Angel Hunter Ch. 06


Lex stared at Shep while he slept, he turned his head in his sleep and sighed deeply. Lex nibbled his lip as his eyes traced up and down Shep’s muscled body. Suddenly, his eyes opened and he stared at Lex cooly.

“I hate it when you watch me sleep,” he mumbled and turned his head away, stretching. He had only just recovered from his brush with death, and was still spending most of his days sleeping.

“But it’s fun,” Lex chuckled.

“What’s up with you?” Shep sat up.

“What?” Lex frowned.

“You’re quiet.”

“No I’m not, I’m talking right now.” He stood up from the chair he had claimed as his.

“Yeah, okay. But talking for you and talking for other people are two different things. Normal people talk, you… I don’t know… you ‘Lex’.”

“I ‘Lex’? Lex is a verb now? I’m Lexing? I’m a Lexer? What does that even mean?” he laughed.

“Exactly, now you’re Lexing,” Shep smiled and walked into the bathroom. Lex rolled his eyes and followed him. “So, anyways, I’ve been thinking,” Shep said, as he splashed some warm water on his face and dried it with a towel. “We should get moving. I’m feeling back to normal and with only the big man left, I feel like we should just hurry up and get it over with.”

“About that…” Lex mumbled, Shep glanced at him and Lex couldn’t help but stare longingly at his split appearance, one side looking like that of an angel and the other that of a demon. He wondered if it was just personal preference or something else that made him like the demon side better. “After we kill Michael… what then? What happens to… to us,” Lex looked at the floor.

“I don’t know,” Shep sighed. “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” He shrugged, and left the room to grab his swords and jacket.

“We’re at the goddamn bridge,” Lex whispered, and followed Shep out the door.


“What’s wrong, Lex? You saved him, he’s healthy again… what more do you want?” The Devil put his hands on Lex’s shoulders.

“I want him… I want to be with him,” Lex whispered.

“You’re with him now, aren’t you?” the Devil asked.

“Yes… but… I feel like that’s not going to last very long. I just want to forget this whole stupid thing,” Lex hid his face in his hands. “I want him to just stop obsessing over killing the Archs and just be with me.”

“Lex?” Lex opened his eyes and realized he had fallen asleep on their hotel room bed.

“I’m awake..” he mumbled, and rubbed his eyes.

“You were talking in your sleep,” Shep said, cautiously. He looked Lex up and down.

“I was?” Lex couldn’t help but blush. “Sorry… what did I say?”

“Are you sure you’re alright, Lex? You seem like something has been bothering you.” Shep frowned and looked at him from head to toe again.

“Yeah… I’m fine,” Lex pushed himself up so he was sitting up in bed.

“It’s just that you’re not that big on sleeping, you’re usually always awake… and you were saying my name a lot,” Shep swallowed. Lex looked at him before standing up from the bed.

“I said I’m fine, Shep,” he grumbled, annoyed, and tried to walk away. He was caught off guard when he felt Shep’s strong arms wrap around his waist.

“Don’t lie to me, please,” he whispered in his ear, making Lex shiver. “What’s wrong?” He pulled Lex down to the bed and pinned him underneath him, his face inches away from the Demon’s.

“Nothing…” Lex said, but his voice cracked as tears began to fill his eyes. One rolled down his cheek and Shep kissed it away and then kissed Lex’s soft lips. Lex kissed back and before he knew what was happening they were making out heavily. He stopped and Shep sighed.

“Talk to me,” he begged quietly.

“After we kill Michael… what happens to us? What are you going to do? After this you have nothing left to obsess over. What happens if you die? What do I do then? What if I die, would you even…” Lex’s voice cracked and he sobbed hard.

“Yes I would care, I can’t lose you, Lex… I love you,” Shep said. Lex stared at him, as if he didn’t believe him. “Let me show you how much.” Shep kissed down Lex’s neck, making his eyes shut and a low moan slip out from between his open lips. Shep unwrapped the chains from around his chest and threw them onto the floor. The room was cold but Lex’s skin radiated heat and warmed Shep up quickly. He slipped a few fingers into the waistband of Lex’s leather pants, tugging at them until the button snapped open and the zipper pulled down. Lex wiggled out of the tight clothing that was growing even tighter as his cock grew. Shep smiled as he realized he wore no underwear.

“Have I ever mentioned how much I love these pants?” Shep asked. “They show this off so well,” Shep whispered, as he wrapped his hand around Lex’s cock. Lex whimpered and thrusted his hips forward into Shep’s fist as he jacked him off slowly. Lex growled sexily, and flipped them over so he straddled Shep. He tore his coat off and pulled the shirt Shep wore off over his head. He reached illegal bahis down and began undoing the buckle to Shep’s belt, pulling it off and tossing it to the ground. Shep reached behind him and squeezed Lex’s bare ass making him arch his back and moan. Lex forced Shep’s jeans and boxers off and threw them onto the floor, and smiled. His mouth watered as he looked at Shep’s dripping cock. A small pool of precum had collected on his stomach and Lex dragged his finger through it, before sucking on it sexily. Shep pulled him down so he was lying on his chest, their dicks rubbing together making them both moan as they kissed passionately.

“I love you,” Shep said, letting his hands grope Lex’s tight ass.

“Show me,” Lex whispered. Shep turned them over again. He reached over the edge of the bed and picked up his jeans, pulling a small bottle of lube from the pocket. Lex smiled and gave him a wolfish grin in return. He sat back on his heels and opened the bottle, before he could do anything more Lex dove forward and took his hard cock in his mouth. He sucked hungrily, one hand holding Shep’s balls and toying with them gently, the other running up and down his thigh. Shep moaned and pushed Lexs head onto his cock harder, making him gag before he swallowed and his cock slid down Lex’s warm throat.

“If you keep that up I won’t be able to last much longer. On your back,” Shep pushed him back gently. He pushed his legs up so his knees were on his shoulders,and his ass was spread for Shep to drink in. He smiled and opened the lube, dripping it onto Lex’s ass and letting it run down to his small pucker. Lex shivered and moaned.

“Cold..” he murmered.

“I’ll warm it up.” Shep closed the bottle and threw it aside, before using his fingers to spread and push the lube around and in Lex’s tight ass. Lex squirmed below him as Shep thrust his fingers in and out.

“Please… I need it,” Lex moaned and spread his legs wider. Shep leaned forward and kissed him, before grabbing his cock and lining it up with Lex’s tight pucker.

In one slow smooth thrust he filled his demon lover with his cock. Lex grunted in a mixture of pleasure and pain, but soon all he felt was a wonderful fullness. He grunted again as Shep pulled out and began a steady fucking rhythm. Soon, Shep reached down and began to stroke Lex’s leaking cock, making him pant and squirm. Their tempo increased as Shep pounded into Lex harder and faster, nailing his prostate with each thrust.

Their breath picking up as Shep brought his lover to the brink of release and then pushed him over with one final thrust into his ass. Lex screamed and arched his back as he came, covering their stomachs and chests with his release. His ass clamped down and the thick cock inside of this, and Shep cried out as he filled Lex with his cum.

Shep collapsed onto his chest and kissed him lovingly on the neck. Their breathing slowed and steadied as they came down from their sexual high. He licked a clean path from Lex’s collar all the way up to his jaw, Making him shiver and blink slowly in bliss. Shep’s face split into a big smile, and Lex did the same.

“How was that?” he asked, as his cock slipped out of Lex’s ass and cum leaked from his stretched hole. “Do you believe me now?”

“You sure showed me,” he sighed. He picked up Shep’s shirt and wiped his stomach clean of cum, and did the same for Shep. He hesitated, before wiping the cum from his ass, too.

“Did you just wipe your ass with my shirt?” Shep scowled, but couldn’t help but laugh. Lex smiled sleepily and nodded. He pushed Shep down so he was lying on his back and rested his head on his chest, stroking the muscled, sweat covered skin slowly.

“Even a Demon gets tired after a good fucking,” he whispered.

“That wasn’t just fucking,” Shep whispered and stroked his hair. “I’ll never leave you, Lex. I don’t know how it will work but we’ll make it work, okay?” Lex nodded.

“Okay… I love you,” Lex said.

“I love you, too.”


Lex sighed as the warm water washed over him.

“Mind if I join you?” Shep opened the shower door and stepped in. Lex smiled and leaned back into his chest.

“I’ll never mind,” he giggled. Ever since they had arrived in Dublin it had been nothing but sucking and fucking in their hotel room, and Lex was very much happy with that.

“Tonights the night, you know..” Shep said. “I found where Michael’s at… it’s not easy reading that map, but I figured it out,” he continued, as he scrubbed Lexs back.

“I know…” he whispered, He shut his eyes and felt the warm water running over his back as Shep rinsed away the soap suds, and moved on to washing his hair for him. “This is nice,” he sighed, letting the water rinse away the shampoo in his hair.

“Yeah it is,” Shep held him close as the warm water ran over them.

“The waters getting cold,” Lex added, after several minutes under the spray.

“I know another way to warm you up,” Shep smiled and stepped out of illegal bahis siteleri the shower, pulling him into the bedroom.


The cathedral stood tall before the duo as they looked up at the ancient walls. It was empty, they had made sure they would come on a day when St. Patrick’s Cathedral would be empty, and quiet.

“I hate churches,” Lex grumbled.

“I know, I called and asked if he could meet us at IHOP instead, but his schedule was booked, he just barely squeezed us in,” Shep said seriously. Lex rolled his eyes.

“Smart ass,” Lex stepped towards the front door and opened them. He looked around at the large stain glass windows and row after row of carved wooden pews. The building echoed every little noise, and made Lex’s skin itch.

“So you’re the ones who have been picking off my brothers…” the voice was soft, but menacing all the same. The figure stood from where he was kneeling down the aisle of the church and turned. Golden wings radiated in the mellow light that came in from the stain glass windows.

“I wouldn’t say ‘picking off’… it sound so… mean.” Shep stepped forward, standing even with Lex. Michael gave a small smile and flexed his wings. His black hair was a stunning contrast to his bright blue eyes. When his lips spread in a smile Lex shivered at the pointed fangs that were a match for his own. “By the way…” Shep whispered for Lex’s ears only. The angel turned his back to them and began running his fingers along the pews, walking lengthwise with the wooden seats. “I got a new toy,” Shep finished.

“Is this really the place to talk about this?” Lex asked, looking at Shep like he was crazy. “I mean, I know I think about sex as much as a thirteen year old boy but come on Shep… in front of the angel?” he nodded at Michael who was obviously listening to their conversation.

“It’s not for you,” Shep said, and reached into his coat. He pulled out a short barreled shotgun, and fired. The pews not more than a foot from Michael shattered, sending splinters in every direction.

“Where did you even keep that!?” Lex shouted, confused. Shep cocked the gun and fired again, as Michael hissed and showed his true form. His glowing tan skin turned gray and his blue eyes went black. A fleshy tail sprouted from the bottom of his spine, feathers covering the tip. He climbed the walls of the cathedral, disappearing into the shadows of the corners for a moment.

“Wal-mart?” Shep shrugged. Lex rolled his eyes and pulled the chains from his chest.

“Well… I can have nice things too.” He tightened his fist around the cold metal until it began to warm up, the temperature rose until it suddenly caught fire, spreading to the rest of the metal links. “Huh, huh!” He swung the chain and smiled, sticking his tongue out at Shep.

“I didn’t know you could do that,” Shep frowned.

“Yeah well I didn’t know you bought a shotgun, so we’re even,” Lex said. A loud screech echoed in the building and Lex was picked up by his shoulders. His head spun as he was lifted to the rafters of the tall church. “You know I really don’t like heights, I wish you guys would respect that,” he groaned, as his stomach heaved. He gripped the wall with one clawed hand, and swung his chain with the other, wrapping the end around the angels tail. He pulled hard and listened to the pleasurable sound of flesh hitting the concrete floor of the church. He smiled even wider when he heard a pained groan and the sound of rustling feathers as the angel tried to stand. He watched as Shep cocked the shotgun and aimed for Michael’s gray-skinned head. He fired, but missed by inches as the angel scurried away.

“Don’t worry about me… I’ll… figure out how to get down from here… goddamn it,” he grumbled to himself as he tried to figure out how to scale down the wall.

“What’s the matter, Demon? Those little wings don’t do much do they?” Michael laughed hard, his voice bouncing from wall to wall.

“Hey…” Lex frowned and looked down at the ground below, trying to decide if his wings could carry him down or not, he decided not to risk it and continued scaling the stone wall.

“Take your time Lex,” Shep said, getting annoyed. Michael pulled his sword from his sheath, and Shep was surprised to see that it was almost identical to his own, Solais. Before he could even react, Michael swung his sword. He moved, but was too slow and cried out when the blade hit his arm, cutting a deep gash just below his shoulder. “I didn’t actually mean take your time, Lex!” Shep growled.

“I’m trying, bitch!” Lex snapped, his foot slipping from a ledge. He caught himself and pulled his thin body back up onto the thinner ledge.

“Show some respect, this is a church,” Michael hissed.

“Then you should probably get your ugly ass out of it, you’re offending the big man upstairs,” Lex retorted. Michael hissed and turned to face him, but was hit with a shotgun blast to the face. Lex smiled and cheered, letting go of the ledge for a moment and nearly canlı bahis siteleri falling again, he gripped it and held on tight. “Go Shep, ra-ra-ra!” he cheered, while clutching the stone walls.

“Yes… ‘go Shep’,” Michael smiled, his grin being cut off by the bloodied flesh where the shotgun had struck him. The angel grinned and pulled back his sword.

“Shep!” Lex cried out. Shep pulled his own blade from its sheath, dropping the shotgun to the ground and lunged. Lex shut his eyes tight, as the sound of blade cutting through flesh filled his ears. After a long moment he opened them slowly and felt hot tears fill his eyes.

Michael stood there, nose to nose with Shep. Both men wore an angry scowl on their faces. Michael shuttered as his gray skin began to blister and crack. The burning red blade of Solais was jammed through his torso, sticking out of his back between his wings. He coughed black blood before shuttering one last time, and bursting into flames. Now all that stood in the spot where the final battle had taken place was Shep. The twin to Solais that Michael had carried was dug into his stomach, protruding from his back. He dropped his own blade, and it fell to the ground with a loud clang, the sound making Lex shiver. Shep stood for a second more before falling to his knees, and then collapsing onto his chest, shoving the sword even deeper into his body.

“Shep…” Lex whispered. He let go of the wall and jumped down. He landed hard on his feet and felt a sharp pain shoot up both of his legs. Ignoring it, he ran to his fallen lover and only stared at the giant pool of blood beneath him. “No…” he whispered. He fell back, onto one of the wooden pews. His legs throbbed, and his back was radiating pain from his fall, but it was nothing compared to the pain in his heart.


“Lexington?” the comforting voice entered his head. For a moment he thought it was the voice of his love, the voice of Shep. Then the pain returned and he shut his eyes as tears fell for the thousandth time. “My dear boy, it’s been a very long time,” the Devil said soothingly. “It’s time to move on. Come back to the party.” He held a drink in front of Lex’s face, the alcohol burned his nose. He shut his eyes and turned his head. He knew the Devil was right. He had lived in the run down hotel since the day Shep died, he wasn’t sure, but if the smell of the room was any indication it had been several months. He knew he should get on with his afterlife, but how could he? Shep had yet to show up in hell, which meant that there was some other place besides the two well known options. Somewhere different. It had been all he could think about for months, alone, in the dark.

“I can’t… I knew it would hurt if we…” his voice was raw and rough from disuse, only using it for sobbing or screaming. It seemed like that was all he had felt for months. Anguish, or sorrow. He clutched the worn piece of leather in his hands and looked down at Shep’s coat. The leather had long since been made dull and rough by Lex’s hands. He didn’t think he’d put it down even once. It still smelled like his lover and he clung to the scent like it was fresh air, which he also hadn’t breathed since Shep died. Not that he even really needed to breathe.

“I know it hurts, so does death, doesn’t it? But a good party even made that go away, so I’m sure you can manage this too.” He shoved the glass to Lex’s mouth and tilted it back. Lex coughed and spit out the burning liquid, slapping the Devil’s hand way.

“Stop!” he stood, and shouted. He knew he was insane, this man was more powerful than any other living creature he knew of. He could crush him like a bug or send him to some never ending place to rot. He blinked and stood up straight, the anger vanishing from his face.

“A never ending place…” he whispered. “Lucifer…” He used the Devils real name, making him raise an eyebrow, his interest was piqued. “Can you… can you send me where Shep is?” he asked, eyes watering at just the mention of his name.

“Hm?” Lucifer turned his head slightly to the side.

“Y-you have power… a lot of it.” This made the Devil smile.

“That’s true,” he chuckled and looked at his well manicured nails.

“You can take me anywhere, do anything to me.” Lex grabbed the perfectly pressed suit the man wore. “You can send me to where Shep is… if I… if I renounce my loyalty to you, but deny the angels that don’t exist anymore… you would have no choice but to send me to where he is, right?” Lex said, frantically shaking the Devil’s shoulders. Lucifer swallowed and narrowed his eyes.

“Yes,” he said, simply. Lex beamed, he laughed and spun, kicking the chains and swords that lie on the floor of the hotel room. He only now realized how much dust covered everything, even him. Then he looked at the Devil’s eyes, and was met with only sadness.

“What? What’s wrong?” he asked, worried there was a flaw in his plan.

“Why would I release you, Lexington? I’ve told you more than once that you’re my favorite.” He brushed a lock of black hair from the side of Lex’s face. He stopped his hand and caressed the soft skin of Lex’s cheek. “I have nothing to gain from sending you back to Shepherd,” he whispered.

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