Angie Pretending To Be Headmistress, Canes Mike


I’m Angie, just started my A-Levels in the lower sixth and I’m head girl at my Co-ed Grammar School in the North West. I play hockey in the first team and I’m pretty fit. You might want to read the first two parts of this story to find out how Mike was first punished nude and then subsequently, we were both punished by our headmistress.Of course, I enjoyed watching and helping with Mike’s spanking but I was surprised how much I enjoyed being spanked, particularly with the strap between my legs from Miss Phillips as punishment for getting aroused. I couldn’t help thinking about the caning and Mike’s throbbing erection so I plucked up courage and told him about my idea.Mike admitted that the image of me, stark naked, bent bahis siteleri over the desk with my legs wide apart was a regular feature of his dreams and daydreams. I told him how sorry I was that we had been interrupted before we’d had a chance to touch each other more. I asked if he’d like to come to my house on Sunday to continue where we’d left off, as my parents were visiting friends in Yorkshire. His eyes lit up and he had to adjust his trousers to manage a growing erection.When we next spoke, I explained that my idea had evolved and I nervously suggested that we role-play his original punishment with me acting as Miss Phillips. Fortunately, he agreed but proposed that he would pretend to be one of the school canlı bahis siteleri governors who’d found out that Miss Phillips was using corporal punishment and make her accept a spanking.Every time we saw each other during the week we blushed and smiled, thinking of our plan. Eventually, Sunday was here, my parents set off and I let Mike know the coast was clear. I’d found a good whippy cane in the garage and Mike had promised to bring a leather strap.My heart leapt when the doorbell rang. I checked myself in the mirror and was pleased to see that I’d done a reasonable job of dressing like our headmistress with my hair tied back. The look on Mike’s face as I opened the door suggested that he felt I’d achieved canlı bahis the look.We chatted briefly then I took control and got into character, “Mike, you know why I sent for you.”His head dropped, “Yes,” he muttered.“YES, WHAT,” I thundered.“Yes, Miss.”“Very well, take off your clothes.”He reacted just as he had when he was about to be punished by Miss Phillips, shocked and struggling to believe he was to be spanked naked.“Now, or I’ll increase your punishment.”He removed his shirt, making my juices run as I studied his impressive body. Item by item he removed his clothing until he stood in just his underpants pushed out by a full erection by the look of it.“Remove your underpants, Mike,” I commanded him.He smiled as he hooked his fingers into the elastic and slid his pants past his rigid cock.I quickly got into character, “Don’t you dare smirk at me!” and I flicked the strap across the tip of his cock which sent it swinging up and down.

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