Annual Corporate Meetings Day 04a


This was a truly amazingly crazy day. After the daily sessions at our annual conference, Jennifer and I had given each other head, and we had fucked in the shower in her room. Afterwards, we had washed each other (interspersed with some fondling and kissing, of course), and I had gone back to my room after Jennifer had promised a special evening.

It was a bit difficult to see it as real. Of course, I had fantasized about things like this with her, but never imagined that that such would ever become reality.

I sat at the desk in my hotel room and ate room service dinner while flipping through the channels and imagining what Jennifer’s “special evening” would be. Trying to keep my imagination in check, I felt like a compressed bundle of energy, and it seemed like I almost flew through the ceiling when there was a knock on my door.

I walked to the door and opened it and there was Jennifer. I was mildly surprised when I saw someone else standing with her – a man.

“May we come in?” She asked as she placed her hand on my chest and gently pushed me back into the room.

As I moved backwards, the man came in as well, pulled the “Do Not Disturb” card off the inside door knob, placed it on the outside and closed the door.

Jennifer started to unbutton my shirt while looking into my eyes. She was still wearing the v-neck shirt she had put on after we were done showering. The flush of excitement that was on her face was also on her chest. I could tell she was really charged up.

Two hands reached around from behind her and cupped her full breasts as I leaned forward and kissed her. Our tongues lightly touched as I closed my eyes and stepped closer. I could feel the hands massaging her breasts as she was pushing her ass back against the other man.

Breaking bursa escort our kiss, Jennifer said “Dan, this is an old friend from college, Sam. I have told him about some of our conversations, and he proposed that maybe we could all have a little fun together. You interested?” She had that mischievous little grin she gets.

I looked to the right of Jennifer as I saw Sam lean in to kiss her neck. With and “ohhhh”, Jennifer closed her eyes, and pulled me to the other side of her neck. Lightly nibbling on her neck, I whispered “of course I am interested”.

I was holding Jennifer tightly to me, as Sam was holding tightly to her from behind. She was alternately pushing her pelvis back and forth against each of us. I was as hard as a rick, and I imagine Sam was as well.

I stepped back from Jennifer, and started lifting her shirt over her head. Sam realized what I was doing and started doing the same from the back. After we got it off, I saw the clasp of her bra was in the front, and I quickly released it. Sam and I pulled off her bra.

Jennifer reached forward and grabbed my dick through my jeans and started rubbing it, as I leaned forward and started licking around her nipple and then alternating with lightly nibbling. I glanced to my right and saw that Sam had moved around the front and was working on her other nipple. Jennifer was lightly moaning with her eyes closed.

Glancing down, I saw that Sam’s sweat pants had been pushed down to his ankles. Jennifer was stroking his cock as he was moaning into her breast. His dick was around the same size as mine. It was maybe a little longer than mine but not quite as thick. It was a good looking dick.

I unzipped Jennifer’s skirt and Sam and I both pushed it down her legs. She was not wearing any underwear.

“Come bursa escort bayan on, guys! Let’s just strip!”

We all peeled off our clothes as quickly as we could. Jennifer climbed backwards on the bed as we followed on either side of her. As we crawled up her body, we each kissed her legs- inner and outer. She was moaning as we made our way up her inner thighs. She spread her legs wide as we got near her pussy. Pushing her legs wider, I started circling her clit with my tongue while Sam nibbled on her lips and thrust his tongue inside her.

“Oh my God, guys. This feels so good!”

Every once in awhile, our tongues would touch, but I was so turned on it did not bother me at all.

I was on Jennifer’s left side, Sam on her right. We were both moaning ourselves. Without stopping what I was doing, I shifted my body around and moved Jennifer’s hand to my dick. She started stroking me with urgency as our tongues made her whimper. I felt her pulling my dick closer and her upper body twisting until she could get her mouth around my dick. She started giving me a great blowjob, moaning around my dick as we ate her out. It was so erotic, that i was worried I was going to blow too too quickly. Glancing down, I saw Sam looking at Jennifer sucking my dick and watched as he stroked himself while he was thrusting his tongue in her.

Pulling out of her mouth, I said “I want to fuck Jennifer from behind!” I rolled her over, got behind her and pushed into her as she arched her back moaning. Sam got in front of her and placed his cock against her lips. Opening her mouth, she drew him in and started sucking on him – hard. With one hand he cupped the back of her head as he moved his cock in and out of her mouth. I had my hands on her hips as I was pushing in and out of her. She was escort bursa so tight, I could feel the little spasms she was having through her vaginal walls.

Sam must have been really close to the edge, as all of a sudden I heard him groan and start cumming in her mouth. Jennifer was moaning around his dick as she tried to swallow it all. Finally he pulled out of her mouth. Jennifer had not had a big orgasm yet and I was determined to hold out. I was pulling almost all the way out and then slowly pushing my way back in until I bottomed out. Each time, she would kind of shiver and groan.

“Sam!” she yelled. “Eat me while Dan fucks me!”

Wasting no time, Sam got on his back and got under her until they were in a 69 position. I could feel him down there. He would go back and forth between her clit and the point where I was thrusting into her. He was not being shy, as I would feel him flattening his tongue and licking my shaft as I was moving in and out of her. Jennifer was alternating between a mewling and moaning sound with all the attention to her pussy – inside and out.

“This…is…so good…guys. Fuck…fuck me…eat me…”

I could feel her pussy clamping down harder on my dick and knew she was getting close. It was all I could do to hold on. I started thrusting harder, loving the feeling of her enveloping me as Sam licked everywhere around where Jennifer and I were joined.

Finally, I could not take it any longer. I started bucking harder against her and alternating my thrusting from the left and then from the right. It felt like she was crushing my dick when I just started shooting inside her.

“I can…feel your…cum shooting inside me! Uhhh. I am cumming!” Jennifer thrust hard against me and then I could feel our juices mixing. I could hear Sam trying to slurp it all up.

Finally, I stopped cumming and pulled out. Jennifer rolled over onto her back. Sam’s face was covered in our cum and he was lying there trying to catch his breath.

“Wow guys…just…wow…”

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