Anne, Mike and Me Ch. 02


Later the same week, there was a knock on the door. Mike was there looking a little sheepish.

‘I’m really sorry about what happened the other night, he began’

‘Sorry for what?’ I said

‘You know – on the way home. I was really pissed.’

‘It’s fine’ I reassured him, ‘we both did the same. No-one else will know so don’t worry about it.’

‘You’re sure?’

‘Completely, I enjoyed having a good wank with my best mate!’


‘Yes, really – so stop worrying.’

Visibly relieved, Mike sat down and told me about the time his sister caught him wanking. He told me about his mom and dad’s porn collection and how he and his sister used to watch the tapes in secret when their parents were out – and how he longed to be able to wank as he watched them. I said he was welcome to bring a tape round to my place and wank to it anytime.

Next night, he turned up with a carrier bag containing some beers and a battered VHS cassette. We put the video on and cracked open a beer. I think this was the first time I had seen porn – but Mike had clearly seen the tape many times – pointing out his favourite bits. I found it hard to take my eyes off the action – but when I did I found myself gazing at the bulge in his jeans and thinking about his fat, manly cock – and wondering if it was hard yet.

My own cock was straining at my jeans and I decided to take the lead. I put my hand down and squeezed my hard on through my jeans. It felt good. Mike started rubbing at his own crotch so I undid my jeans and slid them down. Mike did the same and I could clearly see the shape of his cock outlined in his briefs. We sat like this on the sofa together for a while longer, watching two guys and a girl on screen doing a classic ‘spit roast’.

My mouth was really dry by now and I was as horny as hell. I put my hand inside my briefs and grasped my rock hard cock. Mike, I noticed, was watching me as much as the TV and I could wait no longer. I pulled down my briefs and started working my cock slowly, luxuriating in the sensations. Mike’s breathing changed and he also got his cock out in full view. The sight of him working that lovely cock inches away from me was too much, and I came hard. The front of my tee shirt was splashed and a great pool of cum ran down my balls. Mike took a little longer but as I looked on in fascination I had a great view of his sticky load erupting from his cock all over his hand and legs.

‘Better?’ I asked.

‘Much!’ he grinned ‘how about you?’

‘Best wank I’ve had in ages. Come on, let’s get cleaned up.’

I led the way to the bathroom and turned on the shower over the bath. I took off the rest of my clothes and Mike followed suit. It was the first time I had seen Mike completely naked and I found it a delicious sight. He had no chest hair but his cock and balls lived in a thick dark forest.

‘Come on – we can share’ I said.

I took the spray and soaked myself then handed it to him while I soaped up. Then, he soaped up while I rinsed off. I really enjoyed watching him finish his shower – he was directing the spray onto his cock and balls from close up.

The next time Mike came round, I was hoping for more of the same.

‘Did you bring another video?’ I asked.

‘Sorry, couldn’t get one – they’ve been in all day’

‘Pity – I really enjoyed the other night’

‘Me too’

We cracked open a beer and sat down on the sofa. We agreed that wanking together had been much better than wanking alone – and tried to figure out why. I confessed that I liked seeing a cock that was different to my own. We talked about length and girth. He was definitely thicker – but was he longer? We Ankara escort weren’t sure but agreed we would like to compare.

‘We’ll need to get hard without porn then’ I said.

‘We managed to get hard by the tree that night’ he replied.

‘True’, I said, ‘but I think that was because I had to help you with your zip and watch you piss all over the tree.’

‘That turned you on?’

‘Well something did, anyway!’

‘Actually, I like it when you unzipped me – you can unzip my flies anytime.’

‘OK, stand up then!’

Mike obeyed. I reached over and gingerly pulled the zip down on his jeans. Then I undid the top button. He didn’t resist as I pulled down his jeans and he stepped out of them, standing in his briefs. In a moment of recklessness, I took hold of his briefs and pulled them down too, my face now inches from his hairy manhood, now swelling visibly.

‘My turn’ commanded Mike.

I stood up and he knelt down, fumbling with my jeans he managed to pull them down and paused before pulling down my briefs too. My semi hard dick sprang out in front of me almost touching his face.

‘Mmm, nice’ he muttered ‘nice cock’

‘So is yours,’ I replied.

He stood up again to give me a better look. He was getting hard now and his erection thrilled me. We stood with our dicks right close together and let them brush against each other. Mine twitched as it brushed against his pubic hair.

‘Can I touch?’, I said, hoarsely.

‘OK’, whispered Mike.

I nervously put my hand to his cock and held it in my hand. It felt thick and warm, and seemed to swell even more in my hand. I squeezed a little harder and Mike gasped.

‘Sorry’ I said, and let go

‘No it’s fine’, said Mike. ‘No-one else has ever touched my cock before. It felt really cool’

‘Well, I’ve never touched another cock – so it’s a first for me too!’

We sat down next too each other on the sofa.

‘Can I feel yours?’ asked Mike

‘Go ahead’

Mike leaned across and took my prick in his hand. He squeezed and my dick responded by oozing a little precum. I made a little noise of pleasure, and Mike responded by moving his hand down my shaft. It felt incredible. We scooted round so we were facing each other, and I reached out for his cock again. I mirrored his actions, squeezing and moving my hand down to expose his great bulbous glans. It felt so good. But we were becoming an awkward tangle of arms and legs. We disentangled and looked at each other and giggled.

‘One at a time might be easier!’ I said

‘You choose’ said Mike

‘OK, lie down’ I said, and then knelt beside him.

I took his cock in my right hand and cupped his balls with my left. He moaned as I massaged his cock and balls. I could smell a musky odour and a little precum appeared at the tip. I put my finger to it and smeared the precum on his glans causing him to gasp. I started to wank his fat cock and felt his cock stiffen and his balls tighten. Presently he grunted and I felt his balls and cock twitch and jerk. Great gobs of cum ran down my hands and I smeared it into his balls.

I saw he needed a break after his impressive ejaculation, so I got us two more beers from the fridge and a towel to dry himself on. Mike told me that was the first time he had been wanked off by anyone else and I told him that was the first time I had ever wanked off another cock. Then, he told me it was my turn.

Obediently, I sprawled on the sofa and he knelt down and started to fondle my cock and balls. I remember his face was so close I could feel his breath on my balls. I closed my eyes and let the sensations wash over me. All too soon, I felt my ejaculation Ankara escort bayan erupt and I felt a wet gob of cum land on my face. He slowed down and milked the last drops from my grateful cock. Finally he gently dried me off with the towel.

Once again, we showered together. This time, though, we washed each other – rather than ourselves. It felt wonderful having my cock and balls thoroughly washed by my buddy.

I hadn’t seen Anne for a few days, so when the door went the next evening I was expecting Mike. Instead, Anne was standing there with a carrier bag containing beer and one of their parents stash of porn videos. I was intrigued.

‘Thought you might like to watch another one’ she said.

‘Another one?’

‘It’s OK, Mike told me that you liked watching porn together! We don’t have any secrets, you know.’

I felt the colour drain from my face. What else has Mike told Anne?

‘Oh, just that you like to beat off together – nothing shocking!’

Her face made it clear she didn’t mind – so I relaxed a little.

‘Yeah, Mike’s really come out have his shell lately. Now, when we watch our tapes he just gets his cock out in front of me – I don’t know where to look!’, Anne went on ‘but I don’t mind – it’s nice to know he’s getting plenty of relief.’

Just then, the door went again. It was Mike!

‘Is Anne round here?’

‘Yes/’ I answered, my mind racing ‘come in.’

He came in and saw the tape on the coffee table.

‘I was looking for that!’ he scolded Anne.

‘Sorry, I just thought your friend would like to see it too’ she replied.

‘Perhaps we could all watch it?’ I volunteered hopefully.

‘We were hoping you’d say that,’ said Anne.

I had been set up. The two of them had cooked this up in advance. I was very excited now, and my hands were shaking as I put the tape on. Mike and Anne were sitting at opposite ends of the sofa, so I squeezed in between them.

On screen, an orgy was taking place. There were four guys and four girls – and they were all either sucking cock or licking pussy – in various combinations. It didn’t take long for Mike to undo his jeans and take out his stiff prick. I decided to do the same and took out my aching member and started to stroke it.

Anne took hold of my wrist and removed my hand. Then, she took my cock in her hand and carried on massaging expertly. So I used my free hand to take over wanking Mike instead.

‘Do you like this?’ purred Anne.

‘Yes’ I gasped.

It was all too much for me, and I was soon spurting like a geyser. Still dripping with spunk, I knelt between Mikes legs so that I could cup his balls in my left hand while pumping his cock with my right. Eventually, Mike came too, grunting as his stuff ran down my hands. We both turned to look at Anne, who had by now unfastened the top of her jeans and had a hand down the front of her knickers.

‘Not fair,’ I complained – ‘we can’t see’

She took her hand out and laughed.

‘Well, you guys have finished now – I’m not playing on my own. You did make me very wet though. Are you guys going to shower now? Can I watch?’

‘Not fair’, I said ‘you get to see us completely naked and we don’t see anything!’

‘Oh go on – I’ve seen both your cocks anyway – it’s not like I’m going to see anything new. Maybe I might show you more later if you’re good?’

We gave in – and headed off to the bathroom. Anne put down the toilet lid and sat down. Mike and I undressed and got into the tub with the shower running. As before we took turns washing each other’s bodies – paying particular attention to cocks and balls. We took our time spraying and washing each other, Escort Ankara while Anne sat on the toilet with her hand down the front of her knickers. Eventually, we finished showering and took a towel each, and returned to the living room. More beer flowed and I wanted Anne to take her clothes off. She proposed a deal.

‘I’ll give you things to do – and for every one I’ll take something off! But you have to do as I ask’

Mike and I agreed – there seemed little to lose.

‘Ok first one, lose the towels’

We dropped the towels and Anne took of her top, revealing a white lacy bra.

‘Ok, next one of you has to lick my finger’

As she said it, her hand went deep down the front of her knickers and can out glistening with her wetness. I happily volunteered for this one and sucked the musky smelling finger eagerly. She took off her jeans revealing the rest of her white panties.

‘The bra is going to cost you more. I want each one of you to suck the other one’s cock!’

‘But!’ we both protested.

‘Do you want to see my tits or not?’

Mike knelt down and took my prick. His mouth felt deliciously warm – it was a very pleasant sensation. My turn came and although I was unsure, it actually wasn’t bad at all having Mike’s lovely prick in my mouth. Anne took of the bra and I saw her beautiful breasts for the first time. Her pink nipples were erect and they were perfect breasts.

‘OK, suck my nipples’

‘Is that number four?’

‘Just do it!’

I needed no persuading although Mike was clearly unsure. But we each took one of those gorgeous nipples and I sucked hungrily at mine. Anne moaned and began rub her mound furiously through her knickers. She pulled the crotch to one side and there was a definite squelch as she pawed at her soaking wet cunt. She arched her hips and screamed out her orgasm, eventually slowing down and panting hard.

‘Oh fuck’ she gasped ‘that was good’

When she had calmed down, she finally peeled her sodden knickers off. She had light brown pubic hair, trimmed into a small rectangle above her swollen pink slit.

By now my cock was throbbing. I wanted to fuck that wet pink pussy so badly. Anne read my mind.

‘I know you’d love to fuck me – but it’s hardly fair on my brother is it?’

We had a brief, tense discussion about what would be fair. Poor Mike had never had a fuck in his life. Anne said she might consider letting him put his cock in briefly – just to let him know what it felt like – but I was worried that would just make him more frustrated. Anne made a suggestion.

‘Would you consider sucking Mike off?’

I hadn’t minded sucking his prick for a short time earlier, but in the end I thought I’d give it a try.

‘If you let him put it in you once. I’ll try and finish him off good with my mouth’ I promised.

Anne took hold of her brother’s cock.

‘One quick dip,’ she said, and guided his thick cock towards her still wet pussy. The tip of his cock parted her lips and then slid slowly all the way in. Mike gasped and Anne bit her lip.

‘Ok, that’s all’ she gasped, and pulled away.

I took Mike’s cock and hungrily licked off the taste of Anne’s sweet cunt. Mike whimpered and bucked but I carried on sucking until I felt him cum. The warm salty taste filled my mouth and I swallowed. I carried on sucking gently until Mike’s cock was clean.

Mike was satisfied but my cock felt like it would burst.

‘Fuck me now, you dirty bastard’ commanded Anne.

I didn’t need to be asked twice, and gratefully plunged my aching cock into her hot wet slit. I fucked her deep and hard and I became aware that Mike was fondling my balls. Soon, I could feel my orgasm coming.

‘Let me see you come’ she panted.

So I pulled out and as I did so, Mike grabbed my cock and I shot my load onto her belly. Mike squeezed out the last drops, and we all collapsed in a panting heap.

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