Anjali and Vaishali Ch. 04


Anjali – Vaishali – 4               (Anjali – Govind)

Story infn.

Storming erotic session of Anjali and Govind cheating their partners.

Govind could not forget the erotic session he had with Anjali, at his home when his wife Vaishali was not at home. Again and again he is remembering the way she raised her waist up to meet his thrust; and the grip of her pussy lips around his dick. Actually on that day he had accidentally enjoyed Anjali.

That day Anjali had come to Vaishali’s house to see a porn movie as planned. But because of an urgent work Vaishali had to leave the city. Hearing this Anjali was disappointed. Seeing her friend’s disappointment Vaishali gives her house keys to Anjali; and asks her to see the movie. She also said that Govind will not be at home that day till 8 pm. By that time she can see the movie and locking the house, she can go to her house. Govind has spare keys with him.

Saying this Vaishali left the house and Anjali switching on the DVD watching the movie. While the movie was in full excitement Govind came home as his program had been cancelled. He entered the house with the spare keys he had and was shocked to see Anjali watching porn movie. She was semi naked and was playing herself.

Govind was aroused by seeing Anjali in such condition and grabbed her. Anjali though in the beginning resisted, but the heat developed in her body had asked her to submit herself to Govind. Then there was two erotic sessions took place between Anjali and Govind. (Read Anjali-Vaishali-2)

Two weeks passed after that. Govind is remembering Anjali again and again and finally decided to meet her in the pretext of meeting his friend Naresh. When he reached there as expected Naresh had gone to office.

Anajali was perturbed to see him at that hour. It was only eleven in the morning.

“Is Naresh not at home…?” he sked.

“No Govindji… he had gone to office…” she said.

“Oh… I thought of spending the day with him today.

“Didn’t you go to the office today…”

“No, there is some problem with the management and the employees are on one day strike….”

“Is Vaishali not at home…?” she asked.

“No; she had recently joined a NGO, and today they had some program” she said staring her jetting boobs.

Knowing where he is staring she adjusted her chunni. She is in salwar, kameej and had chunni on her shoulders to cover bosom.

There was silence between them for a while. Both were not in a position to talk each other. There emerged an awkward situation. Both are not understanding what to talk.

“Anjali can you give me a glass of water.”

“Oh I’m sorry Govindji… and adjusting her chunni she went to the kitchen. Govind watching the swing of her buttocks fondled his tool.

After five minutes Anjali came with a tray on which a glass of water and two cups of tea was there. When she bent to place the tray on the centre table her chunni slipped revealing her fine cleavage to Govind.

On the other side Anjali recollecting about the session she had with Govind, during the absence of her friend Vaishali. The thought made her pussy lips to quiver. She also felt that there is dampness in her vagina. She recollected his length piercing her. Not only that Govind is rough also, and Anjali likes rough sex. Whereas Naresh is not rough at all. He always treats her as a fragile doll.

Both were sipping tea silently. After sipping he phoned to Naresh on his mobile.

“Hey! Govind.. how are you..?” Naresh asked from the other side.

“Yar.. sitting at your house.. came to meet you…but Anjali says tht you have gone to office”.

“Didn’t you go to office…?” Naresh asked. Govind explained his office situation and said “I thought of asking you to apply leave and want to spend the day with you…”

“Oh sorry… I don’t know about your plan.. isn’t it..? You might have phoned me yesterday….” After keeping silence for a minute or two he said again “Govind do one thing… any how you are at my house.. why don’t you ask Anjali to give you company…”

“What Anjali.. n.. no.. yar.. it is not good… without you I spending time at your house.. no…”

“Are kaçak iddaa yar Govind we are friends… apart from this Anjali calls you bhayya… and you treat her as your sister… there is nothing wrong in it…” Naresh said from the other side.

“No… Naresh…it is not good…” I’ll go home and rest…” though feeling happy for his proposal he said that.

“What nonsense you are talking Govind… if the same situation occurs with me… wont you ask Vaishali to give company to me…?” he asked.

“Oh Naresh….”

“Accha.. give the phone to Anjali let me talk to her” he said and Govind gave his phone to Anjali.

Anjali took the phone and listened what Naresh is sying from the other side and said…”No… Naresh … it is not good… what people will think…” though she said there is an itch in her vagina and her boobs turned robust and heavy, imagining about Govind humping on her. Finally Govind and Anjali acted as if forcibly accepting Naresh’s propsal. Still Govind said… “Naresh.. we will not be at home.. it is not good to be alone at home with Anjali.. we’ll do one thing we’ll go out to a movie.. or any mall and do window shopping.

“As you like…” Nresh said and said the same to Anjali also. Anjali acted as if accepting forcibly.

“Govindji… you are going to create problems for me…” Anjali said after handing over the mobile to him.

“Sorry, I didn’t expect that Naresh will give such suggestion… ok whatever is happened is happened… we will be careful from now onwards… tell me one thing won’t you like my company…? He asked.”

“It is not that….” she mumbled. There was silence gain between them.

“Now what….?” She asked.

“Get ready first.. we will go out first and decide…”

After 10 minutes she came out of her bedroom. Govind’s jaw dropped seeing her. She wrapped a multi color saree, and a matching sleeveless blouse… which had a wide back. Saree was wrapped tightly around her hips so that the outline of her panty also visible. Seeing her he swallowed the saliva that came into his mouth.

“Shall we strat…” Anjali said covering her bosom properly with saree pullow.

They both came out and went to a nearby coffee shop. Having a special coffee he said…. “Anjali don’t think otherwise sincerely I don’t know that Naresh suggests like that.

She didn’t give any answer and is thinking…

“What are you thinking….?” He asked.

“We came out of the house.. and sitting in the coffee house. Now where shall we go…?”

“I too thinking the same…” he said

After a while Anjali said why not we go the Birla Mandir….”

For her suggestion Govind beamed and said.. “Yah.. that is a good idea… there we can have privacy and we can go to planetarium also.”

They came to Birla Mandir and sat in the nearby garden. Temple is already closed.

There is a smile on Anjali’s lips. “Why are you smiling…?” Govind sked seeing her alluring smile.

Smiling she said “Govindji… You are very shrewd… for what you need privacy….?”

“Why..? won’t you like privacy…?” for his question he cheeks turned crimson. She turned her head away. Govind took her hand in his and entwined his fingers with hers. She didn’t resist him. He looked around.. and finding no one around he quickly pulled her over to him and planted his lips on hers.

For a second or so she wanted to throw him aside.. then she took his lips in her and started sucking. Govind too sucked her lips and slurped her saliva. While kissing he placed his hand on her firm high boob. She pressed his hand over her boob. After two minutes of kissing and sucking she got rid of his lips and smilingly said… “So for this you needed privacy…”

“Didn’t you like this.. if so… I’ll take away my hands…” and literally he pulled his hands back… quickly she caught his hand and pulled it back on to her breasts. They are behind a big bush. Govind pulled her to him. She rested her back on his broad chest. Removing her saree from her shoulder he placed his both hands on her twin hillocks.

“Mmmmmm.. Govindji.. what are you doing…?” she said moaning sweetly.

“you are kaçak bahis so sexy.. Anjali…” he licking her cheek said.

“Be careful Gvindji.. if someone sees us like this doing public romance… a danda is guarantee on our backs…because we are caught like this in a public park” she said smilingly.

“Yes what you said is correct… let us go to science museum… and he took her hand in his. Both got up hand in hand we moved towards science museum took the tickets and went in. after an hour they came out. They saw that planetarium tickets were being issued. They took the tickets and entered the planetarium.

Five minutes after their entry lights were off. There is pitching dark n the hall. It is so dark, Anjali’s body shuddered with fear. She held Govind’s hand firmly.

He patted her hand consolingly.

Commentator is giving comments and there are visuals of stars and there is Milky Way galaxy on the screen. For Anjali it is a new experience. She is very excited. In her excitement, she entwined her hand around Govind’s, pulling his elbow she leaned on him.

With that his elbow is slightly pressing her firm boob. His hand on the hand rest slipped down to her thigh and his fingers are touching her thigh. Govind was not in a position to control self. He pressed his elbow on her boob. He could feel the stiffness of her nipple. He started soothing her, almost pushing his hand between her inner thighs.

There is slight quiver in her body. Her breath turned heavy. That closeness and the darkness generated heat in her. She caught his hand still tight. He now pressed her tit with his elbow hardly and soothing her thighs

She leaned on him more. She put her hand on his naughty hand and pulled it between her thighs. He slowly presses the centre poking his finger there. Now unable to control her temptation she gave a bite on his shoulder. Two three drops trickled from her,

He putting his mouth near her ear whispered “Shall we go…”

“Voon….” She said tightening his hand between her thighs. Both came out. Her legs were shaking. Both are excited beyond control. They both directly came to the park popularly known as ‘Lovers’ Park.’ In that park is situated a Government bungalow generally used by the Govt. staff. The care taker gives rooms to outsiders unofficially at a higher rent. Govnd spoke to the caretaker and took the keys. So far they didn’t speak to each other. She is feeling shy and also excitement.

The moment Govind opened the room doors she quickly entered into the room ran to bed and fell on it on her stomach. Govind bolted the door and lying at her side then turning her on her back, stamping warm kisses all over her face. She closed her in joy and enjoying his kisses. The room is filled with sounds of warm kisses, hot breathings and small moans from of them.

Kissing her he slipped down, her saree had been pulled away from her shoulder along back. When he looked at hr, he saw that her deep cleavage is inviting him. Her fine globes are ready to jump out of the confinements. With excitement he rubbed his face over her cleavage and lightly biting them with his front teeth.

“ssssssss…hhhahahahah…” she arched her back for his access. The moment he ran his tongue between her hillocks, with temptation she pressed his head to her boobs. As she is arching her back raising it up he took her twin towers in his hand and mauling them.

She put her hands on his; and is pressing still hard over her breasts. Then those two pairs of hands as if competing opened her blouse hooks, the blouse flaps re lying on either side of her. Govind not having patience to unhook her bra, he pulled it up. Her C cup breasts proudly stood naked in front of his eyes. He took her one nipple between his lips, giving a deep suction; he pulled her other nipple with his fingers.

“mmmmmmmmssssssmmmmmmm…GO…V..IN….D….” she moaned in excitement and rose her waist a foot up. He up turned her saree over her waist. Kissing her he pushed his hand between her thighs,. She opened them like book. His fingers were in the thick bush. His fingers were in touch of her love channel. He opened the pouted vertical lips with his fingers.

“ssssshhhhaaaa…” illegal bahis inserted his eager fingers in her, ‘it is like an oven’ he thought, slowly moving his finger he tickled her LOVE BUTTON. (CLIT)

“hhhhaaaaaaahhhhhaaahhhhhh” she said. Govind on one side sucking her teat, other side squeezing her proud boob and his other hand is swimming in her love channel. His, this triple action maddened her. First she dug her fingers on his back and then started scratching his back with her nails.

He is churning her love channel fingering her deep and deep. After churning for 5, 6 minutes Govind pulled his fingers out and found His fingers were coated with milky white sticky substance. He took the fingers to his nose. They are emanating an intoxicated aroma of her pussy. Inhaling it deeply he then put the same fingers at Anjali’s nose. She too inhaling it deeply; quickly took his fingers to her mouth and cleaned them clean with her tongue.

There is light layer of sweat on their bodies. She enjoying his actions on her body closed her eyes in ecstasy. He got up from her first he disrobed himself and then pulled her saree ad petticoat with one jerk. Now she is in panty and bra on her body where as he is in birthday suit. Govind looked at her. He enjoying her naked beauty for a while then pulled the remaining garments also.

He came over her and she folding her knees; raised them up and opened her thighs. He held his tool in his fist and setting it at her entrance rubbed his crown on her lips.

“shshshshshshshshhhhhahaahah…” an sweet moan came out of her mouth.

When he looked at her pussy he found that her pussy lips ere quivering with anticipation. He gave a sudden push of his organ. His dick head grabbed be he inviting lips tightly.

“aaaaaaaaaaaaaa…hhhhhhhhhhoo…..ouchk…” a long moan escaped her mouth for his sudden entry.

He pulled his meat back and thrust it again in her oozing vagina. She too raised her butt with vigor. Then the actual duel started. He pulling it out and entering in again and again..and she responding him with her ass raising her up and up.

With his every stroke he room is echoing with “thap…tahp… thup.. and thup…” sounds. She embraced him tightly pulling him towards her, digging her nails on his back.

Now his tempo increased. He showing his power by shoving his penis deep and deep inher. She felt that his organ is reaching the innermost depths in her where her husband Naresh couldn’t reach.

“ah govindji.. ahaha.. mmm. Yes go deep in me… deep.. still.. oh.. god…” she raising her waist up encouraging him.

“yes ..dear.. yes.. raise your anus up.. that is it..dear.. you are master in getting fucked…. You know how to enjoy…” he giving stroke said.

“………..and you are a master in fucking…yeah…. fuck…fuck your bitch… fuck…” she raised her waist up.

The speed and strength of his movement increased. His heavy testicles are hitting at her bum. ‘Phut… phut…phut’ sounds are echoing in the room. Her cunt is inundated with her juices and trickling out of her vagina flowing out of it and trickling to her bum cheeks.

Darling I am finished… I am about to come… where do you want me to release…”

“Wait govindji.. I am also about to reach my climax.. in another 8, 10 seconds.. hold it please.. I want us to reach our climax together… yes… you can release in me… now I am in safe period… I want to enjoy the warmth of your semen in my vulva..” Anjali said.

He stopped his strokes for a time and then when he felt his phallus is drenched with her release; he giving a strong push grunted…. “Anjali…yes… here it is…is coming…” and filling her CHOOT his warmth he fell on her. She too loosened her hands from his back and fell exhausted.

After fifteen minutes when their breath normalized, they looked at each other and smiled.

“Thanks…” he said hugging her.

“Thanks for a fine fuck.. thanks again….” She kissed her husband’s buddy.

So dear readers this is how both the friends and their wives cheating their partners and enjoying their life.

In our next episode we will learn about Vaishali, Govind’s wife and Naresh, Anjali’s husband; how they enjoyed themselves.

Till then bye.. bye…

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