AnniversaryLast weekend my parents had anniversary of their marriage. 30 yrs together.They invited me for a little celebration, some steaks, beer, vine and talk at our garden.Everything was fine, we were chatting and laughting but when was getting late and my parents more and more drunk, they started behave more seductively.It was getting cold so mum went to home for a sweatshirt, when she come back I noticed that she doesn’t have bra and her nipples are getting harder.Mom was flirting with dad, smiling to him,touching his ass and arm so I realised they wanna be alone.I got up and left them.Of course I immediately went to the kitchen where I had great view to them and still being hiden behind the curtain.I slowly opened the window to listen what they are talking about.¨Amazing 30 yrs, am I right?¨ asked dad mom and hold his cup of vine.¨Yeah, really great. I’m so lucky¨ replied mom and sat to dads lap.She was drunk and horny. She started moving her ass to make dads cock hard while dad grabbed her tits and play with casino siteleri her hard nipples which were really visible even they were under quite fat sweatshirt.¨Could you do it dirty to me tonight? Behave to me like to a slut. You can fuck the brain out of my head if you want¨ said mom and slowly slipped from dads lap to put his pants down.¨I have a little present for you, it will makes your cock ever bigger and harder¨ and a took cockring to dads cock and started to suck him.Dad really enjoyed that. I think that ring made his cock more sensitive as well, but god, whem mom pulled cock from her mouth….dads cockhead was so big! Much bigger than I ever saw.¨What a big boy I have now! Nice. I think I will tear you up with this tool.¨ said dad and stand up to take care about moms pussy.She was already lying on the table with all that food and drink around her.Dad took glass of vine and pour a little to her clit and pussy lips where he licked it.He was enjoying every piece of moms cunt when she moaned canlı casino louder and louder.¨Come, I will tear up your wet cunt¨Mom sat to the edge of the table and dad slowly slipped inside her.After a few slow thrusts he started to thrust her so fast and aggressive. Like he would like to beat the wall. He was holding her arms and beating her pussy like he wouldn’t fuck for years.Both of my parents were shouting and moaning, a few glasses and plates falled down from the table but they didn’t care. They were in another dimension. Mom was scratching dads back and biting his neck ad mumbling for more and more.¨Harder! Harder! Your big cock fills my pussy so nice. God, you are killing me, that’s amazing!!!¨ Mom wanted to more, she was really like a hooker, nothing else.Dad stopped to catch a breath. ¨ We should calm down a little and try to be more quiet. What if he is watching us?¨ dad had a fear of my spying. He was right but didn’t see me.¨Oh I bet he’s already in bed. And if he’s really spying us, we kaçak casino should make a little show to him, don’t you think?¨ alcohol and dads cock in mums pussy made her mad.She told to dad that she wanna ride him, wanna be cowgirl now.So dad laid on the grass with big hard cock sticking up to the skye. Mom sat on his cock slowly, her back to his head. So now she was watching right into the window where I’ve been hidden. I don’t know if she saw me, I think I was really invisible, in the shadow and behind the curtain, but I noticed that she is looking to the window quite often while riding dad cock.She was moaning and pulling her tits, pinching her nipples and spanking her ass. When she took a look to the window she licked her lips and bite them.¨Yeah, I wanna fuck your cock really hard, just like that! Uuuug nice! Wanna feel your staff deep in my stomach. Oh god, please, give it to me! I’m cumming. Shiiiit!¨ At this point I wasn’t sure if she’s talking to dad, or to me. But I didn’t care at that moment, I was jacking off like a mad and enjoying view to my naked mother.Dad gave to my mom huge load of a hot cum, many cum dripped of her pussy but they wee still laying, mom on dad belly and breathing deep. They were tired but so satisfied.And me as well…

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