Another College Experience

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Anal Plug

Another College ExperienceMy Junior year of college was definitely the most sexually active time of my life thus far. Granted, I just started my Senior year, but thus far, I haven’t kept the pace that I did last year.I started crossdressing a few years back and do it in public every now and then as I look pretty feminine when I get dolled up. I have made it a habit that every Halloween, I would dress as something sexy and girly. Last Halloween, I had a plethora of costumes that I wanted to wear, but ended up wearing a sexy sailor’s costume. It consisted of a very short mini skirt, a very low cut top, and a little sailors cap. To top the outfit off, I wore a pair of white high heels to go with the costume’s color theme of blue and white. Underneath it all, I wore a sexy lace white thong and padded white bra. I decided to skip the stockings as it was a relatively warm evening and the party I was attending was not far away. I thought I looked pretty cute and was reaffirmed by a few friends that I looked very passable. I went to the party with three of my friends, and when we got there, I immediately started dancing. I was surrounded by music. As I started getting into dancing, the room started spinning around me. I felt more and more immersed in the crowd as time went on which was later reinforced by alcohol. I must have drank five cups of whatever was in the punch bowl. The room was cramped with people having the time of their lives, and bouncing with amazing music. It was dark, but the colorful bursa escort lights illuminated everything just the way it should be at a party. The night felt so right; I was high on the music and loose from the drinks. I started dancing with a boy considerably taller than I was. He came up behind me and I immediately started rocking my hips against him. He had strong hands, and wide, long arms. I looked back to see a pirate with a very handsome face. “I figured I’d try to steel away that booty of yours!” He said.”Smoooooth…” I thought to myself, but I just kept dancing up on him. His hands started getting a bit frisky at this point. Usually, this made me nervous as I never knew what to expect when they end up brushing over my package. Tonight, however, I didn’t care all that much at all. In fact, I didn’t try to hide it at all. My bare ass was practically rubbing against him with my legs wide open. About 10 minutes into dancing, his hands finally found my cock. He didn’t seem surprised, though. He just kept on rubbing me. “I’m Sam, by the way!” I responded with, “A pleasure meeting you Sam!”He then went on to tell me how hot I was and how smooth my legs were, to which I blushed. “If you want to crash at my place tonight, you are more then welcomed. I live right next door and my roommate will be gone.” He said.I thought about it for a few, but it didn’t take me long to realize how incredibly horny I was. I danced with him for a few more minutes until I couldn’t take it anymore. “Take me bursa escort bayan back to your place!!” I said.He grabbed my hand and we left. The walk took no time as he literally lived right next to the house the party was at. When we got to his room, he wasted no time to kiss me. He was a strong guy and definitely asserted his dominance over me right away. He carried me to his bed and we made out for quite a while. I then decided to make the first move. I broke the kiss and slowly but surely made my way down to his cock. I slid off his pants and was greeted by his dick which was a nice size. He was already leaking precum. Of course I licked it all up as soon as I saw it. I engulfed his cock with my mouth and took as much of it as I could before gagging. I was getting quite hard at this point, too. He took noticed and turned me around so that we were 69ing. He took off my panties and started to suck my dick. He then pulled my ass down towards his face so he could eat out my hole. We continued this for about 5 minutes before I looked back and asked him to fuck me. I was pretty nervous as I only met the guy an hour ago but was too horny to stop myself from any bad decisions. He responded by taking the rest of my clothes off and putting me on my back. I held my legs up so that he had complete access to my hole. Sam then spit on my ass and on his dick. He rubbed the tip of his dick against my hole to moisten it up before finally sinking into it with one slow but powerful thrust. I screamed escort bursa in pain and pleasure and told him to be gentle. He responded by delivering a strong, steady fuck. His dick was deep inside my hole as his pace increased. I could see the passion in his eyes. I pulled my legs up higher to invite him deeper into my body. Sam took control.He started fucking my hard. The spit wasn’t enough to keep my ass from burning each time he would thrust, but I took it for the thought of his cum was tantalizing. Same turned my around on my knees and slid his dick back into my gaping hole. He fucked me for a few minutes before he started to get close to cumming. As for myself, I had trouble holding back and screamed that I was going to cum any second. He told me to wait.”Get on top of me!” He said. “I want you to ride me until we cum.”I obliged and climbed onto his dick. I squatted down onto his hard shaft and started riding him as I jerked myself off. It didn’t take long at all for me to get close again. “I’m going to cum!” I said”Me too!! Keep riding me baby!”I couldn’t hold it anymore. I started cumming all over his body. My cock and asshole tightened up as I felt spasms shutter through my body. He fucked me hard for a few more seconds which burned quite severely, but I was rewarded with a massive load of cum deep inside my ass. Sam left his cock inside of me for a few minutes before I finally climbed off of him. With that came a glob of cum that leaked out of my asshole. I decided to do us both a favor and clean up the cum that was all over him. I cleaned up his dick with my mouth and licked my cum off of his body. We then shared another kiss to which we said goodnight. We spent the night together and woke up in each others arms.

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