Anonymous Encounter at the Buffet


Kris had gotten hungry while he was out, and being a little indecisive about food, he decided the best thing to do would be to hit the buffet and just have a bit of what he liked the look of, and make life easier for himself. He didn’t really like going to the buffet alone. It made him feel alone, especially as whenever he went on his own, he seemed to be the only person there without company of one sort or another. But, as he needed to eat, he always pushed this to the side and just got on with it.

He walked through the door to the buffet restaurant and was greeted by one of the members of floor staff. He was asked if he wanted to be seated and to order a drink, but Kris said that he would rather just go get his food straight away and then he could order a drink when he was sat down. He was so hungry right now that he couldn’t just wait for someone to come and see what he wanted to drink before going to go get food.

Kris walked and grabbed a plate from the stack at the start of the buffet trolleys and started to make his way around, picking up a scoop full of whatever he fancied. Half way round, something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye.

He turned to see what it was. Just leaving the end of the trolleys was a huge woman. He could only see her from the back, so he had no idea what she really looked like, or how big she actually was. He could see the size of her ass though, and it was gigantic. He’d never seen one as big in real life. He had seen many that could be about as big in the porn clips he watched.

There wasn’t a great deal left to the imagination, as the woman was wearing leggings that clung to her almost like it was second skin. Each cheek, both in width and depth, looked like it would dwarf Kris’ chest. Her thighs each looked like they were at least as thick as his waist. The leggings were so tight that it was fairly easy to see where the folds were on her thighs. There looked to be some a few inches down from the top of her thighs, and then it was plain to see that she had fat folds over her knees too. Her calves were so fat that they were folding over her ankles too.

Managing to look up, Kris started to see that this woman was wearing what looked like the largest male t shirt she could find, and even then she had struggled into it, and it only just fit. It was managing to just cover the top of the womans leggings, and it was plain to see where her fat was bulging around her bra. It looked like she had to cut the arms to get it on too.

Her biceps looked like they were the size of thighs. They bulged and there was a massive difference where her elbow would be. Kris imagined what they would look like if the woman were to just hold her arm out, imagining them swaying with every movement the woman made.

Being glad that it was midweek and not too busy, Kris was mesmerized by this woman. He watched her waddle off to her seat for a while. Her legs seemed to roll around one another, and her ass shook like a tidal wave with each step.

He snapped to, and realized that he was starting to get hard. He decided it might be best to rush around and get sat down before he grew a massive bulge for everyone to see. He finished filling his plate and went to sit down.

A waiter came over and asked him what he wanted to drink, to which he decided on a coke with no ice. When the waiter left, he very quickly stuck his hand into his jeans and readjusted himself, moving his hard cock so it was as close to the waistband of the jeans as possible. Then if he was still aroused when he next got up, at least the visibility would be kept as discreet as possible.

Half way through his plate, he saw someone walking to the trolleys. It was hard to mistake who it was. It was the woman who he had seen earlier. Surprised and aroused at how quickly she had finished her plate, he watched her get closer.

He tried to watch her without her noticing, pretending to be staring past her rather than at her. He couldn’t believe what he could see. From the front, he could tell that she was definitely the biggest woman he had ever seen in his life. Her belly was half way down her thighs, and that was only because the leggings held it there.

The folds of fat that he saw on her thighs from the back were visible at the front too. Where her shirt just covered at the back, didn’t at the front. With every step she made, her top pulled up and her belly pulled the leggings down a touch, revealing bare skin. It was almost as if her belly was winking at him, trying to get his attention and tell him something. Looking up, he saw the biggest pair of tits he had ever seen.

The woman had cut the neck out of the top too, and her bra looked at least two sizes too small. Because of this, her breasts were spilling out of the top, where the bra had pushed the cleavage up so much that it was bulging and clearly showing how ill fitting the bra was. Few women could boast such a rack, not even porn stars who had implants. It looked like if one were dropped bursa evi olan escort on Kris’s face while he lay down, it would envelop his head entirely.

Kris felt his dick get even harder now, and was so glad he was sat down. He felt the need to go and blow his load as soon as possible, but thought it would probably be better to wait till he got back home.

Finally he looked up to try and see what she looked like fully. He wanted to see this woman’s face. He had to try and do this with as much of a glance as possible. His heart was pounding like crazy, and his hands were shaking. Trying not to get caught as she walked closer, tits bouncing with every step, belly swaying with every waddle this woman made, he looked up. She had a double chin that was so big it looked like she had no neck at all and her chins went straight down into her chest.

She had huge plump round lips, that were so big that if she wasn’t the size she was one would have thought that she had them surgically enhanced. They were a bright red colour, one that would be more expected of a slut or hooker to wear. Her face was caked in orange foundation and powder, with blusher on her cheeks. Her eyes were heavily shadowed, and she clearly had fake eyelashes which were daubed with mascara.

Kris felt a massive surge in his jeans. He loved women who wore heavy makeup, and it turned him on like crazy. He couldn’t believe he was seeing the biggest woman he has ever laid eyes on, and she was wearing perfect makeup too.

At that moment he realized that she was looking directly at him as she came past him. Kris’s heart jumped into his throat as soon as he saw that her eyes were looking into his. She just gave a knowing smile and winked at him. Kris looked away, panicked and feeling stupid. He presumed that she was just toying with him. Women of that size didn’t come onto men, or at least in Kris’s experience they didn’t. Not even smaller women did so.

Kris made a deep sigh, and just thought that he would have to try and make himself less obvious, and perhaps even move somewhere else when he went to get more food. He kept watching the woman waddle around the trolleys, but kept averting his eyes, trying not to tease himself.

He felt stupid, now that he had been caught eyeing up this woman, and presumed that she thought that he was actually staring at her because he was shocked by her rather than wildly aroused by her. He just put his head down and ate his food.

Blanking everything out around him, the next thing he knew, he felt a presence next to him. He looked up, and it was the woman, who was putting her plate down in the place next to him on his table. She grabbed a chair from the other side of the table and told Kris to move over a little. Pulling the chair out from under the table, she put the one from the other side next to it and sat down. She was so big that she could sit on two chairs and spread right across both of them. Her arse flattened out so much that it even spilled off the edges.

“So, I saw you looking at me as I walked past you. Hope you don’t mind me sitting next to you.”

“Sorry about that. Sure, please feel free to.” Kris replied timidly, with a little bit of a shaky voice.

“I don’t have to if you’re embarrassed to be seen with me.”

“No, no. It’s not that. It’s, just, I like big women, and I think you look really hot, but I feel stupid for staring at you and you noticing me doing so. I’m sorry, I didn’t want you to feel like I was looking at you or anything.”

“If I minded, I wouldn’t be sitting next to you right now, sexy.”

With that, the woman slid her hand onto Kris’s leg and started to rub down the inside of his thigh. Kris gasped, feeling her flesh press against his side and her hand work up his thigh as close to his crotch as it could do. The woman took her fork in her other hand and started to eat.

“You can touch me too, I don’t mind at all.”, she grabbed his hand with hers and put it onto her thigh, pushing it onto her top fold.

She put her hand back and squeezed his thigh. Kris started to grope the fold, squeezing it in his hand and following the fold round.

“You like that? I have other places that are squishy, and fold over too. Maybe you want to feel them”.

Her hand moved up more as she ate, and she started to rub Kris’s crotch. Kris whimpered, and tried not to be too audible. The woman started to finger his zip, slowly pulling it down and sliding her hand in.

“Oh, you are excited. Did I do this? Maybe I should do more.”

She started massaging the tip of Kris’s cock. Kris squeezed her fold hard, and she moaned.

“I love my fat being fondled and groped. It turns me on. You should do more of that, I like it. I want to feel your hands all over my body”.

“M-m-m-m-my name is…”

“Don’t tell me. I don’t want to know your name. I love not knowing. It turns me on if I feel I am fucking a complete stranger. Especially when I know I turn altıparmak escort him on so much.”

“But how are you going to fuck me? Where?”

“Oh, I have done this before. I can spot a man who craves a real woman, and I take advantage of a man like that. Eat your food up and then go to the toilet. I will go first, because I have a bigger appetite, and clearly can eat faster than you.”

Silently groping one another, they ate the rest of their food. Kris kept glancing at the woman next to her. She was shorter than him, but when they sat next to each other, her huge arse was so big that it bolstered her up higher than him.

He was surprised she could reach the table over those massive tits and that huge belly. He rubbed his hand all over her massive thigh, pushing his fingers into her folds, squeezing them, trying to get an idea of how big they were. The woman finished her plate, and pushed back on the chairs. She shuffled herself out and stood up.

“Be quick, big guy. I’ll be waiting for you over there.”

She waddled off. Kris did his zip up while watching the woman’s arse sway and jiggle. He adjusted himself again, and ate as quickly as he could. Wondering what would happen next, he dashed to the toilet, heart racing and mind wondering what would come next.

There stood the woman, by the disabled toilet door.

“So, this is the least likely place to get caught here. Trust me, I’ve fucked in here many times before. I even blew three of the staff off in here because I couldn’t pay the bill. But between you and me, I just enjoy being a slut and pretended I couldn’t pay so I could do that. So, want to join me in here?”

She opened the door and walked in, and Kris followed her. She turned around and watched the door close. As soon as it closed, she pressed Kris up against it, fumbling for the lock. She locked the door and grabbed Kris’s head, pulling his mouth to hers.

She pulled his top off and over his head. Kris instantly started grabbing at the woman’s massive belly. He grabbed two huge handfuls of it and started groping. She moaned through the kiss and moved her hands down to his jeans. She pulled the button undone, and slid the zip down. Instantly his cock sprang out. She grabbed it with her hand and slowly rubbed it.

Their tongues swirled around as they kissed passionately. Kris bent down and slid his hands into the woman’s underwear. He scooped up her belly with his hands and pulled it out. She helped him by pulling the waist of her leggings and underwear down so he could heave the weight over the top. Her belly sprang free, and he dropped it down. Where it came to halfway down her thighs before, now it was free it hung past her knees. He looked down in amazement. It was a strong white contrast compared to the thick orange makeup of the woman’s face.

He looked at her belly button, which seemed to be wide, and cavernous. He wondered how deep it was. Reaching down again, he lifted up her belly and jiggled it. He wanted to see how high he could get it. The woman started to rub his cock against herself, and Kris moaned loud as she did so. Her fat felt so good as she rubbed him up and down.

He kept lifting, and eventually the tip of his cock slipped into her navel. With her spare hand, the woman reached around and pushed on his waist, forcing him all the way into her belly hole. All seven inches of his cock entered her deep button. Kris moaned out loud. The woman moved her other hand to his waist and started to rhythmically press him into her.

“Oh good, fuck! That feels so incredible.”

Fuck my massive belly you manslut. You love my belly, you love how it feels around your cock.”

“God yes. It feels so deep and fat.”

Before it all got carried away, the woman pushed Kris away from her. Her belly came free and fell down to past her knees again. She guided Kris over to the toilet seat and told him to sit down. She pulled her top off and pressed her belly into his face.

Kris picked it up and started to press it around him. He lifted it up and found her button again. He worked his tongue into it, licking it and worshiping it. Suddenly he felt something hit his head, and then come to rest either side of it.

Kris pulled away to see what it was. The woman had taken her bra off, and her gigantic breasts had fallen down onto him. They hung down pretty much to her waist. Her nipples were as close to burgundy as they could possibly could get, and were about the same size as the plates they had just been eating off. Her bra padding had clearly done a good job of hiding her nipples, because they were the size of the largest strawberries Kris had ever seen.

He contemplated trying to get both of them in his mouth at once, but he knew this was not going to be possible. Taking all this in made his cock throb so hard, it ached. He groped both tits at once, struggling with their size. He lifted them and smashed them together. Realizing that he would need both hands for one breast, Kris picked up one between two hands and pressed his face into the woman’s nipple. Her areola pretty much covered his face. Kris took her nipple into his mouth, and he heard her open her mouth and groan out as he did so. He sucked, licked and nibbled it, which made her moan and pant. Kris decided to try and hold the gargantuan tit with one hand, and then worked his free hand through the fold of the woman’s belly, and between her fat thighs.

He eventually got to the woman’s cunt, which had a overhanging pubic skin area, like a smaller version of her humongous belly. He had a grope of it, and was surprised how smooth it was. He expected it at least have hair on it, but it seemed this woman somehow kept herself smooth too.

He worked his hand past and made it to her fat lips. He squeezed his hand into them, and they covered it entirely. He could tell that she was drenched completely, due to the amount that she was turned on. A loud moan came from the woman’s mouth as he hit her clit. She panted and groaned, struggling to stop her thighs from shaking as he rubbed her.

“Fuck, you are so good there. God, I am going to need you in me soon if you are going to do that.”

All this made Kris do is work her clit harder.

“Oh, god, yes. No, stop. Please!”

Kris slid his hand out and pulled his face away from the woman’s breast. With all that, her flesh hung where it naturally fell. Kris admired what he saw. Looking up at the woman, she looked at him

“I need your cock so bad. I’m aching. I need you to fuck me”.

Kris grabbed the woman’s remaining clothes and pulled them down to the floor. She kicked off her shoes and pulled her legs out of them. Kris couldn’t believe it. She was totally naked in front of him. She was entirely pale, apart for her face, which was coloured by her makeup.

She waddled over to the sink, her arse swaying with even less control now it was free. Her thighs flopped around each other, the fold bouncing around as they slid past one another. The woman bent over, and looked at Kris by the reflection in the mirror.

“I’m too fat to be taken in my pussy like this. You’re going to have to fuck my fat ass and fill it with your cum. But you’re going to have to lube it up first, and I don’t have any on me. So why don’t you be good, kneel down, spread my gorgeous cheeks and stick your tongue in me?”

With that Kris moved to her in a shot. He groped her ass, which made the woman moan out. He spread her cheeks and pressed his face into them. His tongue sought out her hole, and when he hit it, she gave out a little cry of joy.

“Ah, fuck, yes. That’s it, lick my ass. Lick it out. Lube me ready for your cock.”

Kris swirled his tongue around, and slid it in deep. He could hear the woman moaning out, enjoying his hole teasing. She started to gyrate on his mouth, whimpering as she did so

“I can’t take this any longer. Just fuck me. Take that slut cock of your and fuck my fat whore ass. Fill it with your cum, make me cum on your hard prick. Fuck me you male tart!”

Kris didn’t need telling twice. He stood up and positioned himself. He placed his cock right on the womans ass ring. Just before he pushed it into her, he looked into the mirror and caught her looking at him in it. He looked at the makeup job she had done, and it drove him to the point where he could no longer resist.

With one push, he entered her. He saw her screw up her eyes and open her mouth. She groaned out loud, not caring anymore if anyone heard her. Kris slid himself in and out slowly. Looking down at the woman’s arse cheeks. They never left his pelvic area, no matter how far back he pulled. He was enjoying how far they stuck out from where he was. Each cheek must have been at least fourteen inches wide.

“Oh, ah ah hah, fuck, ah, speed up. God, please speed up, I need you to slam me. Fuck me. Fuck me you slut.”

Kris speeded up, feeling his cock throb hard. He didn’t know how long he could hold out for. The woman’s arse was rippling like crazy. Each thrust sent a wave of fat forward, and made the woman moan, to an almost screaming level. Her belly was swaying back and forth, and her tits were swinging and bouncing around. The woman’s face was still forward, and he could see it in the mirror. Her eyes were still shut, and mouth still wide open.

“God fuck, screw me hard. Fill my fat ass. Oh god, I’m getting close.”

Kris picked up speed, fucked harder and faster. He could feel the tension build, and he knew that he was about to cum. He just got faster and faster.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh, yes, I’m going to, I can feel you, oh fuck fill me, I can feel your cum, Fuck fuck yes fuck, I’m cumming too, Oh god fuck yes, ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

As Kris lost control and came into the womans massive ass, creating a tsunami of fat ripples, the woman came too. Her legs shook and she slowly slid onto the floor. She rolled so she was sat down, panting and groping her gigantic breast.

“I don’t know about you, but I found that amazing. Maybe we should swap numbers so we can do something like this again. Maybe some other adventure, where I can meet you and use you and your fat loving skills, you sexy male whore.”

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