Angelica Angelina Pt. 03


Angelica Angelina 03: Converting Dad

This takes up where part two ends


Last evening we drugged our dad, lacing his tea with sleeping pills. We entered his room an hour after he went to bed and he was sound asleep. Master shook his shoulder, trying to wake him. He mumbled a little but did not wake. Once we were confident he would be in a deep sleep for a few hours, we helped Master undress him. That was not difficult. He had on his pajamas, but that was all. While Angelica and I unbuttoned and removed his top, Master pulled the bottom of his pjs off. We stepped back and looked at our naked dad. Master turned on the lights.

Just let me say, “Wow.”

Dad was a man fox. Like Master, he also took care to make certain he stayed in top physical shape. The church had a gym he was well acquainted with. One of the philosophies he preached from the pulpit was people should stay in great physical shape to help them keep their great spiritual shape. He stated the two went hand-in-hand.

His body did not ripple with muscle, but we could see he was over average physique. His chest and arms, along with legs, were well formed. His chest was hairless.

What drew my eyes however was his well formed dick. He was circumcised, and he was big. At the moment he was limp, being drugged up and all, but even limp I was impressed. Master had told us the only sex she ever had was him lying on top of her and screwing away, but with a cock like that, that would be some screwing.

“How big is dad’s dick when he is hard?” Angelica asked.

Master held her hands apart. “I would estimate somewhere around here.”

“What is that, nine inches?” I asked.

“I never measured him, but I would guess that is about right. When he sticks his dick in me, I can feel my pussy stretching around it.”

“Can we touch it?” I asked Master.

“Okay, I do not think he will complain.”

Together my sister and I stretched out our hands. I was somewhat nervous. I had never seen a cock except in a magazine, much less touched one. Now my hand was approaching my dad’s dick. Our fingers touched him at the same time. At that exact moment, Master shouted out, “BOO!”

Angelica and I both screamed and jumped back.

“You two are hilarious,” Master said. “Trust me on this, that snake of his will not bite you. It is sound asleep, just like the rest of him.”

I made up my mind this time I would not be timid and I would not be scared off. I looked at my sister and could tell she had the same mind set. Again our hands reached out together. This time I took a firm hold of him just above his balls. Angelica wrapped her hand around the head of his prick.

“He’s hot,” I said.

“Yes, and so smooth,” my sister answered as she moved her hand over him.

“Yes, he is,” Master said as she joined the conversation. “Since the first time I saw that dick, the only place it has ever been is in my cunt. Now don’t get me wrong, I love it when it is there, but in twenty-one years it has never, not even once, been in my mouth or up my ass. You may find this hard to believe, but I’ve never even given him a hand job. It’s never played around between my tits. His prick has never touched my nipples. The only time my hand touches it is when he mounts me and I reach down to guide him into me. Until you two, my cunt was never kissed or licked. His idea of getting wild is kissing my breasts.”

I did not really know what to say with such a revelation. The only thing that came to me was, “Is he a good fuck?”

“Thank heavens for that, yes he is. The one and only thing we do is great, but it is monotonous. I so much want to explore new avenues. One of the greatest days of my life was when the two of you broke me out of the boring routine I had.”

Angelica and I switched places. Now my fingers got to explore the top part of him. Then he started growing. Even asleep his dick responded to the stimulation it received.

“Keep it up,” Master said as she moved to her dresser.

While we kept running our hands over him and watching him grow, Master rummaged thru her dresser. By the time she was back he was stiff as a board. Master had a tape measure in her hands. She took the end of it and placed it at the base of his dick. She ran it across the bottom of him and up to the top. She put her thumbnail on the tape where he ended. We let go of his dick and joined Master as we looked at the tape.

“Eight and three fourths inches,” Master declared.

“That’s big, right?” Angelica asked. Neither of us really knew that much about prick sizes.

“According to some of the women in the church, it is.”

Now I was surprised. “Master, you and the church ladies talk dirty to each other?”

“Not really. We have talked about sex, but in hushed tones and always looking around, scared we might be struck down for such behavior, but over the years I have gotten the impression that between six and seven inches is standard. Everything over that is a blessing.”

“Then Dad is really blessed,” istanbul escort Angelica said.

“Okay, lets lock him down,” Master commanded.

It took us less than a minute before Dad was chained to the bed.

“That’s enough for now,” Master said. “Tomorrow I am sure we will be in for an interesting conversation. Until then, get to sleep.”

It was a few minutes past nine AM when Master came to us. She stood naked in the doorway, looking like an angel coming with a message from Heaven. Angelica was asleep next to me, trying to regain her strength from all the things I had done to her.

Angelica and I got our jet-black hair from dear old dad. Master was blonde. At five nine, she was one inch shorter than us. Damn, she had a great set of boobs. She had a set of D-cups she hauled around. Thank heavens she passed that characteristic to her kids. While our nipples were light pink, hers were dark red. My cunt started getting wet just looking at them. She celebrated her thirty-ninth birthday less than a month ago. Funny thing about dad. He wanted us to wait until we would be almost thirty before we would marry. He was twenty and she was barely eighteen when they got hitched. Looking at Master’s body, I could understand why he did not want to wait another ten years.

Master was athletic. She had a couple of TV shows she watched that centered on aerobics. For an hour each day she performed a series of calisthenics. It paid off well.

“Wake your sister up,” she commanded.

I shook Angelica’s shoulder and her eyes slowly opened. “Again? Already?” she asked. “Don’t you ever get enough?”

“Not me, Sister dear,” I answered. “Master wants us to come with her.”

Angelica saw Master standing in the doorway and she rose from her side of the bed while I got up from mine. She did not command us to get dressed so we followed her down the hall. We turned into her room and saw dad chained to the bed.

We three females walked in on the lone male. His dick stood at rigid attention. His eyes were unblinking as he looked at three gorgeous women standing close to him. My eyes and Angelica’s eyes were also unblinking, looking at Dad’s dick. It looked big to me. I wondered what it would be like to get that in between my legs.

I think he tried to resist, but despite all his efforts, his eyes lowered to our pussies and stayed there. I took hold of Angelica’s shoulders and moved her closer to him. When she was positioned where I wanted her, her pussy was only a foot away from Dad’s face. While his unblinking eyes were glued to my sister’s cunt, I reached my hands around her and started spreading her pussy lips apart, giving a better view to him.

He finally managed to say, “Why are you doing this?”

Master took charge with that question.

“Gerald, we’ve been married for twenty-one years. During that time we’ve had great sex, but it gets old the same way every time. Let me give an example. Spaghetti is great, we have it maybe once a month and seldom are there any leftovers. However, imagine having spaghetti at every meal, breakfast, lunch, and supper. Your between meal snack is spaghetti. When you raid the frige in the wee hours of the morning, you pull out a plate of spaghetti. Leftovers? Guess what? They are spaghetti. Now you can be the biggest spaghetti fan in the world, but if that is all you have for twenty-one years, day in, day out, it gets old.”

“That is our sex life, great, but it is boring the hell out of me. My choices have been narrowed to two. First choice, have an affair. Now that I do not want to do. I love you more than you can imagine and the idea of playing with some other guy’s dick while he plays with my cunt is not appealing. The second choice, the one I am aiming for is for you to broaden your horizons. Your two daughters have gone to great efforts to teach me new things, and they are great teachers. We are going to spend this day teaching you new things. I pray you turn out to be a good student.”

“For a couple of decades I have longed for oral sex. You would have none of it. I have now experienced it and realize what I have missed. Now you are going to experience it and you will see what you have missed.”

Master crawled onto the bed and positioned her head over Dad’s prick. She grabbed hold of it and lowered her mouth. When less than an inch away, her tongue shot out and ran over the top of him. Dad at once tensed up. A gasp of pleasure escaped him.

“Jessy,” he groaned, “this is not right.”

Master answered, “At this time, I am the one deciding what is right and what is not.” She said no more but returned to playing with his dick. She continued to lick him, running her tongue not only over the head of his dick but also up and down its entire length. For over a minute she continued, washing every part of it. She stopped and looked her daughters in the eye. “This is fun. Later, if you wish, you two can take a turn.” She looked Dad in the eye and added, “Your daughters eat my pussy. They do it well. If they are allowed rus escort to service me, I see no reason for them not being allowed to service you. We are after all a family.”

She returned to playing with his dick. She licked him for a short time more and then opened her mouth wide. Her tongue shot out, getting his dickhead wet, then she took it into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down, sucking just the top of him.

I saw Dad’s toes curl up. Whenever I and Angelica were really enjoying sex, that is what our toes did. I suspected it was the same for him. Also, his hips moved, not a lot, but this was just the start of his blowjob. I figured by the end they would be moving a lot more.

Master started taking more of him into her. Her head sunk lower and lower. The time came when her mouth reached his balls and she could go no further. Her cheeks sunk in as she sucked him. As I looked at her, I realized she was enjoying this as much as Dad, if not more. Her head began bobbing up and down at a faster rate. It was easy to hear the sound of her sucking, she put great effort into it.

Master took her right hand and grabbed the bottom of his prick. She started jacking off the bottom half of him and used her mouth on the top half. She had been blowing him for several minutes when Dad stiffened from head to toe. Master moved her hand out of the way and took all of him into her mouth. She did not move her mouth up and down his shaft any longer, instead she began sucking him with all her might. The sides of her mouth caved in on him and I could see the outline of his dick against her cheeks. Then he cried out and became still, his ass five inches over the mattress, the max his cuffs allowed. His hands were balled into tight fists, his neck was rigid and his face contorted into a mask of pure pleasure.

It took several seconds before he sank back to the mattress. Master continued with her lip lock on him. About half a minute later we watched Dad’s dick slide out of her mouth as Master stood. She turned to Angelica and said, “You were correct, it does taste salty.”

I was so turned on it was all I could do not to attack each person in the room, going down on them one after the other. I controlled myself long enough to say, “Master, that made me horny as all hell. Please, I beg of you, can I lick your pussy? I need you bad.”

“Of course my dear child, I would never deny you.” Master moved so she was next to Dad’s head. He could turn it and easily see the performance. Master spread her feet apart, making her cunt an easy target. I sank to my knees and my mouth latched on to her pussy. My hands grabbed her ass cheeks and I pulled her into me. My tongue lashed and whipped her cunt. There was no gentleness in me. This was an all-out assault. My lips wrapped around her clit and my tongue raced up and down it. My cheeks caved while I sucked her as viciously as she had when she sucked dad. I released her clit and used my tongue to invade her tunnel. I shoved my mouth onto her, wanting to get my tongue as deep into her as possible.

Her vagina was tight. It grabbed my tongue and squeezed. If it felt this tight on my tongue, I realized it must have been like a vice grip to Dad’s dick.

Master was already excited from her adventure with Dad. Because of this, it did not take her long to climax. I got two huge orgasms from her. I was going for another when she said she could not take another as intense as what she had just experienced. I kept going. She ordered me to stop. I was a bad sex slave, I refused to obey her and kept licking and sucking away.

She started backing up, trying to escape me, commanding me all the while to release her. I kept going. I walked on my knees, keeping pace with her, my hands refusing to release her ass so she could move away. She bumped into the dresser, knocking some makeup and perfume bottles to the floor. I kept going. Her cunt rammed into my mouth as another large orgasm took her. She screamed this time, ordering me to let her free. I kept going.

She backed into the wall and could retreat no further. I kept going.

Her hands grabbed my ears, desperately pulling, doing all in her power to break the suction lock I had on her. My ears hurt like hell. I kept going.

I tasted pussy juice as another orgasm shot thru her. It was delicious. I kept going, as desperate to get another taste of her as she was to escape.

She changed tactics. “Angelica!” she screamed. “Pull Angelina off me!”

Seconds later Angelica was behind me. She reached around me and grabbed my hands. She used all her strength to break my grip on Master’s butt. I used all mine to keep hold. We were equal in strength. She could not pull me away, but I could no longer keep a death grip on Master’s ass. She was able to turn and escape.

Master stumbled to the bed and fell on to it, partly covering Dad. “Out,” she commanded, “both of you.”

“Bitch,” Angelica hissed at me as we left the room.

“My goal in life,” was my response.

We passed şişli escort my door and went to Angelica’s room. “Let’s get dressed,” I said.


“I am expanding my goals in life. Not only am I going to be the queen bitch, I’m going to drive a certain dude we know crazy.”

“What dude?”

“Why Kirk of course.”

“Why him?”

“Why not him?”

She said no more but put on her panties and bra. She did not complain when I dressed myself in her undies. Then we put on skirts with matching blouses. The clothes we wear are on the conservative side. Until today, my Dad insured we wore fashionable, but modest dress. Both slips came below the knee. Soon we would go to a store and buy clothes more in line with our new life style. We had to make do with what we had until then.

We glanced into the parent’s room as we passed. We got a quick glimpse of Master sucking Dad’s dick again. We did not stop to observe, but hurried to the den. Angelica looked up Kirk’s phone number and I dialed it. It was answered on the second ring.


“Hi, Mrs. Davidson. “This is Angelina. Is Kirk there?”

The phone was put down and Kirk’s mom called out, “Kirk, phone call.”

“I’m busy,” we heard him respond.

“Its Angelina.”

There was the sound of something dropped and then of running. A second later Kirk was on the line.

“Hi, Angelina.”

“Hi, Kirk. I need you to come over again.”

“More doorbell ringing?”

“No. This time we will answer. I have a problem I need help with.”

“Be there in less than ten. Bye.”

There was a click and the line went dead.

“What are you up to?” Angelica asked.

“Wait and see. I am expanding my bitch factor.”

“I don’t think it can get much bigger.”

“Watch and learn. When he gets here, all I need you to do is stay silent. You stand there and keep looking as foxy as you do. I’ll do the rest. Now promise me you will not say a word unless it is to help me play my trick on him and play along with the gag.”

“Okay, promise.”

It was closer to eight minutes instead of ten when the doorbell rang.

Angelica waited in the den while I went to the door. “Hi, Kirk,” I said as I opened it. “Please come in.”

Kirk stepped in, looking all around.

“Just you, me, and my sister.” I figured it would be best to not tell him my mother was in her room licking my father’s dick.

I took him to the den, closing the door behind us.

“Hi,” Kirk said to Angelica.

Keeping her word to remain silent, she did not respond to the greeting.

“Kirk,” I said. “First thing we need is your cellphone number.”

He gave it to us and we entered it into our phones.

Once finished I said, “We have a problem. First of all, I am mad as hell at my sister. I refuse to aid her in any way until I calm down. I will not do a thing for her until tomorrow at the earliest. Second of all, for some reason, her hands are sore. So sore she can’t even bend her fingers. She probably did too hard of a workout yesterday and now all her hand muscles have rebelled.”

“Now the problem is, because of her sore hands, when she got dressed today, she put her bra on wrong, and her breasts are all squished up. Her hands are sore and cannot move and I will not help her, so what we need you to do is straighten her tits for her.”

Angelica glared at me. Kirk almost fainted.

“This is a prank, right?” he asked.

“No prank. Angelica is very uncomfortable right now. Almost in pain. She needs you to save her.”

I took hold of his shoulder and moved him directly in front of Angelica.

I saw both excitement on Kirk’s face and also a trace of fear. He had to be worried my sister would rip his face off if he tried to touch her in what she might consider an inappropriate way.

“Here, I’ll give directions, you follow them. You can see she is in pain and needs help.”

Angelica did look like she was in pain. I knew it was not physical, just her being irked at me for getting her into this situation.

“Okay, Kirk, reach to the top button on her blouse and unbutton it.”

His hand quivered as it reached out. When he touched the button, he pulled back, almost as fast as Angelica and I had when Master shouted out when we first touched Dad’s prick.

Angelica rolled her eyes and locked them onto Kirk. “Hurry up,” she said. “They hurt.”

My theory is she wanted to get it over with. I realized while she stood there motionless, that devious mind of hers was working on a counter prank. I was excited at the idea.

Kirk gained some confidence when my sister did not express any outrage.

The first button was undone. Then with me guiding him every step of the way, the other four followed.

“So far, so good,” I told him. “Now with the blouse undone, pull it off her.”

Angelica lifted her arms and turned with him so the top would come off easily.

His eyes were as wide as saucers as he gazed at a set of bra trapped boobs that could rival the top echelon movie stars or be featured in any magazine.

“What you need to do now,” I said, “is to slip your hands into the bra and cup them.”

He was really hesitant now. He must have figured this was the point of no return.

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