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Anonymous Reader 5

I finished up writing he first story I had written in a long time and then asked Mags to read over it to see what she thought. It was based on our meeting Adam and Gemma during our trip to Australia and in particular the sexual Olympics that we had participated in the first night they spent with us in our Hotel room. Mags sat reading and reminiscing and then laughed

“Oi, what’s so funny?” I asked

“Not your writing babe, just thinking about a girl that age with tits like that”

“Oh my god I can just about feel those soft white tits wrapped around my cock now” I said remembering Gemma like it was yesterday.

“Makes me think of a story I read once. At the time I commented to the writer that he was full of shit, who knew?”

“Oh yeah, Farmer Joe his name was hey? I remember that story. Hey wouldn’t it be funny to find out it was our Adam and Gemma he had been writing about”

“Funny? No it would be hot as hell, it would make me wet anyway, and a touch guilty because of the roasting I gave him”

“Back in the day; when you were a miserable lonely troll. Flaming every poor bastard’s stories?”

“Yes yes that was when some asshole with anger issues broke into my house and raped me”

She said with a wry grin and then her expression changed to a look somewhat more of appreciative reflection.

“Saved my life I mean. I love you babe”

She got up and crossed the room and straddled me on the chair and looked into my eyes and said

“It’s great Hun, you written another fine story. Now fuck me for god sake seeing it is your fault I am so horny”

I needed no other invitation. I grabbed the back of her head and pressed my face hard against hers and started kissing her so hard, probing her mouth with my tongue, trying to reach the back of her throat with my tongue. I grabbed her ass and slit her up my legs and hard against me. As we continued to devour each other’s faces I lifted the thin tight tank top setting her gorgeous tits free and immediately sunk down and took a rock hard nipple in my mouth as she gasped in pleasure.

“Oh fuck yes baby. Fuck me hard”

I slid her cotton sorts as far as they would go off of her ass and then stood up with her clinging to me and her legs wrapped tightly around me. With my hands cupping her ass I fingered her wet slit as I crossed the room to the bed and threw her down in the middle of it and ripped her shorts and panties from her body almost in one motion. I dove straight in between her legs and took a mouthful of her already sopping wet cunt. I was so hungry for her sweet pussy there was no time for sweet, kind consideration I had to have her, taste her now. I needed to fill her and fuck her, to be with her; to be her. My ravenous tongue pushed her soft lips from side to side forcefully and wrestled with her swollen clit then began plunging in and out of her delectable cunt. She whimpered softly as she shuddered and pumped me with her delicious syrup and tried to get up.

I was not done, my mouth closed around as much pussy as I could take in and I sucked with all that was in me and then giving a finger enough room to squeeze past my lips I flicked the tip around to where I knew her G spot was and rubbed her vigorously she flung her upper torso backwards hard into the bed and arched her back pushing her hips forward and her cunt further into my rampant mouth as I sucked every ounce of tasty fluid from her luscious pussy that I could. I crawled up next to her and held her as her breathing slowed down and watching her beautiful round breasts rise and fall and then taking a turgid nipple into my mouth. She rolled over on top of me and lay on me. The feeling of her tiny Asian from against mine, her hard nipples poking holes in my chest, her tiny wet pussy squashing , holding captive and leaking on my cock and balls was so incredible and so deeply satisfying I thought I may cum right then. I resisted the urge and considered just lying there like that for the rest of my time. Mags had other ideas though.

She kissed me hard on the lips and then slid down my body and grabbed my cock in her tiny hand. I knew I was big and painfully so but in her tiny hand my cock always looked like a stick of bologna, her hands only managed to cover three quarters of the circumference at full stretch. Nevertheless she pumped softly and slowly at the shaft while she flickered and nibbled at the tip with her tongue and lips. She swirled playfully around the purple head and then started sucking me into her mouth. She pulled harder and faster as I watched and considered there was no more adorable sight in the world than the one I was witnessing. She blew and sucked and massaged my balls as my eyes rolled back in my head. She was using both hands now in her ferocious attack on my member, she was working so incredibly fast now that her hand was a blur. I felt my balls contract and so did she, she continued to work my cock over and would not stop until she had milked me dry. As I came instead of swallowing my creamy elixir this time she aimed my cock straight in the air and pulled her head out of the firing line as she straightened up to a kneeling position. The first blast shot up through the air. She opened her mouth and moved under it to catch it as it fell at the same time as the second and third blast sprayed all over her stomach and tits then she flung herself down taking my cock in her mouth once more and stayed there until I was completely spent.

She looked at me and stuck her tongue out so I could see her Ankara bayan escort roll the last mouthful of cum around her tongue and the dribbled it down onto my shrinking cock. She began to rub it in and massage me hoping to revive my dying hard on. Her attention to my cock was already working when Holly came in and started shedding her clothes without Mags noticing. Mags squatted above me and began to lower herself and then gently bounce on me as Holly stood watching and rubbing her ebony member behind Mags. Holly rubbed a liberal amount of lube over her cock and waited for Mags to change position. It wasn’t too long before Mags changed from squatting to kneeling and was just about to start bouncing when Holly crawled up behind her and cupped her magnificent breasts in her hands.

“Oh hey baby, I didn’t know you were home”

Holly didn’t answer she just began kissing and biting Mags’ neck while she fondled her tits. Holly bent Mags over and spat on her asshole and massaged it in as Mags kissed me on the lips. Holly rubbed her knob up and down Mags ass and then looked at me for her cue to begin

“Fuck her hard sweetie” I said

With my monster cock still on the verge of splitting this tiny Asian doll in two Holly Plunged her ass full of all seven inches of her black hermaphrodite cock.

“Oooooooooooooooooooh fuck”

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck” Mags squealed with her eyes bugging out of her head.

I reached up and grabbed my sweet Mags by the tits as Holly and I began to pound her petite body with devastating force. We hammered away relentlessly through multiple orgasms of Mags until I let the girls know it was time for me to explode. Mags reached behind and started squeezing and rubbing Holly’s clit with great success, I was first to blow filling Mags flat stomach full of my warm creamy jizz. Mags were next in the chain reaction to cover both me and Holly with her sweet nectar and almost immediately Holly withdrew and rose up to cover us both with a second round of delicious juice. We collapsed on the bed; Mags collapsed face first and moaned

“Holy shit guys, I don’t think I will walk for a week”

“Never mind Hun, we’ll look after you” Holly said with an evil grin.

That weekend on the Saturday Mags and I decided to take a trip down to the beach and our aim was to get Holly to go with us. She was still very sensitive about her body image and the beach was one of those places that made her highly uncomfortable. Holly was a spectacular woman and had it not been for her male organ she would have made a lot of money modelling, that and the scar on her shoulder from a dog attack.

Mags finally convinced her to come and even to wear a Speedo under her board shorts just in case she was confident enough or the beach was quiet enough. We headed down to a nude section of the beach as Mags took a pride in her all over tan since becoming all woman herself. I was fine with leaving my shorts on as my dinosaur dick drew too much attention at places like these and Holly left her bikini top and shorts on. Mags of course shed her clothes immediately and although the beach was relatively quiet and everyone else was nude Mags managed to attract a small crowd almost immediately. Even I went hard at the sight and thought of her lying there in public with a bunch of adoring fans ogling her. I had to roll onto my stomach to try and hide my enthusiasm for her public display for a while. Holly asked me to apply some lotion to her naked bits which I was more than happy to do. I have to admit, being with the two most beautiful girls at the beach was a welcome boost to my ego and low self esteem.

When I had been massaging the lotion into Holly’s beautiful frame for a while one of the spectators screamed out

“Take it off” and then there were people yelling all kinds of inappropriate suggestions “Fuck her”, “bang her brains out” etc. Holly looked out me with distress and concern in her eyes which all of a sudden changed to an evil grin.

“What are you up to?” I asked

“Do you want me to get rid of them?” she asked

“How?” I said

She leaned in close and whispered in my ear “I want you to suck my cock”

“Holy shit are you serious?” She looked a little hurt and shocked at my reaction so I backed up my reaction with “I would love to if you are sure”

She just nodded. “Ok, let’s give them a show they’ll never forget babe” I whispered.

I ignored the jeering spectators and rolled Holly onto her back and propped myself up on an elbow leaning over her hips so her stiffening cock would not be visible. I continued to rub lotion into her gorgeous flat stomach, neck and arms. I pretended to accidentally rub to far up just jutting inside of her bikini top. She played along (in part) letting out a groan and making one of the bystanders yell

“Hell yeah, give it to her”

Pretending to ignore the crowd was even there I continued to nudge Holly’s bikini up until I was kneading her firm round tits in front of them all. The crowd was cheering as I took a greasy nipple in my mouth and sucked hard making her moan again much to the crowds delight. I tugged her nipple between my teeth and licked and sucked each nipple until they stood up like the twin towers.

“Holy shit he’s going to fuck her” someone cheered as I kissed my way down her beautiful stomach. I crept in between her legs whilst still leaning over her then cast a quick look toward Holly to see if she was ready. She nodded, closed her eyes and lifted her knees up making it easy for me Escort bayan Ankara to slide her shorts and Speedo off in one go which I proceeded to do as slowly and provocatively as I could as the crowd started to reach riot point. Once her thick black cock was exposed I moved a lot more quickly, diving between her legs and taking her cock deep into the back of my throat. I bobbed up and down slurping, sucking and licking her cock and then her pussy while the crowd stood stunned. Some of the spectators left in disgust immediately muttering profanity as they went while others lingered a while longer unable to understand the display before their eyes. Eventually the crowd all vanished but I had long forgotten them by the time I had sucked and fingered Holly threw multiple orgasms.

“You two are so naughty” Mags said with a wry smile as Holly recovered from her blissful public episode.

Holly went to put her clothes back on but Mags protested

“Honey you are so beautiful the way you are. I wish you would be proud”

“But I…..I…..I’m afraid”

“No one is going to do anything with King Kong there by your side” she said nodding in my direction.

“Careful baby or you will be next” I said “Only I’ll get the bat out on YOU” I said stroking my cock through my shorts.

“Well ok but only if you nude up as well” Holly said with a wink in my direction.

“You’re on” I said ripping my shorts off. So there we lay tanning nude on the beach, three freaks of nature from birth not that you could Mags was these days.

I awoke on the sand an hour later to a scream of horror to see Holly crawling backwards away from a vicious barking dog whose owner was laughing at her.

“Well well what have we hear? The he/she has finally decided to go public”

Leaping to my feet I yelled “What’s your fucking problem you homophobic shit head”

“You and your black boyfriend there are you fag”

I grabbed him by the hair on the back of his head and as his dog lunged at me I grabbed his collar. Pulling him down I slammed his and the dogs heads together and ordered him to dive back under the rock he crawled out from. Both Mags and Holly having been victims of violent acts due to their sexuality sat terrified and watched as the big mouthed coward fled screaming obscenities back in our direction.

“Holly did you know that creep?”

Unable to speak she rubbed the scar on her shoulder indicating that he was her ex boyfriend up until he found out she was an intersex person and had set his dog on her. Holly’s lip started to quiver so rather than go after the shit head which was my immediate impulse I hugged my two gorgeous girls for as long as it took for them to be sure he was gone and feel safe enough to go home. We packed up and headed home without much conversation and all showered and sat numb in front of the TV numb for a couple of hours before heading off for an early night.

“Hey gorgeous, you can bunk in with me and Mags tonight if you like”

“Thanks Daniel, you’re the best” was all she said as we all climbed into bed and fell fast asleep within minutes.

The following morning I sat drinking coffee and chatting to Holly. I asked if she would go to the police. She said that she could because he had actually broken a restraining order she had taken out on him after the first attack. She did not wish to make things worse though.

“Fuck that, the slimy little fucker is going to pay” hissed Mags as she came into the room having heard what we were discussing. I had not heard that tone from her for a long time.

“Are you ok baby, what do you mean?”

“I mean, we have dealt with scum in the past and we are going to do it again”

“Hang on Mags………..

“Mags I don’t want any trouble” Holly pleaded

“Oh you won’t get any baby, but that fucker won’t know what hit him, well actually he will and I think that would be the worst part for him”

“But Mags how? I mean my cock is not going near any dude”

“Well perhaps we can just kick the shit out of him, I’ll think of something. Do you know where he lives Hun?”

“Well yes, I mean I know where he used to live but…..

“Write it down for me?”

Holly wrote it down reluctantly “I’m not sure about this”

“Don’t you worry you don’t even have to be there. We’ll take care of him wont we babe?”

“Sure, yeah sure we will” I said. I thought we had gotten past all of this crap but I wasn’t about to let an ignorant asshole like that, like I use to be, feed his phobia’s and insecurities at the expense of innocent people, especially those dear to me. Mags and I drove and parked in view of the address Holly gave us but out of view and waited for some activity. Nothing happened for quite some time but then some kids came out of the house to play in the front yard. Having kids involved was the first obstacle we had not expected. I mean who would marry that asshole anyway. Not long after a lady, a young attractive woman came out with some sandwiches for the kids and sat with them and ate. We were convinced at that point that the jerk no longer lived there but hung around to confirm it. Sure enough the father came out to mow the lawn not long after and it definitely wasn’t the wanker from the beach.

Having hit a dead end we were faced with having to formulate a new plan. We didn’t want police involved and we didn’t want to press Holly for more information so how could we find this guy? Mags toyed with the idea of going back to the house he was at and ask the family Bayan escort Ankara if they had a forwarding address or something. As it turns out we didn’t get the chance.

Mags and I came home from dinner one day to find the front door open. As we got nearer to the house we heard yelling. I ran into the kitchen and then into the room where I found Holly sprawled across the floor crying and a little knocked about with her clothes torn and hanging from her body. Mags slammed the door behind us and raced in to teach the jerk a lesson. I launched myself across the room before the guy even knew I was there and carried him straight into a solid brick wall. I pinned his scrawny arms above his head and wound up to punch his lights out. Instead of carrying through with her plan of revenge Mags just started sobbing and said.

“Why do we have to live like this? We didn’t ask to be born different”

I changed my mind also; the cycle of violence had to stop somewhere. “Holly, call the cops”

“I will” she began

“Get off me you fucking fag” came from beneath me. I punched him hard enough for him to see stars and then pulled him up and pinned him on the bed where I planned to hold him until the cops got there.

“I just need to do one thing”

Holly said as she crossed the room pumping her cock in her hand. I just watched and held the guy still as Holly jammed her throbbing cock in his skinny squirming ass. He squealed his head off and sobbed like a little girl as she pounded his ass with control.

“Set your fucking dog on me you gutless prick. How do you like a little doggy yourself?”

“Aaaargh, pull it out” he begged

“Pull it out? You still have a problem with my cock? You know what you little shit, there was a time when I was willing to have my cock removed, to change who I am to please ignorant cunts like yourself. But you have helped me to decide to keep it”

Holly pumped him really hard for good measure

“I was born with it and I will die with it. I have been given a gift, a privilege that not many people get the chance to have. Yes I consider myself a woman, a woman who likes to fuck men and other women. Millions of people dream about this all the time and I can actually do it so why the fuck shouldn’t I?”

He was still screaming and crying as Holly pounded him with all that was in her. Mags and I sat stunned; this was either a new side to Holly or a new Holly altogether. She dug her nails into his ass as she pumped. She squeezed so hard she drew blood then sunk her nails into his back and left tracks that were sure to scar.

“Mags I have changed my mind, instead of calling the cops could you call up some of our Hermie friends down at the club for a shot at this pathetic loser’s ass?”

“No no no, please call the cops or just let me go, I won’t hassle you ever again”

“Oh sure you won’t, and why should we believe a loser like you? Mags you got a camera handy?”

“You bet I do” Mags said springing to her feet and pulling out the camera from the walk in robe. Holly pumped him harder and harder while Mags got some footage of him whimpering and whining like a child.

“Now I have just about had enough of the site of you. If I ever lay eyes on you or even think I do this footage is going straight on the net for the whole world to see you got it?”

“Yes” he sobbed

“Oh and one last thing, smile for the camera and say I’m a Hermie whore”

I twisted his arm to make sure he did exactly as instructed and did a good enough job to be convincing. Holly finished up with him and asked as to tie him up and put him in the car. We drove around looking for an appropriate place to let him go. Before long a barking dog got Holly’s attention, the barking was coming from a trucking yard car park and Holly gave me a sinister grin.

“How appropriate” I said. We struggled to get him on the roof of the car which we had parked up against the fence. I loosened his legs but left his arms tied tight and with the girls help standing on the roof of the car we bundled him naked over the fence and tossed his clothes after him. Suddenly there was no longer one but four German Shepherds bolting across the yard toward him. He ran and hid under one of the rigs in the yard only just out of reach of their snapping jaws. We got in the car and drove off without looking back.

Again there was silence all the way home. I invited Holly to join me and Mags in the shower and told her she should sleep with us tonight. Holly took a deep breath and said “I owe you guys so much, tonight I came to the realisation that I want to stay just as I am. I do not think you did the wrong thing Mags but the right thing for you is not the right thing for me at this point in my life” she said peeling off her damaged clothing and stepping into the shower.

“I’m so happy for you sweetie” Mags said, but I had the feeling Mags had known all along that this would be the choice Holly would make.

“I’m just not ready to give up women” she said taking my baby’s nipple in her mouth

“Oh I can understand that” I said as my cock started ballooning.

We showered until we ran out of hot water, kissing and fondling each other tenderly the whole time. We did not even bother to dry off but moved our session straight over to the bed. We spent the night appreciating each others body’s with longing until we gave in to sleep. The girls nodded off to sleep first and before I joined them I had one last job to do. I made a disk from the recording and slipped it right in next to our footage of Mags’ ex boyfriend’s punishment and jumped into bed. Hopefully that is the last in that collection was the last thought that crossed my mind before I slipped into a deep sleep.

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