a wall, kind of like a mini-tub that we could all stand around. Brian, Ray, Jim, Chad, and me all stood hip to hip, boners pointing at each other over the urinal base. “I gotta piss so bad,” Jim said, and then added a sigh of relief as he aimed his stiff cock down into the urinal. “I dunno bro, I think I’m gonna have you beat today,” Ray said as he started pissing. The rest of us followed, and soon there were five streams of swimmer piss arcing into the water at the bottom of the urinal. We were all crossing streams and giggling like idiots. “Damn Brian, looks like you’re dehydrated,” Chad joked. Brian’s piss was noticeably darker than the rest of us. We all laughed. Soon it was just Jim and Ray left pissing. My boner had softened some as I peed, but they still both looked pretty hard. Jim’s stream was starting to slow down, but Ray was still going strong. “See? I told you I was gonna win,” Ray smiled. “It’s just because your dick is so hard the piss can barely get out,” Brian retorted, shaking off his cock, evinde görüşen escort but keeping his hand wrapped around it. “Fuck you!” Jim said to Ray as he squeezed out the last few drops. “Ha! You all are jealous of this boner,” Ray said. At the same time he let go of his dick, letting his hard on spring up, bouncing all over and spraying all of us with what remained of his post-swim piss. We all yelled and punched him, but also laughed. Except for Chad. “Yo, what the fuck?” Chad seemed pretty (pun intended) pissed. “Oh you didn’t know the winner can spray it wherever he wants?” Jim asked. “No! Did you?” Chad looked at me. “No…but…I mean, I’m gonna take a shower anyway…” I replied with a shrug. I honestly didn’t mind. It was guys being guys, and pretty funny. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. But watch your back Ray, you better believe I’m gonna find a way to get even,” Chad said with a smile. “Haha, next week when you finish your set, Chad’s gonna be standing there at the edge pissing on your head,” Brian said. We all had a good laugh. I wondered if that was really going to happen. The dads had been a bit slower getting into the locker room, hanging up their suits before coming into the bathroom/shower area. It was awesome to see so many fully grown men, with big hefty dongs and hairy chests. “Damn look at all these teenage boners,” Jerry said as he walked in. “Well who won this week?” “Me!” Ray said proudly. “See Jim, I told you you should’ve drank more water before we left the house,” Jerry said as he smacked his son’s bare ass cheek. “Good for you though, buddy,” he added as he stepped close behind Ray and rubbed his shoulders a bit. “You gonna share a showerhead with me again this week?” Ray’s eyes were half closed from the shoulder rub, but they flew open with a smile. “Yessir!” “Attaboy,” Jerry said. As they walked over to the showers I realized there were only 4 heads and 10 of us. Another of the older guys had already claimed the furthest shower head, so Jerry and Ray walked up to the third. Brian and Jim headed towards the showers too, so I just kind of hung back, figuring I would wait and rinse off in the second shift. But then they both went to the second shower head, leaving the first one open. Chad headed back out to the main locker area, where I could hear the other guys. So I stepped up to the first shower. Of course, as soon as I headed in that direction, one of the other older guys came around the corner, and we did that awkward thing where we couldn’t decide which way to step around each other. Then we had another awkward moment where I gestured to offer him the open shower, while I tried not to stare at his big hairy boner. “Nah, thanks, I’m headed down here,” he said as he walked past me and the rest of us to the last shower head with the other man. Guess everybody was used to just sharing showers after practice. I turned on the water, and it was already a nice temperature. I dipped my head under and closed my eyes, feeling the water flow down my body. I leaned my arms against the wall, stretching out a bit after our strenuous practice. I felt a tap on my shoulder and opened my eyes to see Brent holding body wash. “Mind sharing? We usually buddy up after practice,” he asked. I glanced down at his muscular furry body and hard cock pointing right at me. “Not at all! Come on in, water’s fine,” I added as I stepped back to give him access to the spray. As I did, my naked ass bumped up against Brian’s and we both laughed. “Thanks, buddy,” Brent said as he set the shower gel on the floor and stepped under the water. The water matted down his fur and made it look even better. It ran down his back into his ass crack, making his curly ass hair cling to his body. He turned around under the water, and his boner angled up and out into the air. I looked down the row and saw Jerry in a similar position. A lesser man’s dick would have gotten lost in his huge bush, but Jerry had a huge dad cock to match. As I watched, Ray reached out a hand to cup Jerry’s huge ball sack, and Jerry opened his eyes with a smile. “Body wash?” Brent asked, pulling my focus back to the naked dad just inches away I was sharing a shower with. “Uh sure,” I stuttered, putting my hand out for him to squirt some into. I started lathering up my chest and pits a bit while Brent squirted some into his own hand and set the bottle back down. “I’ll get your back buddy,” Brent said as he started rubbing the cool gel into my shoulders. “Thanks…” I sighed. It felt amazing. Those were the last words that were spoken for awhile – everything after that was just body language and going with the flow. Brent worked his hands all over my back and eventually down to my ass before coming back up and really kneading my shoulders. I instinctively shifted my weight backwards, closer to him, and felt his hard on press against my right butt cheek. He ran his hands down over my shoulders to my chest, going back and forth across my nipples. His entire body was right up against my back now and he reached down to lather up my abs. I reached back and wrapped my hands around his meaty, hairy thighs. He continued down and lathered up my growing patch of pubes, and it made me realize I wanted to feel my fingers soaping up all of his fur. I bent down to grab the shower gel off the floor, and felt his fat slippery hard cock slip into an upright position between my ass cheeks. As I straightened back up, I felt my cheeks clench around it and Brent gave a little moan. That’s when I realized this was all happening with his son Brian right next to us. I had been so lost in all these sensations I had been looking only towards Brent. I turned my head slowly and with dread, waiting to see everyone staring at us in shock. But I was the one in shock! Everyone else was too caught up in what they were doing to even notice us. Brian and Jim were standing crotch to crotch, running their hands through each other’s rapidly growing chest hair while swordfighting with their boners. Meanwhile Jim’s dad Jerry was enjoying Ray working both hands over his massive hog. Ray’s mouth was hanging open in awe of Jerry’s incredible size. I couldn’t imagine having a dick that big…it kind of made me want to feel it in my hands, too. And down at the end, the guys were way back out of the spray. One was leaning over against one of the open toilet stalls that faced the row of showers while the other was squatted down on the floor with his face in the first guy’s ass! Holy shit! As I turned back to face Brent, he was giving me a questioning look. I probably looked like a deer in headlights. But this was awesome – men being men, enjoying being men and making each other feel good. This is exactly what I didn’t know I wanted. I wasn’t sure I was ready to actually do all this stuff myself, but…I wasn’t ready to rule anything out right now either. I gave Brent a big smile and started soaping up his massive furry chest. His chest and abs were so firm and tight under the hair – there was only the slightest layer between muscle and skin. Brent took the bottle from me and we were both rubbing our hands up, down, and all over each other. I loved the way his hair felt between my fingers, and how it made the body wash lather up. “Hey Dad…can we get some of that?” Brian asked in a hushed voice, barely taking his eyes off Jim. They were now grinding their stiff cocks together, hands on each other’s asses to pull themselves as close together as possible. Brent just reached out his arm and squeezed the shower gel right down onto their enmeshed pubes and cocks. They both moaned in appreciation as it rapidly worked into a lather. Brent squatted down quickly to set the shower gel back on the floor, and my rock hard dick rubbed all through his slipper soapy chest hair. As he came back up, he purposely pushed his chest and abs into me, and I felt every muscle and hair massage my teen cock. He gave my nipples and playful tweak and I returned the favor, eliciting a moan from him. I did it again, and Brent responded by grinding his cock into my abs. I slid my soapy hands down his chest and looked down at his manhood. It was pointing straight up at me, my own cock head next to it and slightly lower, looking small in comparison. I stepped back slightly, into the water spray, so I could get my hands down into his forest of pubes. I lathered them up, enjoying the feeling of my fingers moving through his thick hair. Then I continued down to soap up his big dad balls. They were also covered in hair, and easily filled my hand. Finally, I brought my hands in from both sides to grasp the base of Brent’s majestic pillar of a cock. I had never touched a cock that wasn’t my own. And this one wasn’t some teen dick, but a full sized man schlong. Brent easily had a bigger dick than some of the guys in the porn Nick and I had watched. It felt amazing – so thick. Hard, yet a little squishy, and hairy, yet smooth. I worked my hands over it, instinctively knowing how to treat another man’s cock from all the practice I’d had handling my own. But Brent’s dad dong was so much more fun to play with than my own! It was bigger in every way, able to accommodate both my hands along his fat shaft. I started jerking him off slowly with both hands. “Unnh, that feels good,” Brent leaned in to whisper into my ear. “It’s fun to play with,” I replied. “You can play with whatever you want,” he murmured back, pulling me into him tighter, with a hand on each of my ass cheeks. “But you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. And if I do something you don’t like, just tell me to stop.” “I like all this just fine so far,” I said with a smile. He responded with a chuckle and a couple light pats on my ass. I was still stroking his big dick, and now I’d worked my own dick into the crevice between his leg and nuts. His forest of hair felt great as I humped my teen dick into the soapy lather there. Next to us, Brain and Jim were in a similar position, with their boners mashed together as Jim stroked them both. Jim’s free hand was reached around digging in Brian’s buttcrack, and Brian was returning the favor. Brian’s other hand was rubbing through Jim’s chest hair and playing with his nipples. “A lot of boys like a little butt play,” Brent said in that low sexy voice as we both watched his son and Jim go at it. “You ever tried it?” “A little,” I answered honestly. This wasn’t the time for any shame or embarrassment about it now, that’s for sure. “And? Did you like it?” Brent asked as he ran his fingers up and down my crack. “Uhhhhh,” was all I could say as he started circling and tapping on my hole with his soapy fingers. I guess that was all the encouragement Brent needed, because soon I felt him pushing a thick finger into my butt, and I was fighting back even louder moans. I leaned in to bury my head in the furry valley between his big pecs. If I hadn’t cum just before swim practice, I would definitely be blowing my load now. As I turned my head against his chest, I could see Brian and Jim humping away at each other, and past them, Ray was on his knees on the shower room floor sucking Jerry’s huge cock. I was a little bit surprised – I knew Ray liked a finger in his ass, but I also knew how often he was fucking his girlfriend. But I guess he liked sucking fatty Daddy cock too, because he was clearly loving Jim’s hairy hog. Jim was patting him on the cheek and saying “Attaboy…you’ve gotten so damn good at this…proud of you, boy.” “Well damn, looks like you fit right in here,” Chad said, coming around the corner of the showers and pulling my attention away from Jim and Ray. “Guess so,” I laughed as he gave my ass cheek a quick squeeze. I was feeling gutsy at this point, so I took one hand off Brent’s dick to cup Chad’s low hangers in my hand and roll them around a bit. All the while, Brent was reaching his finger further into my ass. “Mmm,” Chad murmured, “that feels good, churn up that load for me.” I wrapped my hand around his boner. It wasn’t quite as big as Brent’s, but it was bigger than mine, and it felt amazing to have a grown man’s cock in each hand. “Ah, ah, ah,” Chad said as he gently pulled it out of my grip. “I’ve gotta save that for something else, and those guys already got me close,” he said with a nod of his head back to the locker room. I wondered what had been going on out there while the rest of us were in here. “Terry!” Chad hollered. “You got him good and ready for me?” The guy eating Chet’s kocaeli sınırsız escort bayan ass pulled his face out of it and said, “you bet buddy, all set!” So Chad, his big boner leading the way, walked down the row of showers toward Chet, who was still bent over leaning against the toilet stall. But he stopped by Ray and said, “You wanna lube me up a little buddy?” Ray pulled off Jim’s big meat and started sucking on Chad. After only a couple gulps down his throat, Chad was pulling out saying “Whoa buddy, easy, easy, that’s good. Damn Jerry, you got this boy’s throat trained real good.” “Haha, right? But he’s a natural, I can’t take too much credit for it. The boy just loves having a dick in his mouth,” he said with a chuckle. Jerry slapped his wet cock on Ray’s cheek and Ray just looked up at him with lust and hunger. “Here you go son, get back on it,” Jim said reassuringly as Ray went back to sucking his best friend’s dad’s cock. Meanwhile, Terry had stepped back from Chet’s ass and Chad had stepped up. He rubbed his cockhead up and down Chet’s crack a couple of times and then lined it up and started to push in. As we watched Chad work his dick into Chet’s ass, I could feel Brent pushing his finger further into my ass. It felt amazing, and I tried to push back against his finger while still keeping my full body in contact with his amazing furry dad bod. I put my arms on Brent’s shoulders, no longer to keep them around his tool. I was pushed tight against Brent, humping my teen boner against his full sized man cock as he played with my ass and fingered my hole. I was watching the rest of the guys, getting off in such a wide variety of ways, and feeling pretty great myself. Then suddenly Brent’s finger found a spot inside me that felt so good I let out an involuntary, very loud, moan. My head snapped back to make eye contact with him, and he just said, “Yeah?” “…Yeahhhhhh!” I answered back, in shock and awe of how good that felt. “Sounds like you found his spot, Dad,” Brian leaned over to say. “Feels good, doesn’t it?” Jim added. I could barely choke out an “uh huh…” as Brent continued to hit that magic spot. “We’re gonna cum soon,” Brent said to me, and it wasn’t a question. “You ready to squirt?” he asked rhetorically as we continued to hump our boners against each other and he played my ass like a fiddle. He was starting to breathe heavily too. “Feels like our dicks are both ready to blow….yeah? Ready? Here we go, blow that load!” He kept eye contact the whole time, as he was grinding into me and pushing my spot over and over again, pushing me over the edge. I was vaguely aware of some incoherent noises that might have been coming out of my mouth – but with the waves of pleasure coming from Brent’s fingers in my ass, I couldn’t consciously control myself. As I eventually came back down to earth, I kind of went limp in Brent’s slippery embrace. “Attaboy…you okay?” he asked, and I nodded wide-eyed but emphatic. “You’ve never cum like that, have you?” I shook my head no. “Feels amazing though, doesn’t it?” I nodded again. “See there’s some things you’ve got to learn from a man. Women are fine, and some of them try, but they don’t know all the secrets of a guy’s body like another guy does, you know? Sometimes you just need a buddy to really work you over.” Next to us, his son was illustrating this pretty well with Jim. They were also rapidly approaching orgasm in the same way Brent and I had, except they were both two knuckles deep in each other’s butts. Brent and I untangled ourselves and stepped under the shower spray. The soapy lather all rinsed off and Brent was left with a few gobs of jizz stuck in his pubes and treasure trail. We both saw it and laughed. “Yeah, that’s the bad part about shower fun,” Brent said. As we watched Jim and Brian swordfight, I resumed fondling Brent’s now floppy cock, just loving the heft of it in my hand. They seemed like they were getting close to cumming. The were talking to each other, but we couldn’t hear them over the sound of Chet getting fucked by Chad. The shower room was echoing with the slap of Chad’s pelvis into Chet’s ass and Chet’s cries of ecstasy. “Terry – why don’t you feed him your cock to quiet him down a little,” Chad said between thrusts. Terry stepped in front of Chet, who eagerly swallowed his cock whole. “Fuck, that’s hot…double teaming him…damn…I’m getting close…oh fuck! Fuck! Yeah! Unnffhhh!” Chad grunted emphatically as he dumped his load into Chet’s willing ass. Chet was making a lot of noise around Terry’s cock, which made me wonder if he was cumming too. Then Jim and Brian were cumming too – just like Brent and I had. Brent gave Brian a reassuring pat on the shoulder, and Jim and I fist bumped. When they stepped under the water, they both had splooge in their pubes too. Terry was on his knees eating Chet’s ass again, and jerking off furiously. Chad had stepped away, and was aiming his rapidly deflating dick at the shower drain for a post-fuck piss. Terry must have been really enjoying the taste of Chad’s load in Chet’s hole, because soon he was cumming too. That left just Jerry and Ray as the only guys who hadn’t splooged yet. Jerry was still fucking Ray’s face, and they both seemed to be enjoying it. It seemed like Ray had been sucking his cock for so long – I couldn’t imagine lasting that long before shooting. I’d probably last about three seconds if someone ever sucked my dick. Brent walked over behind Jerry. I was sad to have him take his floppy cock out of my hands, but it was hot to see him nestle it between Jerry’s super furry ass cheeks. Brent wrapped his arms around him and started playing Jerry’s nipples. They were whispering to each other too. Meanwhile, Jim, Brian, and I were leaning on each other, leisurely playing with our soft cocks and floppy sacks. I couldn’t hear what Brent and Jerry were saying, but at one point, they both suddenly looked over at the three of us, me and each of their sons. Jerry kept staring at us as Brent continued whispering in his ear. “Fuck yeah! Shit, I’m gonna cum,” Jerry announced, pulling his attention away from the three of us and back to Ray. “You ready for it boy? You gonna swallow it, so you can be big and manly like me some day? Yeah? Good, cause here – it – comes!” He punctuated each of the last words with finals thrusts, and then pushed in balls deep and roared as we shot down Ray’s throat. Ray squirmed a bit, but I didn’t see anything leak out of his mouth. I wondered how much Jerry had shot – for some reason I assumed a stud like him shot monster sized loads. I also wondered what Brent had been saying to Jerry as he was eyeing us…hopefully someday I would find out. “Good job, buddy,” Jerry was saying as he pulled Ray to his feet. “You ready to get your nut now?” “Mmmm….yeah…” Ray said as he backed against Jerry. Jerry’s still semi hard cock was wedged between his smooth muscular ass cheeks. But Jerry reached down with his right hand and started fingering Ray’s hole. He wrapped his other hand around Ray’s shoulders, holding him close. Brent came back over towards us to watch the show. “Come here son,” Jerry said to Jim, his finger still in Ray’s ass, “help your buddy out. Help him blow that load.” “Sure thing, I got you bro,” Jim wasted no time coming up to Ray and grabbing his dick in one hand and his balls in the other and beginning to work them over. “How’s that feel? Yeah? You got me working your cock over while my Dad plays with that sweet butt of yours, huh? You like my Dad’s fingers in your hole? Yeah, he knows just what buttons to push, doesn’t he?” Ray was basically a moaning mess, playing with his nips, reaching back to hold Jerry’s deflating dong, reaching out to feel Jim’s chest hair. “And he fed you a load too, didn’t he? Did you like that? Yeah? Did it taste good? Yeah, I bet it did. How many of my brothers you think you swallowed just now?” And with that Ray started to howl and explode, all over Jim’s furry stomach. “Yeah buddy, get that nut, shoot that load! Nice…” Jim trailed off as Ray came down from his orgasm. Jerry eased his fingers out of Ray, grabbed him in a bear hug from behind and said, “Good boy….good fuckin’ boy.” He gave him a few pats on the chest and ass, while Ray just looked at him, clearly idolizing him. From there, everyone was pretty chill and mellow, actually washing off in the showers. It was a team effort – everyone had at least one buddy to wash their back. I loved how the fur on Jerry’s back looked all lathered up with soap. He was such a stud of a man…every inch of his body covered in hair and sweat glands and testosterone. “I’ve got the ass fur, but Jerry’s definitely got my back beat,” Brent said, following my gaze. “Yeah, it’s pretty awesome,” I said. “I know, I’m kind of jealous. Jim is well on his way to being that hairy too. Although, Brian’s got more hair than I did at his age, so maybe he’ll give them a run for their money too,” Brent said. “I’ll just be happy to get some chest hair,” I said, looking down at my smooth pecs and abs. “Ah, don’t worry about it buddy, you look great all smooth,” Brent said, rubbing his hands up and down my torso. “You got this nice patch of pubes, and that treasure trail’s gonna be coming in real soon I bet. And you’re in great shape, and that always looks good, no matter how much hair you’ve got.” “Thanks,” I said with a mix of pride and self-consciousness. We headed out of the showers and everybody got dressed. Most of the guys just pulled shorts on commando, so I followed their lead and stuck my underwear in my bag with my trunks and towel. “Next week same time?” I asked Brian and Brent eagerly as we were getting dressed. “Ah no, off week next week for the holiday,” Brent said. “Oh right…shit,” I said. “So you had a good time?” Brian asked. “Hell yeah! Can’t wait for next time,” I answered. “Good. But yeah, that’ll be two weeks,” Brent said. “But why don’t you and me see about hitting up the creek next week?” Brian offered. “Yeah man, that would be awesome!” I exclaimed with excitement. “Cool. Yeah, I think that’ll be fun too,” Brian said with a smile. “Yeah, you boys will have a great time there,” Brent said. “We used to go there all the time when we were around your age.” We all finished packing up our stuff and I walked out with Ray, Jim, and Chad. “Dude, how’s Chet’s ass?” Jim asked. “Fucking great. Milks the cum right out of my dick,” Chad answered. “I can’t wait to get my lifeguard certification,” Jim said, “then I can get in on the action.” “You have to be a certified lifeguard to fuck?” I asked, confused. “Haha, no,” Ray laughed. “It’s just kind of a tradition that the lifeguard will let the guys have bonus practice as long as he gets some ass out of the deal,” Jim explained. “Yeah. That’s how it was when I was in high school, so I just kind of continued the policy,” Chad said. “So you fuck Chet after every bonus practice?” I asked. “Well, usually it’s Chet. Every once in a while I get a little variation,” Chad said with a smirk. Jim chuckled and elbowed Ray in a way that made it pretty clear that Ray had gotten fucked by Chad at least once. “Ah nice. Cool,” I said, trying to keep calm and act nonchalant. “Yeah, it’s nice to get regular ass over the summer when I’m away from campus and my regulars there,” Chad said. “He’s got a fucking stable of studs lining up to take his cock,” Jim said with admiration. “Hey, what can I say…lots of guys wanna mess around, they’re just waiting for an invitation,” Chad said. “These swim practices were definitely eye opening- all guys are basically just animals looking to get their nut. And good preparation for all the ways guys can get off, haha.” “Yeah buddy, you were going hard on my dad’s cock today,” Jim said. Despite having cum twice in the last couple hours, hearing that sentence out loud gave me an instant boner. “He’s such a fuckin stud,” Ray said, his voice full of awe. “And I mean, come on, his cock is amazing, you know it is.” “No argument here bro,” Jim said, “I just hope I catch up!” “You ever sucked a cock, Andy?” Ray turned to me. “Nope,” I replied. “Seemed like you enjoyed it though.” “Hell yeah, love playing with a fat daddy cock like that. And I saw you handling Brent’s so I know you know what I mean,” Ray said. “If you like the feel of it in your hands you’ll love it in your mouth.” “But you can’t necessarily start off sucking those fat hogs,” Jim said, “so if you wanna start practicing on something a little smaller, let us know.” Ray and Chad both nodded in agreement, too. I raised my eyebrows and smiled. “Sounds good to me!” Hit me up with feedback or ideas, or your own locker room experiences – hoo And remember – depends on donations, so if you like reading here, contribute if you can at fty/donate.html

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