Annie Gets a Surprise Part 2

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Annie Gets a Surprise Part 2Part one can be found here; Again credit the original writer for the inspiration. Annie Gets a Surprise: Part 2 To Annie’s delight the answer was immediately, with the right encouragement. That was easily provided, as this encounter had awoken a desire in her she had never before experienced. After James pulled out she turned to face him, and with three words guaranteed his further participation. “I want more,” came out of her in a hushed, but insistent tone. Her next action sealed the deal. Pushing him back slightly, she knelt down and came face to face with the source of her new found desire. She immediately understood both her difficulty and pleasure. Simply put, this was the biggest cock she’d ever seen, much less had within her. James’s cock was easily as thick as her wrist, and nearly as long as her forearm. About 10 canlı bahis inches given her petite frame. She reached towards it with both hands and began stroking up and down the slickened shaft. The moan that escaped James’s mouth quickly changed to a gasp as she did something else she had never done. Using both hands to steady his hardened member, she proceeded to lick the tip only, tasting both him and her own juices. While no stranger to oral sex, she had never done so after intercourse. The taste and smell of their combined juiced seemed to inflame her passions even more. She attempted to swallow him but only managed to get a quarter of the way before it was too much for her. She contented herself with this shallow suck for a few moments, before she released him and stood, still grasping his member in one hand. Leading him this way, she maneuvered him to the toilet and sat him down on the closed lid. Still bahis siteleri holding on, she guided him into her as she straddled him easily sinking all the way down. A low moan escaping her as she reached full depth. Readjusting to his size, she ground herself upon him, reveling in the sensation. James grabbed her hips, pulling her closer, cementing their new connection. Annie was on the verge of her third orgasm, when he put her over the edge by leaning in and suckling on first one nipple, then the other swirling each one before latching on. With that added sensation, Annie came hard, clamping down on him, her whole body going rigid for a moment, before melting and collapsing on his shoulder. Wrapping his arms around her, James lifted them both up and layed her on floor. Positioning himself over her, he reentered her and began pounding her at a rapid pace. Rousing to his efforts, Annie wrapped her legs bahis şirketleri around him pulling him deeper inside her. His quickly brought them both to climax, his intense, hers a bit more mellow. Disentangling themselves, Annie waited for the guilt to set in, but it never did. All she felt was a contentedness she couldn’t explain, and the dimming, but not disappearing, flame of desire with in her. As James went to speak, she silenced him with a finger to his lips. She told him three things; that she immensely enjoyed their time together, that no one should ever know, and that it would never happen again. For as much as she enjoyed it, and him too, he was too close to her daughter. While he wasn’t happy about it, he agreed. They both dressed and returned to the party preparations, Annie benefiting from a second shower after James left. The party was wonderful and enjoyed by all. Afterwards, Annie reflected on what had happened. She felt that fire inside her, and she wanted to feel more. That evening in bed she decided to see what would happen. “Steven, now that Sam is moving on, about that fantasy you’ve always had…..” The End

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