Andy’s Journey Ch. 04


This story is about an incestuous relationship. It involves submission and dominance. There is an incident of spanking and a couple with piss.

All characters are age eighteen or older.

For background please read previous chapters.


I slept later than usual the morning after my mother had told me about her friends. Mom woke me when she had breakfast ready for me. She handed me a bathrobe and told me to come downstairs to eat. I felt content and relaxed.

I was still wearing my nightgown from the night before. Mom was too. Her robe was open and the shadows of her tits and pubes showed erotically through the gauzy material.

I was in the bathroom when I remembered what was in store for me that day. My contentment vanished.

I was to be put on display, shared as a sexual toy with two other women. Who knew what might come after that. My anguish returned. The feeling of contentment, the result of wonderful sex with Mom, had vanished. I felt tears well up in my eyes and angrily rubbed them away.

Far in the back corner of my mind the truth lurked. Such gratifying degradation.

I buried those thoughts, my mother was betraying me, but I must obey her. Then I remembered the day before. The exciting and satisfying sex we had engaged in. Incestuous, yes. Debauched, perhaps. That was a large part of the thrill.

My mind in a turmoil I went downstairs. One thing was paramount; I must obey her.

Mom served me a good breakfast. She sat opposite me with coffee and talked as I ate.

“This will be a big day for you, Andy. You must trust me. I love you and would not do anything to harm you. I have set some rules for the ladies to abide by. They have agreed to do so.

“Our guests will be arriving about ten. We’ll fix a salad and finger sandwiches for lunch. We can take care of that after you finish breakfast. Then we can shower and get ready.”

I finished breakfast and cleared the table. Mom made the sandwiches while I fixed the salad. We put the food in the refrigerator and set the table in the dining room for four. Apparently I was to be included.

We went upstairs to shower. Mom took my collar off so I could shave. As we washed each other I noticed that Mom’s clit was already enlarged. It appeared that she was anticipating hot times.

I knelt wanting to suck her. “Not yet, Andy. Later maybe,” she told me.

After drying Mom, then myself, Mom combed her hair. Next we picked out the outfit I was to wear. “I’ve been having a little problem trying to decide just how you should dress, Andy, but I think pantyhose and bra first.”

She meant, of course, crotchless panty hose. She opted for nude color. The bra she picked out was white, lacey and very feminine. As with all my bras it molded my chest into a small pair of breasts. She put a filmy white bed jacket on over it, but left it open.

She made me up next. Not completely. My eyes and eye brows; Rouge, too much I thought. Too much lipstick too, but no wig. She clipped on earrings and locked the collar around my neck.

In the mirror I looked a bit ridiculous. At least I thought so. Like a young girl playing at grown up. I asked Mom to let me wear a wig, but she refused. “You’re not to look like a girl, Andy. You’re to be a sissy boy.”

I waited for her as she carefully applied her own makeup. She used cosmetics sparingly, but to good effect. When done she looked like a pleasant matron. Mom had me roll black seamed nylons on to her legs. She chose a short filmy white nightie, the color matched my bed jacket. She did not put on panties or bra. She had me put heels on both of us.

“I think we’re ready,” she said. “We’ll go downstairs and get coffee ready for the girls.”

She got her small overnight bag from the closet, the one that contained her strap on and other toys. She handed it to me to carry. I followed her downstairs. Her broad ass swayed beneath the gauzy fabric of her nightie. I found it quite stimulating. It helped me forget my embarrassment at my costume.

We set up the coffee maker in the kitchen, but did not turn it on just yet. We organized the living room next. Three comfortable upholstered chairs were positioned around a circular coffee table. Off to one side was a recliner. Mom had me clear an area of the living room about ten feet by ten. She didn’t explain why. Last she got eight, or so, pillows from the closet and left them by the cleared area. She told me to put one of them next to the chair she would be sitting in.

A few minutes before ten. Mom turned on the coffee maker, opened the garage door and told me to set cup and saucers, sugar and cream on the coffee table. A plate of cookies too.

“You’ll be kneeling on the pillow next to me, Andy,” she instructed. “You are to look and act meek. You will obey all my commands without question. If I send you on an errand you are to return to the pillow as soon as you are done.

“If I tell you to go with one of the ladies you will do so. In that case you will do as she wishes. No istanbul escort matter what it is.” She emphasized the last phrase. “She will be aware of what is not allowed. All else is.”

“Yes, Mom,”

“Well, kneel there. What are you waiting for?”

I knelt on the pillow as she directed.

Mom puttered about making sure everything was ready.

I heard a car door shut in the garage. Someone had arrived. There was a tap on the door from the kitchen to the garage and Bridget poked her head in. She entered followed by Myra.

Mom met them with hugs for both then kisses on the lips. The kisses lingered for a few moments.

“Come on in,” she told them. “Coffee’s ready.

“Andy, stand for the ladies and let them see you,” I stood, my cock exposed and half hard. “Turn around.” Mom commanded.

“You may serve the coffee now.” Despite the polite tone it was not a request.

The women sat in the chairs around the coffee table I poured for them with my cock hardening rapidly. I set the carafe on a pad then, as Mom had directed me, I returned to my pillow.

The women sipped their coffee and nibbled on cookies. Mom spoke first. “You both know my son Andy,” she said. “As I told you he has become my sissy boy. Panty boy might also be a good term for him since he likes to dress up as a girl.”

I could feel my whole body turning red with embarrassment.

“I have found him to be a quite interesting plaything, girls. I thought of you both when I found out how much fun he could be. We have been friends and lovers for quite a while now and because of our friendship I decided to share him with you.”

“Thank you, Alice,” Myra said, echoed closely by Bridget.

“Andy,” Mom said. “The ladies have a few things in their car. Please help them bring them in.”

“Yes, Mom,” I responded. I had been wondering if Mom had meant it when she said she found me to be fun. Even more, just how she meant it. I stood and waited for the ladies to go first.

The garage door was open. I closed it before exposing myself to the street. Myra pointed out two large bundles that seemed to be quilts, or pads of some sort. There were also two small suitcases.

I carried the bundles into the living room one at a time. Mom directed me to open them out, one on top of the other in the space she had me clear earlier.

The ladies threw the pillows onto the soft pads and set their suitcases next to it. They disrobed then, both stripping down to bra and panties. Like Mom both wore nylons and heels.

I watched the women with interest. Bridget was a large woman, big boned some would say. She was about 5′ 10″ and weighed about 170. She was not fat, just big. Her tits, hips and butt were all in proportion. She was slim-waisted for her size. I think that in her younger days she may have been a voluptuous beauty. The beauty was faded now and she seldom smiled. Her normal expression could be described as sour. At least in public. She was smiling now as she chatted with Mom and Myra.

Bridget was a pillar of the community. She was very active with charitable work and was a leader in her church. Her husband was one of the cities foremost lawyers and a member of the city council. They were quite well off.

I somehow had trouble thinking of such a large woman having a name like Bridget. It just seemed, to me, that Bridget would fit a small, slim woman better.

Myra, physically, was almost the opposite of Bridget. She was about 5′ 4″. She had a compact body. Her breasts were the size of small grapefruit, her butt and legs eye-catching and her face pleasant. She was the smallest of the three. And the most attractive.

She had been married twice. Both divorces had resulted in large settlements for her. She did not need to work since she had invested her divorce profits wisely.

Mom asked her friends if they had decided who was first. “Bridget won the draw,” Myra responded. “I hope she doesn’t use him up, I like the looks of his equipment.”

They all laughed. “Well, let’s have him warm us all up,” Mom said. “Come over here, Andy.”

I moved to the front of my mother and when she spread her meaty thighs I moved between them. Her clit was hard and erect. I sucked it between my lips and gave her clitcock a blow job.

She came loudly and intensely. Her legs clasped me and her hands twisted in my hair. She pushed me away when She had orgasmed a second time. “Crawl over to Bridget,” she instructed.

Bridget was waiting for me. She still had her panties on but she had pushed them aside to shove a couple of fingers into her vagina. I reached for the waistband and tugged it down over her hips. She lifted her ass to help me get them off.

She drew me to her pussy. It was hairy, like Mom’s, her labia were large and fleshy. They were parted slightly to show me the redness of her inner self. She was surprisingly gentle. She caressed my head as I savored her scent. Her musk was strong. It overlaid a natural scent that was sharp, but not unpleasant. Her nylon şirinevler escort sheathed legs held me firmly, but did not squeeze. I tasted her and licked at the dewy droplets on her labia. She sighed softly and urged me on.

I licked her and sucked her and made her cum. Her juices flowed and coated my face in her fragrant nectar. Her clit was a hard nubbin that I sucked between my lips. It did not match Mom’s but few did.

Her hands held my head as she came, quickly followed by another orgasm. She pushed me back then. “Let’s save some for later,” she said.

I turned to Myra’s chair. She wasn’t there. She and Mom were on the pad together. Myra’s panties and bra were off and she and Mom were fingering each other’s pussies.

They saw me crawling toward them and separated. Myra shoved a pillow under her butt and splayed her legs lewdly. Mom held out a hand to Bridget who joined her on the mat.

Myra, too, had a full bush. But hers was slightly trimmed, the wilder parts. Her scent was sweeter than either Mom, or Bridget. Her taste was a sweet salty essence. Her clit, like Bridget’s, was of a normal size.

I buried my face in the folds of her wet cunt. My mother had started her juices flowing and she was hot and ready. She twisted her hands in my hair and I responded with passion. I licked and sucked and thrilled from the feel of her thighs clasping my head.

She rolled me over and sat on my face. She rubbed her pussy over me and came on my face. My tongue was deep into her tunnel and my nose rubbing her clit when she came again.

She moved back as the waves of her second orgasm subsided. “That was good, Andy,” she said. “You make a nice sissy boy. Your mother is very lucky.”

Mom and Bridget had their bags open and had laid out a number of vibrators. Both had a strap on belt too. I understood, now, why Mom had already had a strap on. It was obvious why she had seemed familiar with the equipment.

“Would you like him now?” Mom asked Bridget.

“Yes,” Bridget’s voice was husky.

I had returned to my pillow as Mom had instructed. My cock was hard and throbbing. It stood straight before me. I watched as Myra opened her bag. She too had a strap-on belt. She took out a butt plug next and squeezed lube on it. She turned to Mom and knelt presenting her ass. Mom pushed the butt plug into her and I heard a pleased gasp.

When she turned around again she was smiling. “Thank you, Alice,” she told Mom. They hugged each other and kissed hotly.

Bridget had stood and come to me. She held her hand out to me. I took it and stood. She led me onto the mat. She lay down and drew me with her. Hot kisses made her desire known. She pulled me on top of her and guided my cock into her hot cunt. She was tight. She made a soft gasp when I entered her. But her hands on the cheeks of my ass pulled me into her.

She held me still letting her pussy enjoy the feeling of fullness. She loosened her grip and whispered, “Fuck me.”

I lasted as long as I could with her. But I was so hot that I came far sooner than I wanted to. Even so she had an intense orgasm as she pulled my face to her for wild wet kisses. I filled her cunt with my creamy cum and as I softened Mom pushed me out of the way and lay between Bridget’s thighs to suck my cum from her pussy.

Bridget gasped and held out a hand to Myra. Myra straddled her face and rubbed her pussy over Bridget’s face.

It got hotter from there. I was eating Myra’s pussy and Bridget was sitting on her face when I felt Mom putting lube on my ass. She slid the dildo into me, and thrust as her vibrator brought her to multiple orgasms. We were soon all cumming. My cum gushing from me onto the mat. The three ladies gasping as orgasms played music on their bodies.

Bridget and Myra took their turn at butt fucking me too. Both took me from behind. Myra as I ate Bridget’s pussy; then Bridget as I sucked at Mom’s clit.

My cum spurted onto the mat and Mom made me lie on my belly and lick it up. She pulled my pantyhose off my ass and spanked me as I licked at the slick white cum. She rubbed my face in it, not roughly, but decisively. She let the other two women take their turn at spanking my bare ass. The spankings weren’t hard, but they stung. I was crying before they were done. More from humiliation than pain. Sobbing as I sucked at the gobs of cum on the mat. I was devastated, Mom had told me she would only spank me as part of another purpose, I felt betrayed.

The little voice in the nether reaches of my mind said. Not betrayal, delicious humiliation. Lovely, sensual.

They took a break for lunch. I started a fresh pot of coffee and the ladies sat naked, or almost so, at the dining room table. I was not allowed to sit, even though a place had been set for me. I was made to kneel beside the table and was fed when one, or another of the women felt like giving me something. The ladies drank wine with their meal.

They found it to be hilarious when Myra rubbed a sandwich taksim escort on her wet cunt and fed it to me. At first I tried to refuse it, but Mom grabbed my hair and twisted. “Eat it you little slut,” she said menacingly.

The other women did the same thing then. Laughing as they pushed the sandwiches, soggy with woman cum, into my mouth. I did not resist again, instead I savored the tastes of their succulent pussies.

During the meal the ladies discussed how much they were enjoying themselves. They talked as if I wasn’t there. “You are so lucky, Alice,” Bridget told Mom.

“Yes you are,” Myra said. “Every woman should have a sissy boy of her own.”

“That’s a good idea, Myra,” Bridget told her. “But where would we find one.”

Mom laughed. “I was lucky, girls. Don’t worry, we’re friends. You can always use Andy.”

After lunch the ladies made a circle and buried their faces in each other’s cunts. Licking and sucking and cumming on each other’s faces. I found the sounds and scents to be quite arousing as I knelt on my pillow and watched. They switched around a couple of times and it was about forty-five minutes before they broke apart.

The ladies laid together on the mat recovering from their multiple orgasms. They had all seemed to enjoy their threesome immensely. I waited, kneeling on my pillow, for Mom to tell me what to do. I had been butt fucked by all three ladies. I was spent for a while.

The women took a break. They stayed on the mat and talked. I could overhear most of what they said. In fact they seemed to have forgotten I was there. Myra sat up and said she had to pee. Mom laughed. “I do too. Let me show you how to use Andy for that,” she said.

They all stood. Mom got the chain and hooked it to my collar. I was red with embarrassment. My mother seemed to be telling her friends everything that would embarrass me.

She led me, with the chain, to the downstairs bath. It was quite large and contained a toilet and sink.

Mom sat on the toilet and pointed to the floor between her splayed thighs. I knelt, without complaint, I would obey her; I had to. I heard the sound of her piss. Her hand gripped my hair. “Clean me up you little sissy,” Mom said. She moved forward on the seat and pulled my head to her pussy to lick the droplets of piss from the lips of her pussy.

Myra and then Bridget sat and I serviced them the same way. Bridget’s piss was especially strong, both the odor and taste.

Both women seemed to enjoy the experience. “That was delightful, Alice,” Myra said. “Have you ever pissed on him?”

“Not yet,” Mom replied. “I may sometime.”

I was shamed by what had occurred. But, again, there were whispers in the dark reaches of my mind. Fuzzy visions of degradation, of women pissing and me supine.

Mom led me back to the living room, to my pillow. I watched, entranced, as they rubbed their pussies together. First Myra, then Bridget, straddled Mom and pushed their wet pussies onto Mom’s hard clit. They used it as a cock and Mom seemed just as satisfied as the other women. They all came intensely.

They took another break and poured wine for themselves. They were all in a good mood as they sat in their chairs around the coffee table. I was still kneeling next to Mom.

Her hand was on my head softly caressing it. “Andy needs to be debased often, girls,” Mom told them. “But I like to let him act like a man sometimes. He’s quite well hung and can fill me nicely. He’s been well trained to eat pussy, too. Perhaps we should use him that way.

“We all like that,” Bridget said. The women laughed together.

“Actually, though, I had fun butt fucking him,” Bridget continued. “That was a first for me.”

“For me too,” Myra said. “I agree it was fun.”

“Does he want to be tied up?” Myra asked after a slight pause.

“He says not,” Mom replied. “But I may someday.”

They were talking about me, again, as if I wasn’t there.

“We don’t have time today, but he likes to dress up like a girl.” Mom told them. “He liked it when we made him suck up his cum too.”

I was red with delicious shame.

They made another circle after that and ate each other’s cunts for a long time. They all had multiple orgasms and the room was redolent with the scents of hot pussy and woman cum.

They broke up and started dressing. Mom told them to leave the dildos they had used on me. She said I would clean them. Both women thanked Mom profusely for a wonderful day.

“Can we tell anyone about it?” Bridget asked.

“Be discrete,” Mom replied. “Only women who are in the know. Even then there are some you shouldn’t mention it to.”

With kisses and hugs the women left. They left the mats they had used too, for me to clean.

Mom saw them off and then came back to me where I was kneeling on the pillow. “Did you enjoy yourself, Andy?”

“I was very humiliated at times, Mom. I don’t think it was fair of you.”

“Andy, Dear, don’t you understand? There is no fair for you. There is only your need to please me and obey me.”

“Yes, Mom,” I said. My tears were starting again. This did not sound like the love she had been telling me she felt.

“Andy, that is because I love you. It is because of that love that I made sure you came three times today.”

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