(Hello! This time I thought it would be fun to see where the Roberts Boys got it from. If you are not sure what I am referring to, please click my profile. Of the 12 multi-chapter stories written so far, 10 are about the Roberts boys and their sexual hi-jinks/adventures, so it’s high-time I wrote something about their Dad. This one incorporates a young lass’s introduction into BDSM, hope you enjoy it!)

Anna-Brooks hung up and tossed the phone away. She looked at me with a mixture of disbelief and carnal hunger. “I can’t believe I did that..”

I smirked. “I can. Do you know why?”

She shook her head. I got to my feet and kicked off my sweats. I grabbed the standing mirror and positioned it opposite the bed. I leaned down and took her by the hair again, manhandling her as I pulled her to a standing position. I pulled the bra down on one side and, standing behind her I nuzzled her neck as I tweaked her nipple, then pointed at the panting nearly-naked woman with the wet pussy in the mirror. “Because I own this, and you need to admit it.” I moved my hand down and toyed with her pubic hair and said it again. “Admit it Anna-Brooks….”

He sat back onto the bed as Anna-Brooks stared at her reflection. She almost didn’t recognize herself. Her boyfriend would hate this woman. Her mother would be ashamed. Her father would disown her. But…she LOVED it. So why was it this old man, older than her father, that was making her so fucking horny?

Anna-Brooks felt Her Man place his hands on her hips and guide her ass backward. Anna-Brooks spread her legs slightly and began to slowly lower herself onto Mike’s cock. It was an ‘old man’s’ cock. It was also the cock she longed for. She nodded as he told her to watch herself, then she obeyed, continuing to watch her reflection, as this old man began to fuck her.

Anna-Brooks watched her face change to a furrowed, tortured pleasure as a man three times her age cock guided his cock inside her, penetrating her inch by wonderful inch. She should have felt shame as he pulled the shoulder straps of her bar down and grabbed two handfuls of her tits, her face furrowing and wincing as the dick she craved continued to leisurely sink deep, deep, deep into her, yet what she felt was far from shame, & she gasped aloud when she felt herself sit down fully, Mike Robert’s cock resting in her all the way.

“Look at that woman. What is she?” I asked softly in the ear of this fine piece of ass.

“Yo-Yours…” Anna-Brooks whimpered, her mouth hanging open as he now moved her up and down, rising and then falling back down onto the cock that owned her.

“What is she?” another slow pump as before. “Who owns you?” I pulled her firmly down onto me, digging myself in.

She moaned loudly this time, staring at my cock in the mirror stretching her cunt.

“Yours. I belong to you.” Another slow pump, and Anna-Brooks said in a pleading tone “I’m yours, Mr. Mike Roberts. You OWN my pussy, now PLEASE fuck me…”

One hand pinching her pink nipple, the other Ankara bayan escort one snaking around her waist and finding her clit, I gave her another pump as she started making a long whining moan, I asked her again, and told her to yell it, then let her go. It was the best thing I think I’d done in the last 30 years, if not more.

“I’M YOURS, NOW FUCK ME!!!” She yelled, beginning to rapidly fuck herself, slamming her cunt down onto my cock repeatedly. Anna-Brooks bounced up and down, her ass smacking loudly against my waist, her hair flying wildly about. I continued to work her clit and she continued to ride me like a fucking-bucking-bronco, rolling her hips and taking me as far and deep as he could go. That girl in the mirror looked like a professional, especially with the look of pure ecstasy on her face.

I was now back on my elbows, pumping with her. When she came, brother she came hard, the house filling with the sounds of her whining, moan, changing to a scream as she called out my name. Anna-Brooks grabbed my knees as she mercilessly pounded her hips and squeezed her cunt around my cock, relishing in the feeling of my girth buried inside her. Finally she fell back against me, trying to find her breath. I kissed her neck and ran my hands along her thighs delicately.

After a minute of silence, her ragged breathing slowing a bit, I spoke again. “Good girl, Anna-Brooks. Now, get on all fours.”

Anna-Brooks smiled in surprise. “You still got some left in the tank, old man?”

I raised my eyebrows. “Oh really? You’re pulling the age card? Well, this ‘old man’ is going to fuck you in a way you never thought of. In fact,” I said, picking up her phone and flipping it to video, “I’m going to let you see what I see.”

Anna-Brooks grinned, grabbed my face and kissed me. “Then do it.”

I pushed her onto the bed, holding her phone up, and she arched her back, raising her gorgeous ass up at me and letting me knead that bulbous thing, showing it all for the ‘camera.’. She looked back at me as I got behind her and rubbed my dick along her crack. I slapped her ass sharply, watching it wobble. She giggled from it, then moaned as I pointed my cock towards her entrance and began to slowly exert force, entering her at a deliberate pace.

I watched more and more of my cock disappear into her, groaning at how snug and hot her cunt was. I looked at the position she was in, her head resting on the bed and her shapely body bent in submission. “Anna-Brooks, you are simply made for fucking.” I said, and she grinned as her ass made contact with my waist. I slapped her ass again, enjoying both the ripple effect and the sound.

One hand pulling out that butt cheek so the phone got my wet cock sliding in and out of her, I withdrew as slow as I could manage. The phone got her begging whimper and I could have cum right there. But I wasn’t going to waste this opportunity he’d been given. With my dick resting against her entrance again, I thrust forward, fast and hard, causing her to continue to call out my name.

“Oh Escort bayan Ankara my god, Anna-Brooks. Your pussy is so fucking tight.”

She turned her head & smiled as she looked at the phone. “I know, Sir, and it’s all for you.”

I couldn’t take my pace anymore. Anna-Brooks Cowan needed to be fucked, and I needed to fuck her. I began to thrust into her like a machine, my waist slapping against her ass, her body being jolting forward, her face buried in the bed. I reached down and grabbed her hair, yanking her head back. She moaned, a long and pathetic sound. Anna-Brooks looked at me now filming her reflection in the mirror, her eyes closed in pleasure. I fucked her like I’d never have a chance to fuck a pussy this young and beautiful ever again (I wouldn’t). I was pounding my cock into her cunt with complete control of her body. A series of orgasms hit Anna-Brooks, one after another, her mouth falling open and her eyes going cross. I panned down to my member, wet with her juices, opening her continuously. I felt her shake and tremble underneath me as she began to meet my thrusts with her own, encouraging me to pound her with even more force as she came loudly, all the while calling my name.

There are certain good things about being old. One of those is that you don’t pop off and ejaculate at the drop of a hat, just stop panting and you can again ‘get a grip,’ as it were. I turned the phone off, tossed it onto the bed as I let her go and she fell onto her side, gasping and panting and moaning. The inside of my mouth was nearly bleeding as I’d bit the insides of my cheeks to prevent myself from cumming. I ran my hands around and across her big beautiful butt. It was so soft yet firm. I spread her cheeks and stared at her asshole.


“Hm…S-sir?” She was exhausted, barely able to speak.

“Get ready.”


And then she felt my finger inside her anus. Her eyes shot open and she whipped her head around at me. “What the hell, M-Mike?!”

“I’m going to fuck you up the ass, Anna-Brooks. Have you ever done anal?”

“No, hey wait!”

I smiled and shrugged. “It’ OK. I fucked your little mouth like you wanted. Fucked your little pussy like you wanted. So relax. I think there’s a part of you wondering what my cock feels like up your ass…”

She hesitated for a moment, then nodded. Anna-Brooks was beginning to feel the first ripples of pleasure from my finger slowly working in and out of her virgin hole. The one thing she’d never let any boy do. But it felt good, and damn him, Mike was right; there was a part of her wanting Her Man to take her in every way he could. She laid her head back down and raised her ass further. “Okay…Let’s try”

I smiled as I let out a soft sigh of relief, glad my gamble paid off. I wanted one part of her totally to myself, and I was going to get it. I eased my finger out and grabbed my dick, steadying it behind her. She gripped the sheets as hard as she could, her fingers turning white. Anna-Brooks tried to Bayan escort Ankara remember to breathe as she felt me begin to push inside of her. Already, I could feel her ring of muscles at the entrance starting to give.

Anna-Brooks closed her eyes tight and bit the pillow in front of her, her body awash in a pain that was beginning to feel welcoming. She did like that his hands firmly held onto her waist as he slowly, steadily penetrated her asshole. He was trying to see how much she could take, and deep down, she wanted all of it. The sensation for her was unbelievable. She’d never felt absolutely stuffed full of cock. And the further Mike Roberts went and the wider he stretched her, the wetter she got.

Anna-Brooks liked that Her Man was moaning as he moved steadily in her ass. Anna-Brooks was on her side, and Mike was holding her free leg up, and her hand traveled down between her legs and she pushed two of her fingers inside of her. Another orgasm immediately hit her. With her fingers in her cunt and nearly all of Mike’s cock lodged in her ass, Anna-Brooks felt utterly filled.

I withdrew slightly and pushed back, unable to find a strong pace, but still managing to thrust myself again and again into her asshole, my balls feeling her fingers fucking herself at the same time. A twisted part of me wanted her boyfriend to witness me fucking what he assumed was his. Witness ‘his’ girlfriend finger herself feverishly with an ass full of another’s man’s cock, a cock older than his dad. It was becoming too much, I knew my orgasm was nearing, but I still wasn’t done.

I drew back as far as he could and with a firm, fast-but-not-slamming push, I powerfully thrust every inch of my meat into her bowels. Anna-Brooks had been moaning, and she now screamed, a blend of surprise and discomfort and euphoria. Now I had my pace. I drove my cock in and out of her ass, a slow yet hard butt fucking for the young girl-next-door. I pressed ALL of my weight into each thrust, thoroughly dominating her. Anna-Brooks Cowan could only lay there and take it while she looked back at me & smiled, accepting this pleasure and letting herself be used by the one that owned her.

Her man fucked her roughly. Now, he leaned forward and placed his hand on her skull, pressing her head down into the covers, standing behind her. Her eyes rolled back and she found herself awash in a wave of sexual exhilaration, her body getting manhandled in a way it never had. Anna-Brooks Cowan loved it, and she was now actively hoping he’d somehow go even deeper and even harder. Her man grunted loudly each time he impaled her anus, being urged on by Anna-Brooks’s complete and total submission, a drooling smile plastered dreamily across her face.

At last I was over the edge, and I whipped out of her, almost immediately spurting my goo. My cum rocketed out, blasting her entire back and ass. I fired several cum shots, coating her in my jizz. Anna-Brooks just lay there, nearly comatose from her many orgasms and the anal mauling. Her body was panting, her dark brown hair a sweaty mess around her head, semen pooling in the dimples of her back. She had been fucked senseless, temporarily unaware she even had a boyfriend. I fell on the bed next to her, the bedroom filled with our panting and low moans.

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